Traditional Catholics and some who are socio-political conservatives are confounded at the advance of the social acceptability of the vice of sodomy [just as long as the vice is not committed within "marriage"] by Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, among others, recently. How could this be? they ask. The company they keep, in the media and without. The undermining of the natural law by our willingness to tolerate the abortion, divorce and remarriage almost ad infintem we claim to abhor, has weakened our will and blinded our reason, a self-inflicted chastisement with moral consequences so all-encompassing, those who still possess their heads in the confusion that has seized even those who ought to know better, could have said almost a quarter century ago, watch out we don't have to to say "Told you so!"

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Republished 1994 GUARDIAN Editorials, by Editor Pauly Fongemie.