"Gay" Newspapers in Maine

I first became aware that there were homosexual or "gay" newspapers being published and distributed throughout Maine a few years ago when a pro-life activist handed me a copy of the oldest of the two main papers, OUR PAPER, at a pro-life meeting. He had obtained it at a local retail establishment for free. Both papers are distributed at key outlets as a "complimentary copy" [or free], which is interesting, despite the fact that most 'community papers' are free, such as the CASCO BAY WEEKLY, a pro-sodomite tabloid that is the political arm of a wealthy eccentric, and the WINTHROP ADVERTISER, a legitimate local advertising venue along with actual news without editorial bias serving the entire community. Why the "free" aspect is so interesting is that the Maine homosexuals are largely affluent---the ads are from establishments that cater to an upper crust clientele for the most part---yet their papers of record, papers that constantly push "Gay Pride", are not sellable apparently; or the free distribution is designed to recruit the innocent adolescent who might get hold of it and be corrupted. The contents should be labeled pornographic and sold under the counter---like PENTHOUSE and HUSTLER are. Distributed free, there is no control. Also---and this is the insidious nature of the beast we are fighting--- both OUR PAPER and its companion [no pun intended], COMMUNITY PRIDE REPORTER get to pass as innocuous "community" town criers. So regular advertisers are encouraged economically to place ads. Once a business has been co-opted through such advertising, it waives its right to be a community leader for the common good where sodomy is concerned, much like the United Way Campaign that has induced local merchants to propel their employees to contribute under the stick and carrot of "going along" and "being one of the 'good guys' ", even when such an arrangement violates the conscience of particular employees. This tactic frustrates the spirit of true community.

           However, homosexuality as a lifestyle cannot by definition engender community anymore than a collection of alley cats can be said to be a community, since as we have already demonstrated elsewhere, a community consists of more than individuals living in the same geographical proximity. A community is based on common goals centered on promoting the stable and basic unit of society, the family, which consists of, in its usual occurrence, of a father and a mother, and children, with variations because of death, unsought divorce or serious illness that may necessitate adoption or other arrangements for the primary care of minor children. The practice of homosexuality is not a legitimate form of family ontologically speaking, that is, no matter how often someone says otherwise, reality is reality. Changing the name of something or its definition cannot alter its essence, its nature as it actually exists. No community can exist when its members insist on their selfish inclinations as being a preeminent "right". Yet here is one of the sodomite heralds actually trumpeting itself as "THE COMMUNITY PRIDE REPORTER".

           The front page proclaims "PRIDE '94!" Subtext includes "Unity '94, Gay Games IV, Vermont Pride, New Hampshire Pride, and Bangor Pride", among others, Apparently just PRIDE '94! was not enough pride. The other thing that the reader notices at a mere glance is the masthead logo and subtext itself. The logo is an inverted triangle-----what else-----with a pink underlay. The subtext says "The newspaper for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Maine". Well, if that is so, why not sell the darn thing! With free distribution the paper is for anyone and everyone who out of curiosity picks one up. Note the transgender inclusion. "Transgender" is one of those meaningless terms loaded with meaning, It means whatever the speaker intends. Actually it is an insider code word for sex without boundaries of any sort. The "gender" half of the adjective is in transition itself. The Transgendering of America is a temporary phenomenon on the way to a "Post-gender, Post-species Society".

          The cultural elites are already formulating strategies for inoculating the rest of us against the shock of witnessing open advocacy for bestiality, sex with babies, not just children of older age, with the dead, incest, etc. It is not beyond the pale unless God wipes this nation off the face of the earth before it happens. Just a generation ago we whispered among ourselves that homosexual "marriages" could never happen here, and they are happening within "mainline" Churches and with government endorsement and sponsorship, by granting benefits to homosexual lovers as if they were married; Just a few years ago we were aghast at NAMBLA [North American Man-Boy Love Association] and its appeal for the legalization and approval for sex with young boys. They have been successful in lowering the age of consent in Canada. We are next. Now its adherents march side by side with our politicians in city parades and except for a few Catholics and Protestant Evangelicals, no one says boo anymore. I know of parents who consider it chic to take their toddlers to these parades almost as an initiation of sorts.

          The homosexual literature, and I use that term advisedly, sports ads and articles on pedophilia and bestiality; allies in the sex-ed camp have promoted the "naturalness" of incest on talk shows such as the now happily for us defunct Phil Donahue, and almost no outrage from the audience. The infamous Mapplethorpe "art" show featuring children, etc., was not a fluke, and is a preview of coming attractions of the New Age freak show. Make no mistake, these sickos from Satan mean every word and more. If you are suffering from any delusion that "transgender" happenings will not be part and parcel of the coming millennium, barring God's direct intervention, think again! Accompanying the coming agitation for barbarity without bounds will be cruelty of the worst kind, honed by fierce hatred of normalcy and the traditional family. The frontal attack will be on the Catholic Church because she is the last universal institution protecting the family and morality, but the attack from the rear will come in the schools-----it already has begun-----and from "mainline" Protestant sects, and the ever pervasive media. Intense is the warfare, social and spiritual: We have only just begun the struggle! This exposé is a call to arms!

          Now, let us look briefly at the strange editorial policy of this so-called community paper, THE COMMUNITY PRIDE REPORTER [CPR]: Their policy appears to be twofold, one half is labeled "Our Mission", which reveals the "religious" nature of the paper, while the other half is called "Editorial Policy". That mission, in so many words is the promotion and celebration, the acceptance of "gayness". The editor uses terms like "awareness and acceptance", "renewed meaning and vitality" and "with the intention of infusing the word community". This last is a howl for its banality, the word, community. When every undertaking or career is a community then community can be said to not exist at all. The real thing is demeaned and rendered trite. "Infusing the word community" is homophile for "propaganda". The "gay" (isosceles) triangle is also part of the logo for the Editorial Policy text block, and as is the habit, it is inverted so that the long side appears on top with the "point" at the bottom. I have no idea whether this is strictly a coincidence or not but since the triangle symbolizes the Blessed Trinity for the Christian and is always pictured "right side up", then the inverted triangle could represent the "reverse" of the Holy Trinity, a perfect inversion for an inverted lifestyle, Just a thought . . .

          The weird and frightening aspect of the editorial policy is that the editor states, "CPR disclaims legal responsibility for errors in editorial content . . . the Publisher may consider printing a clarification." Now, that's a heck of a policy. But it is entirely in keeping with the presumption and arrogance of the "gay" elites in the media: No apologies, ever! Every paper makes factual errors through no intentional fault of the writers and editors. Some mistakes are typos, some are misinformation unknown to the reporter, etc. No matter how small, every error, if discovered, must be clarified, otherwise the paper loses its credibility as an organ of truth. A "community" without integrity and trust is no community. But, then, we already suspect that community is not what this paper is about. It is about chaos, social, political, spiritual chaos:

       In fact the CPR reveals a monster of a Freudian slip in its feature about a new "gay" club called KAOS, a play on words, if only unconsciously, of the word, chaos. Knowing of the homosexual penchant for deliberate self-consciousness and "in your face" farce at "straights", it occurred to me as I read this splash piece that the name for the club was chosen because it was a play on words. The owners, do not appear shy as they mug for the camera. The opening of the "gay dance club" featured a female impersonator named "Fatima" wouldn't you just know it! The spread boasted of the "mixed crowd".

           Nightclubs that provide dancing are prevalent advertisers, such as the club titled, "Sisters", a "lesbian owned" establishment and "The Underground" a homosexual watering hole on Spring Street in Portland. One of the homosexual activists boasted to a friend that Catholic priests have been known to patronize the joint. This is not an established fact and homosexuals like to exaggerate, but such a situation is not unknown in other cities. "The Underground" will be hosting the Miss Gay Maine Pageant [the 11th Annual]---what irony!---as a fundraiser to benefit the anti-referendum [the referendum is to stop "gay rights" in Maine] campaign. That battle is shaping up to be one nasty ordeal if the June issue of this paper is any indication. The irony is so extravagant in this case because lesbians are in the forefront of the feminist movement, that very movement that has condemned beauty pageants as anti-female. [We condemn them, too, but not for the same reason.]

          This edition's editorials, and a special feature highlight the hatred the homo-promos hold for Maine's Carolyn Cosby and her Christian militia defending the family's right to retain its God-given nature. But before we provide excerpts from these, let us look further at the advertising:

          Prominent are clubs and concerts, with tickets from $10 to $30 dollars on average, with $25 the median. I cannot afford $25 for a ticket, can you? Not for an hour's worth of music fare anyway.  Interestingly, one of the supposedly pro-family groups, Maine's own "Schooner Fare" was one such advertiser. No more of their albums for me, even one with Irish songs, a favorite of mine.  Specialty food emporiums, such as the caterer, Barbara Winthrop, and bookstores galore are advertisers. But the biggest and most numerous appear to be travel services and tours [one of them is named Gay/Lesbian Travel], and the lewd "personals". So much for an "oppressed minority", being deprived of an economic livelihood because of their "orientation". Most of the ads for sex are unprintable without committing a mortal sin. When I began this research I expected to see Personals, but this being Maine, I figured they would be no worse than those that appear in regular periodicals. Wrong! I had to stop reading after a short while so as to retain my own sense of decency. There is a 900 number with GAYS as part of the number and a "dating agency" called "Women Seeking Women?" One of the personals was from a male who announced that he was a "virgin" and wanted to meet a guy "to bring him along". I am not kidding! The rest of the ads that I was able to manage to read were so bad I refrain from even hinting. But you get the idea. By the way, the CPR Personals is by MANFINDER.

          The Self-Help organizations have a two page spread: Some of these groups are the National Center For Lesbian Rights Youth Project; the Boston Alliance of Lesbian and Gay Youth; DIAL KIDS for teens under 19, honest; tons of AIDS support groups; Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, surprise, surprise! Imagine, "family planning" for homosexuals!; the Wilde-Stein Club at UMO; the Am Chofshi, a Lesbian and Gay Jewish support group; Parents of Partners; Maine Bisexual People's Network; P-Flag groups aplenty---these are indoctrination cells for parents of practicing homosexuals to win them over to accepting the lifestyle so as to not seem to be rejecting their children; the Transupport Group; the O Squad, whatever that means; Dignity, which meets at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Portland.

fundamentalists have a stained glass closet they
can be forced back into

The scariest of them all were those support groups listed separately under Youth Support: all of them were named OUTRIGHT, that outraged street theater, homofascist anti-Catholic gorilla outfit. We can't think of enough adjectives to describe their antics and tactics. Question, reader, if this paper is supposedly for adults, why are the ads directed at youth? Why do these promos stress "for questioning youth?"

The CPR is published by Winnie Weir, who is also an editor, along with managing editor, Bruce Balboni. They are based on High Street in Portland. Weir's lead editorial was an attack on Carolyn Cosby, who has been in the forefront of exposing the sodomite agenda, and which attack admitted asking readers of CPR to be on the lookout for sightings of Carolyn Cosby and Concerned Maine Families, which she calls "dangerous" and "abusers" as well as "slick" for networking with other conservative groups, such as the Maine TaxBreak Organization, among others. She admits that the Maine NAACP almost joined Cosby's coalition, but because the Maine leader, Janet Johnson, is a personal friend of Winnie, that event never materialized. In a bold stroke of irony she quotes from the well known statement of Martin Niemoller, a German Protestant minister, who lead Christians' opposition to Hitler, and who was sent to a camp from 1937-45:

 "In Germany they first came for the communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up."
Here is an organized body of fanatic anti-Catholics using this quote to legitimize their goals. And, of course, never mind bringing up the abortion holocaust they promote and enshrine in their writings. Hypocrisy, sheer hypocrisy!

          The guest editorial by Rich Austin, was titled "Commandments, Karma, and the Law of Love": It was a New Age Sermon attacking Christianity, specifically homosexuals who profess traditional beliefs, under the guise of assaulting Carolyn Cosby again. They hate her with pure vengeance! She represents the Christian "Church" to them, which he deliberately informs us, will be printed with a lowercase "c" instead of a capital letter. Petty, indignant! This is in retaliation for the "language of love" that Austin finds hypocritical from Christians. In other words, accept my hedonistic lifestyle or else you do not "love me," Like a churlish child trying to make his mother feel guilty for disciplining him.

           He also attacked Scripture as deceptively translated. More irony! It is the homosexual elites that appear on talk show after talk show presenting their revamped translation of the Bible, such as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as the penalty for "inhospitality". These propaganda sorties have borne fruit: I have heard at least two diocesan priests utter the same nonsense in an official capacity as a priest of the diocese. Of course, there is the probability that the sorties have been simultaneously conducted within the seminaries directly through tainted published works and by homophilic and homosexual instructors. At least one seminary has been described by more than one priest as the "pansy palace". That seminary is used by our diocese, so we should no longer be surprised when a priest recently ordained, comes out for "gay rights."

 Austin also attempted to demean the Christian "right" by stereotyping their clothing---referring to them as "poorly dressed---"which was the lead in for the real point of the editorial, a direct threat to Christians:

"You see, not unlike gays and lesbians, fundamentalists have a stained glass closet they can be forced back into. Remember, religion IS a choice!"
Just prior to this threat, Austin had asserted in so many words that homosexuals have no choice in their orientation, which is belied by their masthead, which states that the paper is for "bi-sexuals" and "transgendered" people. Perhaps not all homosexuals have a choice in the beginning as to their predisposition for homosexuality and all its variants, such as bi-sexuality, but they have a choice about what to do about that predisposition, the same choice that you and I have about our predispositions to sin.

          Austin concludes with the usual palaver about "love" as opposed to hatred, but that pretty little speech is worn out by now, precisely because we heterosexuals have been the objects of abuse on the homosexual definition of love, which includes hatred for Christianity and the normalcy of the family as designed and commanded by God. Homosexuality, in practice, is anti-God, anti-family, anti-heterosexuality, period, and there is no such thing as peaceful 'co-existence' with the practice of sodomy! None! Austin has officially declared all-out war on the rest of us. He wrote:

" ... fundamentalist leaders are speaking deception and hatred . . . Let it be universally known that the latter cannot prevail ... all this other hoopla is bad karma, and I wouldn't want to be a concerned homosexual-hating fundamentalist in my next life."
Instead of the usual bullet, such as a small square or circle, etc., at the end of a piece, his spew ended with two triangles "right side up", for a change, and we wonder again, if this is a Freudian slip. He clearly identified' homosexuals with God's law of love and heterosexuals with the "law of hate." One of the themes that piqued my interest was that the header on all the pages of text articles carried this logo: CPR, with a medical notation of the heart wave that appears on the printout when you have an electro-cardiogram. Apparently they equate medical CPR with CPR [Community Pride Reporter]. This reveals, to me, just how intense their undertaking is. Another "slip"? The battle is indeed one of life and death, but in the reverse of how they intend it!

          The other visible sign of the all-out strength of the battle is that almost every aspect of the homosexual sub-culture is linked directly to their sexual depravity: The "Gay" Men's Chorus, the "Gay" this and the "Gay" that. In heterosexuality we do not have "Straight" this and that. We merely have this and that and anyone, including a homosexual, can join, provided they meet the qualifications. Thus, the local teachers' union can be joined by a teacher who is in that jurisdiction and pays his dues. But the homosexuals have a "Gay" and Lesbian Teachers' caucus and wings of most educational organizations, they have a "Gay" and Lesbian Library group, and so forth. Clearly, they have set themselves as apart, not a part of normal society and its usual enterprise.

Know well thy enemy. Soon the election will have passed and the shape of the new legislature will have taken on form by then. The conflict will be protracted and a must for any Christian professing to be a soldier for Christ! This edition of CPR had an other battle cry called "STONEWALL DIARY---PART III." It called the troops to network Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont for an all-out frontal assault specifically mentioning targeting youth! Let not our response be an uncertain trumpet of compromise thinking that we can oppose homosexuality and abortion by opposing it just a little. The sodomite army knows that it is all or nothing, so shall we must, also!

Republished 1994 GUARDIAN Editorials, by Editor Pauly Fongemie.


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