The Homosexualization of America Through Culture

In a prior issue we looked at the cultural advancement, that is, the "legitimization" of the sodomite "lifestyle" in and through the media. Now we will examine a few examples. Any perusal of the weekly output, both in cinema, television, and periodicals reveals similar outrages that our society is suffused with, but is apparently oblivious to, or has accepted its fate, that is, is unwilling to repel this onslaught from within its cultural institutions---has slowly surrendered its duty and allowed the major liberal organs to coerce it into cowardice; the results are evident.

According to the New American magazine:

Raw Sewage

          Last March director David Russell's National Endowment for the Arts-funded film, Spanking the Monkey [and lauded by TIME magazine this September] won the Audience Award at actor Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Since then Russell's film, which offers a sympathetic view of mother-son incest, has been released and garnered favorable reviews. USA TODAY film reviewer Mike Clark awarded the movie three stars and predicted that by year's end the incestuous mother "will seem like one of the year's most memorable . . . characters."

           Stanley Kauffman of THE NEW REPUBLIC praised Russell's skill as a director and THE NEW AMERICAN in its report on Kauffman characterized him as declining to condemn the uses to which that skill was put. Kauffman reported that "Russell wants us to feel the itch of familiarity; it's part of his tonal plans." According to Kauffman, once the normalcy of the film's setting and characters have been established, the incestuous interlude is presented "without prurience, almost with a tone of inevitability ... These two people show no embarrassment or regret."

           Showing no "embarrassment or regret" typifies our cultural manners today, from OPRAH to DONAHUE to Clinton. In order for the sodomite cultural mandate to predominate and influence American society, society's God-endowed modesty and sense of shame must be undermined. Those very things that St. Paul taught should not even be mentioned are now the watchwords of the day, vulgarity of every variety is now ascendant. The most hideous distortions of human nature are now mentioned as if in passing; what used to shock is now only schlock theater. By eroding the natural law and the normal sexual ethic that once accompanied the observance of that law, the homosexuals and those who make common purpose with them, have rendered us powerless, or at least with a growing sense of powerlessness, to defend normalcy against deviancy, precisely because we have compromised our God-given nature, nay, even corrupted, our normalcy and become deviant ourselves as a society---divorce, remarriage, and contraception being the opening pass into the erosion process.

Sex-Ed in our public and Catholic schools ensured that there would be no turning back for the next generation. Once corrupted by our willful selfishness we lost that precious standard of principle by which we have been given by God to uphold the natural law, or to "pretend" to do so now would be for all practical purposes viewed as hypocrisy. It's like those who favor "abortion in the case of incest or rape" and wonder why their willingness to compromise does not advance the pro-life cause one iota. The assertion of chaste moral standards necessarily sounds hollow for a seriotum polygamous society. Unconsciously we are aware of our part and rather than repent we would rather accept homosexuality as "normal" rather than give up our legalized fornication" under the blessing of churches and society." Fornicating and contracepting. Since sex is now for pleasure and pleasure alone, who is to say that a little self-indulgent incest without "force" is wrong! The homosexual network in the media as cleverly, as Satan in the Garden with Eve, got us to compromise and sin ourselves first, before they became bold enough to be as brazen as they are now. One of them, the sodomite Hugh Hefner, under the banner of free sex for heterosexuals [he has married after the fear of AIDS and exposure threatened his Playboy empire] was one of the key players and most of us were not prescient as to what was really at stake until it was almost too late, if not too late. The widespread acceptance of pornography lowered our natural resistance to the discussion of that which is at its very core intensely private, so that our very being as sexed, gendered persons formed in God's image, reflecting the Trinity, made for the Trinity, most especially when we cooperate in procreation, became depersonalized and very public, all under the rubric of "privacy rights." The Playboy mentally and ideology were never so much about extra-marital sex as it was about the denial of sex itself. Our culture is now too impersonal to be sexed in its valid meaning. Just as we are anti-natalist, we are actually anti-sex. The more sex, the less life, the more depersonalized, the less normally sexed:  Making babies is intensely personal. After all, making a person, which is what a baby is, by definition is the essence of personal. The ultimate gender bender is that gender is being neutered. In a neutered society incest is just another form of self-expression to replace true self-expression in its highest form, as men and women who cooperate with the Holy Trinity. To quote the above Kauffman re the breakdown of the standards that define what is normal and what is abnormal: [He is speaking of the above film] "Incest is one more element in the picture's texture, a texture so skillfully contrived that, in a somewhat frightening way, it nearly 'normalizes' the incest." Again to cite from the original report in THE NEW AMERICAN, "Now that homosexuality is openly celebrated and a serious effort to normalize incest has won critical acclaim, the next perversion to be sanitized is pederasty. CNN recently offered a sympathetic report dealing with new film entitled Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys. Among those profiled in the report were members of the North American-Boy Love Association [NAMBLA], which seeks to legalize sexual relations between male homosexuals and male children." [ Sept. 5, 1994, page 38.]


          The paper of accepted public record, THE NEW YORK TIMES, has discovered a menace to society, the "religious right" that is to say, "conservative Christians who oppose abortion and 'gay rights' among other evils." Citing a poll commissioned by themselves along with CBS, THE TIMES observed that the term "religious right" applies to more than southerners, noting that the poll revealed that this dangerous group is composed of a "far more diverse group in terms of geography, politics ... " THE TIMES neglected to mention that Moslems and Orthodox Jewry hold the same moral ethic, and why it is that the media rarely, if ever, includes these in the "Religious right" smear. After all, these religious groups were part of the coalition that defeated the left's "Rainbow Coalition" of homofascist indoctrination in New York's public schools and ousted the Hispanic "Catholic" Chancellor. The whole point is not to simply defend homofascism, but to destroy the Catholic Church and her Protestant allies. [Ibid.]

Preview of Coming Attractions

"It is with so much pride that I tell you that South Africa is the very first country in the world with a constitution that explicitly outlaws discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." The boastful speaker is Simon Nkoli, an African National Congress [Communist] homosexual activist, who appeared in New York City during the recent 25th anniversary of the sodomite's first publicly claimed incursion, the Stonewall riots. Nkoli told his audience that "when President Mandela made his victory speech ... he made a point of saying that discrimination against gays and lesbians will no longer be tolerated in South Africa."

          On June 24th, the first annual South African "gay and lesbian film festival" was held. At that event the PWV Minister for Safety and Security, Jessie Duarte, asserted: "Not only are there legal injustices to be done away with, but mindsets and cultures have to be done away with, too."

       This appears to echo the hoped for agenda of the homosexual network [See the next column]. South Africa will enjoy impunity in its war upon the remnant of that country's Christian culture and will likely be the preview of what American Christians can expect if we lose the Culture War.

The Lion King in Sodom

          An item in the August 12 edition of HUMAN EVENTS, written by columnist Cliff Kincaid for the Focus on the Media feature, titled "Disney's America Includes Homosexuals," is an eye-opener for just how insidious that war is:

"When people think of the Disney company, most think of a wholesome image. A recent Disney action, however, has caused concern. On June 4, Disney permitted an estimated 20,000 avowed homosexuals to attend a special event at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was the fourth Annual Gay and Lesbian Day. The New York Native, a publication for homosexuals, called the event 'A Day of Magic, A Night of Pleasure'. Disney officials said there was nothing they could do about it. They insisted that they did not sponsor the event and could not discriminate against anyone's right to visit the park. [We bet an anti-Semitic group would be discriminated against, quicker than you can say Mickey Mouse!---The Web Master] Disney Director of Corporate Communications Kenneth Green even said in a May 16 letter, 'Disney was not aware that such a gathering was to occur at Walt Disney World and did not agree to host such a gathering.'

          "But that did not wash with conservative activists. In the first place, Disney reportedly assigned one of its managers to act as a liaison with the homosexuals in order to make the event more enjoyable for them.  And as the American Family Association of Florida points out, 'Disney officials have already experienced three previous gay days at Disney. Surely Disney officials could have anticipated a fourth annual event. In fact, such events are typically scheduled one year in advance so that people who attend this year's event will know when the next one will be held. The Fifth Annual Gay and Lesbian Day at Disney is already scheduled for June 1-5, 1995'. There were even pre-printed group event discount tickets, valid only for Saturday, June 4, passed out by one of the sponsors, Digital Queers of Florida.

         "Second, the event coincided with the end of the school year, when parents and their children were scheduled to visit the park. Dramatizing this problem, one foreign tourist. who visited the park on that day with his wife, ten-year-old daughter and twelve-year-old son, said he would not have come if he bad known gays were going to be there. He said, 'I just saw a couple of blokes holding hands. To each their own, but it's not normal.' "

Disney was being disingenuous by saying it couldn't do anything about the event or its timing. The fact is that Disney is very open to homosexuals. Indeed, the gay publication, the Advocate, carried a feature story about the Disney executive in charge of animation, Tom Schumacher, who is openly homosexual.

          Schumacher, the executive producer of the Disney film, The Lion King, says, "I was an out of the closet gay man when I came to Disney. I know it is surprising, because when people think of this company, they remember gay men not being able to dance together at Disneyland. But now there are a lot of gay people here at every level. It is a very supportive environment."

          Schumacher says he is even allowed to take his male lover, whom he calls his "husband", to Disney company retreats and that Disney executives Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg don't bat an eye.

Republished 1994 GUARDIAN Editorials, by Editor Pauly Fongemie.


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