The Obituary as Legitimizing Agent

As we have already informed our readers in past issues of THE GUARDIAN, the obituary columns of many mainstream papers now openly proclaim the homosexualization of our nation by simply announcing the "normalization" of homosexual lovers and their offspring on a par with real families and marriage. Your local paper is not an exception, unless it does not feature this act of sneering triumph. What was once veiled carefully by select language is now brazenly celebrated and lauded.  THE KENNEBEC JOURNAL the Augusta [Maine] daily ran a paean to recently passed away local physician, Dr. ---------, an active lesbian with child and lover. She died at age 40 of a blood clot in the brain. Her life and death was front page news like many homosexual matters these days, and the lengthy obituary on the following Monday was written as to make certain to anyone reading it, in case he missed the accolades the weekend before, that she was an AIDS hero and while not mentioned in the puff piece, but most visible in the obituary, perfectly normal for having a lover or "partner," and an infant daughter-----why is it that lesbians so often [there are exceptions to note] have daughters, and not sons, after they announce and practice their lesbianism, but not all the same rate as the sons they had if they married prior to their lesbianism-----however the late physician acquired said daughter. Her lover-partner also had children. The obit announced that she left them behind like a regular family. This doctor, while contributing to life in that she practiced medicine, did nothing of an exceptional nature that would warrant a front page spread. Dr. K---------'s only claim to fame was her now open lesbianism and her "compassion for AIDS patients," a substantial part of her practice, this last a laudatory accomplishment, but no more so than any other doctor whose practice is substantially involved with one specialty or another. Then, too, since Dr. K-------- practiced AIDS medicine within the context of "family medicine," one wonders how beneficial her practice was to the community at large, one that included children, who had no choice of a physician. Did the parents of her tiny patients know that she was an AIDS doctor? If so, did her work involve  invasive procedures? Try to imagine, a male heterosexual doctor [with a wife and children] who was an oral surgeon with much compassion for his cancer patients or some such expected undertaking, would his obituary appear? Yes, but without an accompanying front page spread unless he was well known already. But a lesbian, well, that's a different matter, of course. Her death provides the impetus to "normalize" lesbianism and lesbianism with rearing children just like a normal heterosexual family. 'That's the real legacy of her life, that her death is used so cynically, even if she did help AIDS patients, who, no matter how they acquired AIDS, do indeed merit help and compassion. If her work was so laudatory than that work is part of her character. Does she not also, then, deserve privacy? Or did she want her death to be an occasion for "coming out" officially. Those of us who knew of her through some of her patients, etc. already suspected as much, but we did not spend our time discussing it at length. We preferred not to know! Now, we and everyone else have no choice, thanks to the "pro- choice" crowd at the KJ.

          This appropriation of that which by Divine right only belongs to families as designated by God through the Magisterium of His Holy Church, and as expressed civilly through the natural law, by fiat of newspaper editors who are avid homophiles and/or homosexuals themselves is the hottest trend. If it has not come to a newspaper in your town as yet, watch for it soon. After a few years of this dirty rotten tactic, our children and grandchildren will be under great psychological pressure, as well as socio-political pressure, to accept without reflection that family is anything that a homosexual or homophilic editor says it is! And the rest of us be damned as they say with no small amount of irony intended!

Republished 1994 GUARDIAN Editorials, by Editor Pauly Fongemie.


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