AUGUST 7, 2007

A parish in the diocese of Portland, Maine, which will remain unnamed in deference to the Saint it is named after, held a ritual honoring the role of women in the Church on the Feast of Mary Magdalen. According to one of the spokesmen for the event, it was about time that women were given credit. He [a far-out lefty], said it was not until now that women have been given their due. Central to the ceremony was of course St. Mary Magdalen. I have no quarrel with her being honored on her Feast Day, but I take serious issue with the man who said that women had been "hidden" until now. Two of the other women honored were Dorothy Day and St. Rose Of Lima.

WOW!!! "Hidden" until now? For starters, what ever happened to the greatest Saint and creature ever made by the Blessed Trinity, Mary Most Holy, the Great Mother of God??? "Hidden"!!! He can't be serious, but I know that he is. Children under the age of twelve were present for the rite of indoctrination and distortion of Church history.

Mary's fiat, "Let it be done unto me according to Thy word," brought us the Savior to redeem us. I do not see how one can get more "central" than this, apart from Jesus!!

After Our Lord ascended into Heaven and the Apostles went throughout the known world evangelizing, Mary was accompanied by St. Mary Magdalen for much of the time that the Mother of God would spend on earth. I do not think, cannot possibly think, that the Saint overshadowed Our Lady in anyway. Our Lady humbled herself every moment of her life in every fiber of her being, so full of grace was she. Although she did not call attention to herself, she always showed [shows] the way to her Divine Son. All graces that God permits us to have come through her because He has so ordained it so as the Church teaches.

Women "hidden" until now, shunned aside?? Christ undertook His first public miracle at His Mother's behest. She stood valiantly beneath the Cross with St. John, with more sorrows than any other creature, but she stood, without fainting, without despair. It was to her that Our Savior entrusted us, through St. John, His last will and testament so to speak. After the Ascension the Apostles turned to her in their longing. From time to time her Son has sent her as His ambassador from Heaven, such as at Fatima.

Is the picture becoming clearer so that the distortion of that silly exercise in PC is shown for what it is, a travesty?

You know, St. Mary Magdalen is the model of the penitent. I can think of no better way to acknowledge her greatness as a Saint than to emulate her, by going to Confession and to ask for the grace to be able to express perfect contrition for my sins, more numerous than the hair with which the Saint dried the feet of Our Lord. It is Mary Magdalen who wished to remain hidden in her humility and contrition, and Our Lady, who, if willed otherwise by God, would have been blissfully happy to remain hidden also. To be "hidden" is to acknowledge our littleness before the greatness of God, our utter dependence on Him, and the recognition that the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord and distrust of oneself. It is less the every day facts of duty that may call us out of "hiddenness" by necessity in obeying the will of God, but it is the inclination to prefer remaining unknown that matters. The best treasure is that which lays buried in the heart, a heart reserved for God alone in a most special way.

This trite rite reminds me of the New York City councilwoman who boasted that she was a "good role model". I have yet to learn of a Saint who said any such thing to himself or anyone else!

When people stop saying the Rosary they lose their way . . .

AUGUST 16, 2007

For weeks now, what can aptly be named the China Syndrome has been visiting these shores like a plague, and deservedly so. For, indeed, the glut of shoddy, cheap-to-purchase goods made by workers who are paid---literally---slave wages has been undermining our nation for years. One kind of poison has now become another.

American policy, ever since the unfortunate administration of the contraception-exporting Richard Milhaus [Millstone] Nixon has been a curious détente with that murderous, tyrannically cruel regime, Red China, unlike our policy against a less murderous one, that of Communist Cuba. To use a current idiom, "Go figure."

Our complicity with the crimes against humanity of that country have led us from one compromise to another, first our snubbing of Taiwan, for all practical purposes, despite promises to that tiny nation. Any country that believes American promises ought to have its capacity for realism examined. Already suffused with shame because of our wanton disregard for the sanctity of life through our own aborticides in the millions and millions, we decide to dismiss the matter altogether by pretending the natural law no longer applies. It becomes much easier to look the other way when we decide to bestow, I cringe at the phrase, "Most Favored Nation Status" on Red China, welcoming it as a trading partner. As always the enemies of Jesus Christ are better at driving bargains than we, who pay scant lip service to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, can even imagine. No, the Chinese war lords are our preferred practice because we are so spiritually slothful and surfeited with stuff and more stuff, none of which will follow us into eternity.

Now, here is a country that dictates a one-child only policy because it declares that it has too many people it cannot afford to feed. So brutal is this "policy" that abortions are forced where it is deemed necessary as neighbors spy upon one another to make sure no one evades the womb Gestapo. The very same country that does not have enough food, cannot produce enough food, for its own people has lots and lots of foodstuffs to export to the USA, which has its own unofficial contraceptive policy---small cars; a tax system to feed the swine in Washington that is punitive and unjust, so much so, that both parents feel constrained to work; and the social stigma of having a "large family" now translated as being more than two children. Although, if a couple foregoes children altogether and "adopts" several household pets, say five or more, that is not considered "large" despite a number of these couples calling the animals their children. To use that expression again for emphasis, "Go figure."

It wasn't until the food and the junk, purchased to the economic advantage of China, a political enemy, at the distinct disadvantage to America---it has a trade surplus while here at home there is a deficit---is deemed unfit for consumption and even dangerous that we are paying attention:

"Humans are not the only recent victims of contaminated Chinese food and drug imports.  ... American Food and Drug Administration investigators determined that Chinese producers had laced wheat gluten with melamine scrap in an attempt to boost the appearance of added protein value due to melamine’s nitrogen-rich content. This wheat gluten was added to over 60 million containers of pet food in the United States. The result has been an estimated 8,000 animal deaths, but an accurate count will not be known until the FDA finishes its investigation this fall.

<>"Melamine, a kidney-destroying plasticizer when eaten is normally used as an industrial coating or as a fertilizer. Its appearance in other Chinese export food products, such as corn gluten sent to South Africa, verifies that its use was intentional, not accidental as Chinese officials claim. Indeed, during an April visit to China, American food safety inspectors had little trouble finding Chinese workers who openly admitted that scrap melamine is routinely used to augment low-grade wheat, corn, and soybean products, particularly those made for animal consumption. [New American, Michael E. Telzrow article, 2007-08-20.]

"The same article informs us that "Tainted and counterfeit toothpaste with a Chinese origin has been discovered in Canada, in Massachusetts, and in prison systems in the southern United States. A temporary halt to the import of Chinese toothpaste has failed to eliminate the threat, as Canadian and U.S. communities are discovering evidence of tainted toothpaste already in the market. Health authorities began to warn consumers in early July after tests conducted on counterfeit toothpaste sold under the Colgate brand name turned up evidence of harmful bacteria.  ... Despite an FDA warning posted in early June, contaminated products continue to surface, typically in independently owned grocery and convenience stores.

"Tea leaves, the iconic Chinese export, can now be added to the list of suspect food products. William Hubbard, former deputy commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, told National Public Radio about one Chinese manufacturer’s practice of drying tea leaves by using truck exhausts. “To speed up the drying process, they would lay the tea leaves out on a huge warehouse floor and drive trucks over them so that the exhaust would more rapidly dry the leaves out,” said Hubbard. “And the problem there is that the Chinese use leaded gasoline, so they were essentially spewing the lead over all these leaves.” Hubbard noted that the FDA only inspects about one percent of all food and food ingredients coming into the country, and tests only about half of one percent.

"As if contaminated food products were not enough of a concern, American consumers are now faced with the realization that Chinese-produced toys pose a health threat nearly as serious as contaminated or tainted food. In mid-June of this year, more than 1.5 million Thomas & Friends miniature wooden railway sets were recalled because of lead paint. Neither the Thomas & Friends manufacturer, RC2 Corporation of Chicago, nor the British license holder, HIT Entertainment, knew that the popular children’s toys contained lead paint.

"Lead paint has the potential to damage developing nervous systems, and anxious parents now wonder how many other Chinese-made toys might contain the dangerous material. Preschool children, precisely the group that is most attracted to these types of toys, routinely put playthings in their mouths. A toy containing a lead base then becomes a vehicle for dispersing the harmful substance into a developing child. That type of exposure may eventually lead to reduced IQ, severe learning disabilities, kidney damage, and stunted growth, among other adverse effects."

According to various cable news programs 80% of toys sold in the USA are made in Red China. You would think that this would make us see Red as patriotic Americans. Until something goes very wrong we do not seem to care. There is always a trade-off [pun not intended] when we decide to purchase a product at a reduced cost so that we can have more and more instead of less, made safely by our neighbor for his own neighbor as well as his own family. Let us use an analogy.

I am traveling by car by necessity to city B for a conference. There are two roads, one a major highway where I have to pay a toll and pass through a few red lights on the way, and the other a little used country road that is circuitous but free of the toll booth and the traffic lights. Now morally I am free to choose either one. I am trying to cut expenses because fuel is so costly and I have a fixed retirement income, so it is tempting to use the country road. There is a trade-off though: I cannot afford a cell phone and drive an old car. In the event of the car breaking down I would be stranded until someone passes by, if at all. My family would be worried when I did not show up at the hotel where I am registered. Thinking it through I opt for the safer, more expensive course, the major highway. There is more to life than saving a buck to save a buck. I will have less money to spend at the conference but my family will have peace of mind and that is priceless.

We Americans need to see our country as our extended family, instead of thoughtlessly purchasing more junk toys that will be discarded soon as our over-stimulated high-tech kids grow bored. It ought to be the American, patriotic, thing to do, buy less, buy better, buy American, to help other Americans. Sure the American middleman may be hurt, but if that is what it takes, this is the price of owning our own country. We will all pay more in the end if we don't because of the trade deficit, which means more taxes for sure. Moreover, whether the food is poisonous and the toys toxic or not, one of the piercing questions we have a moral obligation to ask before we buy a product from China, is this an absolute necessity, as in life-sustaining, and is this the only country I can get it from at all? Otherwise, why am I morally free to help sustain a regime that half-starves its own people and forces them to kill their children? A regime that imprisons Catholic bishops and priests and others who do not go along with the "Chinese Patriotic Church". They could not operate as they do without our help as they would have already collapsed. Feeding money into their supply chain has not reduced the brutality of the regime, it has merely extended it to our shores. The regime is openly hostile, with missiles aimed at us, as those in power jockey for position and bide their time. Meanwhile Chinese businessmen are investing in American banks, buying debt and at the rate they are going with our indifference that is more than reckless, they will have an economic vise with which to strangle us into submission.

The New American article goes on:

"What is the underlying problem behind unsafe and hazardous food from China? Is the problem largely localized to a few local or regional officials in the vast country? Is China experiencing growing pains as it rapidly increases its market share over the food that we consume? If it’s bureaucratic ineptness, can that ineptness be corrected through more regulation and oversight from the central government in Beijing? Or is the Beijing regime itself the problem? Put simply: should we trust the communist giant to make and keep its food imports safe as it amasses more and more control over our food supplies on the way to monopoly control? ...

"Despite China’s integration into the world economy, it remains a communist model of brute authority and moral ambiguity---one that, by the way, is openly hostile to the United States.

"Chinese ethical transgressions are mainly designed to gain an unfair advantage over the West, and they show the disdain communist leaders have for people. Since instituting market reforms, China has manipulated currency (which forces them to keep the bulk of the populace at poverty wages), erected importation roadblocks (which lead to higher prices of Chinese goods for already poor people), and employed slave labor camps to reduce labor costs, the most recent example discovered in China’s northern Shanxi province that involved 576 involuntary workers.

"Communist China is arguably one of the most brutal “post-Cold War” regimes. The central government persecutes Buddhists, Roman Catholics, and other religious groups, and Beijing imprisons an estimated eight million persons---many of them political dissidents. In a display of utter brutality, Chinese authorities openly engage in organ harvesting. According to the BBC, the British Transplantation Society maintains that the organs of executed prisoners are routinely harvested without consent. China’s brutal “one child” policy and its practice of forced abortions are well known and require little elaboration here. But it is part and parcel of the lack of respect for human life that seems to permeate Chinese political will, extending to their trade dealings with the West. ...

" “Why is our government sitting on its hands while we give a monopoly on production to China for items ranging from food to drugs to clothes---all to a country that is an avowed enemy of the United States?”

"Despite our efforts to engage China, first starting with President Nixon, and carried on by successive administrations, the communist giant remains a military threat. The People’s Liberation Army has developed and published plans that include an attack on Taiwan. The PLA plan includes threatening the United States with nuclear war to sway public opinion before staging an attack on Taiwan. The plan includes strategies that seek to isolate the United States from its Pacific allies, leaving Japan and others defenseless in the face of Chinese aggression. According to Philippine authorities, the Chinese have begun to establish outposts on uninhabited islands near the island nation. Meanwhile, Los Angeles and Alaska remain in the sights of a highly advanced Chinese cruise and ballistic missile system. In a perversely ironic twist, it is American trade dollars that subsidize China’s military build up. Joint venture investments allow the Chinese to enter the U.S. bond market. There they borrow millions from U.S. mutual and pension funds and invest the cash in their armed forces.

"The world sees that the Chinese are capable of monstrous acts of brutality such as forced abortions, organ harvesting, religious and political persecution, and deliberate food contamination. Likewise, their push for Pacific Rim hegemony and global trade domination is manifest. Given those realities, is it paranoia to question the prudential nature of allowing such a nation to gain control of much of our food and drug supply?

Country-of-origin Labeling

"As already indicated, you cannot escape consuming contaminated Chinese products by avoiding those marked with “China” as the country of origin. This is despite the fact that five years ago President Bush signed into law the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act, which included a provision establishing the requirement for country-of-origin labeling for beef, lamb, pork, seafood, perishable agricultural commodities, and peanuts. Republicans, prodded by retailers who claim the provision is burdensome, delayed implementation.

"President Bush, supported by a Republican majority, effectively nullified the provision by delaying its implementation until September 2008. Political pressure in the wake of the recent scandals appears to have moved Congress to revisit the provision. Until it is revisited, however, there is simply no way of knowing whether your food item originates in China. Not long after the pet food scandal receded from the news cycle, Food and Drug Administration officials reported that rejections of Chinese food products reached 257 for the month of April. In contrast, Mexico and Canada had 140 and 23 respectively. Among the offending Chinese food items were salted bean curds, which were rejected for being “filthy,” and frozen channel catfish, which were infected with salmonella and laced with “a new animal drug” considered unsafe for consumption! The FDA refusal-actions list includes dried fruits, apple flavored jelly, olives, frozen seafood, and sardines.

"The government’s reluctance to enforce labeling laws has encouraged savvy farmers and independent ranchers to take matters into their own hands and to market farm-direct products in the wake of the Chinese import scandals. By marketing directly off the farm, owners can eliminate the middle man, thereby reducing mark-up. While farm-direct sales have always existed, increased consumer awareness about Chinese food products has led to an increase in activity throughout the country, and many Americans are taking control of their food sources.

"One U.S. health food company has taken the country-of-origin label concept a step further. Orem, Utah’s Food for Health International intends to label its products “China-Free.” President Frank Davis recently told Reuters that “It is a response to the (headlines) coming out, and we are taking a position that we are not the only ones reading them.”

"A comprehensive country-of-origin law would greatly enhance the consumer’s ability to choose, and might even result in a voluntary boycott of Chinese goods, providing a boost to domestic producers. But country-of-origin labeling would not be a panacea. For starters, false labeling, a favorite trick of the Chinese, was discovered on boxes marked “tangerine candy,” and in a number of other instances. In May, U.S. officials warned Americans to beware of imported fish labeled as monkfish. It seems that the Chinese exporter mislabeled puffer fish, whose flesh contains deadly toxin, as the popular monkfish. The tail of the monkfish is especially prized for its delicate flavor, while ingesting puffer fish flesh can lead to serious illness or even death from tetrodotoxin poisoning. According to an FDA press release, a total of 282 22-pound boxes labeled as monkfish were distributed to wholesalers in Illinois, California, and Hawaii beginning in September 2006. These fish were then sold to restaurants or sold in stores.

Degrease the Skids

"But even more important than requiring country-of-origin labeling, or labeling products “China-free,” is changing those U.S. government policies that have greased the skids for China’s rapidly increasing market share of what we buy from toys to food. Those policies include encouraging American corporate interests to do business with China and to establish operations there, and providing U.S. taxpayer-subsidized and -backed loans and loan guarantees through agencies such as the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the World Bank.

"Meanwhile, operations that remain in the United States are compelled to comply not only with an unfavorable tax situation but with a massive regulatory system that squeezes profits and forces owners to pass the costs on to the consumer. The Competitive Enterprise Institute recently released a report entitled Ten Thousand Commandments 2007: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State. Its preparator, Clyde Wayne Crews, lays out a picture of a federal regulatory system that cost Americans $1.14 trillion last year!

"America has traditionally been committed to maintaining a policy of competitive enterprise. In 1952, Harold R. Bruce, government professor at Dartmouth, wrote in American National Government: “This policy has its roots both in the democratic political tradition of equality of opportunity and in the belief that economic progress and efficiency are promoted by the spur of competition.” Unless America returns to its tradition of “equality of opportunity” by de-regulating the business environment and seeks to seriously address the trade imbalance, it will become increasingly dependent upon China at its own peril.

"The stakes are high. The ease with which the Chinese are now able to flood our market with substandard and highly dangerous consumer and food products gives rise to the question---how hard would it be to use the current import system to introduce harmful elements into the food supply as an asymmetrical warfare technique? Given China’s record of brutality and military aggression, is there any reason to believe that China might not employ such measures in the future, particularly if its market share of our food supplies continues expanding? For Americans the possibility seems less fantastic with each new headline. Until the United States strengthens its ability to prevent the importation of dangerous goods, and significantly reverses the trade imbalance through a reduction in regulatory requirements and other measures, American consumers will be left to their own devices."

Mark well what you have just read from the New American. The next time you are tempted to purchase that trinket or toy or toothpaste, check the package carefully. No more Chinese take-out, please, unless from Taiwan. Knowing what we know, we will have reaped what we deserve, self-annihilation. Let's declare the USA a Red-free zone, beginning with each one of us.

October 18, 2007

It is often said that the role of the media is that of a watchdog. Those who are critical of the misused power of the major players call them gatekeepers. And so they are, only not so much keepers of the gate, with at least one notable exception, see below, but it is the forest itself that is shielded from scrutiny and less that we are not permitted to trespass, provided it is one tree at a time, here and there. Thanks be to God for honest, irrepressible researchers who are patriots with determination and guts. For the polity at large what you see is what you get and this becomes the defining reality. The means is to keep the public focused on particular "trees" and not on the context or the "forest". And the means for the means is salacious gossip about popular cultural figures and others of questionable news worthiness and dubious iconic stature. Concupiscence, an effect of Original Sin, delivers the whole enterprise a ready audience.

Oh, it isn't a plot by the journalists per se, it is that they are provided the context of story lines and or do not realize that there is usually another story beneath the one they are given leads on. If they work for newspapers, they all receive the same feed from two dominant sources, and almost every local paper is owned by one of a few major chains, all secular-leftist, save one. Local papers are only good for local news bits about events and sports. Since journalists and reporters have been carefully vetted for their positions and trained in the ultra liberal-dominated halls of "learning" they are all too aware of the prevailing limits dictated by the repressive secular milieu that hangs over almost every facet of our culture like a funereal pall. In other words, except for a few personable mavericks with a large enough following, the men and women of the press, electronic and paper, censor themselves, although they scarcely dare admit it to themselves, the exceptional case being that they have no qualms reporting on what should be the private sins of those not in favor at the moment. St. Paul is careful to an exactitude in his instructions to those of us who seek salvation and that is that some subjects are off limits as to our merely discussing, even mentioning them, as this defiles us. He is referring to private sins of a most degrading nature. You and I both know the types of sins he counsels us to avoid talking about, let alone committing. Every network, whatever its corporate letters, ought to be SBC, the Sin Broadcasting Center.

Interspersed among the all-day every day tattle-tale output for input are a few stories that the patriot, the family man, the serious citizen needs to be aware of. But these fade in and out almost as a backdrop for the ubiquitous gossip machine, other than an occasional hard-hitting actual news headline---apart from tragedies. There is no such thing as depth and breadth, just quick wispy gasps of noxious gas between gulps to get your attention so there is someone reading or seeing the ads and commercials, themselves ever more prurient and debauched. The media goes on and on about going green, saving the planet from ourselves [of course], then proceeds to pump raw sewage into the culture. If pollution were the real problem and not the vehicle for enslavement to atheistic, worldwide Communism, one would think that social filth, a real scourge, would be a priority. Since Red China, is full-blown Communistic and atheistic it gets a green light not to go green even though it has one of the worst industrial records regarding the environment. The devil is in such details, such facts as these. Forget "going green", one is too busy seeing red! And this is our segue into the reality of Red with a capital R as in Communism and the cold war.

For years only a handful of media commentators have made the effort to chance being labeled politically incorrect, that is someone to shun as if carrying the plague, by declaring without hesitation that the "cold-war" was never over. War is fought on many fronts, one of which is that of distortion and disinformation in order to deceive the enemy. Our enemies, having no Christian scruples or even the barest notion of the natural law, are far better at this stratagem than even we de-Christianized [in the practical sense] Americans could ever hope to be, and I am not advocating following suit, simply making the observation. No matter who says otherwise, all is not fair in war or in any other exigency for that matter. Only that which is just under the natural law is fair because it is just, not just because we deem it fair. Justice, however, does not demand that we be foolish and blindfold ourselves. The companion of justice is prudence as is fortitude. It is not a sin to see the enemy for what it is, in fact it is a virtue as we are meant for the truth. Loving our enemy means praying for his conversion, not pretending he ought to be canonized or that he has our best interests in mind.

Suddenly, and as if on cue, doing the bidding of a higher power in low places, every headline screams the "new" cold-war. And with no apologies to those of us who never bought the perestroika lie in the first place. They see no contradiction in declaring the cold-war long dead one day, and literally within the same week declare it resurrected within a blink of the eye. I know we are supposed to have short memories as our brains are on life-support and our souls dead from celebrity circuses, but this is a bit much to swallow, even for the easily fooled.

Cinematographer Robert Buchar is putting a documentary film together about the great deception of the supposed spontaneous collapse of Communism in Europe. On the web site, FinancialSense.Com
J. R. Nyquist's column, GLOBAL ANALYSIS, reveals the actual story behind what the media wanted to report: "Communist Bloc intelligence officers, CIA officials and scholars, the documentary shows that Communism did not collapse spontaneously. The directive for change came from Moscow. “People power” had nothing to do with it. According to Buchar, 'For the last three years I couldn't find any media interested in this topic.' Pundits and news anchors told us, again and again, that the revolutions in Eastern Europe were caused by popular discontent. According to conservative partisans, the Soviet Union fell because Ronald Reagan pushed it over. Not so, says Buchar: 'The version of events presented to the public is very different from what actually happened.' 

"On this subject, Buchar interviewed various insiders and analysts. Former chief of CIA Soviet Bloc Counterintelligence, Tennant H. 'Pete' Bagley told Buchar that an unknown hand was behind the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. 'There was a different truth in this respect,' Bagley said. 'and that's a truth that was so well hidden that I don't know if it ever will come out. ...' "

More recently Putin and his allies have been playing feint, a patient end run, waiting to see how long it would take us to get into an impossible mess in Iraq and what if any our resolve would be. Modern warfare is now impossible on any serious level that means winning because of the mass media involvement, announcing every strategy to the enemy, which is anything but stupid. The Axis powers, despite our superior forces, would have won World War II if television and the internet had been around. Such a serious joke to play on ourselves, and having opened the Pandora's box of mischief there is no way back, save mass conversion of the masses to authentic Catholicism or at least the use of reason and self-restraint, temperance being the third companion of justice.

Russia is bent on stirring things up in the Middle East in order to wear us down if nothing else, although I suspect it has other motives, such as world domination through its pernicious doctrines. They are more than halfway there. Most American students think that the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are part of the US Constitution in so many words. Ordered liberty, its rights and responsibilities are alien principles to them.

Given the general lack of virtue in the post-modern American makeup fortitude is not our strong point. Not anymore. Am I arguing for war in Iraq? Of course not! Never did! But now that we are there, how we exit is of vital importance for our own security. Apart from the injustice of the war according to the just war precept of the Catholic Church, the plain old human nature aspect, given the realities of the region, the complexity of the cruel intensely hot terrain and religious conflicts, we were bound for a no-win boondoggle at best. So now Putin is steadily flexing his tyrannical muscle in the region, playing "good cop" and bad cop concerning Iran, and in the northern regions of the polar ice cap where large oil reserves are known to be.

Meanwhile back home we have to suffer fools, not so gladly, hell-bent clowns who treat us as if we were stupid and deserve less. As the North American Union edges closer to imposition by unvoted mandate and secret tribunals and star chambers closed to the press, anyone who mentions the NAU and the purchase of our highways by Spain who will charge fees, [ yes, Virginia, I said Spain] the planned for new currency, the Amero, the new flag, etc., is dismissed as a conspiracy nut.  The argument by ad hominem so as to avoid having to actually answer the questions. James Corsi of WorldNetDaily and author of the THE LATE GREAT USA was on C-Span this past weekend, documenting as much as is possible given the secret nature of matters. C-Span is the one of two bright spots in television news one can use. And this from a channel that is predominately socialist propaganda! The other is the nightly EST 6 PM report by Lou Dobbs on CNN, who is without doubt the chronicler of record of the planned destruction of our nation-state and our freedoms, the hand over of the United States to regional power that expects to be conjoined to India and Peking in the future. This evening as I prepare to finish this column, I tune in as usual. One of his guests is Ames Holbrook, a former government deportation officer, who has exposed  our government's complicity in working for the interests of our enemies in his new book, THE DEPORTER. One of the examples he gave was the crisis concerning ICE officials who cannot deport criminal aliens because their countries of citizenship will not take them back, so the politicos in charge of the agencies, such as ICE tell the agents in the field, just put them back into American society to prey and kill and rape again and again. Beyond insane! Holbrook adds that if we wanted to we could use effective sanctions against these countries as we have in the past and thus force them to do the right thing and take their own citizens back. The policy czars do not want to.

Unless one is a reader of great books on current issues, many of which have to be purchased or borrowed through inter-library loan---months on a waiting list---the only source for the truth is a really thorough Catholic newspaper, or HUMAN EVENTS, the internet, carefully, painstakingly sorted through, CNN for one hour an evening, and C-Span weekends and only some of these at that. This is how atrocious the rest of the non-internet , non-book mass media is! FOX News is too busy trying to imitate the Comedy Channel and Court TV. Even discarding the Trojan factor it is generally [there is an occasional exception] useless if one is looking for non-propaganda. Better an honest liberal than a half-baked conservative who likes to hobnob with pro-abortion, "gay" friendly elites.

Mr. Corsi, who should be awarded the Medal of Freedom along with Lou Dobbs of CNN, informed us that  Bush has been lying all along, despite Americans in overwhelming numbers who do not approve of the NAU arrangement that will nullify our sovereignty, our own not so late and nowhere near great El presidente does not seem to care. This is because Bush & Co. are intent on the merger: "Understanding the plan to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada, says Corsi, is "the only context in which the current immigration travesty makes sense--–and it must be stopped."

He spoke about the Security and Prosperity Partnership, or SPP, an agreement signed in 2005 by President George W. Bush, Paul Martin of Canada and Co-president emeritus Vicente Fox of Mexico, not only as a a direct assault on American law and freedom, but also as the mechanism for the creation of a two class system as in Mexico, the rich power players and the rest of us the poor peons---the destruction of the middle class as Lou Dobbs has so heroically demonstrated and defended against vanquishment. The Union would not pass by law so invasion by immigration, a form of stealth campaign, which will make it a fait accompli, eventually, is the plan. According to Corsi: "Bush's goal to create a North American Union--–with no borders, a shared currency, and utterly no voice for average Americans in their own futures--–is the real reason he won't enforce immigration laws."

He knows from the documents he was able to acquire access to under the Freedom of Information Act and through his meticulous research, that unelected bureaucrats in a myriad of shadow government agencies such as the Department of Commerce have been given the power to force by fiat the NAU on the American public in stages. Evil on the installment plan as I put it years ago. He put things in perspective very fast when he gave us the the facts on what has happened because of the European Union, the collapse of sanity along with European nation-states, informing us about the stranglehold that Brussels has on the laws of each country in the union. In his books he writes:

"A North American Union would not just be the end of America as we know it," claims Corsi, "but the beginning of an EU-like nightmare--–a bureaucratic coup d'etat foisted upon millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.  ... The Security and Prosperity Partnership is not just unconstitutional, but an act of treason at the highest levels," he says. "Anyone who cares about the future of this country--–our children's future–--must act now against a North American Union and the underhanded way in which our sovereignty is being compromised, one illegal alien at a time."

If this is treason, and it surely is, then what does this make one of the engineers but a traitor? Bush deserves to be tried in a tribunal, a public one, for high crimes that include treason. He has betrayed his public trust and his American citizenship. He has betrayed all of us. What Corsi did not discuss, I suppose because he was discussing his book, was the sad irony that Bush is a champion of a murderous rapist who is a Mexican national charged with these crimes here, in obeisance to international law that does not care the least about American sovereignty, while turning a deaf ear to the deliberate abuse of two border personnel in prison so as to discourage American patriots from guarding the border should they become slightly over-zealous. Could Corsi's cogent, imperative insights be more self-evident? He also addressed briefly the matter of the deliberate devaluation of the dollar so as to prepare for the Amero and our indentured servitude for the benefit of the globalists in power and their cronies. The elites always play fast and loose with other people's lives because they insulate themselves from the effects of their mayhem.

When I said "suffer fools" I wasn't just borrowing a convenient literary phrase. America excels at excess, the art of hype and scandal for the sake of scandal, like a few other western societies, but it has no equal whatsoever in the care and feeding, the purposeful nurturing of useful idiots department. A recent example, a Texan guru who claims to be for "border security", was given a forum to persuade Americans that a border fence is not an option. Let's see if we can put this into perspective, to find the forest that contains the tree being chopped down. Let us substitute the homeowner for the USA. His property has been repeatedly broken into and the vandals have destroyed part of it. The local constabulary is useless because it refuses to follow the law as it is beholden to those with another agenda who have put them in office. So he contacts a security ace, much like the Texan, who advises him that he needs to beef up security, something he already knows, which is like telling him nothing for a price. Then the alarm guy who is anything but an alarmist says the one thing he ought not do is lock his doors when he is away. Instead he ought to rely on a high-tech alarm system and the good will of the townsfolk. Would anyone still with the use of reason let that go without challenge? To ask is to answer. Yet, we are supposed to accept this idiotic nonsense when it comes to our homeland. In a saner time this man would not have enough credentials to be a guest for an interview. Heck, he would not have enough credentials to be a Texan! But then, Texas liked Bush, didn't it! I refuse to call that guru a gentleman. Ever notice how in today's phony social atmosphere the term gentleman is applied inversely to its merit? This is why one hears that this thug and that felon is a gentleman, usually said with emphasis, ad nauseam but everyone else is a guy or a man or a fellow or one's opponent, period. Interestingly one never hears the same quid pro quo when the other gender is involved. Women miscreants are never addressed as ladies, unless one is "a lady of the evening", that is. We seem to be more honest about women unless the subject is abortion. Then the only rules that apply are for the pro-lifers who are placed at a disadvantage, the reason for the rules in the first place.

Or if the subject is Ann Coulter. One rule for her, another for everyone else. And here, too, as with the border, there is an useful idiot emerging center stage every 3 seconds or so. In a way I am glad this latest controversy arose, although I do not enjoy seeing Miss Coulter suffer for something she did not say, not that I would enjoy it if she suffered for something she did say. I add this because I have been mistaken that Miss Coulter was a Catholic. Knowing that she is highly intelligent and perceptive, like a large, brilliant spotlight in a dark alley, I was mystified that she continues to dress in some of the scanty attire she wears for the public. Now that she has talked about this being an essentially Christian country and that we would be better off if we recognized this, among other related matters, such as conversion to Christianity and having said this she is accused of being anti-Semitic [what else when all else fails!], and has had to respond, I learn that she is not a Catholic. Why is it when you are pro-Christ you are anti-Semitic, but if you are pro-Allah or worship in a temple you are not anti-Christian??? I begin to understand now. If most Catholics do not know or care about Marylike modesty how can a non-Catholic be expected to be imbued with it given the shameless sludge we are submerged in! For all her sophistication, in this regard, she is an innocent lamb. I knew with certainty her style of apparel had nothing to do with malice or contempt, but the whole thing was inexplicable. So now I know. As the providence of God has it, I had just referred my concerns to Him and within days the answer! And what about that useful idiot? He showed up in the nick of time to excoriate Miss Coulter. I mention it because this fellow is a known Catholic with a national forum, his name will not be mentioned, because it is not necessary to do so. Well, this Catholic says Bravo, Ann Coulter! And may God bless you with the graces of salvation, specifically, conversion to the one true religion, Catholicism! You are ever in my daily prayers that the will of almighty God and His merciful, just providence will be your salvation, as will be my prayers for your ignorant detractor. If only he were as truly Catholic in his spirit as you are!

Now for that exception I mentioned in my introduction. The Zogby poll, cited ad infinitum by most news sources as being reliable, has let the black cat out of the bag, in time for Halloween. It seems that Mr. Zogby, always known to be a liberal by those of us who can still think for ourselves, has been caught not only conducting a poll, but trying to influence what the institution that commissioned it ought do with the results. From being a researcher to an unelected policy maker. Since he is a liberal he will get a pass and we will all pretend like good little boys and girls that the whole thing never happened, but if someone reminds us that it did, well, it doesn't really matter, you see. Sort of like, no, make that very much like Sandy Berger, AKA government burglar pro se, one who did not work for Nixon, has been redeemed after doing penance by laying low for several moons, and is now a consultant to the Clinton II campaign. If he had been a Republican the howls from the media elite would be in deafening high gear still. We still talk about Nixon the crook. Well, we all know the drill, do we not.

And the beat goes on, tediously day by day, with breathless reports about this presidential candidate and that one as if it really makes a difference apart from style. When the two front-runners haven't a clue about us folks caught in the vise of those who harbor other plans for us than those we imagined when we were young and hopeful, when there is only one party in power, the Republicrats, the party of abortion and sweeping government that enslaves the moms and dads to a lower standard of living, socially and economically, the backbone of this country, you know its all over but the gnashing of teeth. Until there are enough Catholics who have sanctified themselves enough to uplift America and entrusted themselves to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, all the political stuff is not only as irreverent as the gossip but just as irrelevant ... Let us pray and do penance ... for our own sins and for all those who no longer know any better ...

November 10, 2007

Once more the annual season of silliness which the cult of the PC god observes with rituals of increasing absurdity, is nigh upon us, this time making its obscene advent in Fort Collins, Colorado. Those of us who serve the one True God and who celebrate Christmastide, the season of Christ's Mass, are made to witness the bizarre, in atonement for our own infidelity, our failure to evangelize for the glory of God. The powers that be in Fort Collins, named the best place to live in 2006 by Money magazine, and situated on the Cache la Poudre River, of French [Catholic] derivation, have taken it upon themselves to impose their own peculiar liturgical rules for marking the secularization of Christmas, which is a blasphemy. The festive lights are not to be in color and the festoons on the wreaths must be removed. Now these decorations are not religious and have but an informal link to the holy season of Christmas through custom and sentimentality. The authentic symbol of Christmas is the Crèche or Nativity scene. Wreaths, colored lights, and so forth are lovely and I would never begrudge anyone the joy they bring to hearts of any age. By all means, let us have them! Their natural beauty is enhanced, made resplendent precisely because they accompany the Crèche, not replace it. Fort Collins elites want the lights to be white only. Where is Jesse Jackson when you need him? This is what I mean by the season of silliness and rituals of the absurd.

The impetus for this stupidity that insults the intelligence of man and beast alike was a Jew who wanted the Menorah, a seven branched candelabrum on display as well. This is the main religious symbol of the Feast of Hanukkah which usually falls within the Advent season proper. Many a person who is not familiar with Jewish holy days thinks of Hanukkah as the Jewish Christmas, which is  erroneous. Because the two Feasts find themselves on the calendar so closely paired this is easy enough to understand. It has been the established practice of public administrators throughout the country of permitting a display of the Christmas Tree [now demoted to a "Holiday" Tree], which is a secular symbol, along that of a religious symbol, the Menorah. The imbalance is readily apparent, but so many Christians have been deChristianized so thoroughly that they notice not. Jews are seldom this dumb. They know better, and good for them. Fort Collins, fears that if it permits the Menorah it will have to allow every and all religious displays in the public square, all religious displays except Christians ones, that is, because they have not been permitted for over a generation and counting. Irony does not begin to describe this fiasco. Some of the local folks are riled up and an effort is underway to get the idea rescinded before Christmas.

At this point I no longer care, I am disgusted with our pusillanimity and tepidity, the dumbing down of Christmas with the corruption of clutter to the point it just means glittering lights, cheap tinsel, decadent foodstuffs, revolting commerciality, and empty bank accounts come January 1 to usher in the big letdown. If all Christians can hope for or dare ask for is a tree next to a Menorah and whatever else, I say we are wasting our time and insulting the Christ Child and His Holy Mother who spent Christmas in a cold cave wherein dwelled animals and the only lights were the glorious stars under the sky of Bethlehem. No Menorah for them and no tree either. Christmas is about Them, adoring the Christ Child in our hearts and honoring Him and Mary and all the other figures around the Manger by displaying as elegantly, yet meetly, meekly as possible, their images. The Magi brought gifts of value to lay at the feet of the Savior King and this is why we traditionally give gifts to children, in His memory, and theirs, not the least of which is to rekindle the blessings of thanksgiving in our bosoms because it is He Who presents Himself as gift to us, Heaven come down at Christmas, the Light of the world, the Sun of Justice during the time of the year when the days are shortened and the light of the sun is at its ebb.What more glory do we require! Does He require? The glory of holy simplicity! Christmas is a holiday because it is holy. It is sacrilege to refuse to acknowledge this in both private and public offerings. In olden times Christians adapted pagan festivals that lent themselves to the liturgical seasons, in order to uplift the culture, transform and imbue it with the memory of the one True God; now we are taking what is sacred, that is supposed to be untouchable, unchangeable, because it belongs to God, and despoiling it of its very nature and reason; it is as if everything is in reverse or should I say perverse. Why are we bothering at all? Or so much?

The Fort Collins brouhaha, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, hum, has had me deep in thought. Christmas is a national holiday that benefits Christians and non-Christians alike. Hanukkah, Kwanza, and the like are not national holidays. By what right do their adherents claim a right to intrude? Let them advocate and establish their own national holidays if they so desire. Does anyone think that Christmas would be permitted therein? Ha, ha, ha!

No, I say, if all this is the best we can muster and bluster, let us cease. Give the non-Christian Scrooges at the ACLU and their sycophants the heave ho, ho, ho, telling them we won't go, go, go! Go into the darkness under cover of profane lighting. Where they hope to banish us, into insignificance through meaningless symbols that celebrate our demise as a culture. Christ the King in the Manger is not wanted, the Queen of Bethlehem and of Heaven and earth is not wanted, then let it all be. You want "Christmas" your way, a shallow hallow shell of what ought to be, take it, we bequeath it to you, one and all. And while you are at it, close down your shops adorned with snowmen and elves and other assorted denizens of secular sumptuousness. Christ, the newborn King, is not welcomed? Why should I spend a farthing to celebrate that which is despised? No, close down your shops and with them the incessant whine about how important Christmas is to the economy! I would rather be poor like the holy family was poor, and cold, too, if need be, and even hungry. But not our hearts and spirit!

As for us and our households, leave us be in peace, where we bring out the Nativity set, and the lights aglow, too, in regal simplicity, the rarefied beauty of the supernatural, where the King of Peace, Emmanuel, God among us, in the form of a little Child, is welcomed in every heart, at every hearth. We will have Christ's Mass, and Christmas cards that greet one another with Blessed or Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays!

November 27, 2007

The Supreme Court of Texas has ruled that states may prosecute fetal murder, even where viability outside of the womb is not considered possible. In the same ruling it declared that it is up to the individual states to decide who is a human being: "The Legislature is free to protect the lives of those whom it considers to be human beings."

Beyond belief, beyond reason! So your life and mine have different protections against the right to life, in theory, depending on what state I live in and you live in.

To hammer home the incomprehensible arrogance and hypocrisy, the court also found: State laws protecting fetuses do not apply to abortions.

In other words, if the mother wants to kill her child, then it is not a child,  if some other person who wants to kill the mother and thus kills the child in the womb, the child is suddenly a human being.

And to think we thought the insanity of Nazism died with Hitler and his henchmen. Oh what torturous twist of language we use to justify the indefensible!

Either a baby in utero is a person or he is not. Would anyone accept the argument or reasoning that if your mother wants to kill you because she has decided you did not turn out okay it would be legal, but if your father or cousin wanted to, it would be homicide? Of course not! Why is the child in the womb any different? Because our elites who have sold their souls to Satan want it to be and so they impose it, sanction it in all hubris and contempt for the natural law.

We have not moved down the proverbial slippery slope, we have jumped off the cliff in spiritual, cultural, and legal suicide. Pat Buchanan has just had published his latest book, DAY OF RECKONING, in which he convincingly makes the case that the American Republic is essentially lost. There are more to borders than the border, which is essential; having abandoned the first and most essential of all, the limits to human actions which are proscribed in the natural law, the second, was bound to fall, too.

The Death of the West? The Death of Reason itself. And we can no longer look to the US Supreme Court either, for light, for we know from their most recent abortion decision that even the so-called "strict constructionists" went along with the contortions of language to uphold the precious eleventh commandment, "A woman shalt have the right to choose", while refusing to uphold the original Ten.

God help us, the spirit of Antichrist is a deep, dark shadow upon the land.