Five Ways to Hell
by Pauly Fongemie. December 21, 2013

I am quite surprised that so many media pros and Evangelical Christians are taken aback by A&E [the Arts and Entertainment] Channel's fury with its top money-maker, the head of a southern Christian family which has a reality show. After all, where have they been all this time?

Back in 2006 I wrote about A&E and their anti-Christian bias during the Christmas season. As early as then before the PC speech patrol had gathered full steam, this channel was all aflutter with visions of Happy Hanukkak
in their heads, but throughout the so-called "Holiday Season" not so much as one tiny sugarplum for Christ - not a single Merry Christmas, just gaily [or should I say Gayly Rainbow] colored streamers hailing Happy Holidays! The Jewish greeting featured the signature religious symbol for Hanukkak, the Menorah. They were pulling out all the stops for the Jews, but only a slap in the face to Christians, speaking of poor taste and bad manners. I began to boycott that channel from that month on, never to return. If Christ is not wanted, A&E is not wanted by me and my household. No one in our family has ever so much as given A&E the once over ever since. Thus, when I heard about a program called "Duck Dynasty" - I am not a reality show person unless it is animal wildlife - I mistakenly thought it was about a family of ducks in the wild - much like a learning channel's beaver family documentary. I never knew it was about a Christian family in Louisiana until this week. I mean, when I say I boycott A&E I mean I refuse to even check out their line-up, so I never saw a listing for the show. I did not have a clue.

Before I had taken the lay of the land with A&E I had already determined through research that the homosexual activists and their various organizations - fascist pressure groups actually - were embedded deep within the media. For example, the three networks were already in the habit of permitting programming scripts to be okayed or previewed for acceptability by these groups, with ceded veto power if need be. At that time FOX News had a program director that was an activist of the same proclivity; so he must have had at least some indirect influence on FOX, whether official or not. These people are so consumed with their disorder that it is the only prism through which they judge. Why less than 10% of the population should have such power in the first place is a book waiting to be written and speaks volumes of how corrupt our cultural icons and leaders have become. Christianity simply is not a factor in most programming, other than to demean those who believe and follow Jesus Christ. Let me provide one instance - not on A&E but a series that originated on NBC - it is or was called LAW and ORDER. I do not know if it is still running. I learned about the show when I was monitoring television for a series I was writing on the media. I started with LAW, but could not continue with this series because I was so sick to my stomach - literally fed up to the point of physical illness - after I viewed less than one season's worth of episodes. Repeatedly the "bad guy or woman" would be depicted being questioned by the police in the suspects' residences. Gratuitously and shamelessly either a statue of the Blessed Virgin or a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was on display in the background. Not every episode but a number of them. Religion played no role in the shows I watched. This was coupled with episodes portraying pro-lifers as terrorist thugs and so forth. There was no attempt at balance or a direct tie-in to Catholicism with crime. Rank bias, the most venal kind. I also boycott NBC, and have for years. I do not know if LAW is still on the same get the Church and pro-lifers jag or not if it is still being shown and I don't care. I care about Our Lady and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and their holy images and the image of Christians, especially Catholics. This web site is to make partial reparation for the outrage done to Catholic sacred images within society and the media.

It was also about the same time that we Christians were being told, "If you don't like something, turn the dial or the channel." It was a regularly rammed down our throats mantra - take it or leave it style - we don't care about your Christ. Like everything the left does it accomplishes it with great élan and splash - of hypocrisy, that is. Hypocrisy on this scale would have to be invented if it were not for the left.

Now comes along "Duck Dynasty". I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, so I am doing both. A trifecta plus or quintuplet of hypocrisy is more than apparent.

1. The "turn the channel" crowd is now refusing to present this as an option. Instead Christians can just leave the planet in so many words.

2. Supposedly the uproar is framed by the fascist crew as a consequences of speech issue, not freedom of religion. This is being done in order to let A&E and the GLAD gang continue with their passion play of the month. In particular they keep saying censorship is when the government does it but since A&E is not the government they can discriminate. Actually the they can, indeed, but not on religion. You see, A&E is an employer and federal law does not permit an employer, other than a  specified religious employer, to discriminate on the basis of religious views. See #3.  The rant cant is that they are promoting tolerance while curtailing it in practice. Hypocrisy is too tame a word for this shenanigan.

3. The same group that wants A&E to be able to have a conscience is the same that openly denies and denounces any Christian business owner who decides whom to take money from the same right of conscience. By court fiat when the GLAD gang or their cohorts sue. There is almost always a leftist judge waiting in the wings to be available to assist our thugs in crushing Christian conscience, by punishing those who practice it.

4. A&E is suddenly angered by the "Duck Dynasty" father's comments - apart from the coarseness of some of them, which is most unfortunate - come on, guys - everyone but me it seems knew about Patriarch Robertson's religious views for years. The whole furor is to appease the bully boys in a snit because they were told that homosexual practice is a sin like a number of other sins that violate the natural law. Poor, poor boys. Their feelings are hurt - it is a crime according to them to hear that sin is sin. My goodness, what about all the adulterers out there - gee, we haven't heard from them yet? Maybe because they accept that what they are doing is a sin? Only sodomites are exempt from sin I guess. If anyone has a beef with Daddy Phil, it is in the unnecessarily crude descriptions that accompanied his Scriptural quote. The Catholic version of 1 Corinthians addresses fornication - all unclean acts of a venereal nature outside of marriage [and by marriage it is Biblical marriage - one man, one woman - and directly says exempts from Heaven [unless repented of, of course]. Their real argument is with God, not those who quote His Word.

Regarding the decidedly unappealing descriptives that were part of the man's response to the magazine question, this, too, is hypocrisy on the part of the not so glad GLAD group or whatever their name is. The homo-fascists use much cruder and even depraved phrases in some of their books and articles,  such as what they are going to do to the innocent sons of "straight" parents. I can't write the words, because they are far too vile. Let us just say that Papa Robertson's choice of choice words pales in comparison.

5. A&E says it is "suspending Phil - putting him on hiatus - for an indefinite period." This is too comical for words, actually. Let's see, now where to begin? For starters the channel loves the millions they are raking in from the most popular of all reality cable shows. So instead of not running the program without Papa Phil, it is running almost a year's worth of reruns or previously unaired already shot episodes, all with the Patriarch prominently featured. Man, wouldn't you just love to be suspended like this - take in royalties while on hiatus? We should all be so fortunate. If the Christian viewpoint is so heinous to A&E, then the honest thing to do is remove the show, and return the money to the Robertsons after voiding their contract. But it would be expecting too much to expect decency and honor and consistency from A&E which is not a normal channel but is the mouthpiece in so many words, for the homo-fascists among us. They have an agenda. No, hypocrisy is their very hallmark, they intend to keep the profits coming in while pretending they are dropping Phil for a period of time. Who is kidding whom, here? Not me, not by a long shot!

What the powers that be have failed to reckon with, is that they can no longer frighten serious Christians, intimidate them to self-censor. The jig is up and the laugh is on the fascists who are liars and haters and deceivers, some of the other sins that preclude Heaven if those who work such evil do not repent. Yup, liars, folks. Just lying, Imagine this one! Some earnest Christians may be naive or inept when expressing themselves to the more "sophisticated" media members but their hearts are in the right place. Whatever else their faults, they are not liars, and when they say they are judging in the objective realm and not in the subjective, that is, that they love all men out of love for Christ, they mean it. I don't know one of them, Protestant or Catholic who is not willing to give up their very lives for their fellow men. Not one.