And in a Humble Manger December 21, 2007

"And it came to pass, that when they were there, her days were accomplished, that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn [1] Son, and wrapped Him up in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds watching, and keeping the night watches over their flock. And behold an Angel of the Lord stood by them, and the brightness of God shone round about them; and they feared with a great fear. And the Angel said to them: Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, that shall be to all the people:

"For, this day, is born to you a Saviour, Who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. And this shall be a sign unto you. You shall find the Infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger. And suddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God, and saying: Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will. And it came to pass, after the Angels departed from them into Heaven, the shepherds said one to another: Let us go over to Bethlehem, and let us see this word that is come to pass, which the Lord hath shewed to us.

"And they came with haste; and they found Mary and Joseph, and the Infant lying in the manger. And seeing, they understood of the word that had been spoken to them concerning this Child. And all that heard, wondered; and at those things that were told them by the shepherds.  But Mary kept all these words, pondering them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God, for all the things they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them." [St. Luke 2:7-20]

This is the more complete account of the first Christmas, the other being in St. Matthew's Gospel. We are struck by the simplicity of the scene, its utter humility, contentment, peace and joy, the perfection of Love Himself Who consented to be born of human nature in so lowly a place, the King of kings born to the Queen of queens and not with the fanfare of men but that of the Angels. To those who think like the world thinks and judges all things accordingly, the manger scene is one of incongruity and even implausibility. To see the first Christmas as it truly was and is one needs to see with the eyes of faith, or the desire for it, which is a gift from God, a response to grace. The shepherds had it, and the Magi, too. Apparently not, the current Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury who scoffs at the Nativity scene. Not even Herod scoffed, although he had not the gift of faith, for he worried exceedingly about the Little King Who might rival his power and thus instructed the Three Kings to report to him what they found as they journeyed East. [Thanks to the Providence of God, they avoided his environs on their way back to their kingdoms.] The Magi had consulted with Herod originally because there was no public proclamation of this momentous event that would forever change the world men had known since the fall in Eden.

While all the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary are beautiful and truly the "School of Mary", of the Joyful Mysteries it is the third, the Nativity, on which one lingers longest, indeed, those ten Hail Marys pass all together too quickly, for one wants to remain at the foot of the manger---as Mary did there as she would later at the Foot of the Cross---the first sacrifice of Christ, so to speak. Now the two Gospels, that of Matthew and Luke, do not speak of the animals that enclosed the manger with warmth, but through tradition we believe that, since it was a place where shepherds and country folks sheltered with their animals, it is natural and a part of God's plan for them to be present at the manger as they were and as signposts of the Passion and the Resurrection and what came after.

Consider the donkey, who so lovingly and carefully bore Mary to her visit to Saint Elizabeth for the birth of St. John the Baptist, then on the arduous trek to Bethlehem, heavy with Child, and later them both on the flight into Egypt under command of an Angel: It would be the donkey who would bear the Savior into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, triumphant as a King, before His Passion and Crucifixion. Perhaps, through the Providence of God, the same donkey?

Consider the oxen, beasts of burden who are bound to the yoke: Christ would later call all men unto Him into His loving Sacred Heart, to bind themselves to Him, with the words, "For My yoke is sweet and My burden light." [St. Matthew 11:30]

Later [on page 2] we will look again at the oxen.

Consider the sheep and the little lambs: Jesus told His disciples that He was the Good Shepherd, Who knows His sheep and His sheep know Him, including: "And other sheep I have, that are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice, and there shall be one fold and one Shepherd." [St. John 10:16]

The figure of the lamb or the sheep is perhaps the most familiar one of all in Scripture. The Apostles, in particular St. Peter, as the first Pontiff, were to feed His lambs or sheep with the His teachings and the Sacraments He entrusted to them, they too, being shepherds. But it is the little lamb, the one so often depicted in Nativity scenes that is the most poignant for it is the Savior Himself, Who is not only Shepherd but the Lamb, the Agnus Dei, the sacrificed Lamb of God, both Victim and High Priest, both Lamb and Shepherd.

Oh yes, the Mystery of the Holy Nativity is very rich, indeed, beyond our ability to plumb all its depths. As numerous as the stars in the sky of Bethlehem, as numerous as the Angels singing in chorus and adoring the newborn King of Angels, as many as these are the vast innumerable riches of the poor manger ...

We must not intrude on this holy scene, this "Heaven on earth" by bringing in the unseemingly profane modernity, although the purpose of this column is one of contrast to ponder. In order to avoid any undue incursion or spoliation, the column is deliberately concluded below.

John 2
14 And He found in the temple them that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting.

15 And when He had made, as it were, a scourge of little cords, He drove them all out of the temple, the sheep also and the oxen, and the money of the changers He poured out, and the tables He overthrew.

2 Corinthians 6
14 Bear not the yoke with unbelievers. For what participation hath justice with injustice? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness?
  Galatians 5
1 Stand fast, and be not held again under the yoke of bondage. [reference to the slavery of sin, one sin of which is injustice, the withholding of truth men require to live in dignity and harmony with one another.]
Acts Of Apostles 15
28 For it hath seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us, to lay no further burden upon you than these necessary things ... [reference to religious observance, but good counsel in general regarding human nature and men's right to justice under the natural law. Man is not owed charity as he is justice, and while charity is the greatest of the three theological virtues, the purpose of government, ecclesiastical and civil is justice, not charity.]
Taking in the unsightly bedlam of the anti-Bethlehem scene that is modern politics, and public debate, one can only think that the above image is too benign, for all its swift dispatch of evildoers, to capture the profane, stupid, obscene cacophony before us. Modern man, despite his claim to "have faith" is spiritually blind, politically inept at best and subject to that which is not only unbecoming persons created in the image of God, but completely incongruous. This segment of the column could be subtitled, "How come?" in sharp contrast to that first Christmas and most historic of historic events, for the Church teaches us why the Incarnation of Christ.

Christmas in secular America otherwise known and hailed as "the holiday season", ought to be renamed the "silly mean season", courtesy of the rampant secularists with power who despise Christ. In the year of 2007, it is rendered even more so by the presidential election of 2008, thus it is more accurately called the perennial season of hubris, hype, and hypocrisy. Note, the party affiliation is not mentioned because there is only one party in America, the party of the establishment, big government handouts, largesse with other people's money, the new world order, a la "Foreign Affairs" articles written by one of the candidates, as much abortion as can be gotten away with, and the nanny PC state in one form or another, preferably both in some quarters. Until Christ reigns in enough hearts, truly reigns, America is flirting with national dissolution and moral, social suicide. Our judas goats have enslaved us poor oxen bound ever and ever more tightly to a burdensome yoke unworthy of a people if they still possessed the use of reason. We can choose to have an abortion, women can "make the right decision" but no one can decide for themselves or not if they want to smoke in their own home while alone, in many jurisdictions, or what their children eat for lunch at school. Imagine! One of the candidates is seeking to establish by law universal Pre-K indoctrination for all children in the USA. Of course the age of the so-called Pre-K will be moved further and further back until "no child is left behind" in his mother's arms, that is.

Consider first and foremost the audacious egos involved: consider another Christmas over two hundred years ago, when a small band of revolutionaries, outnumbered but not out won, led by General George Washington, crossed the frigid Delaware River, where the Hessian mercenaries were encamped. You and I may not have joined the American rebels as the violence that was used to stir up the masses was more violent and unjust than that of the supposed British rule, but we can marvel at the humility of Washington, who was so courageous against all odds. When the American republic was established a President was needed. The colonial representatives selected him by popular acclamation, not the least of which were some of his favorable attributes: honesty, simplicity, and humility. He did not seek the highest office in the land; no, in fact, he shunned all such conceit. He had to be convinced and in the end he relented out of a sense of duty, not ambition. Only a humble man is open to the grace of God; I am morally certain that George Washington, once a Freemason, of whom it is said he converted to the true faith, also kept an image of the Mediatrix of all graces on his bedroom wall.

Consider the enormity and boldness of such egos that think they are fit not only to be President, but that they are better than their opponents, and are willing to spend the millions and millions that could be used to help those they say they want to help, to convince the voters how worthy they are for such office where they will assist the ultra liberal unconstitutionally bent Congress to match what they spent getting elected and then some. Evolutionists and those who think they can peacefully coexist with them also believe that money grows on trees.

Consider the megalomania that has seized one American family, whose husband served two terms and now is in the thick of things, managing his wife's campaign for President, so that once more we can have "two for one" as if the first round wasn't sufficient to reveal how corrupt and or naive the electorate are and how shame itself has lost all meaning along with the verb "is". Consider that while claiming to be for reducing taxes on the "middle class"---this is also the year that our candidates have "gotten religion", in more ways than one, the first being the recognition that the middle class, the burdened oxen that make the water wheels revolve, has been selected for extermination---this same candidate makes no such claim in re the upper classes, yet has her and her husband's substantial millions safely out of reach of the IRS in the banks of the Cayman Islands. Consider that she, taking cynical advantage of the "gotten religion movement", has put out a commercial with a Christmas tree, sans nativity, in the background while she places the finishing touches on gaily wrapped packages, labeled with the various aspects of socialism, which means higher taxes, period. Conceit, and deceit. And not one word about the reason for the season, the Babe in Bethlehem. How come?

This is the same candidate who is known to permit money to be handed out at key intervals to the populace while campaigning. In my day we used to call this "buying an election" or just plain graft. Now it is merely "handing out money", perfected to an art form by the Kennedy machine in an earlier era.

Consider the ego that resides in a man who has barely served part of a first Senate term, that he is qualified to be President, given the exigencies of modern warfare. Consider that having joined the religion bandwagon, he says he joined a such and such Protestant church. The reason? He was attracted to its social mores and its action work. Not one word about being a Christian because he believes in Christ the Savior. Not to be left in the dust, he, too, has a "Christmas" commercial, all sweet and charming with a Christmas tree in the background, sans nativity, of course, that would be just too religious, with sentiments of gratitude and the like. Does he wish the viewer and voter a Merry Christmas? No, he requires plausible deniability to hedge his bets. He has a little surrogate say it for him to cover one of the bases, his young daughter, with the other one piping up "Happy Holidays" to cover the rest. Right. How come?

Consider a third candidate who has more guts: he does not pretend to be a Christmas card commercial. he merely sits before a winter scene, like all too many of the Christmas cards we received this year from practicing Christians, and talks of more class warfare and socialism. He wants to be Kris Kringle dressed up like Uncle Sam who wants us, our money that is. He is at least consistent. Yet he made his fortune using the American system of injustice, the corporate way, the very system he now declaims. Hypocrisy. He would deny others the chance to do as he did, if he had his way, by demand or usurpation. Golly gee! To use one expression from his home locale. How come?

Not that I am an unabashed devotee of corporate America that has sold us down the river of extinction to the Red Chinese for a meager 30 billion pieces of poisoned profit.

Consider a certain Huckster, a former Baptist preacher who envisions for himself a messianic role as do-gooder that is, a reconstructed socialist for higher taxes, for just one example, in the White House. As an avowed Christian he says he does not hold with evolution but thinks it is fine in the textbooks of the government schools. How come?

A brief digression here. It is not up to a President to dictate school texts, but this is beside the point, one is speaking of his opinion as to what rightly belongs there. He wants it both ways. If an interview with the affable Larry King on CNN can cause him to stumble so easily how will he deal with the other messianic personalities in the Third World and reconstructed Communist China who do not claim to be Christian?

Hucksteree is not for "gay marriage" but approves of the US Supreme Court decision [Lawrence] that in so many words guarantees that later, if not sooner we will have "gay marriage" or have a heck of a fight on our hands to outlaw it, piecemeal, with a war of attrition that bodes well for the degenerate among us. How come?

With this candidate there are so many How come? moments there is not enough space to list them all. One more shall suffice and it is a beaut! The hopeful Huckster-in-chief is making a campaign stop at a big anti-Catholic watering hole headed by the notorious Rev. Hagee who fulminates against the Catholic Church as the Beast in the Apocalypse and the Pope as the Antichrist. If he is for "all the people" as he says, why has he written off well informed Catholics? How come?

Does he know that anti-Catholic bigotry is socially acceptable, especially since so many "Catholics" practice it themselves?

Consider another well heeled candidate who has had an eleventh hour conversion on abortion, better late than never, and I believe him. Well, how come he is for experimentation on live embryos who are tiny human beings, which he acknowledges they are? How come????

I mean if a person is a person, isn't he always a person and deserving of the equal protection of the law? The sanctity of life is so basic and uncomplicated that only mush heads can botch it. If he is this confused on the most basic of rights, what are we to think of his ability to judge rightly elsewhere?

Consider the Catholic candidate, "America's mayor" who wants to reduce abortions but went on his own cognition and of his own free will, before Planned Parenthood and said he was on their side, in so many damning words. How come? Consider this man who cannot be true to his marriage vows or his Baptismal promises, much more sacred than that of the US Constitution, how should we trust him when he says he wants justices that are strict constructionists? How come he dares to state this with such vehemence in his fruitcake filled Christmas commercial, cum tree, cum red sweater, sans nativity?

Could it just be that he knows all too well that the left-controlled Senate will not confirm such a justice? And that he hopes we will forget the other drop of the shoe, so to speak? To ask is to answer.

And on and on it goes and where it will stop nobody knows; all we know is that the down sized Huck, our Puck the clown of a thousand faces is the Pied Piper, so much so that one of the others above felt compelled to hold a press conference to explain his Mormon religion, that is, that he believes it and will not back down, to the nation. To his credit he is resolute while in error as to the true faith. Contrast this with a previous era, the one known as Camelot. King Arthur John turned out to be a latter day Lancelot as we discovered when he delivered that shame filled speech to a southern rogue's gallery of heretics and bigots promising them that Roman Catholicism would have no affect on him. He then proceeded to prove it with precision once seated in power. The unbelievably pig-headed media honchos were comparing the two men as equals. What a spectacle! The powers that be abroad must be laughing all the way to the proverbial bank. I would have said the enemy, but we have met the enemy and it is us . . . we all need the first Christmas as it really was, not how we imagine it to be, now more then ever.

1. "Her firstborn"... The meaning is, not that she had afterward any other child; but it is a way of speech among the Hebrews, to call them also the firstborn, who are the only children. See annotation Matt. 1. 25.


Today marks the 35th anniversary of that Day of Infamy when the US Supreme Court betrayed our one nation [under God] and its soul, the natural law and Divine law, in its hubris of issuing preferential policy from the bench in contradiction to the purpose of the Court, which is safeguarding and interpreting [1] the law, especially the natural law, the bulwark against tyranny and injustice, not redefining law and thus making it---sanctioning the wholesale slaughter of millions of tiny babies in the womb: the stripping of the natural, inviolable right from the most vulnerable in favor of an usurped, false and unnatural right by the more powerful, whose rights by reason are limited because human persons who have reached the age of reason also have responsibilities to their God, their neighbor and to their country. Beyond obscene! The very definition of savagery.

Thirty-five years! Who could ever have imagined such a thing? Our one nation under God is now irrevocably many, fractured into various competing ideologies, some ruled by God, others ruled by the Prince of this World and those who do his bidding, often unawares. And still the monotonous cadence goes on, hum-drum day after hum-drum day, with its eternal companion, American "optimism" enticing the power brokers and polity alike onward towards Mammon and from the Day of Infamy to an ever approaching Day of Reckoning, if I may be presumptuous enough to borrow the title of Pat Buchanan's latest book. Who am I to attempt to improve on perfection?

When a nation has the temerity to turn its back on the natural law [only 22% of the public favors overturning Roe] and its beloved, the rule of reason, both will follow one another into exile, and then meaninglessness takes over, the tedious useless meaningless oppression of the tyranny of the politically correct and then some. Words become but sound and flurry, and yes, fury, too, but they mean what the Mad Hatter wants them to mean in the new Wonderland of the disunited state [s] of America. Traditionally words intrinsically meant something because language is a gift from God so that we may communicate reality, maintain normalcy, raise the young, assist the common good, offer God proper communal worship and save our souls. Language itself has always been part of a culture or society's tradition. Without tradition in language itself, a common meaning comporting with reason, that endures, a culture can no longer impart its ideals to the next generation, no longer sustain itself; it will have to abandon its ideals, its very purpose to sustain the breach. [2] Language has always served as the means for identifying these, and ultimately truth itself, without which we surrender our human dignity to the inhuman and depraved. To alter the language to abrogate what we think about human nature is cultural, spiritual suicide. America ought to learn from the mistake of the Catholic Church which foolishly allowed experimentation with the language of its liturgy so that now we have a Church of diverse beliefs all claiming to be Catholic, utterly absurd and meaningless, effectively the courtship of despair while tempting the Holy Spirit. Beyond blasphemy and idolatry!

 Animals, who may be wild although not depraved, do not have language, but they correspond to their created purpose in their communicating with one another and even with us. [3] Man requires language either spoken or tacit, but that language must correspond to what actually is, our nature as created by God, not what we prefer things to be or we descend not only lower than the animals who have not corrupted their nature, but into hell on earth itself. Gulags and assorted horrors [4] may have their own logic, when the illogical is the norm:

A preborn baby is a human being in some states and in others he is not, instead merely "potential" human life. Note, not a human person with potential. What a world of difference and not so subtle as one might think at first glance. By rearranging a sentence structure we have altered "reality" and are transmitting a new meaning to connote who and what is a human person, thanks to the Sandra Day O'Connors amongst us, who are legion. Only God can do this, yet, He does not do this because He does not violate truth as He is Truth itself. Our hubris and conceit defies description, matching only our self-deceit!

In the same states where he is a human being before birth it is usually recognized as such only when someone not hired by the mother has killed him. He loses his human rights and his personhood if she decides to kill him herself or contract with another to do it for her. Irrationality at its lethal worse. And where are the protests demanding impeachment and recall of public officials who inspire such debauchery and plot to redefine legalities so as to maintain this facade of the rule of law? In the major social and political quarters? The rising up of a people imbued with reason against this delusion, this fraud? If our language had not been violated we would recognize the monster immediately. It ought to be against the law to dissemble so outrageously and boldly! The court [in]justices who so uphold this infamy surely should be removed, if for no other reason than they have lost the use of reason and are unqualified to sit on the bench! [5] Any bench in any jurisdiction! Superior or inferior! Imagine this! You might be a person who cannot be murdered without legal redress by society on your behalf, depending on what state you were conceived in and then, based solely on who does the killing and or and who hires him. Would we allow this in any other case of injustice? The media and pundits would have a field day and the common citizen would be up in arms, so to speak! Other crimes involve commodities or property or contracts or false promises. These generally still hold. No demand for a change in the law to correspond with reality, that of a human being whose life itself is threatened! Most baby animals receive more protection from the law! In Maine it is against the law to destroy the turtle eggs of at least one species, but later term abortions are still being done, let alone all the other abortions! If turtle eggs are recognized as belonging to turtledom why is it that we cannot recognize the humanity of the child in the womb?  Why isn't he on the endangered list? Each human being is uniquely precious because of his human soul. I mean, how can a person be a human being one second and not a human being the next, just because someone has rearranged the language to cover the dark deeds men cannot do in the pristine light of day? He can't, so we pretend to lie to ourselves. Oh! the mighty, terrifying last judgment upon the whole world, especially a country with so much vaunted freedoms. That, too will be a Day of Reckoning, the Day of all Days.

Meanwhile the 2008 candidates for President of this impious territorial land hurry and scurry about from one breathless debate and engagement after another, trying to win our favor with more nonsense. This is not to say that any particular individual is not sincere, however misguided. That is for God to judge. We are to use our reason to judge the situation at hand in order to respond in accord with our dignity and responsibilities to one another and to God Who created us.

One party consists of a gaggle of contenders more noisy than lucid: they are vying with one another for the claim as the candidate most in favor of the culture of death, under the ironic slogan of CHANGE! Beyond gall and certainly beyond plain common sense. Of course the change they want is economic, more socialism, for one thing, but they are not for change when it comes to killing the innocent. One candidate accused the young upstart with rhetorical skill of not being as pro-abortion as she, ironic indeed! Raymond Arroyo of EWTN had Terry Jefferies of CNS as his guest two weeks running. Mr. Jefferies is a veritable encyclopedia on the culture of death. It turns out that the "young upstart" is not only not less pro-abortion than his seasoned rival claimed, he makes her look almost pro-life by comparison. There are lies, and statistics and damned lies. This case is an example of the harmony of all three. The young Senator from Illinois is so rabidly, fiercely for abortion rights that he even favors the wanton killing of infants born after unsuccessful abortions. His opponent would not go this far and yet she aspires to wear the revolting mantle of baby-killer-in-chief. So now I guess, abortion also means post-abortion if you are so luckless as to have been born in Illinois. Ah, the language keeps morphing to keep up with our fury to become like unto God without sanctifying ourselves. We are the "gods" that are failing. Liberalism writ large and nasty.

In the other camp, the supposedly pro-life side, contenders vie with each other to demonstrate how pro-life they have been in the past. Yup, I believe every word they say because they actually believe it, still, 35 years and counting. One of the candidates wants a Human Life amendment and good for him! How silly and boorish of me to ask inconvenient questions such as, well after the Supreme Court knocks that down into verbiage destined for the big delete key, thanks to NARAL, the ACLU and NOW---now and forever---what then, Mr. old new deal Republican? The loss of all reasoning power. The power to tax or not tax, to spend or not spend, to go to war or not, the power to safeguard the border or dissolve the nation, but powerless to recognize reality when it counts most. Everything is backwards and thus meaningless.

Where are the men and women with backbone who still possess the grace of God enough to have use of their reason? They aren't running and they would not win if they did because we are so blind and will get the very President we most deserve. That Tuesday in November will be a Day of Reckoning also, sealing the deal with idiocy.

What we need is a Congress which is willing and able to limit the jurisdiction of the federal courts per the US Constitution. Then let us talk amendments. I have no use for politics anymore, an utter waste of money and time. Global warming? Oh yes, from the hot fatuous air in Washington and those who want to serve Mammon there.

EWTN, oh blessed EWTN was a most blessed balm this weekend, for its pro-life army generals know what is what. From Arroyo and Jefferies the weeks before, to Father Tad Pacholczyk, Director of Education at the NCBC  and teacher par excellence of the immorality of cloning and embryonic research and Monsignor Philip J. Reilly, Founder of Helpers of God's Precious Infants. They know what is at stake and of what the true culture war consists of and it is not politics, it is radical conversion, one person at a time. Change the culture and the law will follow instead of what we have now, a changing culture to match an unjust corrupted legal system. God bless EWTN and these men, over and over again. I vote with my Rosary! and the power of the pen!

1. Interpreting the law does not consist of rewriting it ideologically, or imposing a new meaning on it not intended by the legislators, but interpreting whether it applies to a particular case or if it corresponds with the Constitution as intended by those who enacted it.
2. This is why we actually practice racism on a grand social scale, while telling the people we are eliminating it, for instance. One prominent black leader who is honest speaks often and eloquently about the double standard on race, that Black Democrats get a free pass and are free to be racist without the media challenging their duplicity, while White Republicans are scrutinized for the smallest faux pas in order to find racism that may not even exist, in all likelihood does not exist. We have redefined racism to such an extent it is inherently meaningless except to be used as a cudgel by those in power to silence those who aren't. We aren't even free to raise this objection without being branded pariahs. The loss of freedom in order to expand it, total irrationality.
3. Our home has a number of bird feeders in the backyard, for various species. One, a gray and white bird that is not described in our bird book, and thus I have not been able to identify, seems to have quite some acumen. When its feeder is out of seed and we have been busy elsewhere and not noticed, one of the flock comes to the back porch window that forms part of the wall of our kitchen and taps with his beak on the pane to get our attention. This has not been a fluke either but happens, not frequently, but repeatedly still. Some of the birds have learned in their own way that we are the source of their food supply and must intuit on some level that we care and will respond. They do not have intellects, at least as we define a mind, but they do communicate. I have no other explanation for this species knowing how and when to tap on the window. I am open to another explanation as I am not an ornithologist.
4. Father Tad told his audience about all the human beings in the embryonic stage of development who were created for the purpose of being used in the laboratory, tiny human beings suspended indefinitely who cannot grow and develop and know God and have a family. This week the Pope had some strong words about the new "life form" being permitted in England, part man, part animal. Words fail to convey the pure evil.
5. In the case of the US Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia is on record as saying that the Court is not about morality. And he is considered the best in many of an opinion! Ah, but justice is all about morality. And when it comes to the abrogation of the natural law, no court in the land has the right to do so. That is what Nuremberg was about, putting the legal atrocities of the Nazis, "crimes against humanity"---another way of saying that there is a natural law that all men are bound by, that they can know by reason---on trial. It is the very duty of justice to recognize this and to declare null and void any law that contradicts the natural law, period. This is why we have the concept of "jury nullification" in jury trials: the right and duty of the jury to declare a defendant has been tried under an inherently unjust law, one that does not comport with common sense and human reason, and that because the law itself violates this aspect of the natural law, it is abrogating it by way of setting the defendant free. Of course this principle can be misused just as parental or papal authority can be misused, but this is a problem of Original Sin, not the natural law and its corollaries which exist apart from individual error in judgment. What is inherently moral and obligatory does not cease to be because of a default of imperfect persons, but rather serves to call us to do our best to rise to the occasion, so to speak, calling us to be better than we are at the moment, because as human beings, we are under the jurisdiction of that law, simply by being human.

IN THE DESERT   February 12, 2008

This column is about the crisis of faith that is a large portion of the scourge of modern society, and how it affects those of us who interact here on the web. It is lengthy and I apologize. I am speaking only for myself and not for any other web master or writer. Those of you who read my Declaration and Disclaimer with Update regarding the posting of material from irregular sources, specifically some sedevacantist groups, know that I sometimes do so after careful consideration. These articles and or devotions have nothing to do with the canonical positions of those associations, nor are they ever provided a forum to evangelize for their cause. Any material I may use always has a previous source and is in fact, distributed by the sedevacantists as edifying literature for Catholics, period, and is not related otherwise. The sedevacantist organizations did not originate the material themselves. For instance, a holy card with a novena to a Saint, an article based on the life of a Saint and so forth. All wholesome or if concerning social issues, strictly unrelated directly with any particular group and its positions on the Papacy. In other words, I do not act as a conduit for sedevacantism. I do not provide links to their web sites, etc. But being honest, if ever I use such material, which is extremely rare, because most of the same material is available from other Catholic vendors and or libraries, I always cite the source, for documentation and basic courtesy and also a necessity, for reliability, and the like. You have a right to know and I have an obligation to oblige, hence the noun, obligation.

Recently I posted a few articles from a Canadian [Quebec] order which is sedevacantist and I used the above criteria. Since I am so busy with this web site I do not surf every day on the web and was unaware that this group is more than just sedevacantist or not recognizing that Pope Benedict XVI is the Pontiff---it ordains women, has its own "pope" and is in legal difficulties because of the charges of child abuse and kidnapping along with torture as I understand it. Until I became convinced of this group's perfidy to the natural law, not just a group of people who are confused and disoriented because of the crisis in the Church, but real criminality, I could no longer even have their name on this site, period!! So I removed those recently uploaded pages immediately. I am most grateful to those who alerted me to the danger and the possibility of scandal.

While I was on the topic I included related matters that arise here at CT from time to time: visitors make requests to have certain links and or materials posted or ask for changes, which I will not reiterate here. I explained why it is not always possible to grant a request. Some of the requests are more like demands with the threat of their personal censure or condemnation, that I am not a "true Catholic" or are being unreasonable. Most requests or suggestions are offered very nicely, kindly. It is I who will answer to God for what I have done with this web site as it is He Who provides and permits me to do this. I take my responsibility very very seriously and it weighs like a heavy burden, a joyful one most of the time, as I pray as I work and look forward to hearing from almost everyone who writes, but a grave task to undertake because it is His work and not mine, Our Lady's work, not mine. This site was begun in reparation and in response to a small crisis in a small parish in a small diocese and on a wing and a prayer, actually a gift from God seemingly out of nowhere. I will tell you how this enterprise all began in a moment.

But first, I have to apologize to anyone who may have misunderstood that declaration. I was trying to explain that some people are angry when they write in. I am not angry, because I understand why, which I will also write about below, the title of this column is in reference to that. It occurred to me that you perhaps will feel reluctant to write in requests, ask for changes, etc., and this pains me because I respect your opinions, even if the practicality is not possible because more people want the opposite where only one aspect can be obtained at any one time or on any one page. Please, do feel free to write about anything, anytime. Some of you preface your remarks with an apology that you regret to be bothering me. You are not a bother, even the angry ones. I care about your concerns and I care about you. This web site is not about me, but about us and our eternal salvation and our citizenship in society as the salt of the earth. The Holy Father says we have to evangelize and we must. I may be the one who has to make the decisions in order to have some coherent order and purpose but this web site is for all you out there, the moms and dads, the grandparents, the teachers, the other writers, priests, nuns, and a bishop here and there, from Canada, Australia, the UK, South America, Russia, Taiwan, India, Sweden, Poland, not just the USA, to name a few countries [from many] and or continents. AND IT IS NOT ABOUT ME BEING RIGHT AND YOU BEING WRONG. IT IS ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO PLEASE EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. I appreciate your patience and understanding because I cannot post alternate web sites in Polish, Spanish and other languages, just one such type request we receive regularly. Never think that you "are a bother", never. Even when I cannot comply with a request, I am so happy you asked anyway. My favorite request is for prayer, favorite in that I can do this without having to change something that will displease others, and that prayer is the key to everything in this life in preparation for eternity. Your needs are heart-filled and urgent and I always pray for you when you ask; sometimes I get overwhelmed with work and forget to get back to you, but know that I never forget, and should I do so out of fatigue, my Guardian Angel has been instructed to remind me. He does but not often because I seem to have the memory for remembering this request above all others. I will forget to send something or to find an address, but prayer requests are like ever-blooming flowers that require watering, they beckon you toward them and their hungry roots. Even feel free to express exasperation if you so need to. Please write and know that I really care, always. Objective # 1 accomplished.

Item #2: How this web site was born:

Many years ago, too long ago to recall the exact year now, about 1991, our little parish decided to start a newsletter in addition to the Sunday bulletin. Another parishioner and I were going to put it together by gathering the material for it. Some of the items to be included were local parish news, help needed, recipes, and so I thought, as this was my suggestion, devotions for each month. The first issue was slated for November, the month of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. The pastor heard me but he must have been distracted because he never said anything about it. As the time came for the first printing and distribution he realized that when I said the Holy Souls in Purgatory, I meant the Holy Souls, and not the New Orleans Saints---a sports team at the time. He balked and nixed it, saying "we can't have these devotions." In a Catholic newsletter. As we all know by now Purgatory has been consigned to the same place where they hide the Blessed Sacrament in some churches, to a back corner or side chapel, out of sight, out of heart and mind. The new Limbo! The Novus Ordo establishment still prays for the dead but in ambiguous terms so that it is perfunctory, and not urgent or an act of charity, an urgent charity, an ardent charity. Most Catholics think of Heaven, period. If anyone is in Hell it is dead Traditionalists, curmudgeons who reminded their consciences that there is a crying need for apologists and were not ashamed to say so.

 Purgatory? No one really goes there anymore, like a vacant train station. Everyone is on the fast track to Heaven it seems, just think good thoughts and it will happen, hold hands at the Our Father and the Holy Spirit will fly you there on the wings of an eagle with amazing grace.

 We ended up not doing the newsletter at all. It was still November and I had an old word processor in Word Perfect 5 setup, a forerunner of today's standard computer. It ran on DOS, so that tells you how old it was and I am. I scraped the money together to purchase a secondhand photocopier with limited warranty and service and published the newsletter---several pages---myself and distributed the first month for free, 50 copies were all the paper and toner I could afford. The next month requests came in and I did 100 and charged a small fee to cover expenses, no profit intended or desired. Then I received more requests and that doubled and then that doubled. After a while I needed help and a volunteer with another machine. We cranked along for two years and had subscribers in other states and even abroad, still small in circulation but filling a need, a desperate need for Catholic Tradition and truth and the traditional devotions. Most of us had no indult Traditional Mass as yet back then. Meanwhile postage was rising and the old machines needed constant repair beyond our ability to afford it. It was Mother's Day coming up and my dear husband, surely chosen by God Himself for my spouse, came home with a gift, a real computer. Two other men, neither Catholic, but oh so good of heart helped me, one who taught me how to use a computer, make a basic web page, how to upload to a web site, and the other, a service provider, gave me extra space beyond what I could afford. Please pray that they receive the gift of faith. Although this gift is gratuitous from God, I think they more than earned it. Catholic Tradition was up and running, without its own domain name as yet. I was so inexperienced I did not even know what a domain name was. That would come later. After I learned how to do a simple page without the bells and whistles, I learned graphics, self-taught. Then I began amassing an even bigger library of art and Catholic classics and prayer books. The rest is history. That pastor will never know what he actually accomplished when he said no to those precious Saints in waiting, the Holy Souls. I think they are praying for CT and for him; they cannot pray for themselves. And the pastor? I pray for him every single day, every day. Nothing was lost and everything was gained! At the same time holy images were in such a state of destruction or sacrilege through deliberately evil art, that I realized that there was a need for reparation for this sin not just all our own sins, as well as the sins of the clergy who vilified Tradition and the holocaust of abortion. That same priest railed against the Traditional Mass just a dream then. He said, "I hate that Mass." His precise words, I can never forget them. The purpose of the site would be two-fold, maintaining alive the traditions of Tradition and reparation. This is agenda memoranda #2 concluded.

Point #3

As I said I am not angry with those of you who are angry. I know that you do not mean to be angry with me, I am a convenient point to aim at. And you have legitimate needs. Things are also easier on the "net" because there is no face to face contact, at least as yet in this corner of our space. I sound off here, you need somewhere to go to do so also. This is okay, believe me I do understand, even if you think you are being reasonable and that I am not. This is okay, too.

Human psychology is not that complex and I do not subscribe to the Freudian-Jungian theories and those other humanistic orientations. I remain committed to the basics, that which is known by experience, common sense, hard-won experience and that comport with Catholic teaching on the spiritual life of combat, sin, human pride, human respect, self-deceit, our great capacity for them, fear, pain, personal loss, death, grief, human torpor and spiritual sloth, discouragement, hope and joy. It is really this elementary although neither simple nor easy.

Fear is one of those emotions and stimuli that can be our best friend or worst enemy, just as our greatest strength can become a weakness. If the devil cannot pull us "his way", he changes course and pulls us "our way."

Essentially we live in a climate of fear, whether we acknowledge it to ourselves and each other or not, recognize it down deep or not. Fear of the government [a sign of encroaching tyranny, not freedom], fear of a crumbling institutional infrastructure and the outward kind as well, fear of social dislocation, loss of national sovereignty, our language and way of life, our very identity as Americans. All our professional entities are failing us on some level, even where there are good moments of triumph and good people who want to do the right thing, if only they knew what it was and only if they were allowed.

The greatest loss in this natural sphere is a loss of moral certitude, a compass directed by the natural law and a safe place wherein to raise our children and grandchildren. This would be bad enough, but most of us see no end in sight, almost no hope in mere human terms, as if the nihilistic tendency has to run its full trajectory into complete chaos and cataclysmic tragedy beyond comprehension. We feel [as we ought because this is truly the case] as if we are tax slaves, that our leaders have their own agenda and world view that does not really care about us, beyond what is absolutely necessary to maintain their power. We are at war with ourselves, within our culture, a war that has no rival in previously declared conflicts that can be discreetly measured, as if it has no beginning and no ending, a phobic eternity. This conflict has its own definition and has been declared by the Prince of this world himself. It is of ancient origins, but many are only now aware of it. And many more are unaware and strive to survive another day heedless of the dynamics at play and the dimension of the danger, partly due to good old American optimism, which is not the Christian virtue of hope, much more salutary and always more realistic.

However, they sense a creeping fear, they can smell it even, it is palpable; they try to ignore it, reject it outright or blame those who call it back to their attention as if they were the cause. Yet the fear is real, it is there, it is the "1000 pound elephant" care of practical atheism, a God-believing people who have little use for the Almighty, God-believing but not God-fearing, in our public square and in our living rooms; we can pretend to ignore it---but elephants have needs and a purpose too, they do not even know if we pretend they are not there, they are and they know they are. The elephant stampede is upon us now, quickening, the thunderous sound of their hooves approaching closer every year. Pat Buchanan calls it the "Day of Reckoning". As we descend into the dark caverns of the servile state and into wanton savagery, we search in vain for a secular savior. The trajectory has a life of its own now and we are being carried along with its horrific current. Pardon the mixed metaphors. They are deliberate if not literary perfection.

This is happening to every one of us, non-Catholic, pagan, atheist and Catholics. All of us. Even those who are part of the herd, they, too, are being harmed although they think they are above the fray and the path of danger. Elephants don't care who they trample on when they stampede. During the French Revolution, the guillotine was an equal opportunity executioner, in the end, licking its sharp chops on its own favored adherents.

On the supernatural plain the Catholic used to have an advantage when times are tough, Holy Mother Church, from the local parish and the priest, to the friendly, fatherly shepherd, the diocesan bishop, to the good shepherd in Rome, His Holiness the Pope. Oh, they are still there but not in the same shape and much of the Catholic landscape, from Gothic spires to pagan temple monstrosities, has changed along with the safety net it used to provide, the security of grace, unselfish love, compassion for the bereft of spirit, and hope, not optimism, but hope. You knew that when you died you had an almost 100% chance of receiving the last rites with Confession and Viaticum and a proper Requiem Mass for burial. You knew that your children either had a sound Catholic school to attend, and if not, a reliable Catholic education during the week for religious instruction. The priest was not perfect as none of us are perfect, but he knew the faith, the true faith, and in his own way as best as he was able, he passed it on. You did not have to deprogram your children after Sunday Mass or risk being scandalized yourself. Priests were masculine and wholesome in their appearance and conduct and you knew that your son could serve at the altar and be enriched with sacerdotal things, perhaps the seed of a vocation. Your daughter did not even think it fitting to follow therein. You could count on the necessary things and lots of extra gifts from the bounty of God's generosity from time to time. Life was a struggle as it is meant to be, but it was good because if you worked hard and did your best, you could get by and your children could do better, and even work off some Purgatory time. Purgatory on earth so to speak. You never counted on Hell on earth with all its fury. Who could???

Now uncertainty and a dim trumpet to echo the former triumph of the Faith, is all there is, as Chris Ferrara says, "a facade." And the elephant knows it, too, better than we do and he can smell our fear. Now fear provokes a reaction in one of three ways generally speaking, within human beings. Some curl up in a fetal position and hunker down, hoping the stampede will pass them by and remain unscathed; still, others in true flight or fight fashion, gear up for battle and go to slay the dragon, in our case an elephant or two, and sometimes succeed. There is a third reaction, and that is halfway between the first and the second, halfway, but not a middle way. This is the lash strike, the flaying about of the fearful person who knows something bad has happened to him, he suffers the brunt of the injury and injustice enormously, but feels powerless to defend himself and all that he holds dear with any effectiveness. He feels less a man, yet not a mouse. He has been neutralized, through no fault of his own, but by circumstances beyond his control, a bishop who will not listen apart from a clever PR spin, the local priest is not concerned with Heaven or Hell although he talks endlessly of the first and delivers plenty of the second through his neglect of his parishioners crying out to him. This kind of man [or woman] has to have some place to go and we of the Catholic media, newspapers, the web, little journals, apostolates of evangelization, are ready targets.

Now these people in dire need do not realize this is the underlying dynamic, they are merely reacting to stave off losing their faith. Actually this is a sign of hope, the blustering man of complaint, something is going on there inside of him, there is life still bursting. All too many just took the easy way of surrender and human respect, the road more easily traveled because it is easier, and settled down to losing his faith one step at a time, or risk doing so at the very least. Too many. Like the Arians of long ago, will, they, too, wake up one day and find themselves no longer Christian? Apart from the name? They are legion, in every parish, telling the braver sort to just shut up and follow along with the lord of change, the lord of the dance, Quaker Catholicism or any such name you care to call it, it is all the same gibberish, the same jive. It can't save you. It sounds light and full of frivolity, but it is actually molten lava straight from Hell. It is like someone wishing you luck when what you need is a sincere short prayer. "My thoughts go with you." Oh, please, do you not know, it is your prayers I need, your thoughts you can keep to yourself.

Meanwhile Rome fiddles while Christendom burns; oh sure some good pronouncements here and there, solid statements and some attempt to right the Barque of Peter floundering on the shoals of a rocky seashore. But the 1000 pound elephant---updating and the modern spirit, the arrogant tinkering with sacred things---has been set loose to prowl as if a roaring lion to devour both sheep and shepherds, and the wolves among us. Who needs a wolf when an elephant will do!! No matter how hard our Pontiff strives, he is always playing catch-up, one step forward, two steps backward, and on and on. He, too, has some erroneous ideas to shed, which adds to the mass confusion, not to mention confusion over the Mass. Does he still think that Hans Küng, that tired old heretic cleric is worthy of praise? Does he still advocate an anti-Syllabus counter to the Sainted popes of the past century and in violation of Tradition and Magisterium?

The Church has been so Protestantized that sometimes we Catholics start acting like Protestants, even if we claim we don't have their beliefs. We become in effect, our own popes. Modern man, modern Catholicus, has no need of the papacy. Strange to say, it is those who uphold Tradition that do, because it is of Christ Himself. We need Papa, our Holy Father. The Pope holds the keys to the kingdom and no one else, by design of Him Who founded His one true Church the font of salvation and source of all graces. As one man explained it to me, "Things are in such a state of confusion that I have to have my own fortress where I know I am safe. I have drawn my own lines around my castle." It is in quotes but I think I am paraphrasing somewhat. He said something very close to this as I recall. Those lines we draw are our magisterium of how we ought to proceed and if others do not measure up they are immediately suspect as belonging to the out group, "the others." In other words, like it or not, a virulent strain of Jansenism has made a remarkable comeback. And this intransigence is at the root, born of fear and not of malice. Some of us with e-mail addresses are caught in the crossfire. I know this and I bear no anger at all, but instead have real empathy. But try to tell a frightened man he is frightened. It is a waste of time and even patronizing. He has no patience with himself and with you, he just wants to be safe, just safe, that is all. His little demands are that because he is tired of asking politely elsewhere in the proper halls of redress. So he lashes out without meaning to. This is all there is to it. This is easy to forgive, it is so human and such a sign of hope, at least he is still asking, he hasn't given up! Praise be to God! Thanks be to God for cranks and thanks be to God for those who are nurturing and sweet and understanding and kind. All is a sign of vitality and the goodness of Almighty God.

Saint Catherine of Siena has been especially on my mind and in my heart of late. Strictly looking at the Church crisis of her time, the Western Schism, the Avignon Papacy beholden to the French kings, a contemporary could say she was a failure, she thought so, too. Yet, she actually succeeded in drawing the Pope, Gregory XI, back to his rightful See, and throne, the Chair of Peter in Rome; given the exigencies of the politics of the time, quite a feat, won through her sacrifices and the grace of God. Whenever I tend to lose perspective I like to call to mind St. Catherine. If I may use a prosaic analogy: A few years ago my beloved maple tree, of over a hundred years old, suffered sequential damage from severe storms summer and winter and had to be chopped down. That tree was an old "friend" for under her I was shaded from the burning noon sun as I sat to read to be attentive to the voice of God. My husband, ever the tender spouse, obtained a small sapling, another maple to plant in the old tree's stead. It was not that much to look at in the beginning and we thought it might not survive the first season. But there was something about this young tree that said determination to me. On impulse, without thinking I named her Catherine after the Saint; then apologized to that Doctor of the Church and to God for being so cavalier with a sacred treasure, the name of a Saint. Yet somehow it seemed to be accepted as an honor to St. Catherine. The very next year that young maple had doubled in size and strength and in the autumn she was arrayed with a glorious profusion of color as if to sing her praises to Heaven and to the Saint. Our mountain ash had likewise been destroyed by a storm so my beloved had another planted across the yard from young Catherine. He was tall, but thin and a bit dilapidated around the edges. I named him Dominic and today he is thriving, reaching up to Heaven with all his might and last summer his first clusters of tightly gathered orange berries were on display. Hard work and trust and leave the rest to God. He keeps score, not us. What He wills, because He wills, when He wills because He wills it. So these are the times that call out for another mighty Catherine of Siena, though she is one of a kind and a Vincent Ferrer, he, too, one of a kind, and an Anthony of Padua/John the Evangelist. I have found my own personal Vincent and Anthony/John, but look on with hope for this Catherine who will come along to gently, but persistently, time after time, like St. Catherine, speak with her heart and soul to the Roman Pontiff to bring him home, this time not to Rome, but back to Tradition, all the way home. It is a long journey. For you and me also. Let us pray for one another without ceasing and for our beleaguered Papa Benedetto in Rome, whom I know has no malice in his heart but is still somewhat unsure how to proceed. Let us love him in patience even while we recognize the problems that remain. It is a desert also, not only a rocky shoreline. A desert where the elephant, a creature of the jungle, his natural habitat, has adapted, despite the camel's dominion, arid heat and few palm trees to plunder. A desert with scattered outposts of Tradition nestled in a verdant glade of rest and shade and cool breezes. Let us repel the marauding elephant from all memory.

Come all ye soldiers of Christ, who travel by caravan, come all ye sailors of Christ who sail by sea, come one, come all, let us be intrepid mariners and courageous foot soldiers and march under the banner of Christ the King and the Immaculata, trusting in the promises of Christ and Our Lady of Fatima, come, let us devote ourselves to prayer in all that we do and all for God and His kingdom, His reign!

March 28, 2008
It is often said that a dog is man's best friend. I suppose that this is sometimes true, especially in these doggone days of ours. A good dog is not only known for his loyalty to his master, but has a keen nose for discovering the scent of things that really are, friend and foe alike. Those of us who write commentary on the national scene require "knowses" too, for there is about us now the putrid stench of racism and bigotry for the sheer malice of it, not the cruelty born out of ignorance and centuries of inherited barbaric habits and sinful economics. While one does not need a sharp sense of smell to detect the evil, one needs to unearth or know the code words for the new racism, the politically correct, if not a morally good---the racism of sheer hatred for those classified as White, or those not sufficiently Black enough, for hatred's sake, and imposed on us by the media and other institutions of power, the majority of them White and obeisant to the new masters of group think who deftly use the media to inculcate the ideology of Black supremacy. Pack journalism is all it's cracked up to be and more. We must be clear-headed enough to recognize the web of lies that are spun to entrap and contain anyone who challenges its audacious, contemptuous hegemony.

As I write this piece the American polity is poised to elect not only the most extreme, rabid pro-abortion advocate in the US Senate, to promote him to the Presidency, with the help of three-quarters of the media undeniably rooting for him, including the news cadre, and some misguided Catholics who truly ought to know better, such as the much vaunted pro-life Casey of Pennsylvania who has endorsed this ultra-liberal abettor of baby killers; the President-select of the media is also a member of the new Racist elite---whether he is honest with himself or not about this. I may have to forgive them, even love them because they are my neighbors, but I do not have to approve or applaud the Obamarama clamor. It's a scam of giant proportions. The big lie always succeeds where the little ones fail. Let the good times roll, benighted people!

Whites are now a suspect class by virtue of their birth, not anything they as individuals may do or have done. "Whiteness" as a shameful thing, is the tacit tenet of social intercourse for the ordinary citizen, while generally accepted more openly among the elite. Whites in particular denigrate themselves or at least do no objecting to their reduced status as semi-human, most especially the male half of the race. They are thought to be whiners or closet racists if they do. This is why one well known actress who is exactly half Black and half White says she is only Black and in fact has disparaged her White parent and her heritage. Please note that often [there are exceptions] the term, White is spelled with a lower case w to stress the belittlement while Black is always with a capital B. I learned this when I was undertaking some social research for a course I had enrolled in at the local university some years ago. Pages of documents all with lower case w and upper case B, when used. More usually Black Americans were classified as African-American, by necessity upper case.

 Ironically, the parent this celebrity rejects for her Whiteness cared for her, while the Black parent abused her shamefully. Thus the sheer hatred out of malice. She is not challenged on this; of course anyone can decide for themselves who they want to identify with, this is not the issue; the issue is that racial classification is the defining criterion, not character or achievement or love or holiness or anything of merit at all, just the color of one's skin, for which no one has any say in. As if it ought to matter in the first place. Those who used to know better have now decided to make it matter and matter most. Better a selfish Black parent than a self-sacrificing White parent is the new standard. And she is not alone. Identity politics, meaning---by the code---is Black identity rather than White. This is why Sen. Obama who is half Black and half White is hailed as "the Black candidate". Well, a thinking person who still possesses the use of reason will ask, if he is "Black" because he is half Black, how come he is not "White" because he is half White? He isn't any more "the Black candidate" than he is "the White candidate". He's both if you have to label this way. Period. It would be different if he were a candidate who happened to be such and such, as in passing. His purported race of Black is not even the subtext, it is the text, the banner, the headline, the raison de etre. Now half the pundits are insisting that if Whites do not vote for him it is because they are racist; the other half are telling us the Blacks who vote for "the Black candidate" because he is Black, even though they know his spotty track record are not racists. Hmmmm. I guess this must be what they mean by "Black value system" as opposed to just plain old values. Another of the code words for the insiders. This is why Obama sat in the same pew for twenty years listening to hate speech and bigotry, such as "garlicky noses" for Italians, "typical White folks" to characterize Whites as all alike, unlike, of course, the bigoted phrase Blacks claim to despise so much "You people". Right! Ironically we keep hearing about all the racism this society perpetuates still, that Blacks are held down by this and that conspiracy or institutional policy. Well, if this were really the case, there would be no cachet in calling oneself all Black when one is only half Black. Obviously being known as Black is an asset, not a hindrance to success. The aforementioned actress keeps getting the starring roles, even though she is a racist. Barack Obama is not challenged on his policies because he is the preferred candidate who is Black, not bi-racial, just "Black". So he gets a pass. Not only does this demean him as a man because it is patronizing as it suggests he can't pass muster by the same rules everyone else has to play by, but it also imperils the country. The polity has a right to the public record of its candidates who claim they are fit for office. And to examine it under a public microscope. It also endorses racism, albeit in another form. Not all racists are created equal under the modern fascist state. [1] Meanwhile this White-hating actress keeps getting the roles because millions of Whites [who wish they were Black, too?], pay to see her films. Surely they know her ethnic heritage and her political stance. I mean, if an old woman who avoids celebrity gossip with all due diligence knows these few facts, it is inconceivable that the younger crowd which revels in all things celebrity does not know and apparently does not care or harbors its own self-loathing, perhaps unaware of it intellectually. It is comparable to the homosexual thing. It is now chic to dabble in the sordid acts of the sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance [from God]. Teenagers think it is so cool! The worst of both worlds as the saying does not go. The trajectory in every sphere save Traditional Catholicism and a few others who call themselves Christians, is now toward deliberate alienation and annihilation, a particularly perverse form of hatred itself. It is a death wish. How else explain a famous Catholic who is willing to sell his soul in order to stand in the tarnished limelight of the self-anointed who write books titled the Audacity of Hope. More like hope in audacity! It takes no audacity to have hope, which is a theological virtue given by God in the Sacrament of Baptism. But it sure takes audacity to count on the audacity of arrogance and to hope in it.

But I digress, only a little; the ugly race for the White House and raw power to impose one's cultural and political biases on the populace who have little recourse in the advance of the rise of neo-fascism masquerading as the cause celebre of the moment is now a runaway train. A people not given to cherishing the study of its past in its proper perspective will most likely repeat its worst aspects, human nature being what it is.

The old racism, can be said to be one that no one could take pride in, but because it had been so long a part of daily life in most cultures, often with the assistance of tribal leaders who stood to gain by selling their own kin [slave trading], that most people living with it did not really give it much consideration, unless they were the subject of the injustice. For instance President John Q. Adams did not like slavery and was in a position to do something about it during the Missouri compromise. Instead, he did nothing, being more of a pragmatist than a true leader. And yet, we know from his correspondence that he bore no hatred towards those who came from Africa. Even the presidents who held slaves of their own, knew the practice was morally indefensible, recognized their own hypocrisy. Change is hard. The deeper we are in the mire and muck the harder it is to pull ourselves out. Pandora's box writ large and tragic. Now racism and slavery are great evils and a monstrous blight on our past. We can't change that past but we can ruin the future if we attempt to right past wrongs by punishing the innocent because the guilty are long dead. This isn't justice, its revenge and uncivilized. It does not end racism, it continues and strengthens it in a spiraling and vicious cycle. In the old racism there was little hatred involved, most people did not go this far in the normal course of the day. This was one of the reasons institutionalized, social bigotry and racism lasted so long in the predominate culture. In the past I have known very few people of White descent that I would characterize as being racists, but of the handful I have known malice and hatred did not enter the passions. Most of the White people others consider racist aren't really racist, they just prefer being with their own kind exclusively for what they perceive as cultural conformity and say so. I know a number of Blacks who think the same way. Having traveled in other circles I know that class and race do not always overlap, in fact the differences between the classes are greater than those between races, which are an artificial construct. If they were valid and utterly necessary for human existence, we would not have to keep changing the criteria and definitions of who belongs to what category. When I was young there were just three races, now there are five and on it goes. I know that people who are not comfortable with those of differing skin color have a more pedestrian experience, but I can not fault them as far as it goes. I am sure there were some among us who had motives that involved malice, but just as surely they have become less and less an influential factor in social arrangements, if they are non-Black. I am thinking of the fringe elements of society, such as the White Supremacists. Black Supremacists used to belong to that fringe, too. Race demagoguery is now big politics and bigger business for certain individuals calling themselves Black Americans. They sit as arbiters of who is entitled to call himself Black and how he is supposed to vote. They have a vested interest in seeing that the myth of hard core institutionalized racism is as it once was. This is why people who are part Black or as far as they know are all Black and who do not toe the "party line", that is, wander off the political plantation, are slandered and libeled and otherwise denigrated.

Several years ago I noticed a distinct shift in racial focus, a real burning hatred for others who are not of the preferred race, Black and or Hispanic. I do not know why those who inherited their genes from the Iberian people are considered Black in some quarters, at least included in that orbit. Hispanic is the new Black, I guess. I say this because the bullies in power keep insisting that race ought not to matter [it ought not], then do just the opposite. Perhaps it is the cachet appeal. The first time I became aware of neo-racism, I was walking down a side business street of Hartford, Connecticut, when I was accosted by a gang of five thugs with dark brown skin brandishing razor blades and contempt in their eyes. I was alone, taking a leisurely stroll, and suddenly they had me surrounded. They said not a word but glared at me while taking swipes at me and my coat with the blades. Little nicks, some drew blood, some tore my coat, most were empty attempts to frighten me. Oh, I was plenty scared, but not frightened. There is a difference. Fright is another word for terror. Scared is when loud thunder and flashes of lightning give you pause. I knew that at any moment one of the blades could slip and slash my throat clear through as they were sharp. But I was not frightened in to panic because I could tell from their eyes they wanted to see my reaction. The guy I figured was the leader kept staring at me as if wanting a stare down match, I gave back as good as he was giving. It was all so odd and surreal, for I noticed that he had beautiful eyes, the kind of eyes an artist likes to capture in paint if at all possible. My forbearance saved my life [an unfortunate slip?] or at least a trip to the emergency room to stop the bleeding. After what appeared to be several minutes---at times like these a minute seems an eternity---he dropped his razor blade and signaled the others to do likewise, and said the only words he uttered: "Whitey ain't goin' scare, let's go!" And they were gone. A Saturday lark. Just as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. It wasn't until then that I noticed a group of folks watching, I do not know how long they were there as I had been intent on staring down this guy as my life might depend on it. They all turned away as if not concerned. I am a small town girl with a small town way of looking at life; it was obvious to me they had seen it all before and turning away was par for the course. This was more shocking to me than the attack, which was as shocking as things got in those days. As I said I have a small town view, and so I mistakenly presumed that this was some kind of exception for me who would be going back to that small town and a peaceful way of life. I decided to file it away under E for experience, then forget things as best as I could. That did not last long as it turned out. Silly me.

My husband had a conference at the university, Bangor campus, and I accompanied him for the day so I could use the library and visit a gallery open to the public. I had stopped in at the Bears' Den, the local hangout/restaurant for lunch. The place was packed, there was only one table left with seats. It was occupied by a a single woman, who was Black by her appearance. It never occurred to me that I should not approach her. Students share tables in general there, wherever one can get a seat. It's this way at all the campuses. Being raised to be polite I observed the amenities and asked her first if I could have one of the seats. She knew the place was filled and that I had a tray laden with lunch. She reacted with hostility and yelled at me, "I don't eat with Whitey." The only seats left were at that table. I saw a security guard and went over to him to explain the situation, saying that I had a right to sit in a vacant chair, but I did not want a ruckus. I was asking for his kind assistance to smooth things over. He turned away from me with a shrug, saying that the young woman in question could do as she wanted to. He knew the code of dishonor and acted upon it. Now, if she had been "White" and I an African-American, do you honestly think his reaction would have been the same? If you do, you have yet to wake up from a long slumber of at least twenty years. At that time "Whitey" was used like the "N" word used to be thrown about. All the incidents I am describing occurred during the zenith of the get Whitey phase of the movement. Today, words I can not list here because of decency, are the vocabulary [?] of debasement.

Not long after this incident I happened to be walking on the main business street of Augusta, our state capital, when a Black man carrying some papers approached me. He was seeking donations for some cause, he said. I asked him what the organization was, and he gave me a look I will never forget, and his eyes, if they could have spit, it would have been hatred in liquid form, and he said to me, "We are going to build bombs to blow up "Whitey!" Then he laughed sneeringly and just kept walking down the street with an exaggerated swagger. The on purpose kind to grind the contempt in deeper. He had stopped me for the express purpose of venting his rage and hatred. I had had an appointment at the doctor's before this occurrence, a couple of years I think and had almost forgotten it until ... There were two patients in the waiting room, a Black woman and me. She had brought a paperback book with her and was reading. We made eye contact and I asked her what she was reading, simple curiosity as a book lover and inveterate reader. Inciting World War III was not my intention. She put the book down, and removed some papers that were folded up between the leaves and said very matter-of-factly, and most icily, "Ways to kill Whitey!" Just like that as if she was reading a recipe for chilled vegetable soup. I do not know if she was just hostile and putting me on for some strange amusement or if she was serious. I did not pursue matters further. By that time I already had internalized the drill, Whites, and or those of you who look more White than not, you piece of trash, shut up when we superior Blacks are speaking and like it or else! We hate you because some of your ancestors enslaved us and we don't care if your family were not slave owners or even in this country back then, we hate you anyway because your skin is white. Even if you aren't White. And you can't call us racists because only Whites are racists. Several African-Americans made this last political rant to me years later. This, too, is part of the code. And it is a no-win situation. Complain, you are a racist, don't complain, you are too stupid and weak to deserve better and we are doing you a favor by subjecting you to the misery you merit. Any person who is more than half White or all White by now knows the civil rights law does not apply to him unless he goes to court to fight for his rights. IF HE TRADES ON HIS BLACKNESS DESPITE HIS SKIN TONE, THEN ITS OLLIE OLLIE FREE! If it were otherwise, we wouldn't have needed all those famous cases going all the way to the Supreme Court. Just like the so-called English-Spanish debate. Actually there is no authentic debate, just the controversy that purports to be an honest debate. In an open, honest debate, where the truth truly is the quest, both sides start off with no handicap. The code of social enforcement dictates that if you live in Florida and a few other states, like Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, for instance, and you are an employer who wants to refuse to hire people who do not speak Spanish, even though your clientele is still largely English-speaking, and want to hire people who cannot and will not speak English, you are free to do so. If you want to have it in reverse, you are a racist and a bigot and have to hire an attorney so you can keep your business open while you jump through a tangle of legal and social hurdles designed to convict you in the press for the purpose of convicting you---you have to keep explaining yourself. Trial by media which likes it this way. How do I know? Just read the paper in the morning when the latest phase of get Whitey [gringo] is particularly active. Home Depot is on record in some locales as hiring Spanish-speakers over English ones. I don't know the policy of Lowes, but our local store has its signs in Hispanic, even though we are largely Franco-American. This is irrational and to be PC before normal. It means that 2% of the Hispanics in the city are preferred to the largest group, French, which comprise a quarter of the population. Or more to the point, the French were and are expected to learn English, we don't expect Hispanics to. Insulting to everyone's dignity. Hate movements and the irrationality they spawn are like volcanoes, they have their up and down periods. Unlike volcanoes, it is more difficult to gauge when the rage will erupt and overflow. Sometimes it does not erupt, it just trickles down slowly so you aren't as prepared as one ought to be. Like the pot of water getting warmer with a frog in it and you are the hapless frog. I was visiting family in Florida. My mother had an acquaintance whose daughter applied for a position at the local pharmacy. She did not speak Spanish; the patrons were half Latino, half English-speaking of other nationalities. So reason would lead one to think that the employer would want employees of both kinds, and if requiring employees to be conversant in both languages, it would be across the board. Reason is a lost art. The young woman was told that she was not eligible because she did not speak Spanish. So you say, well, what's wrong with that? Everything, you see, if she had spoken Spanish only she would have been hired on the spot. The new immigrants from south of the border, too many of them anyway, think it an unjust imposition if they have to learn English. So the signs now proliferate in Spanish, including traffic directions in some cases, and non-Hispanic citizens are now aliens in their own country where they were born to immigrants who worked hard to learn English and were proud of it, and helped to build America by their hard work and sacrifice for the common good. And the haughty, contemptuous alien, legal and illegal alike of a certain nationality and political conditioning has no respect for that tradition or the norms of assimilation. They are now accorded full citizenship status as aliens; they are the true "patriots". We are the bigots and xenophobes who have to prove otherwise. Guilty before proven. No need to prove, guilty because "they" say so, so it is so. And the way the deck is stacked, we will never prove it, nor should we have to even try. They expect the larger culture to submit to its own demise. Our elites, including the media are assisting them in this war they have declared. You and me, the older American, why we are all just "collateral damage", don't you know? George Bush and his anti-sovereignty bunch could not care less. And this brings us to the election at hand and the slogan of "Change". Or, the lies my mother never taught me!

The Obamarama spin machine declares change and more change, change we can believe in. Oh, we can count on it all right, but we ought not to believe it---it isn't change at all, it is the same old tired, tried and failed socialism and open borders policy that we have now only worse because there will no longer be a counterpoint in the Congress. Let's see now what "change" means.

We can count on the following:
There are lies, and then there are accursed lies!
The worst is his record of doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood which reaps millions slaughtering Black and Hispanic babies, the "unwanted". Beyond pathetic. This man needs powerful prayer; apparently the Reverend Wrong has not been doing any preaching on genocide in the USA, except for the trumped up charge on AIDS. This alone ought to disqualify Obama. His arrogance ought to be suspect immediately. Two years in the US Senate and he thinks he is qualified in this day and age. Hope in audacity, it bears repeating.

Meanwhile we have to endure the double standard on race and tolerate our budding neo-racist-in-chief. You know, single incidents, taken by themselves can be coincidences that are misunderstood. But a whole series of them reveals a pattern of deceit and we are being scammed.

1. He does not salute the American flag. What flag or banner would he salute? Hamas? They say it was because he was distracted. Okay, I will buy it, if ...

2. He saw nothing wrong with bigoted statements year after year until he got caught and realized the stakes and his quandary. So he apologized without really doing so. The no apology apology per usual. So much for a new kind of politician. On top of that he has had three conflicting stories which tends to point to lying. Hillary is called a liar, he is well, well you know, not a liar, just ... The first story was that he knew nothing about these screeds because he was not present. Then he said well, he was there for one of them and knew about the others later. Then when a reporter said he saw him there for another incident, he admitted he had known more all along. And to think Trent Lott, for whom I carry no water, felt compelled to resign his leadership position for being a little impolitic on racial matters. Double standard? with three alarms going off!

3. He claims to not want race interjected in the race, then when the going got tough, he threw his White grandmother into the symbolic path of a careening car, claiming while not a racist she said racist things. Meaning she sort of is a racist anyway. His Black father did not raise him, she did. I do not know why, that is none of my business. Ingratitude and betrayal reveal a lack of character, which counts. I hope, for her sake she is on the other side of eternity, so she did not have to suffer this humiliation. Even if it were true, it is not polite to rat on an old lady who has been generous with her heart and soul. A President ought to at least have the manners of a second-grader. No, this non-racial type has done everything to fan the fires of resentment and race-baiting. He may not have meant to; he may have felt forced into it, but character, or the lack thereof, shows at a time like this. Holding up your grandmother as "a typical White" just does not cut it at all. This is the tactic of the repressed bully finally exerting himself unjustly. But then, any man who thinks doctors ought to be protected from lawsuits in botched abortions at the behest of PP, otherwise known as the KKK of modern genocide, has a moral deficit that does not preclude lying, contempt, and arrogance. He needs to grow up first, pay his dues and really study the history of Planned Parenthood and its racist roots. He ought to study the Psalms, etc., even more. We can't afford another experiment in sentimentality in the White House. I am just waiting for that designation to be removed as well. One Black preacher says Obama ought not to be elected because he is not "Black enough!" Oh, how exquisitely poetic, speaking of injustice. That is the only reason that ought not persuade someone to vote against him. It is what a man thinks, not how he looks that is crucial. In the age of the domination of the electronic media, image is everything and substance a distant second. We are a shallow people and our leaders count on us falling deeper into the callousness of cowardice and prejudice, all over again. Change? Oh, if only that were true!

Meanwhile the throbbing, lying beat goes on. Those of us who are of mixed lineage are in no man's land, perhaps more pariah than anything else, unless there is the public rejection of the non-preferred nomenclature. The new ritual of coming out to match the new racism. In truth we are all mixed by race. There is only one race that matters, the human race, descended from one set of parents, Adam and Eve. It is only because human beings think with a brain that likes to categorize, in of itself a human good, that we decided long ago, around the time of the Tower of Babel and its infernal mischief of language multiplication [now making its debut in America] that there would be races, rather than family clans, and that this would be the dividing line. Imagine the peril of human society if we decided to do the same thing with blue-eyed people and brown-eyed people, take your pick! It is not surprising and oh so ironic---that fatal irony that keeps interjecting itself onto the scene---that genealogists are discovering that so many people of a purported single race are related several generations removed to each other. I am convinced if they go back far enough and could document they will find Adam and Eve and their sons and daughters. All this mayhem and human suffering because we prefer the word of evil doers to the Word of God. If only we could be as serene as our puppy, Max, a golden retriever plus, a mixed breed, who is content to follow his master and love without limit. Look how sweetly he sleeps upon his pillow of tomes and dictionaries. He has no need to confer with their denotations and connotations. See all the colors of his fur that are also the colors of the human race upon his darling little face, black, white, yellow, red and brown. Who could not love such a face or respond to it with joy? Max has not an intellect, but operates on instinct as God intended him to. So he cannot know the only God there is or ever will be, nor can he pray to Him, but he renders God glory and praise in his own canine way, because he is docile to his nature and obeys it, thus obeying his Creator. Every dog should have his day they say. Well, ought not man render unto God His day and act with the dignity that he was created with and love his neighbor as his own because we are all brethren, just like in every family, some are lighter skin than others, some have blue eyes, some green and others brown, the same family. We don't have to like everything about each other or always agree, but can we not recognize each other as the awesome beings we are because God has created each one of us in His Image and Likeness? Max likes to nap upon books, he does not read them. He is content as he was made. I think he is trying to teach us all something, if only we each had as good a "knows" as he has a nose. And the gift of gratitude for the gift of life, that we are all wondrously made, knit in the womb by our Creator, that gift of gratitude without which there is no happiness.

Let us continue to love in the face of hatred, but let us not surrender to these new bullies on the block; giving in empowers their evil deeds. We forgive, with the help of the grace of God, but we hold up our heads high, and keep telling the truth, even if it seems as if no one is listening. It is good for our souls and good for our country. We cannot change our neighbor, but we can change ourselves if we are tempted to lapse into bitterness and become little bigots ourselves. Let us sleep the sleep of Max and love without limit, loving the truth because we love our neighbor. Supra: And the gift of gratitude for the gift of life, that we are all wondrously made, knit in the womb by our Creator, that gift of gratitude without which there is no happiness.

This page is dedicated to Ma Tante Marie, a daughter of St. Dominic, of the Convent of the Angels on Rue Henri Bourassa in Quebec City: she was born in one era of the Church and died in another, obedient to her superiors, but always keeping the Faith.

1. For those of you who do not understand what I mean by fascist, it is quite simple. In communism, one form of socialism, the state owns everything essentially. With the other form of socialism, fascism, the people own capital and their homes, but the state is so onerous on the restrictions you have to follow to hold ownership and stay free of legal jeopardy, that practically speaking, you maintain the property for the state. Anyone who thinks this is a spurious charge, does not own land within miles of "wetlands". And has not purchased a popular cookbook with yummy recipes. If you think the land really belongs to you, for your betterment and prosperity and that of your neighbor who might enjoy the blueberries also, and that you truly own the book with the blueberry pudding, you have a rude awakening. Let us take just one example.

The copyright laws now defy common reason and human nature, the common sense of natural reason. Raphael and Perugino would be in violation of them today. According to at least one expert's opinion, once you purchase the cookbook, you are not permitted to pass out a recipe or two to others without the express permission from the author, who did not write the recipes but gathered them, added a few pictures and slapped a copyright on them. Now the author is entitled under the law of justice to make a living and no one has the moral right to pass off the cookbook as his own work. This is basic common sense under the natural law. But the recipes he collected, by his own admission are not his and are from tradition, ages ago and belong to everyone, also just basic common sense. What he is entitled to copyright is his commentary, his arrangements and any images not in the public domain, the cover, etc. He is not permitted to copyright the title of the book even, because titles are common usage descriptions, and, like facts, cannot be copyrighted. He cannot copyright that which is not his. No one has the authority to give him such a right because these recipes are in the public domain. In fact several of the recipes are identical in other copyrighted books. I mean identical down to the last pinch of salt. Did he steal from the other authors? Of course not. But to imply that I am denying his right to a living because I shared a few recipes is unjust. My local library has cookbooks and I do not purchase most cookbooks because my tax dollars have already paid for them and I borrow them like everyone else. And if someone comes over to the house and wants to write down one of the recipes I let her, from borrowed and purchased books. I do not think I have committed the sin of deliberately depriving him of a living should the book be his. In the fascist state copyright is whatever who is in charge at the moment says it is, so you are essentially providing a living for others, running the overhead of upkeep but the rights of true ownership remain with others. Since the restrictions on what you can do with the books are so repressive, you really are wasting your money purchasing them. These books exist only for the author's standard of living not to foster your enjoyment of life or your friends. What a twist of fate, the author has prevented himself from his own living standard because now that I know he is unreasonable, I have stopped purchasing his books. From now on if I need one I will use the library for that also. He used to derive income from me, no more, except by way of confiscatory taxes. Ironically if you are open and honest because you know you aren't doing anything immoral, you will be "caught", if you cheat because you think you might be doing something illegal, pretend you are not doing what you are indeed doing, you will get away with it. Amazing. Truly amazing! How American actually, we reward those who cheat and vilify those who don't or otherwise dismiss them as non persons without rights of their own under the natural law. This is why the clamor to go easy on the baseballers who cheated with steroids arose then the outrage just slunk away as if it were the culprit. Some athletes have been punished, but generally most people no longer want to know; as one guy put it, "Let's just get on with the game." Every grandmother who cooks now has to have an attorney on retainer. We are expected to roll over and play dumber than Max the dog would ever consider being. Once I purchase a book, unless I claim its work for my own work and or use it to make my own living, it is my right to use it to foster social life and happiness if the material is public domain. If the snowfall recorded in Maine is 15 feet in some places, it is 15 feet. I don't care how many books copyright that fact, the fact itself is not copyrightable anymore than my age is copyrightable. There is no other reason to purchase books of facts in the first place---recipes that have passed into the public domain are facts; again, unless I am a collector. Who do they think buys all these books? People who plan to use them in the secret of some closet when no on one else is around? That's not joyful, or natural, life is meant for sharing. Who wants to be a scrooge?

It is very interesting to digest the inner workings of the fascist enterprise. Now, magazines are copyrighted, too, and are purchased for doctors' offices. Patients in waiting rooms around the country who haven't purchased these periodicals, take pen and paper and copy recipes down, all the time. So they don't have to buy the mag to get the recipe. Sometimes the doctor's assistant actually assists a patient by supplying the pen and paper. Thousands of times a day, year after year. A pen is a mechanical instrument. According to copyright law this should be covered under fair use and most copyright attorneys would agree, but not some authors. When they say by no mechanical means whatever, they mean it. Since they are in the driver's seat they dictate against all reason. Some publishers say this violates their ban on any mechanical reproduction unless the person is a book reviewer. All bets are off who actually owns the book you just purchased for 25 hard-earned dollars and counting or the magazine at the grocery store for a fifth of that. In the modern fascist state the Gestapo and the penal laws keep changing. Everyone and his brother is confused and frightened. In Canada it is far worse. Members of families are now reporting to me that they are afraid to say many things they could openly discuss before. Nobody knows who will report on each other or who will be singled out for "the treatment." Some people who are pro-life are even afraid of their local priest, which is beyond horror itself. Whether this is their perception or reality, I am not sure. The fact that I am not certain is telling in itself. This means it could be because perception has to be based on something other than mere imagination. They might be overly cautious but the cause for caution had to come from some source outside of themselves. Canada's PC and other laws make ours look like paradise. Yet, as goes Canada, so goes the USA, five years later as the general rule.

The Human Race and the Book of Genesis

  There are some people who ask, how can there be all these different races from Adam and Eve who were just two people?

I return the question, if they were the first [and only] two people, where did all the various gene combinations come from, if not from them?

There is nothing in the account of the creation of man by God that tells us about a restricted gene pool or the bodily characteristics of Adam and Eve. In Genesis, 2:7, it reads "And God formed man out of the slime of the earth."

Now slime is a moist substance that has a quality of adhering to another substance. In reference to the earth it means a rich, fecund soil---a soil that is ripe to bring forth life. It can also refer to a form of nasty waste, this latter definition is not apropos to the sense of the Scripture since there was as yet no Original Sin, no corruption. Those of us who are avid gardeners study the soil we love so much: we run our fingers through its velvety texture, inhale its pungent aroma, gaze upon its myriad blend of colors, hold it up to the sunlight and marvel, while an exquisite joy explodes through us, but not without some poignancy, as we recall that is from the earth we are formed and is to the earth that we return at the end of this life here [Rite of Ash Wednesday]: Technically speaking White people are not the color we associate with white, like the fleecy clouds in the sky and Black people are not the color we think of as black, such as the soutane and biretta a traditional priest wears. Whites, are really shades of ecru and Blacks are really differing hues of brown and so forth. Look at rich soil, soil that is the most advantageous to grow crops and plants in: it is a special kind of rainbow: ecru---dark brown, almost black. There is yellow and red, too. The book, Pink and Brown People [1981] by Dr. Thomas Sowell says much the same thing, but from a different perspective: "MUCH OF WHAT IS BELIEVED about race and ethnicity is based on representation rather than history." Indeed. Long before I had heard of this distinguished scholar and economist, I had arrived at the same conclusion. Sowell's book, one of the jewels in my library, served to add another dimension, breadth and depth to my perceptions of the socio-political dynamics of modern American life and the roots thereof.

Now God formed Adam from the this fertile soil of the earth. He gave him his body and his soul, so that he was a human person, man, and then as Genesis says, he set him in a lush garden called paradise. Genesis also tells us that God made his natural mate, or wife, Eve, by forming her from the side of Adam's rib, meaning she was of the same substance, because it is the rib portion of the body that contains the heart, from which flows the blood of life. She was formed from Adam's heart out of the love of Almighty God, for the purpose of love itself. God's creation was good and everything natural that formed its essence was good, down to the last molecule and atom, the last chromosome and gene, until Original Sin and the penalty of hardship, sweat, pain and death and exile from the verdant garden God had made for man.

Just as good soil bears much fruit so, too, man was commanded by his Creator to to bring forth the fruit of his loins, children, to "go forth and multiply." The relationship is not coincidental, as with God there is no such thing as coincidence. That soil, the soil in man contained all that was needed for that multiplication. The enrichment of that soil would be the very grace and commandments of God. His love for them and His covenant with them, and their response and fidelty to Him.

To assert that two people comprised the inherent characteristics that make up what we refer to as "races" is not possible is to call God a liar and to limit God's power. The Church has always taught that the historical book of Genesis is to be taken as it says in the Creation account, at once and two distinct actual people, Adam and Eve, who are the progenitors of the human race.

There is nothing that the Church teaches that says anything about the physical makeup of our first parents, how tall they were, etc. We know they lived much longer than we do now---the list of the Adam and his descendants, with years of life---and that Adam and Eve were created without Original Sin, like the Angels. Now since we see with our own eyes the various coloration of the human race, eyes, hair, skin, we know that the beginning gene pool had to have contained those genes, all of them, complete in origin in Adam and Eve.

The first classification of peoples were not so much a distinction by physical characteristics as they were by culture---family, clan, cult or belief and location of settlement or dispersment. It was only man, after generations of living in sin and alienation, experiencing cruelty---his own and those of others---that racial definitions took on the contrasts and the positive and or negative connotations they do. There were Medes and Samaritans, Ethiopians, Persians, Israelites, and so forth. Moses' wife was known to have darker skin than he did. It was of no import at the time. Now Ethiopians as we know them today are largely classified as Black. They are not Black because they are Ethiopian or Ethiopian because they are Black. The gene pool of the people that intermarried most with those having similar dominant genes, over time settled in some regions more than others. Ethiopia has a predominant Black population by virtue of this natural conflux. In biblical times they were Ethiopians, not Blacks. Today they are Blacks because we say they are in our tendency to classify, classify. But why not just classify them by nation, Ethiopian, period? Every human being inherits his physical features from his parents who inherited theirs from their own, all the way back to Adam and Eve, two real people. The genes we have just did not jump out of the ground or from the air one day and enter the bodies of human couples having children. They have always been there.

So you counter, Well how can two people have a "Black" baby and a "White" baby if they are the only two people, the first two? I answer, you are assuming they either had one or the other set of descriptive constructs, without any basis. In other words, the same way your parents may have several children. Some have blue eyes, others brown or hazel or green. The same two parents. Genes mingle with and influence each other, some are more dominant at times than others, depending on other gene admixtures. This is why in a mixed "race" family, say White and American Indian, one child will have the pale skin of the Irish-Scott-French side, another the darker skin from the Indian side. The same two parents. It happens all the time, we all know those awful milkman jokes. We ought not assume ethnic lineage from skin tone. We also know that in some families it is the very opposite. We all come from or know large families of say, ten children, where not only do the mom and dad look much alike, all of their offspring resemble them almost completely, so much so that the children, apart from age, appear as if double quintuplets. Now, for the sake of thought, imagine three such families, unrelated to one another by close generational degree, migrate to the state of Kansas, some small town where they are the only Catholic families. Upon arriving they discover that they are the only Catholics in town and one another simultaneously. They have a natural affinity because of religious belief and family interests that are impacted by their Catholic faith. While not withdrawing from their other neighbors, as they are devout Catholics who practice love of neighbor, much of their social intercourse is among one another, simple human nature and common sense. There are no ulterior motives or malice towards another who is not Catholic. Over time the children become adults and while some migrate to other locales, many of the second generation remain in that small town; they marry members of the other families and have large families of their own. Eventually the bishop sends a priest and they have their first parish church. Like minded Catholics arrive and that small town grows. Some of the families are of a different ethnic heritage, others almost like that of the original three. There is again intermarriage. Depending on the strains of dominance of the gene pool the physical attributes of these Catholic families will either appear more alike than different or not. If the former, anthropologists in the future could be led to describe the people there as belonging to such and such a category and that town identified with it because these families have proliferated and are the majority eventually. Now take this little parochial [no pun intended] example and apply it to whole regions of continents. I think you see what I am trying to convey.

Well it was the same for Adam and Eve; we do not know anything about what they looked like, other than their nakedness after the First Sin, nor their sons and daughters. Perhaps the gene pool became more defined over time or Adam and Eve, if they could be seen now as they were then, would look like a combination. Who knows, does it matter? Skin and eye color have the same properties, that is, they are the result of a mixture of genes or the absence of one confluence versus another. This is all there is to it. I stand by my declaration, that the race classification we go by is an artificial construct subject to change; in truth there is but one Race, the Human Race. I use the term artificial not to imply that it is also arbitrary, for the classification of the peoples of the earth have some order and rationality, physical commonality. And there is nothing wrong in this, it is perfectly natural and in accord with human reason. It is the value we give to these commonalties that can become the problem, and usually does---unjust and unreasonable, per Dr. Sowell, supra. It is the imposition of disparate value and all the social arrangements based on this value that is artificial, simply because there is no basis in fact for doing so other than blind prejudice.


April 29, 2008

I believe you when you repudiate the abhorrent beliefs your former pastor spewed out on his media jag. This man is filled with hate and bigotry unbecoming any man who professes belief in Jesus Christ.

Senator Obama, I read your updated book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, which you wrote when you were a young lawyer, just a few years ago, and in which you exhibited bigotries of your own.

Are we to now believe that you no longer hold that:

You are a Black man? Are you now saying you are no longer the Black Candidate? Will you now insist that if your heritage is alluded to it is now the Bi-Racial Candidate? When you were selected president of the Harvard Law Review, you said it was an achievement for a Black Man. But you are not Black, sir, you are part White and Cherokee. Why was not your achievement that of a White and Cherokee Man, too. After all, if you are Black because you are half Black, are you not also White-Cherokee  for the same reason?

Are you still Afro centered? Or are you now American centered and only that?

Do you still think that:

The heartland of America, its people and culture are

"the dab-smack, land-locked center of the country, a place where decency and endurance and the pioneer spirit were joined at the hip with conformity and suspicion and the potential for unblinking cruelty."

Is it just middle America that has a potential for cruelty or every person who is born with Original Sin? If the latter, why write such bigoted screeds in the first place?

When you wrote:

of your friend Joyce who is telling you:

" 'I'm not black, ... I'm multiracial.' Then she started telling me about her father, who happened to be Italian and was the sweetest man in the world; and her mother who happened to be part African and part French and part Native American and part something else. 'Why should I have to choose between them?' she asked me. Her voice cracked, and I thought she was going to cry. 'It's not white people who are making me choose ... no, it's black people who always have to make everything racial. They're the ones making me choose. They're the ones who are telling me that I can't be who I am ...'

and you answer:

"They, they, they. That was the problem with people like Joyce ..."

Does this mean that you only consider yourself all Black, unlike Joyce whom you castigate?

And so forth, so many bigoted statements that give one pause and then some. I was appalled. This is why I was not surprised by Jeremiah Wright.

Mr. Obama, we still do not know who you are? The pall of bigotry is wrapped so tightly around you we scarcely know what to believe about you. Your very words are those of a bigot. If you do not know who you are, how are we supposed to?


May 8, 2008

This is not our usual column. Instead I am turning it over to Jeffrey Smith:

A new motion picture attacking traditionalist Catholic beliefs is opening in New York on Friday May 9th. "Bloodline" is a more detailed and extreme version of the Davinci Code.

which has come to wide notice here. The film also has received a very considerable national promotion when it was covered last week by This is the old saw that members of the holy family migrated to France and the bloodline of the holy family still exists in France guarded by secret circles. The movie was slated to be the typical smallish village art theater offering until it began to receive very well financed advertisingABC's Nightline.

The advertising is very offensive with the tag line "what if the greatest story ever told was a lie?" (Imagine if this was being said about any other religion?)

A number of Catholic Traditionalist groups are considering a manifestation of faith during the film's opening weekend May 9th to 11th. The Film is at the Village East Cinema
at 181 Second Avenue in Manhattan.

Last year, the protests at the Davinci Code drew major public notice and some media coverage. Thousands of items of Catholic Traditionalist oriented literature were distributed on 42nd Street near Times Square over the three day opening weekend.

Please call me:
Jeffrey Smith  1-347-325-3323 or 212 886 5413 if you reach my
voice mail, please leave a number and a TIME I can get back to you both on the day you call and on the following day.
Thank you for taking the time to read this notice.


In The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, Screwtape, one of the higher up Devils, writes to his nephew, Wormwood, whom he is instructing in the best methods of ensuring the damnation of an earthly man, known only as "the Patient. This is an excerpt:

The trouble about argument is that it moves the whole struggle onto the Enemy's own ground. He can argue too; whereas in really practical propaganda of the kind I am suggesting He has been shown for centuries to be greatly the inferior of Our Father Below. By the very act of arguing, you awake the patient's reason; and once it is awake, who can foresee the result? Even if a particular train of thought can be twisted so as to end in our favour, you will find that you have been strengthening in your patient the fatal habit of attending to universal issues and withdrawing his attention from the stream of immediate sense experiences. Your business is to fix his attention on the stream. Teach him to call it "real life" and don't let him ask what he means by "real".


Don't let him ask any question that might illicit the hidden meaning behind infernal lies---or the "fatal habit of attending to universal issues".

I write of the California Supreme Court's 4/3 decision that same-sex financial arrangements and other benefits are not enough---the right to marry is a "natural" right, and thus California's referendum which passed with over 60% of the citizens' approval, declaring that marriage is between one man and one woman, is unconstitutional. For those of you who are prone to vote for less than principled conservatives for federal office because "they will at least give us the right kind of justices", please note well that the majority of the justices concurring with this redefinition of the "natural" law were Republican nominated. In fact the majority of that court is gratis Republican naiveté. I will say one think about liberals in general, they may be wrong, but they are not stupid. They at least see clearly when in the position of nominating candidates for the courts. So-called conservatives simply do not. They are our worst enemy after the infernal one. Just as in the Catholic Church, the real enemy of Tradition is not liberalism and its activists but "conservatism" and its adherents, that is non-Traditionalists who wear the mantle of Traditional Catholicism, confusing matters for the average Catholic. Ann Coulter's latest book title, If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans is short sighted. If Republicans had any brains they would be true to core conservative principles without which they can never hope to beat the libs at their own game, instead of trying to out-liberal them, a losing enterprise every time. This ruling on behalf of the indefensible is prima facie proof #1.

With all the press and electronic media cant spewing forth it is hard for beleaguered Americans to focus on the universal issue, rather than the hysterics generated by the particulars, which are indeed, fodder for outrage for any normal person.

There is no need to expound on the implications of this ruling, we all know what is at stake.

What the pundits are not talking about are three cogent realities:

1. Marriage is a a natural right, because it inheres in the nature of the two sexes, male and female. Period. Any deviance, pun unintended, from this naturality abrogates any "right". To claim otherwise is to declare the unnatural natural, thereby negating the meaning of words themselves. If the unnatural is the same as natural, there is neither, by definition.

2. If the "right to marry" is a natural civil right for those who no longer adhere to nature, how come it took so long to discover this "right"? Especially since our legal elites have banished the natural law in juris-non-prudence? There is practically speaking no natural law basis for the law itself according to jurists, and suddenly it exists only when four twisted, bent judges decide to overturn the just will of the people to legislate from the bench. As the screw turns, will so also the nation? Infamy has its own trajectory.

3. Normal Californians, a gutsy people, it seems, have already begun a citizen's initiative to overturn the ruling. Good for them, but "good luck" as they say! This is attempting to unscrew the infernal thing the wrong way. The screw will only become tighter. How? The same court will no doubt rerule the same way once a pretext for such a ruling is presented to it. Terms are 12 years. An eternity for the electorate which can barely remember from one election to the next. If they could they would throw the bums out of office in every state, making them pariahs, rather than pharisees to be tolerated as a necessary evil.

Normal, informed, and even more gutsy Californians ought to begin a citizen's initiative to impeach these justices and to terminate the Governator who won't oppose the ruling. Until originalist justices are appointed to the court the same old battle will have to be waged, year after year, case after case. Human nature being what it is, the sodomites win in the end, because they have nothing to lose by wearing down the will of the people who become exhausted, because they are so normal.

In another matter, not unrelated to turning the screw, I comment briefly on NARAL's support for infanticide supporter---Obama---and the anger of the Clintonites who feel betrayed. It would be have been laughable to watch the antics of the dem-fems in the media arguing about who is most pro-abortion. Except the murder of helpless babies whether in the womb or recently born is never a laughing matter. Sometimes human nature is, though. I took a few minutes out of my day to tune into the festivities on MS-NBC hosted by wolverine Norah O'Donnell. In her exchange with the two Clinton gals she tripped up. She started to say pro-ab ... and before the second part of the adjective could spill off her tongue, one of the guests nudged her toward the PC mandate, she corrected herself quickly and said "pro-choice". O'Donnell is pro-abortion. She knows it as we all know it. Pro-choice is about educational options, where there are real choices for people who still live in the world---when an innocent person is being killed, choice is not an authentic option. Sometimes one just has to chuckle about human nature. And weep to see how corrupt we have become that we insist on using names for things that turn the screw tighter, lest the truth might escape.

June 17, 2008

I tuned in this morning for the Laura Ingraham radio show only to learn that she is [I hope] temporarily not on the air, apparently from some contract dispute or something similar. In the meantime, her show is being hosted by guest "conservatives". Today's host was the erstwhile MS-NBC contributor, Monica Crowley, the biographer and champion of the late Richard Nixon who was in the vanguard of exporting contraception to developing countries, a betrayal of the natural law. If Crowley cannot get it right about Nixon it is to be expected she can't get it right about other aspects of the natural law.

Now, no person in this world is all bad or all good. To her credit Miss Crowley is a champion of the ideal of traditional marriage and is aghast at the tyranny of the courts which rule from the bench, in this case, declaring that "gays" have a "right" to marry under the California constitution. At least this time they did not pretend to find penumbras---they merely lied boldly.

Unfortunately Monica Crowley only served to undermine her own position and that of the cause of the natural law as safeguarded by Tradition. She just had to add a codicil to the Last Will and Testament of the sanctity of marriage by averring, without any reason---that would comport with the natural law or not---that we "have to have" 'civil unions' and 'domestic partnerships', just not actual marriage. But it was these two approbations that served to lead to "gay marriage" in the first place---the old tried and true method of evil established by "law" on the installment plan.

Exactly why must we have these so-called unions and other legal entities to protect sinners from the wages of sin? She never provides any, just posits them as "must haves."

This is not only intellectually dishonest, it is pusillanimous. As well as insulting to the intelligence of every honest and true blue conservative. It is also insulting to the homosexuals themselves. This approach merely convinces them how little some so-called conservatives think of them, how non-chalant and uncaring about their souls. We won't let you marry but you go ahead and sin anyway and we will allow you some civic protections, you poor dears, who cannot control yourselves, unlike the rest of us. It also demonstrates to them how weak we consider our own position because we feel constrained to bend their way by accepting their first arguments by which they have at last triumphed. How can they respect a conservative position such as this one purports to be? They cannot and will not, seeing us for the buffoons we have become.

Monica went on to express outrage about the will of the people being scorned. Crocodile tears I think. It is the people, the very same people, the supposed majority, who refuse to throw out the bums and riff-raff who give us such judges in the first place and will continue to do so. The very same people who are up in arms over gas prices but not so much incensed by infanticide anymore. Guts for gas but no pluck for the preborn!

Such a people have no fire in the belly for impeaching and recalling, the absolute civic duty of the people when the natural law is breached. The same people who waxed supreme over the virtues of the recently deceased Tim Russert, who, while effecting the face of a devout Catholic, made common cause with mass murderers in the womb, a scandal of monstrous proportions, if only shame and scandal had any authentic meaning anymore.

Pat Buchanan is right, the cultural war is over and the enemy of Tradition and right reason, has won. How else to explain that the left's arguments have made such incursions in the camp of the supposed cause of the right?

Things are not as they seem anymore and we ought to steel ourselves for more betrayals from our "friends". Laura Ingraham, where are you? This simply will not do! This fan does not glory in being a member of the Crowley crowd, that madding crowd not nearly far away enough!


I have received various pro-life articles and or links to them via e-mail the past two weeks. The notes accompanying them suggest or urge me to write on the matter of abortion, very much on the minds of every and any red-blooded American, Catholic or not who knows a baby in the womb is a tiny person worthy of the protection of the law against murder.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, recently elevated to the status of theologian-elect [self-elect, that is, despite her insistence on separation of Church and conscience] informs the nation that some long ago Pope, who paid attention to medical "science" was not sure of when the soul is joined to the body, and that therefore he permitted some abortions, is a calumny, a purported truth wrapped around an out-of-context extraction for the sake of political gain. Times have changed! Several bishops have spoken up to correct the Speaker for the sake of the Truth and her immortal soul, and or have said that pro-abortion politicians ought not to receive Communion, the latest being Archbishop Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Bravo, Bishops, bravo! Finally some shepherds with real faith and the courage to back it up! Before him we had the Bishop of Kansas City and elsewhere---Archbishops Naumann [KC], Chaput of Denver and of course, Burke, now of the Vatican, formerly the shepherd of St. Louis. Now I understand that the Bishop of Scranton, PA has added his voice. And again, yet another, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence Rhode Island as of September 3. Query for Speaker Pelosi: If Church and conscience are to be kept walled off from one another, why use a misunderstood statement from long ago by a Prelate to back up your perfidy? If your own Bishop can't tell you what you are obliged to do [according to you] as a Catholic in order to remain in good standing, objectively in the state of grace, how can one who was never your Bishop do so? I surmise you want things both ways and hope we don't notice.

Way before the ill reputed Pontiff is said to have uttered some misquoted private statement, the Church and, indeed, the world, knew when sanctions against killing the innocent life in the womb were pertinent and compulsory, when it was known that new life was in the womb. Even civil authorities refused to execute women who had a child in the womb. How so?

We find the phrase quaint now, but I seem to recall the oft repeated sentence, lyric poetry to the ear and to the human heart, "She is with child." Simple, plain, and direct. The honest-to-goodness truth. No one quarreled with it. How could they? They weren't indoctrinated and re-educated in our modern Gulag camps of the government schools for the new world PC. "She is with child." Time for a comeback. Overdue time. Pro-lifers out there, Uncle Sam needs you: cease and desist from using the phrase, "She is pregnant." Instead, say, "She is with child." Simple, plain, and direct. Pregnancy sounds like a condition, which it is, but it describes the woman, not the baby. It is too pedestrian. Time for eloquence, with substance. Simple, plain, and direct, like ...

Well, she's anything but Plain, although she is simply direct. With the advent of one Sarah Palin on the national political scene the cultural war is back front and center. The evil of abortion had been relegated to an occasional status, here and there in some quarters, playing a distant fiddle to the economy and health care. A most unhealthy enterprise to look forward to for months on end. It will always be the economy, stupid because it is considered a "safe topic". And it will always be so because Americans are willing to lie to themselves, to think that they can have it both ways, come out slugging against "partial birth abortion", while supporting Roe v Wade for earlier butchery. Mother Theresa said that war was the result of abortion. A bad economy is also. A contracepting, aborting people are without virtue and the self-control it takes to make sacrifices to establish a commercial venture designed to promote the common good, not one's purse alone. Sarah Palin is challenging us to be the best we can and ought to be.

The debate on "partial abortion" is one stratagem we ought to avoid where possible, for it undermines our own arguments for the sanctity of life itself.

The trouble with a drop of arsenic in one's tea is that after a few cups you get really sick. Only in this case the drop is the partial form of slaughter; babies are dying, does it matter how old they are? Remember you aren't getting any younger either, will age play a key role for you, too. I am not being coy when I say I know you know what I mean.

But Barack Obama, the media-created superstar from out of nowhere has the audacity to hope that we will be so concerned about our own "health" care that we do not care about a society's moral health, to focus on the lies he dishes out to his fawning, adoring media flunkies. He takes the high road in the Palin controversy, knowing full well that the major media, which are in the tank for him because he is a "Black" symbol, [pretty patronizing when you think about it] will do its darndest to cover over Biden's brush with legality and that of one of his sons [proper for the latter] while hypocritically and unjustly expending every effort and unlimited funds to dig deep to find any whiff of imperfection from Sarah Palin and her family, no matter how many decades ago, that can be turned into a frenzy to force her to resign from her candidacy. Good luck as they say! This woman has élan, a natural style that the media would not know how to create if their livelihood depended on it, and moxie. Lots of it! And she knows that a baby is a baby. She has no need for euphemisms. How refreshing. I am sure she isn't perfect because she hasn't died and been canonized. She is in all probability a sinner, along with the rest of us. And unlike the mediacrats who consider themselves elitely pristine, she likely knows this, too. Beneath her confident, no-holds-barred exterior beats a heart of golden humility!

Sarah Palin has put fear in the bellies of liberalism! Their spokesmen claim that she is a bad choice. Hmmm? I smell a rat or a big whopper! If Sarah Palin is so bad for the GOP, then how come the Dem-lemmings are doing everything below the belt within their power to undo her? Seems to me, that when a rabid liberal chooses another ultra-liberal for his running mate, the wise thing to do for a conservative with bona fides, is to just sit back and enjoy the downfall. Should not the Democrats be doing the same, if they really believe her to be bad for the Republican ticket? Since when does the liberal establishment which runs things in America care about the welfare of the Grand Old Party? Oh, never since I have been around. A long time is that. Translation "We have a serious problem, let's nip it in the bud." Biden can't hold a drop of dried wax to Palin's bright flaming candle. He has heat, but no warmth because the place he is in is very dark, a blighted Catholic conscience. She has warmth, and light although her parents took her out of the Catholic Church as a young girl! Ergo the frenzied assault. It has been years since I have enjoyed a political convention. Tonight ought to be real change we can count on for once. Some time for FOX News if I can take the unmentionable products advertised.

Thank you, and God bless you Sarah Palin for consenting to expose yourself to dirty rotten tactics for the sake of our country. I will pray for you and your family every day.

Meanwhile time for a little C and C, compare and contrast, shall we, folks? Or B and A, for Before and After.

Let's see now, where to begin, political events have not been this engaging for quite some time.

Hmmm! Okay, let's start with Biden. He is known to have a personal character flaw. He is running for Veep. McCain, who is a Presidential candidate has the same flaw.

Before Biden: Full throttle mention of McCain's.

After Biden: The media has Alzheimers, a sudden case at that.

Before Palin: Experience did not matter for a Presidential candidate as long as the candidate is their darling.

After Palin, who is up for VP: Experience matters more than anything except of course, a scandal even if it has to be manufactured through hype and piling it on.

Query: If experience is not so essential for the top spot, why is it sine qua non for the second?

Query Follow-up: If her relative foreign policy inexperience is so paramount, why not just let her self-destruct by herself and take down the GOP and let Obama sweep into office?

I mean, and I trust I am being clear here, if Obama can have on the job training as President, cannot Sarah Palin have it as Vice-President?

Apples and oranges, and all the stuff that has given politics a bad name. Insulting to one's intelligence.

Before Palin: A teenage daughter who [in the future] was found to be with child [an unwanted pregnancy to the abortion lobby] would be sent down to PP for a little procedure in order to correct "the mistake" which would be a "punishment" if not performed.

After Palin: A teenage daughter is actually with child before marriage [which will take place we are told] and this is so much more than "a mistake", it is a sin, caused not by concupiscence, in the throes of passion, unexpectedly, perhaps, but by Sarah Palin herself because she promotes abstinence.

In other words, no parents can be against anything unless they are assured that their children are canonized saints at birth. This is absurd. One paper of record went so far as to lay the blame not on human nature in its weaker moments---oh no, is is because of Sarah Palin's policy stance on "sex" education.

Hmmm! Seems to me I recall a number of young girls in the same plight in these environs, everyone of them students in good standing of PP instruction in the local government schools. So how come, that policy is not to blame?

The want it both ways virus is catching to the point we have an epidemic on our hands.

Sarah Palin has lit a torch for the USA, let the debate be robust and our spirits elevated! The sun seldom sets on Alaska and now we see one reason why, poetically speaking.

Up with Alaska! Here's to the sanctity of life!

The Biden Heresy September 7, 2008

In a cynical and reprehensible attempt to salve his conscience and lure Catholics to the Democratic ticket, VP candidate Joe Biden has been muddying the waters on television news. It isn't enough that 49% of "Catholics" polled are in the Obama-Biden camp to their shame, this Judas wants the other 51% or as many as he can to swallow the bilge he is handing out.

The opinions of individual theologians are not pertinent here, because the theologian he cites to back up his stance of "not imposing my beliefs" was also the same theologian who wasn't certain about the Immaculate Conception. Does this mean that Biden now says there is no Immaculate Conception? I hope not, for the sake of his soul.

Anyway, it is accepted that if the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception had been declared in his time, he, as always a great Saint does, would have deferred to the Church. He did on abortion.

Sen. Biden, can you name me one Saint who thought as you do and allowed himself to persuade others publicly? I am only asking for one. Well, am waiting ...

It is the Church that defines revealed doctrine through the Holy Spirit. The Church has always taught that at the moment of conception the human life is a person worthy of protection in the womb. Period, Sen. Biden! Your first duty is to save your soul, even above that of serving your country.

Your second duty is to not impose your heretical views onto others who may not have good bishops and priests to instruct them and are thereby easy prey. We are our brother's keeper, per Ezekiel.

Ensoulment does not have to be seen or physically recorded for me, because a human life or person, has a soul, the body and soul are joined until death. Even a dead person is still treated as a person after his soul is gone. We say dead person and have burial rites in accord with human dignity. Medically he may be a cadaver as a fetus is regarding the unborn baby, but by the natural law we say dead person, not cadaver. You would will that a tiny helpless life has not even this dignity!

The Church teaches, and I quote from the CONCISE CATHOLIC DICTIONARY, which carries a 1943 Imprimatur that guarantees it is free of error, that the Soul is:

The immaterial and immortal principle which is the substantial form of the body ...

Now, since the soul is immaterial or cannot be seen, there is no way to observe it as such. A body that has living, growing cells is by definition alive or animated which comes from anima, the Latin for soul, the substantial form of its bodily existence.

You are not only obligated to form your conscience with the mind of the Church in accord with Apostolic teachings but all those that are applications of that body of doctrine. The truth cannot change, no matter who says it can.

The same sort of Catholic in public life who says he can't impose his beliefs in re abortion is the very same Catholic who has no compunction about doing it on lesser matters. Mario Cuomo: abortion versus the death penalty in New York. I need say no more as the hypocrisy, the shibboleth speaks for itself most boldly.

Actually the Church is not asking you to impose beliefs of any kind, but to uphold the natural law, as is it the duty of every person of every background who has reached the age of reason. For instance, it is against the natural law to steal. We don't insist that every citizen believe in his heart that it is a sin to rob banks, but we expect him to conduct himself in a way that protects others' rights under the natural law.

We impose restrictions on actions in many areas of life for the sake of the common good. One of the principles of the common good is that when in doubt don't. If a police officer is not sure that an innocent person may be in the way of a bullet he does not fire his gun without some assurance of probability. Innocent life is above all. The right to life the first and most signatory right.

I will accept that you truly think you do not know when life begins or ensoulment. This is not germane at all. It is not when in your opinion, no matter how sincerely you hold it, that is cogent to the argument. It is what does the Church teach?

That is plenty good enough for me. For the Church, in her official pronouncements cannot err, when she teaches universally and binds one's conscience. My personal opinion is that I have no opinion but what the Church binds me to in this matter. I have no right to an opinion morally speaking. Even as a doctor, a lawyer, anything at all.

I have mentioned the natural law. It is called such because it inheres to our common human nature across all centuries, all cultures, it is the Divine law written into the hearts of men. Now, while the Church is the special guardian of the natural law as she is the one True Church founded by Christ for the salvation of souls, the natural law was in Adam and Eve. Otherwise they could not have been guilty of sin. Cain slew Abel out of jealousy and was guilty of murder. No Catholic Church then, No Judaism, no formal religious body as we know it. As long as there is a human being alive on earth there will be the natural law.

The Church teaches, and until recently, that is, before the PC era, mankind itself, that the natural law cannot be abrogated. The Nuremberg trials were all about the natural law when all was said and done.

Not only are we bound to uphold the natural law, which includes the inviolate nature of the life in the womb [civil authorities refusing to execute women with child, for example], we have a positive duty to overturn and or work towards overturning any law that violates the natural law; there are no exceptions. The Church has pronounced that any law that violates the natural law is null and void by definition. See Pope John Paul II's writings on the sanctity of life.

Senator Biden, I will pray for you, that you will look deeply into your soul, and use all of its faculties properly. That you consult with the Vatican Signatura that has just released a document on conscience and abortion.

I love you enough as my brother in Christ to follow the Scripture and the Church, that dictates I must warn my brother when he is in danger of losing his soul. You may not know when a human being gets a soul, what really concerns me is your eternal happiness, your soul. If you do not know if the life in the womb is a baby or not, why risk killing it? You are either confused or a willing dupe of the culture of death and its adherents and evangelizers. We are instructed to choose life or death. I know what I choose. If you side with the pro-abortion people you are choosing death, imposing a death sentence on those who cannot choose for themselves, and then it won't be a matter of when you received your soul, because your soul will be dead as in graceless.

You claim to want to save our country [the world] along side of Obama, yet care not enough about your immortal soul, which is precious beyond the telling! Count on my prayers that you will wake up in time and repent and retract the public scandal you are causing. No man knows the hour of his death. No office is worth the loss of Heaven, ever ...

Voting: Consensus and Conscience September 21, 2008

Catholic Tradition continues to receive e-mails from regular visitors who either have joined the consensus of voting for the lesser of two evils or sitting out the presidential election while voting on local issues and races. Some of you have opted for a protest write-in vote. This web master is urged to do one or the other.

Some considerations to ponder as we pray for Divine guidance:

We have no dogmatic authoritative declaration [infallible] from the Church that binds in conscience apart from the opinions of individual priests and or bishops on such issues, with the exception of the sanctity of life, which is authoritative and infallible. No two situations are the same. None of us should be binding one another under pain of sin. We do not have such authority over one another. We are free to express our opinions, however. Even the sanctity of life provides a conundrum because many so-called pro-life candidates are less than 100 percent.  And if 100 percent, they cannot guarantee success since they always seem to be in the minority and outvoted in the state houses and in Washington. One priestly order has an article instructing us on the evil of voting for the lesser of two evils, to complicate matters for those with sensitive consciences.

First and foremost we need citizens with virtue who are sanctifying themselves, not fast-thinking politicians with rhetoric and ideas about which they are ill-equipped to address, particularly those areas of public life that are not their domain constitutionally speaking. The President has little to do with the economy, that is Congress' bailiwick, however past the bounds of good government it tends these days. Arguing over the economy renders abortion a back seat on the bus, which plays right into Obama's hand. And the stupid Republicans are dealing the hand for him. It is beyond pathetic. If we were virtuous enough, on the whole, the politics would take care of themselves by definition. This mess is first and foremost of our own doing.

I have another approach I have not seen discussed in Catholic circles, at least not that I am aware of: our system of federal elections. We do not elect by popular vote but by the electoral college process. Most states are all or nothing jurisdictions---the popular vote determines all the electoral votes, while some are proportional in nature, so every vote counts crucially in theory at least.

For instance, I live in the state of Maine, one of two states that uses the proportional method. The other state is Nebraska. In these states, there may be be a split of electoral votes among candidates through each state's system for proportional allocation of votes. How? Maine has four electoral votes and two Congressional districts. It awards one electoral vote per Congressional district and two by the state-wide, "at-large" vote. It is possible for Candidate A to win the first district and receive one electoral vote, Candidate B to win the second district and receive one electoral vote, and Candidate C, who finished a close second in both the first and second districts, to win the two at-large electoral votes. This is only what is possible; in Maine this has rarely happened at all. It is unlikely to be the case again as Obama has a substantial lead in both districts, in effect an all or nothing state pragmatically speaking this year at least.

For those of you who live in the other 48 "all or nothing" states, it depends on the lead going into the election. Your vote may be null and void before you vote unless it is with the majority vote of a large enough lead to prevent any last minute upset. Let us go back to Maine. Since Obama's margin is a winning margin by any method of calculation, voting for the lesser of two evils, McCain, is a waste of time as Obama will take all of the Maine electoral college votes barring Divine intervention, whether anyone likes it or not. Any Maine Catholic who is torn about what to do in conscience can be assured that if he chooses to do a protest vote or not fill in the slot for President he has not failed in his Catholic duty. If the polls show a tightening of the race by some miracle come November 4th, then he will have to struggle with what to do. Since Maine is a liberal state by and large---its national Republicans tend to be as liberal as the Democrats with few exceptions---the latter possibility is remote.

For those of you who are not sure what to do, first, consider you may not even have to do anything at all because we do not elect the President and Vice-President by popular vote. Let us say state A is a squeaker and Obama wins by one vote that is not disputed because there is no malfunction of the voting technology. He wins all the electoral college [in theory the electors can switch sides with some limitations in some states] in practice. In state A every vote counted so one may have felt duty bound to "hold one's nose" and vote for McCain. The loss by one vote does not count toward the election in the other states, that is, does not have a cumulative effect on the grand tally, popular vote wise. The presidential vote tally belongs only to the state. In state B also all or nothing, McCain makes it by a slender margin; in this state there is voter fraud suspicion, machine breakdowns and all the rest of the election nightmare of 2000. Even this is fraught by the American penchant for contrariness and making problems in order to have a reason to solve them with some draconian method. You see, thanks to the liberal bullies who have no ethics and the sheer laziness and pusillanimity of Republicans we have a special deal breaker in play, reserved voters who decide the close election. Not only is this solution voter fraud it is designed by Hell itself. How do I mean? It works like this. Illegal aliens, dead people in the guise of a cheating citizenry and those not legally registered to vote for whatever reason are put on hold when they show up at the polls, if they are caught in the first place. They are used as licit voters later if needed. Imagine this!! In some states, called "swing states" the election is close, so close it cannot be called until after the election. Imagine a bunch of illegals deciding for you and me!! Supposedly they are to be weeded out, but they weren't in California a few years ago and it is accepted now in some border states that they will be voting and we just have to get used to it. Cheating is a way of life now on all levels of social and political life. Just look at all the outright lies both parties tell in order to get elected. We are expected to wink at this sordid state of misaffairs. Since the government is the major means of theft, getting to be a member of the robber team dictates that ruthless practices will be in operation because the financial stakes are so high. Even the honest ones are not so honest latter as we have sadly learned. They almost begin backsliding on their promises before the election is held, whatever they think it will take to win. This means they think we are for sale, and they may be right.

You may be holding your nose for a pittance that is further reduced by out and out voter fraud. I am not saying don't vote, but if your conscience is really torn, unless you think your state is more honest in its practices and the race is very close, you may be sullying yourself for nothing, if "holding your nose" is your choice.

However you choose, it is none of my business and I won't be telling you that you are are wrong, provided you are not voting for a "pro-choice" candidate or one who favors "gay marriage", etc.

The Congressional races are more crucial because each representative and senator will be voting on the infamous "Freedom of Choice Act" in Congress in 2009. This bill effectively consigns the states to complete abortion on demand states, whether they like it or not. If McCain wins and has the courage not to sign the bill, we need to make sure at least that the bill is veto proof, in that the Congress cannot override his veto, for example.

Abortion is our national shame and disgrace. It is a blight upon the land; until we get rid of the holocaust in our midst and make national reparation for our crime calling out for the vengeance of God, our economic woes will only get worse. God appears to be leaving us to our filth, our own iniquity!

Palin: Abortion and the States

Is it me or has the fire in the belly of Sarah Palin burned out? She sounds so scripted, right out of the heart of a liberalized Republican.

Asked by CBS' Katie Couric, a liberalized liberal herself about Roe v Wade and the Supreme Court, Palin's paltry response was "there has never been a national consensus ...", the downshot being that abortion belongs to the states and not the national government. Which impelled the former Senator of now Obama territory, Pennsylvania, to weigh in that she should have "said she wasn't running for the Supreme Court ..."

Oh, puleeze! Since when?

There has never been a consensus on anything but we still have policies of various kinds. Palin used to talk and walk more Catholic than Biden, but now she talks like the dissenting Catholic who believes that unless the Catholic people have a consensus, the Pope has no magisterial authority that binds the conscience.

The only correct answer demonstrating fitness for office as well as honesty and character is:

"No one has the right to abrogate the natural law, no individual, no state, no court in the land." Period!

Subsidiary does not apply in cases involving the natural law.

It used to be that populists were first and foremost defenders and upholders of the natural law, all other considerations not withstanding.

This latest disappointment from Palin illustrates how far the mighty American people have fallen away from God Almighty; we pay lip service to Him but our real god is our belly.

As the crumbling nation-state is poised to elect as its commander-in-chief a liar-in-chief, a bigot-in-chief and above all the advocate of mass murder on a level never before witnessed in human history, putting even the ancient Aztecs who practiced child sacrifice to shame, we are reaping what we sowed when we decided to have a national consensus by tacit understanding that the natural law was obsolete.

Heaven help us, but I wonder if Heaven is listening to us savage wretches any longer!

A Reprobate Sense ... Filled with Iniquity
November 10, 2008

"Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified Him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened.  For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.  ... Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves.  Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, Who is blessed for ever. Amen.

"For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers.

 "Detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 'God delivered them up' ... Not by being author of their sins, but by withdrawing his grace, and so permitting them, in punishment of their pride, to fall into those shameful sins.

"Foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.  Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them. "

[Romans 1:21-32]

Nothing else can explain the otherwise incomprehensible loss of common sense and rational deliberation of the voting public. Sarah Palin will live---if not already---to regret her words, "I trust in the good sense of the American people." Which is to question her own. I repeat, mindless optimism is not a virtue, no matter who says so or how many.

Democracy is an arduous undertaking fraught with risk if only because it requires the heroic tasks of unceasing diligence and prudence, without regard for sentimentality and the seductive rashness of the bandwagon by the full majority, which fails to take in account Original Sin. Too many, in times of uncertainty, not given to the recognition of the necessary things as they really are, base their hopes on a chimera because it makes them think they are "doing something"---what is now a cliché, "re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic." The blame game gone awry in the heat of the moment.

Barack Obama, artful dodger, illusionist-supreme and chief procurer of wanton slaughter of the innocent and ardent foe of the sanctity of the traditional family, tin drummer of the unnatural and abnormal, just vowed to make liberal use of his executive powers and as quickly as possible. This meglomaniac [I will change the world with your help] with the deficient conscience of a budding sociopath and all the charm inherent in that peculiar pathology captured the imagination of the vainglorious media, which long ago forsook all pretense to reporting the news, instead, inserting itself into being a major part of the news, so as to influence events in the insolent fashion envisioned [their own image as gods of celeb], and with it the masses, who, having abandoned God with lying lip service, have been abandoned by Him in turn, so that the light of reason has burned out flicker by flicker.

People say that Obama just didn't know about: the irreverent Wright; the unrepentant bomber from Chicago; the university professor-terrorist supporter; and a homicidal politico cousin in Kenya. Well, I respond, the pertinent question is not how much he claims to have not known, but just exactly is it that these mad men see in him? For it is certain they know their own efforts in chaos and nihilism; what is it about Obama that makes them think they can count on his support and friendship? To ask is to answer. Even the scuttled Wright was seen out and about campaigning for Obama the last week when the election was virtually locked up, preview of coming horrors. Even scuttling isn't what it used to be anymore, it seems. I suspect that behind the scene the deal was struck like so many others perhaps? The perennial shell game.

The despisers of the natural law and its defenders, the practitioners of contumely residing in Gestapo-like outposts who disparage and investigate unethically those who dare to ask reasonable but inconvenient questions in order to intimidate, the proud, the haughty and contemptuous of the common man as G.K. Chesterton observed in his time also, the inventors of evil deeds under the cover of media dissembling and double-treating; the manipulation by money lenders and usurers to create havoc with which to panic the ignorant and gullible, and those who soil themselves with depraved sins of the body and the crass narcissism to call them rights, God has delivered them up, and unfortunately the entire country with them. Too easily we set aside the fact that it was Obama's "Freddie" man who mismanaged affairs while padding his own pockets, and the Democratically controlled Congress that lied to the people. Oh, yes! a chimera, folks, and much worse. Barney wasn't being Frank.

The crowd that cried out for Barabbas on Good Friday will have Barack on Folly Tuesday, the fawning of the likes of FOX News notwithstanding. Only Rush has the good sense not to rush to gush. Some conservatives have asserted that Obama will govern from the center rather than rule from the left. Do they not know we are so far left that all that is left is left---there is only one party in power, the party of abortion and Sodom backed up by the party of sort of, we'll wink before we blink: one lane in the road going the wrong way, with few if any stop signs. [Too many Republicans are no longer conservatives in the only way that conservatism matters, in the traditional sense.] And like their forebears in perfidy, surely these glory boys know not what it is they have wrought. Only this time the people opted for the "savior". And it is "we the people" who will be "crucified" by our unthinking deed in exchange for some paltry silver, the gold standard long ago banished along with right reason. Carrying our cross is not an American attribute, unlike heroics. It doesn't take courage to bear up in hardship, it requires humility. If only we had the grace to be at least mortified like Judas. Will we follow him into total perdition by refusing the mercy of God? How does one ask for the grace of repentance from a God one denies in deed, if not formal apostasy?

This is the permanent status of a "democracy"---once a republic---that refuses to acknowledge the Social Kingship of Christ, forsaking the Ten Commandments as mere religious and private preference, substituting non sins as mandatory, dogmatic taboos sine qua non. By default, the oligarchic hierarchy in power and its tedious toadies will serve Mammom instead and enslave us in the process. Make no mistake there will be imposed a state "religion".

To wit the following evidence of surrender to insanity and the courtship of the absurd:

Of course, knowledge alone is not bliss, although it has the potential for raw power. Knowing the good does not guarantee one's wanting to obtain it. A people which no longer expects virtue of itself [widespread cheating in school by deliberately dumbing down the curriculum, passing with failing grades, and on one's résumé, for instance] are in no position to demand even a modest virtue in their elected officials. The fast track to national socialism and national suicide.
To make matters totally laughable and I write these words almost in tears, there is a so-called conservative group pushing a "Resistance Pledge". There is a list of items to promise to resist in the coming regime, all of them on point. However, there is a glaring problem of omission. The abortion holocaust is not among them. Until we rid this land of the stench of cold blood we have no nation worthy of the name. The moral has a border, too. I will resist signing the "Resistance Pledge". The fact that this pledge is so poorly thought out is the ultimate sign that change for the worst has already come to America. Even those who ought to know better no longer do.

The eminent Catholic writer, Chris Ferrara has written a trenchant piece on the election, "Obama and the Laughable Beast" for the REMNANT. He closes his article with the following lines:

"The current economic crisis is only a foretaste of what is coming. Unless it undergoes a miraculous metanoia for which every Catholic must pray, America, mass slayer of the unborn and exporter of "freedom" at the point of a gun, will pay the ultimate penalty for the divine contempt it has earned so many times over. And the longer God withholds that punishment, the greater it will be when it finally arrives."


The War Against the Preborn November 25, 2008

The war against the preborn, sleeping peacefully in the womb is a war unlike any other war, both just and unjust. The rules of engagement are not bound by the natural law of justice or the "laws of insurgence", the latter case, a war of attrition through terror.

The slaughter of the most innocent among men is a war against reason itself. In the other kinds of war there is at least one party, rightly or wrongly, that challenges as the aggressor or defends against one where there is a long-standing inequity, or some other injustice, real or perceived. And plenty are the mad men who arise to take ample advantage of whatever disparity and enmity exist, and wherever. Terrorists strike the vulnerable and the innocent, for this is the definition of terrorism at its most elemental level. But the aim is to bring down a country or an organized group or system within a country, assumed to be arrayed against the terrorists, and not to simply destroy the innocent alone.

The war against the baby nestled in utero is an altogether different type of war:

1. The goal is to eradicate innocence itself, for the sake of others who can make no such claim. The obscenely absurd is the means of demoralization.

2. Only one side of the conflict is allowed regular weaponry, the one in power already, which has the mass media covering for mass murder, justifying it at the very least by silence and distortion.

It is often said that as Canada goes, so goes the USA. The theory, now a fact, began with socialized medicine and then grew full steam with the advent of political correctness. It used to be that a five-year gap existed between harsh socio-political reality there and finality here. No more. The war against the smallest human beings has intensified to such an extent that the policies of unfair engagement of both countries have merged into one continental nightmare.

A traditionalist friend from our neighbor to the north keeps me informed with PC articles and then some. Three especially caught my eye. The way matters have progressed, compressing time from five years to perhaps two years is at last outmoded, for it is now instantaneous: the same week we learn that an American "Catholic" college is now engaged in removing weapons one by one from the sanctity of life army, an army of unselfish souls whose weapons to begin with are meager compared to those of the secular culture --- in other words, slaughter with special sanction, the good old fashion socialist way [read this Nazi atrocities manual], we learn that Catholics with positions have joined the enemy to silence fellow Catholics, rather than the brutality. Not only are they complicit in the killing by so doing, they have undertaken to wage war on another front, of their own volition, that of killing reason itself, plain common sense, because at this time they are not permitted to slay the heralds of truth.

The law of fair use allows a writer to quote brief passages from published pieces; "brief" is not defined, and appears to be subjective. Below are passages from the three articles, with online links to the full story. The problem with such links is that they are often temporary and quickly go dead unless the web publisher archives them.

The November 24 web edition of the Calgary Herald ran an editorial by Nigel Hannaford, titled, "U of C Should say what it really fears from pro-life". According to Hannaford, the University of Calgary is censoring the speech of pro-lifers. Hannaford suggests pointedly that the university is no longer interested in the discussion of ideas but in the suppression of those that are not politically correct, that is, do not uphold the culture of death essentially. He does not use this expression but this is the gist of the piece:

"What are they so afraid of at the University of Calgary? Or at the Ministry of Advanced Education? Does nobody have an appetite for a simple disagreement any more, that a censorship fight should be shaping up at the university and the only people who seem to be showing any intestinal fortitude are a handful of students belonging to the Campus Pro-Life Club?
"Perhaps we should no longer be surprised people who think abortion is a dreadful thing, expect hostility. The newspapers have been full of it.
"Still, one tries to hope that universities remain places where young people encounter new ideas, challenge old bromides and discover for themselves what they really think --- that whole liberal education thing that is supposed to distinguish a university from a diploma mill. But, as the pro-life club tries once more to bring to campus its Genocide Awareness Project --- an admittedly disturbing collection of images from the abortion industry --- nobody's making it easy to believe that. ...
"The closest the university came to explaining itself was that it 'is taking steps to limit the risk of a confrontation on campus,' which seems a tad disingenuous. If it's a riot they're worried about, it didn't happen the first five times --- unless you call some heated arguments a riot --- so why would it expect one Wednesday, when the pro-life kids want to set up their display? And if someone did start throwing the exhibits around, who should be restrained --- that person, or the people with the display?
"Even so, earlier this year the university served some of its students with a notice pursuant to the Petty Trespass Act in a bid to shut them down. Questioned now, they stonewall: 'It's a legal matter.'"
Right. And so it was in res the Holocaust of the Jews. No challenges permitted OVER THERE.
In America I recall vividly the pictures we little children were shown of the atrocities, so horrid that I still have nightmares sometimes, and I am an old woman. People at the time were aghast that youngsters were shown the pictures; those who did persist, in order that "it wouldn't happen again" succeeded until the present day milieu. Only an embittered imbecile would deny the Holocaust today. The same type of people who showed those images of brutality, the inhumane treatment of others deemed less than worthy of protection of the law, are in the forefront of demanding that pro-lifers not show the reality of what an abortion actually does. Not only is this intellectually dishonest or hypocritical, it reveals that the purveyors of the culture of death know the powerful impact of truth in living color or stark black and white. It's not as easy to deny the truth in this form as it is words alone. In other words, the people who claim they are for "choice" do not want the polity to have a choice of information so they can exercise their freedom of choice by choosing rightly, which negates the need for choice at all.
In a second editorial, part 2 of the first, Mr. Hannaford had this to say about the University's insistence that the signs had to point one way versus another so as to afford viewing the images a more difficult, if not impossible task, PC run amok:
"Let's just talk about this business of which way the signs are to point --- in or out. The argument for turning them in is so people who don't want to see them, don't have to.
"Sounds reasonable, but is it?
"What's wrong with just walking by, as many people do when confronted with something they don't like?
"Obviously nothing. I am reminded of a scene in the film depicting the life of antislavery crusader William Wilberforce, (Amazing Grace), when he obliged a party of influential Londoners to actually look at a slave ship: People for whom forced labour in the colonies hadn't been an issue, now found they could no longer ignore it. Same idea.
"Sometimes, when one is trying to figure out what's going on, one just has to apply the reasonable-man test. We all know those who stand against abortion,  ... know the force of their arguments will be met by the argument of force.
"By their consistent, relentless opposition to having this display on campus, and by what appears to me as communications intended to conceal rather than illuminate, the University of Calgary has defined itself as a censor. These kids, like 'em or not, want to take their stand and the university is against them.
"Just in case there was any doubt, last month they got a legal letter, warning them to turn their signs in --- or risk 'arrest, fines or a civil lawsuit for damages. University students among CPL (Campus Pro-Life) protesters will also be subject to appropriate discipline for non-academic misconduct, including suspension or expulsion.'
"According to protest leader Leah Hallman, they're going ahead anyway tomorrow, signs pointing out. There's no point in a protest people can't see."
Precisely. See what I mean about the war against reason? It is now impolitic to want common sense to prevail. Only irrationality is considered reasonable. Bravo for the courageous students, unlike the cowardly prelates below. PC alive and kicking, but not the babies being butchered.
A third article, by Jennifer Wiley, titled, "Little truck of horrors" was featured on the Calgary FAST FORWARD WEEKLY web site, August 9. It was subtitled: "Catholic bishop brands abortion road show 'a violation of human dignity'".
You are reading this correctly, folks.
 She writes:
"The pro-life group that yesterday deployed a box-body truck baring giant images of aborted fetuses has been disowned by one of the city's top spiritual leaders. Bishop Fred Henry has branded the images 'a violation of human dignity' and has withdrawn his support of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), which launched the Reproductive Choice Campaign to show the public what they call the 'horrors of tax-funded abortion.'
"In a Canadian first, the truck, plastered with photos of miniature bodies covered in blood, was due to take to the streets, stepping up a battle that is normally heavily supported by the Catholic Church.
"However, Bishop Henry, who opposes the group's use of graphic images, sent a letter earlier this year to all Catholic schools, churches and Knights of Columbus chapters stating he was withdrawing his support of the organization. In it he said: 'In no way may these pictures be construed as healing, nor can the project be described as "tough love," and I am not in favour of this kind of pedagogy (teaching). In my opinion it does more harm than good to the pro-life cause.'
"The move came as a shock to the CCBR, which relies heavily on support from Catholic parishioners, but the organization was undeterred. For an indefinite amount of time, Calgary drivers may see the truck with its images of torn-apart, blood-soaked torsos and miniature limbs. The images are juxtaposed with the word 'choice,' in a carefully designed plan to bring the abortion debate back into the mainstream media."
Note the Bishop Henrys of this world have no problem with showing the bodies of dead Jews also considered sub-human and the realty of war in Iraq.
Now let us look at the American Catholic scene, insanity compounded by sheer stupidity:
According to LifeSiteNews, "Gonzaga University, a prominent Catholic college, is coming under fire for twice denying a pro-life group the ability to run a pro-life advertisement in the student newspaper. Human Life Alliance expects secular colleges to give it trouble but is disgruntled that Gonzaga won't allow the 12-page supplement to appear.
"Joe Langfeld, the deputy director for the Minnesota-based pro-life group that has educated millions of college students with its materials, talked about the problems.
"We're saddened to learn Gonzaga University, a Catholic school, has refused to accept 'We Know Better Now,' our pro-life advertising supplement for 'The Gonzaga Bulletin,'" he said.
"Langfeld told that, when asked about the reasons for rejecting the ad supplement, he was told that it was rejected because it spoke negatively about pro-abortion groups." ...
"Of course some statements in our publication are objectionable to 'various organizations or individuals.' We present documented truth about the largest abortion chain in the nation, Planned Parenthood," he said.
"The business of abortion is ugly and we think college and university students have a right to read the facts from someone other then abortion providers," he added.
"As a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students on the humanity of the pre-born child and gruesome realities of abortion we use college newspapers to reach 19-24 year-olds who are the number one age group of abortion participants," Langfeld concluded."
Exactly. Under the pretense of expanding rights, such as the spurious right of "choice" Gonzaga is about the dirty business of covering up the awful, inconvenient truth of what happens in an abortion, and to accomplish this the dark powers that be are curtailing rights. See what I mean about the war against reason? If teenage girls are old enough for an abortion, are not they also mature enough to decide based on facts?
The plain truth speaks for itself and this is what the enemies of life, including some prominently placed Churchmen are really afraid of.
John Vennari of CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS, has a link to a revealing story about the Canadian Bishops lack of pro-life support for 20 years! You can read it HERE.
Meanwhile the Obamarama in the media continues unabated in full swing and growing. While the government is printing millions and soon billions of counterfeit bucks --- no gold or precious metal to back them up --- pretending that it is not robbing the worker of his pay by deflating the value of his hard-won dollar, and Obama poised to seize control of all things within his clutches concerning the economy, the American people are being given the big chill or silent treatment; no one except a few Catholics are talking about the biggest takeover of all, the infiltration of the pro-Sodomites and the abortion lobby in policy heretofore unimaginable. Again, Vennari provides invaluable links documenting it all:
Obama Reveals His Radical Pro-Homosexual Policy
 • Barack Obama Consulted Repeatedly
 • Obama Selecting the Most Anti-Life, Anti-Family Radicals He Can Find for Administration
We Americans are in for quite a ride, the descent into Hell on earth. If you think the protests by the Sodomites in California are scary, and their getting away with it including in churches, just wait until the Obama regime takes over. The rules of engagement for PC will have to be rewritten to configure the loss of reason and our God-given rights. The major media will not keep us accurately informed, if at all, until the inevitable fait accompli.
This is the real breaking news story, not the unconstitutional printing of bogus bucks, old hat by now for America, which has adopted all the errors of Russia in our unique way of telling lies as if they are true in soaring rhetoric in lieu of guns and tanks.
Many thanks to WynMarie of Calgary who keeps abreast of breaking news for all of us here in the US and John Vennari, defender of the realm of Christendom.


It is that time of year again, time for our annual countdown of the war against Jesus Christ, Our Savior. The assorted and sordid secularists and their allies never rest in devising schemes to eviscerate Truth from their midst, as if they own the public square which is becoming a swirling sewer of impious provocation. This year it is impossible to award the most extreme or most offensive, although a sodomite "crèche" in the Netherlands---how aptly named---is a close runner-up. The blasphemies and impieties are so outlandish they are superfluous by the standards of this motley crew of unhappy, miserable creatures who have nothing better to do, it seems, than rail against the only name by which they may be saved, Jesus. We will continue to pray for their salvation; they are beyond mere human help of any kind.

The theme for the year of our Lord, 2008, a watershed year to be sure, is a non-religious symbol that is already being banned in some quarters as offensive, the Christmas Tree, even if someone says its is only a "holiday" tree. The situation is beyond sardonic and laughable. First the principalities and powers told us we had to accept the tree in lieu of the manger because the sight of the image of the Infant Savior was just too much for modern sensibilities of "tolerance"! Never mind that tree is not religious, in of itself; those of us Christians who do decorate with a fir tree and lights do so, as a backdrop or adjunct for the nativity scene, without which Christmas is bereft of its reason. Now they are telling us that the tree itself must go at the library at the University of North Carolina. In some libraries, such as our public library here, we can have any religious symbol the public deems except for the crèche. This means it is not religion that offends per se, but which one.

Apparently the tree, sans manger, is still too "religious", that is, "too Christian" for some. This would be bad enough, but some Catholics are imbibing of the sacrilegious spirit of the age, to the point of being besotted. In a discussion on FOX News one Catholic commentator regaled his audience with his insipid ideas, to wit, that he did not mind that Christmas plays were banned because he believed in tolerance, that is to say, that other religions had rights, too. He failed to explain why this demands the banishment of Christmas. After all, does not tolerance mean exactly this? No, we all know what is meant by tolerance and it is anything but. This man is on the verge of losing his soul, he has already lost his head.

By now we all know about the scandal in the state of Washington. I have only one set of questions for the so-called Catholic governor: Is not Christmas a federal holiday? Would you permit ingrates and malcontents to insist on an anti-Thanksgiving display on public grounds at Thanksgiving time? Of course, not, because there is never any such display of mean-spiritedness. Would you agree to allow the peaceniks to put up large anti-military posters in the Veteran's Day parade? Of course not. These national holidays are held in reverence and no one is permitted to molest the celebration, although protesters may proclaim their spite elsewhere at other times. Of all the US holidays, the one most sacred of all, is the only one that is desacrilized and in the most cruel manner. Governor Gregoire [I cringe at the sound of such a French name], why are not the sensitivities of devout Christians taken into account, and only the sensitivities of others? Do you not know that you will have to account to Almighty God for your service in office?

To quote another Catholic, whose name I do not know:


This is NOT a Holiday Tree

This is a Christmas tree.
It is not a Hanukkah bush,
It is not an Allah plant,
It is not a Kawanza shrub
It is not a Holiday hedge.
It is a Christmas tree.
Say it... CHRISTmas , CHRISTmas , CHRISTmas
Yes. CHRISTmas - celebrating

The Birth of Jesus Christ!!!

If this offends you...too bad.  

Get over it ~

Take a stand and pass this on !!

Jesus is the reason for the season... Amen!!!!!

By what right do those with no national holiday of their own disrupt a federally established holiday of long-tradition? Let the malcontents and nihilists demonstrate to their hardened hearts content, in the proper place and time, if necessary. I find it curious and most telling that only one tradition is so dishonored and relentlessly so. "Peace on earth to men of good will", not good will to all men.


Our beloved country is in deep trouble, spiritually, morally, financially and physically. Not only is America now a quasi-official socialist state, courtesy of George Bush and like-minded powerful people in Congress, but President-Elect Barak Obama has nominated as head of Homeland Security a pro-open borders advocate, while the economy continues to decline, which weakens the will of the people and their duly elected representatives to think clearly. Everything is in flux and in constant conflict with one another. Our crumbling nation is on the fast track to Balkanization and tighter central control. Reason no longer prevails, for instance, the outcry to stem "global warming" has not abated although scientists who are not driven by ideology are forecasting a cooling of the earth in the next twenty years and longer; indeed, this winter is predicted to be colder than last year. Cheating and graft are now in the hands of the bold, the brash and the bottom-feeders of the shame of shamlessness, while authorities seem befuddled about what to do. At least one federal election appears to be in the process of being stolen through sheer tenacity and exploitation of the weakness in our election laws. The press, former watch-dogs of everyone, and now the ferocious pit-bulls of true conservatives and phony conservatives who commit turpitude, now considered a sin that only conservatives of any stripe merit being denounced for are of little help to the people. Having created the Obama myth of the new Camelot, meaning the same old sham Chicago style, will the media have the insight, the fortitude, and the plain decency to tell us the truth or will it continue to fabricate and obfuscate in order to prop up their infamy? Who knows.

Actually all of this degeneracy has been in the works for over a generation, ever since Roe v. Wade, when myth outlived legends and replaced the natural law of reason and truth. We simply saw as through a glass darkly, with shadows. Now the form of the beast we have engineered is emerging from the dim light of maybe into the here and now. And what a mighty, terrifying beast it is when a country loses the grace of God because it prefers to serve the zeitgeist rather than the only God there is. We all know this down deep whatever Trojan horses the cultural scions set up for our diversion. You and I have little say in anything. We are relentless Christians, traditional Catholics who are barely recognized as being citizens, other than for the purpose of confiscating our paltry dollars, soon to be the amero?

We are only passing citizens of this world and this country, our real home is Heaven, with the grace of God, and while we cannot hope to reckon with the beast here below, we look to all the power of Heaven for our sustenance. All things are possible with God for all power and authority is rightly His. And He is patient and benevolent beyond the words to tell. All we need is a repentant heart and a firm purpose of amendment. Let us resolve now and all the tomorrows He has given us to pray unceasingly not only for our own salvation but the conversion of this country, its leaders, its new President and his family.

"Our Lord told Sister Mary of St. Peter: 'Ask My Father for as many souls as I shed drops of Blood during My Passion.' By asking for the Precious Blood to be poured out on souls we prevent Its being, as it were, spilled out on the ground in vain. In His mysterious Providence God has put the salvation of others in our hands: we must ask for it, and ask fervently and often.
"One of the best means of participating in the graces and blessings of the Precious Blood is to offer It to the Eternal Father. 'An offering,' says Father Faber, is 'more than a prayer.' In prayer, we are the recipients, but when we make an offering, God vouchsafes to accept something from us. St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, when in ecstasy, once exclaimed: 'Every time a creature offers up the Blood by which he was redeemed, he offers a gift of infinite worth, which can be equaled by no other.' God revealed the practice of making this offering to this Saintly Carmelite nun when He complained to her that so little effort is made in this world to disarm His Divine justice against sinners." [Devotion for the Dying: MARY'S CALL TO HER LOVING CHILDREN By Ven. Mother Mary Potter]

We have uploaded a Precious Blood Directory as an efficacious and inspiring aid. One of the shortest and easiest prayer to learn is that of the APPEAL TO SAINT JOSEPH. There is a graphic desktop to download for wide resolution monitors with the prayer implanted. Please say three Hail Marys and this prayer, at least every day for the Obamas, America, and ourselves.

I print the prayer here for your convenience:


O BLESSED ST. JOSEPH, tenderhearted Father, faithful guardian of Jesus, chaste spouse, of the Mother of God, I pray and beseech thee to offer to God the Father,  His Divine Son, bathed in Blood on the Cross for sinners, and through the thrice Holy Name of Jesus, obtain for us from the Eternal Father, the favor we implore... Amen.

O JOSEPH, foster Father of Jesus, most pure spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us daily to the Son of God, so that, armed with the might of His grace and loyally fighting the good fight here on earth, we may be crowned by Him at the hour of our death. Amen.


WE BESEECH THEE, therefore, help Thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood.

This is my New year's resolution as a patriotic American. Without prayer, continual prayer, we can do nothing and can be nothing other than miserable wretches. With prayer wonders never cease!

A Happy and Holy New Year, spent in the bliss of the sweet ineffable company of Heaven is profit and prosperity of grace and peace and contentment and the strength to endure what God may will for us here.

A Holy New Year to all men of good will!


One scarcely knows where to begin with such a runaway train of degradation and demoralization: two weeks of socio-political insanity that surely must be one for the history books! We will deal with the least important first and which is the result of the second and primary matter, the catalyst or seed bed of all our folly.

The old New Deal of myth is back again on the table, dressed up Chicago-style---the Obama way---to supposedly solve a crisis created by the very incompetents and ideological mad men who now claim to have the answer. Nothing new under the sun and nothing new under the cover of night either. Remember three months ago? Was it only three months ago? I think in that time I have lived two long, too-long life times. Let's see now, how did the winning mantra that bedazzled a people given to circuses go ... Change you can believe or count on ... transparency in government ... no more lobbyists with revolving door status in government positions ... you know, all the unBush way of governing, if campaign rhetoric means anything. Oh, and I almost passed over those promised tax cuts for everyone with an income of 150 thou a year or less. All the while promising more programs and more honesty. Well, the only thing we got were the tax cuts, that is a may be, and only for those with far lower income than 150 thou, the bracket of the average medium small business owner, the very backbone of our economic life and traditional way of managing the means of earning our daily bread. And of course, what government does best, pork-bellied programs that guarantee waste, fraud and more taxes in the end.

Let's do the political and moral math, a tax cheat who can't understand the tax code that we lesser-blessed mortals are required to now heads the IRS so to speak. His dishonesty is to be overlooked because he is too important, too brilliant, not to have aboard the gravy train hurling toward the graveyard. Too important to fail [to be confirmed], may we put it like this? Then a series of one tax cheat after another, and or lobbyist, some of them not so important as to have to be confirmed, so they fortunately fall by the way side. Let us briefly look at the most singular of the gang of three, former Senator Tom Daschle, pro-abortion "Catholic" no less, who almost made it through to head the Department of "Health" and "Human" Services:

He is on record as saying that it was critical for those in power in Congress to slip in socialized medicine between the mounds of unreadable pages of multi-purposed bills, to preclude the possibility of debate, in other words, impose it on the people without their knowledge and the dirty deed is nigh impossible to undo. Well, he failed to pass muster but his ideas have prevailed. For every billion in the so-called stimulus bill, there is a page of indecipherable text and as yet not completed for the Congress to read before signing away what is left of the natural law of reason and our God-given human rights.

According to Betsy McCaughey, writing on the Bloomberg News web site, [thanks to John Vennari of Catholic Family News for the original alert]
"Tragically, no one from either party is objecting to the health provisions slipped in without discussion. These provisions reflect the handiwork of Tom Daschle, until recently the nominee to head the Health and Human Services Department.
Senators should read these provisions and vote against them because they are dangerous to your health. (Page numbers refer to H.R. 1 EH, pdf version).
The bill's health rules will affect "every individual in the United States" (445, 454, 479). Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system. Having electronic medical records at your fingertips, easily transferred to a hospital, is beneficial. It will help avoid duplicate tests and errors.
But the bill goes further. One new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and “guide” your doctor's decisions (442, 446). These provisions in the stimulus bill are virtually identical to what Daschle prescribed in his 2008 book, "Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis." According to Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and "learn to operate less like solo practitioners."

Keeping doctors informed of the newest medical findings is important, but enforcing uniformity goes too far.

New Penalties

Hospitals and doctors that are not "meaningful users" of the new system will face penalties.  "Meaningful user" isn't defined in the bill. That will be left to the HHS secretary, who will be empowered to impose "more stringent measures of meaningful use over time" (511, 518, 540-541) [Emphasis in bold mine.]

What penalties will deter your doctor from going beyond the electronically delivered protocols when your condition is atypical or you need an experimental treatment? The vagueness is intentional. In his book, Daschle proposed an appointed body with vast powers to make the "tough" decisions elected politicians won't make.

The stimulus bill does that, and calls it the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research (190-192). The goal, Daschle's book explained, is to slow the development and use of new medications and technologies because they are driving up costs. He praises Europeans for being more willing to accept "hopeless diagnoses" and "forgo experimental treatments," and he chastises Americans for expecting too much from the health-care system.

Elderly Hardest Hit

Daschle says health-care reform "will not be pain free." Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them. That means the elderly will bear the brunt." [Ibid.] [Column of February 9, 2009]

Government mandated, ideologically induced rationed health care has nothing to do with economic stimulus and everything to do with socialism. It's a stimulus plan for certain, to propel us into a disaster so huge we will accept the slavery of national socialism for a mere pittance of bread, given human nature. And our human nature already diminished by Original Sin is ever more weakened because we have been lied to and cheated by our leaders for so long with virtual impunity, that our demoralized state has left us feeling helpless. Right where these scoundrels with meglomaniacal visions want us. It's a crime to lie to Congress, but it's not one for Congress to lie to the people. And to think there are still some people who think the world is still right side up. Now we don't even have to catch them in a lie, because they are so clever about being sneaky they can tell the truth and only they can fine-tune the definitions while we learn the truth the hard way, after it is too late. Deceit down to a science, forget mere art or common chicanery.

From deceit to moral conceit.

The talking heads and other assorted denizens of political and social commentary, you know---the ones who are outraged over mothers driving without their infants strapped in seat cars, while championing the right of the same mothers to hire someone else to brutalize their children in the womb all for a tidy sum, now about to be paid by the tax-payer if Obama gets the chance---those addle heads. They are all aghast that an unmarried woman on welfare would have eight babies implanted in her womb and not have one of them aborted. Now, they should be concerned, however their anger is not as righteous as it appears at first blush. After all the heated words are parsed the matter for them is this: She can't afford the children on her own, so she should not have had them, eight children is too much for welfare strapped California. The doctor should have implanted no more than 2 or 3 babies instead, and so forth. Yet these same pundits see nothing wrong in women conceiving children out of wedlock for the purpose of conceiving them to raise without fathers. Many of them end up on welfare. They think it impolitic and most rude if traditional-minded people raise a stink about deliberately conceiving single mothers---that is, widows, innocent young women taken advantage of, and those divorced against their will not included. Their moral conceit covers a multitude of deceit or sins:

Logically, if 8 children to one welfare Mom is bad, ought not 1 child for every eight welfare Moms be equally taxatious? If they all have ADD etc. I mean, if eight is too much is not eight still too much? Eight is eight is eight, is it not? And this is but the beginning of our moral malaise. The Catholic Church has always taught that a child has a right to have two loving parents, a mother and a father, [barring death] who conceive them as an act of love for the glory of God in the marriage act or willingly adopt children who were naturally conceived; that no one has an absolute right to any child since children are gifts from God, not manufactured products from a laboratory. In vitro fertilization is less a result of technology than it is from the dead souls of scientists who accept the abortion mentality and a society that goes along.

In vitro is a mortal sin. We know it not anymore, if we ever did. It is a mortal sin for married couples, too. The "process" as they say, involves the separation of the marriage act, sometimes through masturbation itself, and the uniting of the male seed with a woman's egg, perhaps not even her own, which is not germane actually, which is now a living human being with a soul, which animates it. Of course those who promote this evil and unnatural manipulation don't call it what it actually is. They know down deep it is wrong so they use euphemisms like embryonic implant instead of baby [an embryo is a growing baby unborn as yet] and "pregnancy reduction" my personal favorite. They dare not use the word "abort" or kill. You see not every baby implanted in the womb of an infertile or unmarried woman lives long enough to be born. So the Mengeles among us implant 2 or 3 so as to ensure a better chance of 1 surviving for birth. Imagine this! Making babies in a test tube for the purpose of killing some of them to fill the personal needs and or salve the egos of sick women who need another kind of medical and social attention. This is the the direct result of the unnatural abortion "ethos"---that a child is the property of a woman until birth and afterwards as long as she does not home school her child or if she wants a divorce and wants to use the child to punish the father.

Dead souls can no longer reason as they are without the use of reason from their own perfidy to the natural law. Since they can no longer reason they are without the ability to understand the connection between raw expediency in one aspect of life and death and expediency in economic and political considerations. If a lie and deceit serves the one, they will doubly serve the other. The definition of insanity according to one wag is when someone keeps doing what one knows will not solve a problem, in order to "solve" it or just do something because something is needed. Every country that has tried spending their way out of a crisis has ended in seeing disaster. FDR did not fix things with his New Deal. He made it worse. People believe pulp history fiction. Symbols play better than the truth in any era.

 Truth-tellers and prophets are disparaged and ostracized, from Noah on down. It was the exigency of World War II that turned things around, not that I am advocating war as a solution. That just happened to have been the catalyst that time. What will solve our crisis and national malaise of despair is old fashion honesty,---the unObama way---that we are in moral trouble first and foremost. That we have to get down on our pampered spa-treated knees and repent of our sins, of support and toleration for the evil of abortion and all that follows in its wake, of unjust warfare, and our conceit that we are the greatest nation in the world:

One news magazine calls us all socialists now. Actually we are much worse, we are all Idi Amins because we accept butchery by the millions and have the conceit to call it a right. If we repent, God will once more give us the grace to become again the greatest nation on earth, which used to acknowledge His rights in the affairs of men, and our economic woes will diminish as our humility and dependence on God increases. It is just this simple and thus, I fear we won't undertake it because we equate simplicity with stupidity, something stupid people tend to do.

Meanwhile let us, you and me, continue to pray and convert one soul at a time, if for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. We are not in charge, God is, and He is delivering us up to our own iniquity. We get the leaders we deserve ... Bush was Obama lite, a wanna be without realizing it and Obama is Bush saturated ... we suffer a fatal disease of the heart, body and soul.

March 26, 2009

They just don't get it, or do they? The "They" is the Obama regime and their minions in Congress.

The economy is ailing because the sanctity of human life is on "life support".

Until we restore the natural law to its rightful, needful place in the land, which includes all the bishops, not just a couple of handfuls, who do not tolerate abortion pols in the Communion line, and who will preach against the evil of contraception, God will continue to withhold right reason from our leaders in Washington who will continue to be so blind as to continue on the road to perdition, taking all of us with them. It is just this simple and just this urgent.

The road to tyranny is lined with the dead, macerated bodies of the innocent in the millions. An unholy nation cannot remain whole.

In His mercy, God is speaking to us in countless ways, the latest of which appears to be the Montana plane crash that killed 14, including 7 children. The plane dove into a Catholic cemetery where there is a monument to the preborn aborted. One of the men who perished was the owner of the largest abortion chain in the States.

I repeat, it's abortion stupid! [I don't mean you, viewer, I mean the them in the "They".]

-----Filed by Pauly Fongemie, March 30, 2009

While the baleful, contrarian winds of March madness have seized the frenzied imagination of men who crave power and control---dominance of conceit and hubris over common sense in the rush to world socialism---the advent of April brings us showers of the incomparable grace of God, for those who know where to look and how to see. Word comes from an internet site that Newt Gingrich, former US House Speaker and conservative pundit has converted to Catholicism. All praise and thanksgiving be to Almighty God. Let us remember Mr. Gingrich in our prayers that he will continue to seek the light of Christ so that he will come to understand and then promulgate Catholic social teachings; he has a platform and a voice; let us pray that it will not be stilled by those who thwart the reign of Christ at every turn; that he will receive the moral virtues, including the courage of a martyr if need be.

One of the television networks ran a weekend piece about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's unexpected visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. With God there is no such thing us a coincidence. All human expectation aside, it is God's prerogative that such events are provided for. The reporter alluded to her lack of knowledge about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Not being a Catholic and given the state of affairs among men today, hardly surprising. But for me this was of no significance for I saw the beginning of the miracle of grace, preferring to see with the eyes of faith. There was no missing the almost seraphic glow on her face as she gazed reverently at the image of Our Lady and gently, sweetly, left a rose for her. Mrs. Clinton is well traveled but she has only begun the journey of a lifetime, thanks be to the incomparable grace of God. Please keep her in your prayers, not only as the Secretary of State, but for her continued conversion. She may not know it yet, but the Mediatrix of All Graces has her within her incomparable Mother's arms.

These wonders should be more than enough for any one person to behold within a two week period, especially for those of us who are but poor sinners, lower than a worm---Psalm 21. God in His bountiful goodness gave a third gift of incomparable grace, this from our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, who wrote a letter to the Bishops of the world, March 10. Chris Ferrara of THE REMNANT has an inspiring, compelling article that says it all: you can read it HERE.

The heart of the letter concerned three aspects: a defense of the Society of St. Pius X and his action in this regard in the form of a rebuke to those who are critical of his lifting the "excommunication"; second, the state of the world---citing one paragraph:

In our days, when in vast areas of the world the faith is in danger of dying out like a flame which no longer has fuel, the overriding priority is to make God present in this world and to show men and women the way to God…. The real problem at this moment of our history is that God is disappearing from the human horizon, and, with the dimming of the light which comes from God, humanity is losing its bearings, with increasingly evident destructive effects.

The third is what Mr. Ferrara calls in reference to Vatican Council II, "a clear abandonment at last of the Council's foolhardy 'optimism' concerning 'the modern world.' "

Let us rejoice and continue our prayers for the Roman Pontiff and give thanks and praise to the Blessed Trinity, for the incomparable grace of our Triune, one and only God!

Black Sunday at South Bend May 18, 2009

Family matters having kept me away from much of my web duties ---- with the Obama Express to Hell steamrollering through what is left of common sense, common decency, and just plain sanity, I know that some of you were expecting this column to have been updated sooner ---- I decided that the will of God provides opportunity in its own good time. And that time is today. There have been so many outrages that I could have written a dozen columns in a dozen days if I could have been at my computer for more than few minutes here and there and not exhausted. Perhaps it is more fitting that I decided to wait three days longer than originally necessary, until I heard "Fr." Jenkins, president of the once Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana, and still audaciously, brazenly bearing Our Lady's name, and the other president, who, when he applied for student aid as a young man bore a different last name and country of origin, that is, applied not as an American citizen, but as a foreign student, and who, now, by media smoke and mirrors and pernicious chicanery holds sway over what is left of our sovereign land, deliver his much vaunted, awaited address to the country with the ever expected "soaring rhetoric" --- that just as expectedly fell flat ---- which he is supposedly known for. Thus the title of this piece. An abomination!, or in this case, an Obamanation! One scarcely knows where to begin for there seems no end in sight to the spectacle of cowardice, sheer double-talk [lying to deceive in an earlier, more honest age], apostasy, heresy, blasphemy, arrogance, self-flattery rather than self-mastery, the banality of evil on the installment plan, and crass ignorance and godless ideology marketed as compassion or empathy. And always the irony, so much a hallmark of the past few weeks, that one cannot catch one's breath, to think that one would live long enough to behold such disorder in human affairs. While an earthquake erupted Sunday in Los Angeles, a greater quake sundered South Bend, that of de facto schism, if not as yet de jure status.

Behold the character of such a man, that he, invited to speak at another nominal Catholic institution of "lower" [formerly known as higher] learning, Georgetown University, the oldest such school in the United States, imagine this!, and the price he demands for his august majesty's appearance as the media "anointed one", is that images of Christ and His symbols be covered with cloth. It was hardly a Good Friday of Tradition! Imagine that such a man, claiming to be a Christian of some odious liberal spirit, is so offended by the sight of a representation of Jesus Christ, that he is driven to extortion of this kind. Imagine and then behold, even more, the "Jesuits" there complying!!!!! Compare this with his reverential bow to a Moslem king! There must be a word in the English lexicon to describe such infamy but a research team could not find one, for never before has a western nation had the temerity and folly to conceive even the very idea, let alone its execution in broad daylight! At least I give the dangerously incompetent, the charlatan, Obama credit for one authentic and capable attribute, he knows the lay of the land and the mood of the elite insisting that they are still Catholic ---- they will cave every time, and he will be accorded approval for seizing the moment to insulate himself from the people at large who are stirring in opposition, by cloaking himself with the shield of Catholicism's "blessing", having been thrust into power by 54% of the benighted Catholic people, thanks to all the parish priests who voted by their side and too many quisling and or craven bishops still. I would never deny Machiavelli's Prince his due, and neither will I do so for the "son" of Saul Alinsky and His Rules for Radicals.... Put another way, to know Saul Alinsky and his offspring, ACORN & Company, is to know Obama. The defiant crowd who preferred Barabbas over Christ on Good Friday, is very much the same in tone, tenor and anti-truth to the crowd on Black Sunday who gave us Baraccas who prefers anyone but Christ it seems.

Behold another college in the South, a non-Catholic one at that, which does not confer an honorary degree on his highness! The reason, he had done nothing to merit one as yet. Common sense peeking around the corners of the debris of modern desensibilities!

Behold the slumbering ---- apostate ----   university named for Our Lady on the Leftie side of South Bend, with its nickname, the "fighting Irish" and which failed to muster a fight worthy of the name. No university is compelled to invite any specific speaker at commencement. Indeed, how many local colleges had guest speakers who did not hold the highest office in the country? Did this fact tarnish the office of the Presidency? Of course not. Consider that the US Bishops' policy is that a Catholic institution is to not only not honor those who do not uphold the inviolate tenets of the Catholic faith, as well as the natural law, which is binding on all men and which is written in their hearts, in their very human nature as men, it is also forbidden the act of "providing a platform" for such a person. The last I checked a dais is a platform. Or has that been reversed by executive fiat, too? Now behold and consider that not only is our hapless buccaneer-in-chief being invited to speak to the graduates in order to inspire them [inspire them???? or confirming them in Catholic dissent while saving the earth????], he is being feted and lauded with an honorary law degree. A law degree!!!! He, so infamous for his violation of the most basic rules of the natural law, so enslaved to ideology, that he was the only Illinois state senator to vote against a bill that would have ensured babies who survived abortion medical treatment!!! The same ideologue who spurned those whom he disagrees with as "ideologues" in his less than stirring speech centered on self-justification and basketball, yes basketball, to the fighting Irish of football fame, after a mere perfunctionary mention of the "controversy" over his appearance and award. Beyond belief, but so true to all things Baraccian, he complimented president Jenkins for saying "what I could have said, but more eloquently". What did he say to introduce Obama? How wonderful he was although he favors abortion. His wonderfulness upholds all the left's goals and as supposedly endorsed by the Catholic Church if we are to decipher the Jenkinsian code of sloganeering. Obama was being awarded in order to seal the deal with the harbingers of socialism so favored by the left. And, in other words, Obama was thanking Jenkins for praising him, that is, he could have praised himself!!!! How can anyone who is complicit in mass genocide be praiseworthy? Am I wrong or do you agree with me that Jenkins and his treasonous cohorts would not have been so inclined to honor Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler? Just a thought ... Well, okay, maybe Stalin, but never Hitler who murdered far fewer than Uncle Joe. Duplicity, you two, all is duplicity.

Behold and consider the demoralizing and scandalous spectacle of the rationale for the honorarium: because he seeks to unite religious and political factions among other goals, another of which was that he was the first "African-American" president. Even this is a lie, he might as well be adulated for being the 45th White or 1st Cherokee Indian as president. But the hard-core racists among us, who denigrate Caucasians and Mongolians [American Indians are a subset of the Mongoloid race] in favor of the superior and preferred race "Black" [Negroid] hope we won't notice or if we do, that we will not object. The nuns taught us the definition of racism in the forties and fifties: either the preference for persons based on race or the preference of a race itself as superior over that of other races and treating others on this basis. It was and is a mortal sin. In essence, Obama was awarded in the spirit of that racism! As far as the unifying force he is supposed to be, never has the country been more divided and a civil war [soon to be uncivil] is now beyond control. Oh, not that Obama caused this, he is merely the most extraordinary synthesis of the great divide, not an unifier!!! Ironic does not begin to describe the subterfuge at foot. Alan Keyes, see below, is of the opinion that this degree was pay back for something worked out behind the scenes or words to that effect. I would not put it past the Orwellian, thoroughly corrupt powers that be, the man who pirated the presidency and his motley crew of sychophants, and most especially, the unseen hand of power behind the ship of state tossing about on the shoals of perdition.

But even more to the point, the only true unifier of religion is the Catholic Church, the only true Church of Jesus Christ. "For I have other sheep, and them, also I must bring." "Thou art Peter and upon this rock, I will build My Church." Any other effort to unify outside of the Church is sheer folly leading to an amalgamation of the spirits of the age, the worst sort of paganism and meaninglessness which engenders despair, the very revolution of man's self-will over Truth itself and the rights of God. Anyone with only a few brain cells operating can see for himself the sorry results of the modern ecumenical or maniacal movement as I prefer to call it: mass confusion over what to believe, a veritable tower of Babel of syncretized dogmas that serve the powers and principalities of Hell and those beholding to them here and now. Oh great is the confoundment among men, and great the disdain for the unity of Truth. Men think of saving themselves by being saved by human efforts and the new faith or religion has only one liturgical color, Green! Go Green, unify America! The old paganism worshipped earth deities among the parthenon of gods.

The new paganism worships the earth itself. Its high priests and priestesses will brook no dissent on the meaning of brooks and other natural beings and climatic forces. There is no one more dogmatic than the man claiming to despise the dogmas of Catholic Truth and the once true scientific method. No one more absolute than the man proclaiming there is no more absolute truth, a self-contradicting claim. This is why the truth of the American constitution has been gutted slowly over the past few generations until now no one hardly bothers to question Obama's insistence that his new Supreme Court Justice's primary qualification is empathy, a code word for what ever the left wants it to mean, when it wants it to mean what it wants and why it must mean what it wants it to mean. The old revolution was the rise of the proletariat, the new revolution is the rise of the oligatariat on the court who will do the bidding of the internationalists to end national sovereignty, a right from almighty God and an inherent good in of itself. The natural law, now in tattered shreds, will be finally incinerated. Oh do not weep for a few poor pro-lifers, disparaged in the media and the halls of power, but weep for yourselves America, and for your children, the few you choose to conceive!

Enter stage right, a few days before the profane proceedings a small band of stalwart foes of the culture of death, the champions of the culture of the sanctity of human life, most noteworthy among them four good men and true: Archbishop Raymond Burke of the Vatican Signatura, the Supreme Court of the Church, Ambassador Alan Keyes and now ambassador-at-large of common sense, Operation Rescue's gentle lion, Randall Terry, and the undaunted heroic and holy simplicity of Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. There was a fifth man, an alumnus of the university in South Bend, whose name I did not catch who was part of the defenders of the Faith being interviewed and or arrested for peacefully praying. Norma McCorvey, who was so cynically and cruelly used in Roe v Wade was also there and arrested, but I did not have a chance to hear her speak or be interviewed. The alum summed it up, when asked by an interviewer on Fox News why it was so few of the student body were protesting [80% favored Obama in all his heinous glory]: He was not surprised because he acknowledged that the college had been undermined from within by heretic professors and even outright apostasy for years.

 Archbishop Burke, interviewed by EWTN's Raymond Arroyo the Friday before Black Sunday, said that the Catholic people for more than a generation had not been properly catechized. In no uncertain terms he laid out Church policy in order to avoid scandal, Obama should not at the very least been awarded the law degree and why. I hope he will not be silenced or prevented from further action by others higher up through a false sense of their duty in these times. I am a Mainer born and sure, but in practice I am from Missouri. By their fruits you shall know them.

Alan Keyes, when asked if the use of dolls in baby carriages covered with fake blood was an effective means of protest, responded by witnessing to the truth that when people outraged over lynching and slavery protested, they showed the real thing in its effects to catch people's attention. One can only witness to the truth by being as true and forthright as holy means allow. A picture is worth a thousand words, more succinct and self-explanatory. He spoke of the betrayal of men within the Church. No holds barred. When asked about the apparent silence of the Vatican, he answered that the Pope is a head of state and that heads of state tend not to condemn other heads. And that the Vatican had spoken through Archbishop Burke. This is the only point on which I differed. Yes, the Pope is a head of state, but he is first and foremost the Vicar of Christ and the Shepherd of Souls, including Obama's and Jenkins' souls ultimately, Catholic or not.

For, as a Protestant family activist, also interviewed by the same man on Fox, said, the Catholic Church has always been in the forefront of morality, even when Protestants were somewhat lagging behind. He did not use these precise words, but this is what he meant, in capsule form. Randall Terry, who was interviewed by the same man once again, said in his own way what the Archbishop and ambassador said.

Who was this man from Fox who interviewed these men? The erstwhile Catholic, Sean Hannity, who is for abortion in the first three months of gestation for rape, incest and life of the mother, for contraception, and who along with the duped Glenn Beck joined the chorus of betrayal to support Obama's speech, if not award. Imagine the irony, not to mention the hypocrisy of the feigned outage of Sean Hannity, when having these faithful Catholics on his program and "sharing" their pro-life tenacity! As an aside, having nothing to do with the betrayal in South Bend with its fawning allegiance to the West Wing, Fox, home of the Trojan Horse American style, has a new commentator, the former Republican governor of Arkansas, Huckabee; on one show on "gay marriage" this so-called student of history, but apparently not the natural law, said that if the people vote in "gay marriage", well then that's okay, just so long as the courts don't legislate from the bench. No one has the right, not even the people to veto the natural law. This is why the supposed right is so often a failure, it is more wrong than right, inarticulate in defending the natural law. And why there so many former Republicans, myself included.

Another Fox show, a Sunday News program had two priests as guests that morning: the heretic Father Richard McBrien and the noble, humble, Father Frank Pavone. McBrien obfuscated as usual by misquoting out of context Church teaching and discipline to support Obama's award and appearance. Why he has not been defrocked by now is a mystery to me, this is the man who had a scandalous column casting doubt on the Divinity of Christ and by writing about all of Jesus' "sexual urges". McBrien is one of the apostate heretics of South Bend the above alum referred to. He was no match for Father Pavone! Father cut to the proverbial chase, the matter of the law degree, that Obama is unfit to receive such an honor because he violated and continues to violate the natural law in its most elemental form. He focused on the issue of abortion which was being diminished in the media, quite unwittingly perhaps. The last is my opinion, Father did not say this, but he wanted the evil of abortion itself to be front and center, and he accomplished it for the few minutes of air time he was permitted. Modern electronic media is not designed to shed light but to bring infernal revenue from the hucksters of the dark among other merchandisers. Fox hosts condemn NBC's alliance with GE's move to control medical information in the age of socialism --------- disingenuously named Healthymagination, while circulating ads for the same because they want the revenue GE brings. Beyond hypocrisy! The interviewee is pressed to finish a sentence before the reporter says, "we have to go" and on and on it goes. Bravo Father Pavone! You, faithful servant, have not prostituted yourself to the American buck soon to be the Amero; your show on EWTN is not a continual interruption of logic that needs more than a few minutes to conceptualize in the mind to fully flower. Noble ideas and beliefs have consequences, and so does the diminution of them by such unnatural constructs as the three minute rude, overly loud commercial interspersed between five minute news spots.

Behold the three day spectacle of peaceful protesters, a small handful in comparison to those who could of and should have joined them if they had the sensus fidelium of an elderly priest who was carted away on a stretcher for saying the Rosary near a banner of Patroness of America, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Imagine a Catholic institution that calls on the police to round up Janet Reno's would-be "terrorists" armed with the Holy Rosary and haul them off to jail like so much unwanted trash. More like inconvenient truth that might mar the bigger spectacle of perfidy in all its vainglory and thereby prick the consciences of men who will to have dead souls.

May 17, 2009 is a day that will live in infamy, like that of January 22, 1973. May is the Month of Our Lady, Notre Dame, and to have her holy name associated with such treason and blasphemy is an evil of great magnitude. The South Bend school should be stripped of all canonical stature in order to avoid further scandal and the loss of souls. They can drape the mantle of esteem and legitimacy on Baraccas, but they cannot clothe their shame! It is an abomination crying out to Heaven for redress, an Obamanation crying out for reparation!


Let's see now, if we have this correct, shall we? During the campaign we were told by the audacious, contemptuous elites in power that it was racist to ask questions of the future POTUS concerning his Muslim background. Ann Coulter, who dared to use his middle name of Hussein was excoriated as a xenophobe and worse. Most Americans, duty bound to the god of political correctness, forsaking the naturalness of common sense, obliged with the new regime's regimen of see no Islam, hear no Islam, know no Islam.

After the fraudulent election Barack Hussein Obama went abroad in an attempt to be all things to all, except to devout Christians, that is, proclaiming that America is not a Christian nation, meaning the majority of Americans have put aside their Christian morality in the body politic. Not much argument there, actually, if the Tea Party participants' complaints are any indication ---- their grievances were all economic and those related to personal liberty, not the dissolution of the soul of America itself, our decline into barbarity and general lawlessness ---- the anarchy of personal amorality apart from the natural and Divine law. Yet the majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians and in this sense they were offended by the insouciance of BHO's proclamation to those who do not necessarily care much about America. And then the bow before a Muslim king, whose country abets Jihadists!!!

Back home in the heartland, with the sting of betrayal still burning, the anointed, messianic one ["I will change the world"], comes peddling and backtracking on the Messiah, Jesus Christ, when his aides insist on the Crucifix being covered when he delivers an address at once Catholic Georgetown. More contempt, the same sort of self-assured disdain expressed in his memoir, regarding the Catholic nuns who taught him briefly back in the days. If only Americans could still read and grasp what it is they are reading, then maybe November, 2008 would not have sealed our date with doom.

We are no longer a Christian country he says, yet seeks out another Christian school to drape himself with legitimacy in eternal, paternal campaign mode, being all things to those who ought to know better, Notre Dame, now our shame.

Yesterday he is once again abroad aggrandizing his global sway. This time, he does not bow; last time he insisted it was not a bow, but that because he is tall and the king is shorter, it was necessary to stoop to shake his hand. Apparently the Muslim king of a country that persecutes Christians and women in general, has grown several inches in two months. And the tag line? Oh, would you just know it is that ---- America with 2/3 of the population Christian in identity and less than 2% Muslim, why we represent a Muslim country! Right! Perhaps this is why BHO nominated a Christ hating-Allah loving federal judge to the circuit court of appeals. Now, that B. Hussein has hijacked the presidency, it all comes out, oh how Muslim are his roots and it seems, his real identity. Muslims despise the Crucifix.

Hey, media spin meisters, you glory boys and gals of the News-favoring Barack Corporation, the All for Barack, Corporation, etc., is it okay now for Ann Coulter to say Barack Hussein Obama, and for the rest of us, too? After all, the almighty one has spoken, we are no longer Christian but Muslim ...


In a speech at Cairo University, B. Hussein Obama committed utter blasphemy, saying triumphantly that for hundreds of years, Islam has been the light of the world!

Jesus Christ is the Light of the World and there is no other name by which we may be saved!

I am looking for volunteers to say an extra Rosary a day in reparation, lest the wrath of Almighty God be increased upon us!