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ROSEPrayer To Our Queen
and Prayer to Mary Most Holy Queen
ROSEPrayer to the Blessed Virgin
and Prayer to Mary Most Holy, Mother of Orphans
ROSEPrayer to Our Lady of LourdesROSEPrayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

ROSEPrayer to St. Joseph, WorkmanROSEPrayers for Families and Teachers
ROSE Prayer to Be Recited by Young Women [and or Girls]
ROSEPrayers for Physicians, Legislators, The Missions, Those in Prison
and The Church of Silence
ROSEPrayer to Ven. Pius XII


Prayer to Ven. Pope Pius XII

O Venerable Pope Pius XII, who had on earth great courage to preach the word of God, vigor to repel the enemies of the Church, and zeal for the Holy Name, pray for us poor sinners. May we, O Pius, have a double portion of thy righteous qualities in defense of our holy Church. May we never abandon our duty to defend the faith, with fortitude, wherever we are and in whatever state God hath put us. Venerable Pius, may we, like thee, show the radiant glory of our Holy Lord in everything we do and say. And this, through the graciousness of the Divine Majesty, to Whom we humbly ask thee to pray for our benefit and protection.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.  


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