Prayer to be Said by Physicians
Composed by Pope Pius XII

O Divine Physician concerned for the welfare of both body and soul, Jesus, our Redeemer, Who during Thy life on earth didst manifest a special love for the sick and by Thy almighty power didst restore them to health by the mere touch of Thy hand, we who are called to the arduous tasks of the medical profession adore Thee and acknowledge Thee as our model and firm support.

   May our minds, hearts and hands always be guided by Thee so that we may merit the honor and praise which the Holy Spirit pronounces in commendation of our profession [Ecclus. 38].
   Grant us to realize more fully that we are instruments of Thy mercy, called to cooperate with Thee in the work of safeguarding the welfare of human beings and promoting their development.

   Enlighten our understanding, so hard pressed by the innumerable ailments of the human body, in order that, by the right use of modern scientific knowledge in the diagnosis of diseases, we may not be misled by mere symptoms but discover their true causes. We shall then feel safe in prescribing the remedies which Thy Providence has supplied.

   Increase Thy love in our hearts so that, seeing Thee in the sick, especially in such as are most forsaken, we may reward their complete confidence in us by exhibiting a continuous and unwearied solicitude for their welfare.

Grant that, following Thy example, we may always show fatherly kindness in our sympathy, sincerity in giving advice, diligence in our attendance, freedom from all practices of deception, and gentleness in breaking the sad news when confronted with the mystery of death. Above all, help us to be firm in upholding Thy law concerning the sacredness of human life against the false dictates of egoism and unregulated lower instincts.

  As physicians who take glory in Thy Name, we promise that in all our activity we shall take into account the observance of the moral order and be regulated by its laws.

   Grant, finally, that we ourselves, by a truly Christian life and by the conscientious fulfillment of the duties of our profession, may merit some day to hear from Thy lips the sentence of beatification promised to all those who visit Thee in the person of Thy sick brethren: "Come, blessed of My Father, take possession of the Kingdom prepared for thee." [Matth. 25, 34] Amen.

 May 10, 1957

Prayer for the Church of Silence
Composed by Pope Pius XII

  O Lord Jesus, King of Martyrs, Thou art the comfort of the afflicted and firm support of all who suffer for love of Thee and by reason of their loyalty to Thy Spouse Holy Mother the Church. In Thy mercy give ear to our fervent prayers in behalf of our brethren of the "Church of Silence" that they may never be disheartened in the struggle nor waver in the faith; rather may they taste the sweetness of the consolations reserved by Thee for those souls whom Thou dost vouchsafe to number among Thy companions on the hill of the Cross.

   To those who must suffer torment and violence, hunger and fatigue, be Thou the invincible strength sustaining them in their trials and assuring them of the rewards pledged by Thee to those who persevere unto the end.

  Many, on the other hand, are exposed to moral constraints, which oftentimes prove much more dangerous inasmuch as they are more deceitful; to such then be Thou the light to enlighten their mind, so that they may clearly see the straight path of truth; be Thou also to them a source of strength for the support of their will so that they may triumph in every crisis and never yield to any vacillation or weakness.

   Finally, there are those who find it impossible to profess their faith openly, to lead a normal Christian life, to receive the holy Sacraments frequently, and to converse familiarly with their spiritual guides. To such be Thou Thyself a hidden altar, an invisible temple, a plenitude of grace and a fatherly voice, helping and encouraging them, providing a remedy for their aching hearts and filling them with joy and peace.

   May they be helped by our fervent prayer; let our fraternal solidarity assure them that they are not alone. May their example redound to the edification of the whole Church; especially may it be profitable to us who regard them with so much affection.

   Grant, O Lord, that their period of trial be shortened and that very soon all, including also their converted oppressors, may enjoy the freedom of serving and worshipping Thee, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen

 July 16, 1957

Prayer to be Recited by Catholic Members of Legislative Bodies and by Catholic Politicians
Composed by Pope Pius XII

Great and eternal God, Creator and Lord of all things, foremost Legislator and supreme Ruler, all power emanates from Thee and depends on Thee; and those whose duty is to legislate, determine in Thy name what is just or unjust, as a reflection of Thy Divine wisdom. Therefore we, the Catholic members of parliament [Congress] and Catholic politicians, upon whom rests the burden of a grave responsibility that places us at the center of the whole nation, implore Thy aid for the fulfillment of our office that we intend to accept and exercise for the greater spiritual and material welfare of our people.

   Grant us such a sense of duty as will cause us to omit no preparation or effort for the realization of this noble end. Grant us also that objectivity and sound realism which will guide us on every occasion to a clear perception of that which seems the best. Grant that we may never deviate from that sound impartiality which dictates that we labor without unjust preferences for the good of all. Grant also that we may never fail in loyalty to our people, nor in firm adherence to the principles which we openly profess, nor in the noble resolve to preserve ourselves above all possible corruption and base selfish ambitions.

   Help us to be calm in our deliberations and to be immune from all passion except such as is inspired by the honest quest after truth. May our resolutions be in conformity with Thy precepts even if the service of Thy will should demand sufferings and sacrifices. May we, even in our own little way, endeavor to imitate that rectitude and holiness according to which Thou in Thy providence dost direct and govern everything for Thy greater glory and for the true well-being of human society and of all Thy creatures.

   Hear us, O Lord, in order that our minds may never be without Thy light, nor our wills without Thy strength, nor our hearts without the warmth of Thy love, for we ought to have a tender love for our people. Keep far from us every form of human ambition and every kind of lust for illicit gain. Inspire us with a real, lively and profound sentiment of what constitutes a sound social order wherein full regard is had for law and justice. Finally as a supreme reward grant us some day to enjoy Thy blessed presence for all eternity, in union with all those who have been entrusted to our care. Amen.

January 27, 1958

Prayer for Mission Exercises
Composed by Pope Pius XII

O Jesus, Divine Missioner, during Thy life on earth Thou wast consumed with an ardent zeal for the glory of Thy Father and for the redemption of souls. Therefore Thou didst deign to become the messenger and propagator of that Kingdom of holiness and grace which was to be for mankind the ark of mercy and salvation. Hear then, we beseech Thee, the earnest supplications of us, Thy unworthy ministers, who are called to continue Thy mission, as also of us, the faithful, who desire to enjoy the salutary effects of these sacred days of reconciliation and sanctification.

Grant to us missioners a ray of Thy spirit, whereby we may be taught to sacrifice ourselves without reserve, to exhibit understanding and fatherly kindness without weakness, to be firm and resolute without harshness, to be discreet and prudent, having no vain fear of the world and its judgments. Impart to us Thy light for discerning the needs of men and peoples, Thy zeal and Thy strength so as to be unyielding when faced with lukewarmness and obstacles, the charm and power of Thy grace whereby we may move hearts and bring them gently to Thy Divine feet.

  To this end, however, grant us the precious gift of Thy love, which is a love for Thee, for Thy Church and for souls and which ought at all times to be the inspiration of our undertakings and the prime source of the energy needed to bring them to a successful conclusion.

   Since we, the faithful, expect to obtain from this holy mission a profound spiritual renewal in individuals, in families and in society, grant that we may never fail in the true humility necessary for the devout and attentive acceptation of the instructions imparted to us, in the sincerity needed for their effective application to ourselves and in the honesty of intention that must underlie any serious resolution to reform if our life in the future is to be better and more holy than in the past and in the present.

  We beg of Thee, O Lord, the forgiveness for our sins; we ask also for a blessing upon our resolutions that they may be strengthened and become fruitful, and for the right ordering of our lives such as will not allow us to ever be separated from Thee.

  All ye Saints, who became holy thyselves by exercises like these, come to our aid! And thou, Mother of God and our Mother, deign to be present at all the exercises of this mission, ennobling them with the fragrance of thy all-powerful intercession, so that those who now implore thee with a childlike confidence may one day be led by thee before the throne of thy Divine Son, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit, liveth and reigneth for ever and ever. Amen.

May 21, 1958

Prayer for Christians Confined in Prison
by Pope Pius XII

 O Divine Prisoner of the sanctuary, Who for love of us and for our salvation hast willed not only to enclose Thyself within the narrow confines of human nature and then hid Thyself under the veils of the Sacramental Species, but also continually live in the tabernacle-cell, give heed to our prayers which ascend to Thee from within these barred and walled enclosures, and by which we desire to make known to Thee express to Thee our love as well as our grief, and the urgent need we fell for Thee in our distress, especially in the privation of our freedom, which causes us so much pain.

To some of us, perhaps a voice in the depths of conscience which says we are not guilty, and that it is only through a deplorable miscarriage of justice that we are now in this prison. We shall then find comfort in the remembrance that Thou, the most exalted and most innocent of all victims, wast also condemned to death.

Or perhaps, on the contrary, we are moved to look downward, to feel ashamed and to strike our breast. In that case, also, we are not without a remedy, for we can have recourse to Thy protection, with the assurance that Thou canst restrain all error, pardon all sin, and restore Thy grace generously to all who return to Thee in a spirit of penance.

Finally, because of so many relapses into sin sometimes even the best of men have given up all hope in us, and we ourselves hardly know whence to begin the new road to rehabilitation. All this however notwithstanding, we can hear in the inner recesses of our soul the whisper of a word of confidence and consolation; it is Thy word promising to help us with Thy light and grace if we will return to a good life.

Grant, O Lord, that we may never forget that this is a period of trial and a most favorable opportunity for purifying the soul, for practicing the highest virtues, and acquiring greater merits. Grant that our saddened hearts may not be penetrated with hatred, which is a blight to the human heart, or with distrust, which leaves no room for the feeling of brotherhood, or with rancor, which is the forerunner of evil designs. May we always bear in mind that in taking away the freedom of the body, no one can deprive us of that of the spirit, which in the long hours of our solitude can raise its thoughts and fix them on Thee in order to know Thee better and to love Thee daily more and more.

    Grant, O Divine Redeemer, help and resignation to our dear ones who bewail our absence. Give peace and tranquillity to this world which has rejected us, which however we love and to which we have promised in the future our cooperation as good citizens. Finally, obtain for us that our sufferings may serve as a salutary example for many souls, preserving them from the danger of following in our footsteps. But above all grant us the grace to believe firmly in Thee, to have a childlike trust in Thee and never to fail in the love of Thee, Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit liveth and reigneth for ever and ever. Amen.

 April 10, 1958


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