Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes
Composed by Pope Pius XII

Immaculate Virgin of Lourdes, in compliance with thy loving invitation, we kneel before thee in the lowly grotto where thou didst appear in order to point out the way of prayer and penance to those who had strayed and to distribute to those sorely beset by bitter anguish the graces and marvels of thy queenly bounty.

   Accept, compassionate Queen, the praise and prayers which all peoples and nations address to thee with confidence.

   O shining vision of Paradise, dispel the shadows of error from our minds with the light of Faith. O mystical Rose, comfort dejected souls with the Heavenly fragrance of Hope. O inexhaustible source of life-giving waters, refresh our barren hearts with the waves of Divine Love.

   Grant that we, thy children, strengthened in affliction, protected in danger, supported in our struggles, may so love and serve thy Divine Son as to merit eternal joys at the foot of thy Heavenly throne. Amen.

 May 10, 1957

Pope Pius XII's Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
This prayer also appears on the page: america.htm

HAIL, O Virgin of Guadalupe, Empress of America!
Keep forever under thy powerful patronage
the purity and integrity of Our Holy Faith
on the entire American continent. Amen.

It is suggested that three Hail Marys be recited for North, Central and South America.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us,
keep us under thy mantle and be our salvation.

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