Prayer as Propaganda

  PART 1


It had to happen sooner or later, and it did: prayer as propaganda to thrust the final blow for the disobedient demolition team securely in place in the Diocese of Maine. Under their deft machinations the one true Faith is being undermined by a most insidious form of treason which succeeds without any opposition and with the silent submission or permission of our Bishops. Until that November night when the light fell extinguishing any lingering flicker that our Bishops had enough residual faith and will left to end the nonsense, I was still hoping.

The setting for this propaganda ploy was one of the Women's Pastoral [now a dead letter itself, but not its effects] sessions that have been rigged by the radicals who engineered it by goading our weak bishops into it. Herewith are some of the lowlights from the opening "prayer" that served to foster feminist ideology and fling contempt at the faithful determined to support Holy Mother Church. I did not publish this piece at the time of the occurrence because a certain Monsignor, then in the Chancery advised me not to and I reluctantly remained silent. Conditions have worsened since the changing of the guard and the Faith so imperiled, I must expose this latest stratagem for destroying the Faith:

"The Blessing of the God of Sarah and Abraham ... "

Note the Old Testament God, still the same God, but not revealed in His fullness as was done when Christ came. Then notice the disorder of Sarah before Abraham, who rightly represents the people before God as patriarch and atoner through sacrifice. By tradition Sarah is listed after him, not because she has less dignity, but because she is not of the priesthood. But then, tradition, little t and big T must be destroyed, erased from our Catholic memories. As with all attempts at "inclusive language" the syntax jars as it "re-educates." This transposition was consistent throughout the prayer where men and women were paired: self-conscious prayer.

"The Blessing of the Holy Spirit who broods over us ..."

Another conscious attempt to think in feminist terms, a brooding mother hen, which Scripture surely says, but which we do not use when praying to the Holy Ghost. Now there are two connotations of the word, "brood," watchfulness over children as in a brood of children, and worrisome or anxious. Believe me I did more than brood over this little addition.

"Together we lift our hearts ...
Together we open our minds ..."

Perhaps it would have been more accurate to have said, together we defiantly display our wills and offer up emptied minds," because they then inserted:

"To reach out toward each other as we worship ..."

It is God Whom we reach out to when we pray and worship, not to each other. I could not lift my heart, momentarily weighed down with abject disgust. I wonder if underlying their superficial and by now obvious stratagem is a lack of belief in God Transcendent. Perhaps for them their "God" is immanent, and they all little gods and goddesses ala Rosemary Reuther and Mary Hunt? So brazen and emboldened are they, they are unmindful how they are revealing their true demonic spirit. There is implicit irony here: They deny the "male" characteristics of the Fatherhood of God and seek to be mastered by the Father of Lies. But there is more subversion:

"We are one in our struggle ..."

Sounds kind of Marxist, doesn't it? And since they weren't discussing spiritual combat against sin, they must have meant some other struggle; how do they know that all women make up a monolith? This is arrogant, especially since the occasion was a listening session on women. Their minds are already made up. Whoever wrote this insipid prayer does not define or elaborate, but in the context of the rest of the prayer and the evening in general, based on the radical speeches, the struggle is for autonomy from the womb and from God-ordained authority, that false liberation that enslaves them to the spirit of the age. I actually felt a foreboding, an evil's presence and wanted to leave, but knew it was my duty to speak on behalf of Christ and His Bride.

"You have made me me a little less than a God ... You have surrounded my table with friends ... their laughter enriches me ..."

Note how the little less than the Angels has been transmuted into just "a little less than a God."  This is a sham psalm of shame.

"I believe in God who created woman and man in God's own image, who created the world and gave both sexes the care of the world ... I believe in Jesus Christ child of God, chosen of God, born of the woman Mary who listened to women and liked them ... Jesus who discussed the reign of God with them, and was followed and financed by women ..." Is this paragraph loaded! The first thing that caught my attention was the absolute lack of the male pronoun: "God's own image," not "in His image," "Jesus Christ, child of God," not "Son of God,", "chosen of God," not "conceived by the Holy Spirit," "Jesus who discussed the reign of God" not "His reign." Then in case we failed to be self-possessed enough, "financed by women," is added, as if to say men did not also do so. Insipid does not begin to describe this little screed of witless anemic prose posing as the Creed.

I suppose we should be grateful that God as "She" wasn't used. I am sure it would have had not the Bishop been there. As liberal as he is, this assertion would have him made more vulnerable to criticism and since he is one of their point men, the revolutionary harpies had to protect him. Through "prayer" we are "informed" that Our Blessed Mother listened to women and liked them, hardly a theological breakthrough as we are certain that she did, being God's perfect Creature. But we can be even more certain that she listened to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, first and foremost, and was obedient and humble, her great strength and wisdom, and so feminine that she demurred before His holy Angel Gabriel. I wonder if the women who composed this travesty really like real women at all, or at least as much as they profess. They seem to have low regard for our intelligence. There is more as we go from the non sublime to the ever more tedious:

"I believe in Jesus who discussed theology with women ... who received anointing from a woman, and healed a woman on the sabbath and made her straight because she was a human being ..."

While it may appear innocuous, this sequence is a volley of venom: The employment of the term "theology," though not technically incorrect, has the tendency to elevate the above discourse as if to provide women with special credentials. If Christ talked theology with these women, then He also talked theology with everyone else He instructed. So what is the point if the point is, as it is obvious here, to distinguish women as women? Again the deliberate absence of men, even though there were a number of men present at this pastoral meeting-----would they not feel excluded? The stratagem, while awkward and painfully obvious as a tactic, is still effective, because if women are repeatedly identified they take on a greater importance than the excluded men: pay back time for the supposed "sins of Patriarchy?"

Ideology mocking the purpose of prayer! Imagine the notion that Jesus healed the woman because she was a human being-----of course He did, in the sense only humans ask for healing. He healed her because of His Divine Mercy, because she had faith; He also healed the repentant Magdalen [and the ten lepers]. Like all Modernist prayers, the need to repent of personal mortal sin [apart from the sins of racism, sexism (defined as male priests only)] that offends God and deprives the soul of sanctifying grace is absent. A neat evasion, worthy of the craft. The heavy artillery astride their brooms is about to be aimed:

"I believe in Jesus who thought of pregnancy and birth with reverence, not a punishment ..."

Talk of irony! It is these women, "reproductive rights and pro-abortion to the core" and their lesbian cohorts, who are ever disparaging large families and who see pregnancy as repugnant and birth as a form of enforced slavery for the woman. But then, Satan works his wiles by inversion, not outright denial. There is more diatribe from the women-as-priests-mandating tribe:

"We continue our prayers as we pray for the needs of the world:

For the women shut off from a full life by tradition and practice ..."

Tradition is the enemy, no doubt about it. I was insulted, patronized, to feel forced to pray for myself and friends as if we were shut off from the world, denied a full life as homemakers. We are conforming to God's will by our chosen vocations, and we are not cut off from the world, merely not supposed to be part of it while temporally in it.

The next sequence is rather harmless out of context, in fact we should pray for those enslaved by totalitarian systems or suffer injustice, but in the context of the rest of the segment, one gets the idea that "women shut off from a full life by tradition ..." were deliberately paired with:

"For all God's people who are denied their freedom and dignity by systems and authorities ..." The systems and authorities were not identified. I note well the pairing of a loss of dignity with authority as the evil to be vanquished. Without defining one's terms, authentic authority versus sinful abuse of authority, it is too easy for the striving of autonomy at any cost, including the loss of real dignity, to become the goal. Dignity and authority are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are complimentary to one another.

The rest of the belabored prayer, except for the song, was in the same nonsensical vein. I was so depleted by the time it concluded that it took every ounce of strength to rally.

Also included was the Litany of Mary of Nazareth, a mimic of traditional litanies, but with the politically correct thrown in as a "consciousness raising" technique. You may have seen it on the web. It too, excludes the masculine pronoun, using banal syntax to accomplish it and wants the user to be aware that Mary is equated with abused women. It is one thing to be sympathetic towards women who have indeed suffered abuse of various kinds, and to pray for them and hold up Our Lady as their intercessor, but not in the context of that "Litany." There is a genuine traditional Litany of Mary of Nazareth, that of Her Holy Childhood, but not this one. Just a word of caution.

Now for a few brief comments about the meeting itself, an eye-opener in audacity since the shenanigans took place in the presence of one of our Bishops, since deceased.

Very few of the orthodox, traditional women were permitted to speak, and then only at the end when time was short. In all, two hours were allotted with the "ten minute rule" scrupulously observed for these, with longer exceptions permitted for the rebels.

As I said, the audacity was overwhelming, but perhaps I should not have been so surprised, because they perhaps felt a kindred spirit with our Bishop [Proulx]:

They mocked Humane Vitae with impunity, their derisive howls of laughter joined in by him. Afterwards, he was heard to compliment one of the more vociferous speakers [who put down motherhood] for her humorous contribution to the cause of "reproductive rights." Women faithful to the teachings of Christ were pointedly ignored by him as he bypassed them to exclusively hobnob with the radicals. So much for "sensitivity to women." Translation: "sensitivity to their own kind of women." If we wanted to speak to him we had to write a letter, while the vipers surrounded him like adoring their prey.

In truth these hussies are devoid of real humor, saving their mutterings for attacks on their own mother, Holy Mother Church, confident that the Bishop will not castigate them for besmirching the Bride of Christ, the real object of their buffoonery.

There was one bright moment in that darkened evening: A nun who is a member of a radicalized community, asked to speak with me privately. She said she wanted to applaud the courage of the orthodox speakers, whom she acknowledged were outnumbered and held in evident disdain. She told me that she was having second thoughts about the direction her community was trying to force her. She wished us success.

God bless her and Heaven help us all! We cannot count on our Bishops, any of them, to display any real courage. This is the barren legacy we deserve for our wholesale denial of Humane Vitae, first sex without babies, then babies without sex, now sexless, humorless [except when mocking the Magisterium] women, and a spineless Shepherd.

When prayer as propaganda is utilized with such daring impudence and is given the praise and or the apparent approval of the Bishop, well ... what is there left to think ...

Lest you think that this occasion was the only time prayer as propaganda watered down the Faith or taught heresy by the indirect "inclusion" of error or by the "marginalization [a form of exclusion]" of Church teachings through the banal, the trivilization of Tradition, a glance at a random sampling of the Prayers of the Faithful for almost any Sunday Mass reveals that prayer as propaganda is an ongoing process.

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