Prayer as Propaganda

  PART 2


Trinity Sunday:

4. For artists, architects and craftspeople, who show us the wisdom of the Spirit ...

This is Trinity Sunday, but note the use of the term "the Spirit," and not the Holy Spirit. New Agers and pagans use "the Spirit" also. We ought to be more careful to make distinctions, especially with children present as prayer teaches by content, as does the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds. While not actually heretical, the dropping of the Holy and the use of the lone Spirit is a trend---everyone talks about the "Spirit", as if we are referring to the same entity, unlike the traditional, "the Holy Ghost".

Note as well that we have just prayed for those who supposedly show us wisdom in art, but we have not prayed for the conversion for the vast numbers of artists who publicly blaspheme and commit profanity with our money [taxes.]

To be continued, as I haven't the heart to read the rest for now, it is so tedious, like praying "for those who are going on picnics" as opposed to those who are not. And the ubiquitous "for those who are discriminated against". They never get to specifics. It is just to discriminate at times, even a duty. Why does not the phrase include "unjustly"? Tedious and banal. PC indoctrination perhaps? I think you know what I mean---very much like sermon after sermon bewailing the awful "religious right" while nary a mention of the "unreligious left" or even the "religious left". Conservative activists in the pews soon comprehend they are the bad guys and unwanted in today's updated all-inclusive Church".

Unless there exists an opposing side it is irrational to speak of a right, which is always in relation to a left; to deny this is to say that there is such a thing as half a hole, an impossibility. Even a single lane road has a left and a right side of that lane. Two lane highways are designated as containing a right lane and a left one, by definition.

Tedious and banal and hypocritical. One concludes that we are being indoctrinated into PC, rather than actually praying for the sake of the salvation of souls, etc. PC is Politically Correct but it is especially Post-Catholic.



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