Erasmus was a good friend of St. Thomas More; he was loyal to the Holy See and to the Magisterium, and refused to take the side of Martin Luther, although he wanted reform, in that he thought the priests did not look after their flocks with compassion and neglected teaching them the faith.

Great has been the increase and power of Catholics in Holland, due to their having large families; an increase in the number of parochial schools; and their civic influence; 43.5 per cent of the Dutch schools are Catholic; 27.3 per cent Protestant; and 27.6 per cent of what we would call public schools. A generation ago 75 per cent of the schools were public schools. All teachers of all schools are paid by the state.

The Dutch Parliament is made up of an Upper Chamber of 50 members, 17 of them members of the Catholic Peoples Party; and a Chamber of Deputies of 100 members, 32 of them members of the C. P. P. The Catholic members form the largest group in both Chambers. The Prime Minister of Holland is a Catholic, Dr. L. J. M. Beel. The votes cast for members of the Chamber of Deputies in the last Dutch election (May 17, 1946) were as follows:

Parties Votes Per Cent Seats
Catholic Peoples 1,466,510 30.8 32
Social Democratic 1,347,664 28.3 29
4 Protestant Parties 1,121,153 27.15 23
Communist 502,935 10.0 10
Liberal 305,935 ---
An amicable relationship exists in Holland between Catholics and Protestants, who work in unity through an Interdenominational Office on issues of a Christian nature.