St. Simon Stock

May 16

C. 1165-1265

Born at Aylesford, Kent, England, he became a hermit and then went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where he joined the Carmelites. He returned to Kent when the Moslems drove the Carmelites out and in 1247 was elected superior general of the Carmelites. He greatly expanded the Order, established new foundations in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Italy, and revised the rule, which revision was approved by Pope Innocent IV in 1237. At about this time Simon experienced the vision of Mary promising salvation to all Carmelites who wore the brown Scapular she showed him-----a vision that led to the widespread devotion to Mary over the next centuries of wearing this scapular in her honor. He died at Bordeaux on May 16. Though never formally canonized, he has long been venerated, and celebration of his feast was permitted to the Carmelites by the Holy See on May 16. The surname Stock may come from the legend that he lived inside a tree trunk in his youth.

Prayer to St. Simon Stock

O holy Saint simon, thou wert blessed with the apparition of Our Lady and received the Scapular as a special sign of her favor. Following thy example, I pledge to wear the Scapular faithfully and devoutly so that I may always have Our Lady's wonderful protection in life and her special help at the hour of death. Amen.

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