St. Ivo of Kermartin
Patron of Lawyers, Widows and Orphans

May 19


 Son of the lord of the manor of Kermartin, Brittany, where he was born, he studied theology, canon law, and philosophy at Paris and civil law at Orleans. On his return to Brittany, he became a judge of the Rennes diocesan court and then of his own diocese, Treguier, where he became known as "the poor man's advocate" for his defense of the poor and his refusal to accept fees from his poor clients. In 1284, he was ordained, resigned his legal position in 1287 to be parish priest at Tredrez, and later filled the same role at Lovannec. He built a hospital, tended the ill, ministered to the poor, and acquired a reputation for his preaching ability. He was much sought after as a mediator and was noted for the austerity and piety of his life. He died on May 19, was canonized in 1347.

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