Saint Medard

June 8

He was born about 470 in Salency in the Province of Picardy, France, studied near what is called Saint-Quentin today, where he became friends with Eleutherius of Tournai. St. Medard was known for his care of the poor even before he became the Bishop of Saint-Quentin. As bishop he gave protection to Queen Radegund, who left her husband, King Clotaire, who was most cruel. She began her religious life at this time under the Saint's tutelage. The Saint died at the age of 90 when King Clotaire instructed that the Saint's remains be moved to Soissons. He was known for laughter and smiling, especially in his youth, so he is invoked against toothache. His name is of Germanic origin and means honored and daring. The above image is an Italian one, a popular traditional pious picture of the 19th century.

His mother was of Roman descent; before his ordination and entrance into the religious life it is thought that he oversaw vineyards on lands owned by his wealthy family until he reached the age of 33. The only image we could locate depicting him with grapes, one of his symbols, is copyrighted. However we have a lovely painting of unknown origin, linked below.




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