St. Barnabus, Martyr

June 11


 Saint Barnabas was the cousin of Saint Mark the Evangelist. He is given the honorary title of Apostle, even though he was not one of the Twelve. He was the disciple and companion of Saint Paul. He labored with Saint Paul in various cities and places. He was stoned to death on the Island of Cyprus, where he was born. The Jews stoned him to death because they were infuriated by the power with which he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When his tomb was opened, several hundred years after his death, he was found holding the Gospel of Saint Matthew in his hand. He is beautifully associated with Saint Matthew, whose Gospel he loved; with Saint Mark, whose cousin he was; and with Saint Paul, of whom he was a disciple. Saint Barnabas' name was originally Joseph. He was called Barnabas, which means son of consolation. Saint Charles Borromeo calls him the Apostle of Milan. He was one of the seventy-two disciples of Our Lord. The name of Saint Barnabas is mentioned every day in the Canon of the Mass [The immemorial Roman Mass], and always in the Litany of the Saints.




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