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Part 2

Who Is Father Luigi Villa? Continued

1990 was a pivotal year, for it saw the withdrawal of Card. Casaroli as Secretary of State, the decline of  Card. Poletti, Vicar of His Holiness and the rise of one Msgr. Camillo Ruini, the new Vicar of His Holiness and president of the Italian Episcopal Conference [CEI], now the most powerful man in the Vatican!MSGR. RUINI

Both Casaroli and Poletti were Masons listed in the "List of Pecorelli" with an initiation date, Serial number and Acronymn.

Casaroli was the point man for the pro-Communist policy, called "Ostpolitik" begun by Paul VI and as Secretary of State, next to John Paul II, was then the most powerful man in the Vatican, second only to Msgr. [Cardinal - Msgr. is used as a title in reference to a prelate in Italy]. Ugo Poletti who had had a meteoric career thanks to Paul VI.

When Paul VI was the Cardinal of Milan [Montini] he decided to close the newspaper "The People of Italy" and move it elsewhere. The local Bishop, Gremigni, protested, citing a lack of jurisdiction. Six months before Montini became Pope, he sent a letter to Gremigni of such a content, that upon reading it, he had a heart attack and died. The letter was found by Poletti, who kept it to himself. When Martini became Paul VI, there was Poletti like the ghost of Gremigni. In 1967 the Italian Press received information that the death of that Bishop had to do with the new Pope. Soon after, Poletti was promoted one after the other to a series high offices, inexplicably. In 1986 a Msgr. Camillo Ruini, pictured above, had become a favorite of Poletti. In quick succession, he too, was promoted to Cardinal, Vicar of the Pope, and President of CEI.

In 1991 he was considered the most powerful man in the Vatican. He was also the supporter and protector of the heretical "Neo-Catechumenical Doctrine" of Frances Arguello [Kiko] and Carmen Hernandez. There were 18 heresies revealed in "Chiesa" and finalized in a book, titled, Heresies in the Neo-Catechumenical Doctrine. Hernandez is a former nun. Among the heresies exposed were these, that Christ did not found the Catholic Church and that the Sacrifice on Calvary was not a true Sacrifice. In the first there is the postulate that one cannot be saved in the Catholic Church but only by following other religions. To date this movement has had Pontifical endorsement, which tells us much, does it, not, about the rot at the top?
"Chiesa" went on to reveal more unCatholic doings. In the issue, N. 248, February 1994, Father Villa published an article, PDS - Leftist Democratic Party: Let's Lay the Cards on the Table, an attack on Communism and a denunciation of its Masonic roots. It demonstrated that Communism is the political version of the secret program of the Satanic order of the Bavarian Illuminati to destroy the Catholic Church and Christian civilization. Father made pamphlets for distribution throughout Italy. The Bishop of the region in Piedmont that held the town of Ivea was none other than Msgr. Luigi Betazzi, a Mason on the "Pecorelli List." He flew into a rage when the pamphlets were handed out there and told the press he was suing the authors of the dossier. Then he changed his mind and opted for suing only Fr. Villa.

By now there was such turmoil by the revelations that a number of priests concluded it was time to silence Villa, who had not only exposed Bishop Betazzi but had published in two other issues of "Chiesa" an unfavorable critique of the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Carlo Martini. This critique also appeared in The Sunday Times, April 26, 1993.
Betazzi had set up a mock trial for the priest, scheduled for January 31, 1995 at the Court of Brescia, as if he was a justice official. Two more articles, critical of Martini were published in "Chiesa" based on an interview that the prelate gave to "Le Monde", January 4, 1994.

In Brescia things were aboil and Betazzi was stoking the flames. On Nov. 30, 1994 he wrote a scathing letter to Father Villa calling for "a proper and adequate reparation for compensation of damages," and in which he claimed to be sorry to "have to continue an unfortunate dispute ..."

On January 31, the supposed date of the so-called trial came and went with nothing happening. The priests of Brescia were taken aback.

Towards the end of 1994, he wrote a letter to Cardinal Angelo Sodano, in which he said that "he was not going to become a victim and that he would make known all the names of the Cardinals ..."

Soon Father's attorney was contacted by the lawyer for Msgr. Betazzi because that Bishop desired to be received by Father Villa. The meeting did take place with Betazzi going to the office of Villa. The prelate asked Father if he would permit him to withdraw the complaint. In a follow-up letter he claimed to not be a Mason, which was of course not true, but it is obvious that Father had the goods as they say and the Vatican and Betazzi and Company knew only too well that he did.

On March 28, 1995, Father wote a second letter to Card. Sodano, demanding the removal of Msgr. Betazzi from the diocese of Ivea, listing eleven serious reasons, which included proof of his Masonic membership. He was also the President of Pax Christi International, which has the aim of realizing the satanic plan for the "New Age" religion,  despite all the peace rhetoric on behalf of man. Here in Maine we have a group of Pax Christi members and wherever you find them you find simultaneously dissent from Catholic teaching and morals and hubris and a lack of charity towards Catholics who keep all of the faith to the best of their ability and are willing to defend it.

The effect of Father Villa's exposures was death threat upon death threat. One of his associates, Dr. Franco Adessa received a post card with a pentagram on it and a death threat.
Meanwhile Card. Martini was encouraging Catholics to read the Talmud! Imagine!!

On February 6, 2000, Father Villa published the book, "Explain Yourself, Eminence" concerning Cardinal Martini who had decided to involve the new Bishop of Brescia, Msgr. Sanguineti in an attempt to defend himself. The Bishop wrote back to Martini vilifying Villa.

Without being able to prove even so much as a minor error in the book, that letter of contumely against Father Villa maintained that Father had used a smear campaign against Paul VI and of being guilty of "pre-conciliar tendencies ..." At the end of the missive Sanguineti promised Martini that "We are committed to stemming as much as possible and fighting with the allowed means this resurgence of arrogance and proud presumption of being holders of the truth."

The same tactics employed whenever someone claims to be in the right to defy everything the Church has stood for.

The Cardinal had the letter published in the diocesan bulletin so all the clergy would know the "proper stance."

Then Msgr. Sanguineti asked to meet with Father Villa, during which the subject of Masonic infiltration came up, including reference to the Bishop. Now the Bishop was not on the original list but he had been appointed Vicar general by the Mason, Msgr. Maverna, who was later expelled from his diocese due to Father Villa's actions. Father Villa had heard that Sanguineti was a Mason directly from a source in the Masonic field. He had no answer for Father Villa, but went into another room to "cool off".

In October of 2000 Fr. Villa sent to the Jesuit Order documents relating to Martini of such weight that this essentially ended his "career". Along with the papers there was a letter warning hat if anything happened to the person or the family of that person who handed over the documents, the Judiciary and Police would be notified and the first to be investigated would be Martini.

Card. Sanguineti, before being replaced as Bishop of Bescia, on September 23, 2007, consecrated the first church of the third millennium, which was later determined to be a Satanic-Masonic Temple; the setting is at the foot of the hill of Padergnone, a hamlet of Rodengo Saiano. It is known for its strange spiral shaped outer wall. The image just above is the cover of the issue of "Chiesa" in 2009 that featured the existence of such an edifice under Catholic auspices.

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