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O gracious and beautiful Heaven, more vast than the heavens themselves, for they cannot contain God, Who is immense, but He concealed Himself in thy womb; O richest of all treasures, in which was deposited the treasure of our redemption; O Mother of sinners, under whose mantle we are defended; O consolation of the world, in which all who are afflicted, infirm, and disconsolate, find consolation; O beautiful eyes, which steal hearts; O coral lips, which imprison souls; O generous hands, filled with lilies, and which always distribute graces; O pure creature. who appearest a God, and whom I should have taken for a God, had not faith taught me that thou art not so, although thou hast a splendor, and I know not what of Divine sovereignty; O great Lady, empress of Heaven, enjoy for a thousand eternities the greatness of thy state, the immensity of thy greatness, and the happiness of thy glory, We only beseech thee, O compassionate Mother, not to forget us, who glory in being thy servants and children, And since in thee are deposited all graces, and the best and most privileged of all created things, grant, O Lady, that we, thy devout children, may be favored more beyond comparison than are all other men on earth, The whole world should know that the dear children of Mary are the best of Heaven and earth: they are the spoilt children, who enjoy all the choicest possessions of their Mother; they are the beloved Benjamins, who, being caressed in the bosom of the Queen of Heaven, are doubly favored and doubly caressed by the Majesty of God, This I hope, O most beautiful Rachel; and this I am confident that thou wilt do, O sovereign Princess, in the name of what thou art, do it; for all Heaven prostrate at thy feet beseeches thee, and with importunity asks it of thee. Say only yes, pronounce only a loving consent; be it done, be it done, fiat, fiat!

O men, of what are you thinking? How can you love earthly, deceitful, and lying creatures, which betray you and cause you to lose your souls, your bodies, Paradise, and God! And why do you not love the most loving, the most amiable, the most faithful Mary, who, after having enriched you with consolations and graces in this life, will obtain you from her Divine beloved Son the eternal glory of Paradise?

     O Mary, Mary more beautiful than all creatures, lovely after Jesus above all loves, more dear than all created things, gracious above every grace, pity this miserable heart of mine; miserable because it does not love thee; and it ought to love thee. Thou canst inflame it with thy holy love. Turn, O Mary, thy loving eyes upon me; look at me, and draw me to thee; and grant that after God I may love no other but thee, most gracious, most amiable Mary, Mother of Jesus, and my Mother.


Our Mother, Mary

THOU art clement, thou art chaste,
  Mary, thou art fair;
Of all mothers sweetest, best,
  None with thee compare.

O Mother blest! whom God bestows
  On, sinners and on just,
What joy, what hope, thou givest those
  Who in thy mercy trust!
                           Thou art clement, etc.

O heavenly Mother! Mistress sweet!
  It never yet was told
That suppliant sinner left thy feet
  Unpitied, unconsoled.
                           Thou art clement, etc.

O Mother pitiful and mild!
  Cease not to pray for me;
For I do love thee as a child,
  And sigh for love of thee.
                           Thou art clement, etc.

Most pow'rful Mother! all men know
  Thy Son denies thee nought;
Thou askest
-------  wishest it -------  and, lo,
   His power thy will has wrought.
                           Thou art clement, etc.

Mother of Love! for me obtain,
   Ungrateful though I be,
To love that God Who first could deign
   To show such love to me.
                           Thou art clement, etc.


Invocation of Mary in Time of Temptations

    HASTE, my Mother, run to help me; 
Mother, haste, do not delay;
   See from Hell the envious serpent
      Comes my trembling soul to slay.

   Ah! his very look affrights me,
      And his cruel rage I fear;
   Whither fly, if he attacks me?
      See him, see him coming near!

Lo! I faint away with terror,
For if yet thou dost delay,
He will dart at me his venom;
Then, alas! I am his prey.

   Cries and tears have nought availed me, 
Spite of all I see him there;
   Saints I call till I am weary.
     Still he stands with threatening air.

   Now his mighty jaws are open,
     And his forked tongue I see;
   Ah! he coils to spring upon me
Mother! hasten, make him flee.

   Mary! yes, the name of Mary
     Strikes with dread my cruel foe; 
Straight he flees as from the sunbeam
     Swiftly melts the winter's snow.

Now he's gone; but do thou ever
Stay beside me, Mother dear;
Then the hellish fiend to tempt me
Never more will venture near.


Aspirations to Mary

KNOWEST thou, sweet Mary, 
Whereto I aspire?
'Tis my hope to love thee,
This is my desire.

I would e'er be near thee,
Queen most fair and sweet!
Do not, do not drive me
  From my Mother's feet.

Then, O Rose most lovely!
Let me hear from thee.
Loving Mother! tell me
  What thou wilt of me.

More I cannot offer,
Lo! I bring my heart; 
Lovingly I give it,
   Ne'er from thee to part.

Lady, thou didst take it,
   'Tis no longer mine:
Long since thou didst love it, 
And its love was thine!

Do not, then, forsake me,
Mother of sweet Love, 
Till one day thou see me
   Safe in Heaven above.