Efficacious Novena of the Three "Ave Marias" 1

O Mary, Virgin most powerful, to whom nothing is impossible, by this same power which the Father Almighty has graciously conferred upon thee, I beg of thee, assist me in my present need. Since it is within thy power to help me, abandon me not, O Advocate of the hopeless and miserable who have recourse to thee!

It seems to me that the granting of this favor would tend to the glory of God, thine own honor, and the good of my soul.

If then, as I think, it is according to the amiable and most holy will of God, intercede for me, I beseech thee, O Mediatrix most powerful, with thy Divine Son, Who can refuse thee nothing.

Once again, I ask thee, in the name of that boundless power which our Heavenly Father has communicated to thee, and in honor of which I say in union with St. Mechtilde, to whom you first revealed the salutary practice of the Three Ave Marias:
Hail Mary, etc.

Holy Virgin, who art so justly called Seat of Wisdom, because Wisdom itself, the Word of God, reposed in thee . . . O thou to whom this Adorable Son communicated His Divine knowledge in such measure as the most perfect creature could receive it . . . thou knowest full well how great is my present trouble, and how much I need thy assistance.

Confident then in this Divine Wisdom, I abandon myself entirely into thy hands, that with strength and sweeetness thou mayest arrange all to the greater glory of God and the good of my soul.

Deign then to come to my help by the means which will attain this end.

O Mary, Mother of Divine Wisdom, deign to obtain this precious grace which I beseech of thee. I ask it in the name of that incomparable wisdom with which Thy Son, the Word of God, has enlightened thee, and in honor of  which I say, in union with St. Anthony of Padua and St. Leonard of Port-Maurice, the most zealous preachers of thy Three Ave Marias.
Hail Mary, etc.

O kind and loving Mother, verily Mother of Mercy, thou, who in these latter times hast been pleased to call thyself "Mother most merciful," at thy feet I entreat thee, evidence thy compassionate kindness towards thy child.

The greater my need, the greater the compassion it will awaken in thee.

Full well I know, that in no way do I merit this grace which I desire so ardently, I who have so often saddened thee, by offending thy Divine Son. But if I have been guilty, very guilty, sincerely do I repent of having wounded the tender, loving Heart of Jesus and thine own.

Besides, art thou not, as thou didst reveal to St. Bridget, "the Mother of repentant sinners"? Forgive me, then, my past ingratitude and considering only thy merciful kindness as well as the glory which will reflect upon God and thyself, obtain for me from His merciful goodness, this grace which I beg through thine intercession.

O thou who hast never been invoked in vain. O clement! O merciful! O sweet Virgin Mary! deign, deign to help me, I beseech thee, by this merciful kindness with which the Holy Spirit has filled thee for us, and in honor of which I say with St. Alphonsus Liguori, the Apostle of thy mercy and the doctor of the Three Ave Marias.
Hail Mary, etc.