Mitt the Moonshiner Redux

by Pauly Fongemie
October 11, 2012
Feast of the Divine Maternity of Our Lady

In the first "Moonshiner" article we dissected Mitt Romney's compromising position viz. a viz. "gay adoption" and "gay marriage" --- he was for the first but not for the latter in that he advocated "encouraging", while not actually wanting to uphold the natural law by the law itself.

The title of the column was derived from an analogy: "Just as moonshine is illicitly distilled liquor, Romney's reasoning is illegitimately extracted from faulty premises in that it does not comport with human nature, human reason and common sense."

Once again the GOP establishment candidate for US President is about the country calibrating Truth by nuance or shading by degree; his ability to say one thing while meaning something else is outmatched only by Barack Obama, and at that he might still be capable of providing our lawless President some lessons in demagoguery, this time about the sanctity of human life in the womb.

During the Republican primaries, faced with the unassailable 100% pro-life positions of Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum [who actually won IOWA, although officially he came in second because the GOP permitted [on purpose?] some highly questionable vote tallying skullduggery, Mitt the Moonshiner proudly proclaimed himself pro-life, despite his questionable record as Governor of liberal Massachusetts.

Then, after winning the nod for the Presidency, he said he favored exceptions for abortion --- "the big three", while adding that he intended to use executive orders to reinstate the Mexico City policy and initiate the cessation of the US treasury paying for abortions at US military facilities. Fat chance. Unless you completely repeal Obamacare, which has already begun in operation according to my physician, abortion is a protected "procedure" worthy of being subsidized by the taxpayer;  ironically, maybe by design, the elderly on Medicare will have reduced services to fund the free abortions and contraception, while being denied some normal care, thus virtually guaranteeing a reduction in longevity that can be maintained without extraordinary measures, the much disparaged, denied death panels. The committee assigned to this Fascist enterprise does not consist of doctors! Romney's executive orders would be countermanded and undermined by force of the bill. But, let us say for the sake of argument, this were not the case; it is in the end not material at all, because the "big three" ensure that abortion on demand will flourish because anyone can claim rape, without having to prove it in the case of abortion. Then, even more by reason alone, if we say that we believe a real human being is killed in abortion [which is the truth], then how can anyone who truly believes this, condemn one child to death because of the sin of his father, while permitting another to live because his mother does not want anyone else to adopt the baby she no longer thinks she wants? The rationale falls flat on its face. Every baby is innocent and merits the full protection of the law, regardless of circumstances; the merit inheres in him, not his mother; she, too has rights, but these are limited as ours are --- no one of us can deliberately, knowingly kill an innocent child, for any reason!

If this is the best that Mitt Romney can come up with, he does not have the wherewithal to be our President; the Commander-in-Chief sometimes has to use measured reasoning along with the advice of the military and other experts. Thus far, he has demonstrated that he cannot do so; war and the avoidance of war must take into account the natural law; Romney thinks he is free to disregard any part of the natural law he calculates will help get him elected, selling his soul to do so. If his soul can be bought so cheap, the price of ambition, how much less do you think he thinks ours are worth?

Ultimately, Romney or Obama, it is only a matter of time, the short, sharp stiletto or the long strangulation of the slowly tightening rope, we are under God's chastisement, for our refusal to do away with abortion when we could if we truly wanted to --- look at all the Tea Party accomplished within two years! The blood of the innocent slain in our wanton brutality cries out for vengeance. If we will not submit to the will of Almighty God His way --- through reverence for all of the natural law --- then He will punish us our way, through our pocketbook and many wars. Hell is coming, our day of reckoning looms. The economy will go up and down some, the upside being but a temporary illusion to lead us further into our defiant blindness.

I was right the first time, I will be writing in Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum for President and Vice-President, I don't care one wit any longer about duly appointed Presidential Electors in the Electoral College. Someone has to tell the GOP establishment, stop already, no more, more!

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