The Shape of Things to Come

Terence J. Hughes 

     From the first legalization of abortion in America, the Catholic Church has been in the forefront of efforts to restore Constitutional protection for all human beings from conception to natural death. Over the past three decades, however, leading Catholic politicians, first in the Democratic Party and now in the Republican Party, have gone over to what John Paul II calls the Culture of Death, until today nearly all Catholics who are Establishment politicians in both parties are the most militant advocates of abortion and it is rare for a young Catholic just entering politics to embrace the pro-life position. These politicians young and old have concluded, after careful observation, that opposition to abortion by the Catholic Church in America is only verbal and occasional, and serves to mask pro-abortion activities that will advance their careers.

     To illustrate this fact, let us look not at a Catholic bishop or archbishop whose dedication to the pro-life cause is suspect. Let us look at one who has long been regarded as a pro-life champion, one who repeatedly appears on the stage with pro-life heroes whom Nellie Gray invites to greet the people who join her annual March for Life in Washington, DC, every January. Let us look at the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston, Bernard Law [NOW RESIGNED].

  • The first major Catholic defection from pro-life ranks was Teddy Kennedy. Senator Kennedy has never been disciplined in any way by Law or his predecessor Archbishops of Boston.
  • When Philip Lawler, former editor of Law's archdiocesan newspaper, The Pilot, ran against Kennedy in 2000 he got no support from Law and precious little from Catholic churches in Massachusetts.
  • Years earlier, Law had fired Lawler from The Pilot when he participated in peaceful sit-ins at abortion Auschwitzes in the Boston Archdiocese with members of Operation Rescue. Martin Luther King, Jr. got the Nobel Peace Prize and was honored with a national holiday for employing peaceful sit-ins to protest racial segregation. Sit-ins to protest wanton slaughter of the next generation of Americans does not carry the same moral heft with Law.
  •  In the U.S. House of Representatives, the most powerful and zealous advocate of killing those babies was House Speaker Thomas "Tip" O'Neill, from Law's Archdiocese of Boston. Law officiated at O'Neill's funeral Mass in Boston, thereby signaling his approval of O'Neill's abortion advocacy.
  •  When John Salvi went on a deranged shooting spree and killed a Catholic receptionist at a Planned Parenthood abortion Auschwitz in his archdiocese, Law called for a "moratorium on prayer vigils" so the killing of babies could proceed with no pro-life witness. The late Cardinal O'Connor of New York, on the other hand, called for a moratorium on abortions.
  • This year, Cardinal Law banned Priests for life from making any pro-life presentations at any Catholic church or facility in the Archdiocese of Boston.
  •  Cardinal Law announced that no photographs of aborted babies could be shown in Catholic churches, schools, or other facilities because "The Children" might be upset, to the great relief of pro-abortion Catholic politicians who champion the "choice" of killing children.
  •  Cardinal Law denounced as "a bad idea" in The Pilot the petition being circulated asking the Holy Father to excommunicate pro-abortion Catholic politicians.
  •  For the past ten years, the Director of Counseling Services for Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Boston has been a weekend "deathscort" for Planned Parenthood in Boston. The job of the deathscort is to rush women seeking abortions past the pro-life sidewalk counselors who offer them life-affirming information and assistance.
  Remember, all this is from a "Great Pro-Life Champion" who appears regularly at the annual March for Life and waves from the platform to the pro-life marchers. This is the same Cardinal Law who has shielded homosexual predatory priests in the Archdiocese of Boston, shunting them from parish to parish when complaints that they are raping altar boys reach his ears, and never letting the parishioners know that he is sending them a serial sexual pervert to shepherd them and "mentor" their young boys, meaning raping boys as young as six years old. This is the same Cardinal Law who has forcibly introduced pornographic sex "education" into his Catholic schools, and made them "safe houses" for homosexual activists. This is the Cardinal Law whose seminary for forming future priests is known as a homosexual whorehouse that promotes dissent from Church teaching, especially teaching on sexual morality.

   The same decades that saw the Catholic Church become the de facto Church of Abortion, in terms of the politicians who seek public office from its ranks, are the decades that saw its priests and bishops sink into the cesspool of sexual perversion.

     When I was a boy, the Catholic nuns taught us to "avoid occasions of sin." Homosexuals are thrice cursed. Homosexual perversion is compulsively addictive, is obsessed with youth, and is ridden with disease. Taken as a group, homosexuals have hundreds of sex "partners" every year, they lust after boys, and they are dead by age 40. For a bishop to actively recruit homosexuals into the priesthood, and then assign them to parishes where they are constantly among boys and young men, is to immerse them in occasions of sin they cannot resist. Therefore these bishops are guilty of the most grievous mortal sin, one deserving of a millstone hanged about their necks and then cast into the sea [Matthew 18:5-6].

     What we have here is linkage between killing the body by abortion and killing the soul by sodomy, all orchestrated by Catholic bishops, including Cardinal archbishops, even ones we thought were most loyal to the Church. I can imagine no greater crisis for the Catholic Church in America than this, and it has been going on for a long time, at least 30 and perhaps 50 years. The result has been revealed in an extensive study published in the lifeline section of USA Today on 22 July 2002. Only 30 percent of Catholic youth agree with official Church teaching on abortion, euthanasia, heterosexual fornication, and homosexual sodomy, compared to 45 percent of their parents and 64 percent of their grandparents. Youthful hormones alone cannot account for this. It
also has to reflect a systematic debunking of Catholic moral teaching by Catholic religious and lay teachers that has been going on for decades, all with the encouragement of Catholic bishops, even to the point where repeated polling shows that two-thirds of Catholics no longer believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, which is the heart of Catholic teaching and the focus of worship in the Catholic Mass.

     So what is the shape of things to come? We who actively defend the sanctity of human life, of all religious traditions, must face the fact that we can no longer expect support from the Catholic Church in America, and instead expect increasing hostility. This hostility is already felt by the most active activists. The hostility includes being banned permanently from Church property merely for calling attention before Mass to fundraising dinners for pro-abortion Catholic politicians in Church dining halls, dinners sanctioned by the bishop, who then bears false witness against the messenger. I can attest personally to receiving this treatment at St. John's Catholic Church in Bangor [Maine] from my bishop, Joseph Gerry. At the same time, Bishop Gerry's priests ran a homosexual web site, Saint Sebastian's Angels, that ... featured pornographic photos and e-mails that combine badmouthing the Holy Father with sanctimonious self-pity.

Without a great outpouring of grace from the Holy Spirit, what will happen will be a schism in the Catholic Church in America. Two-thirds of Catholics will join an American Catholic Church and one-third will remain in the Roman Catholic Church. I base this on the split over central moral and doctrinal teachings that already exists within the Church. The dissenting bishops will convince the two-thirds who are already in spiritual rebellion that they can join an American Catholic Church that retains Apostolic Succession, because the bishops in schism will ordain new bishops from priests who already embrace the moral and doctrinal views these lay Catholics favor. Over time this will lead to:

  • Acceptance as holy all forms of sexual activity and perversion, from masturbation to bestiality, inside and outside of marriage.
  •  Introduction of General Absolution of sins integrated into the opening prayer at Mass, and elimination of individual confession of sins to a priest as a Church Sacrament.
  • Optional belief in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and permanent removal of the tabernacle from a visible location in Catholic churches.
  •  Ordination of women and active homosexuals to the priesthood, and elimination of celibacy as a requirement for the priesthood.
  • Basing salvation on a nebulous "fundamental option" to love God and neighbor that makes personal sins obsolete and "tolerance" the only virtue.
  •  Promotion of contraception, abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, cloning, and all scientific "breakthroughs" that give death a priority over life.
  •  Debunking the role of Mary in salvation, debunking Christ's miracles of healing, and ultimately debunking the Divinity of Christ.
  •  Replacing the hierarchical structure instituted by Jesus Christ for governing His Church with "democratic" structures run by the laity.
     The key to forming this new American Catholic Church by American bishops and archbishops already in de facto revolt from Rome will be finding anti-Catholic judges who rule that Church property must remain in the hands of schismatic bishops and archbishops, and not be turned over to the "foreign" Roman Catholic Church. Being cowards, these bishops will want a test-case to see if this strategy works. When it does, a wholesale defection by dissident bishops will follow. The ruling must allow the schismatic bishops and archbishops to retain their perks of office and the posh living to which they have become accustomed. Then two-thirds of our bishops will defect. Nearly all Catholic colleges and universities will align themselves with the new American Catholic Church, so that the Roman Catholic Church in America will be reduced to a status similar to the marginalized immigrant Church it was in the nineteenth century.

       Those who doubt need only look at the cowardly June 2002 meeting of Catholic bishops in Dallas. There they assassinated the Roman Catholic Church just as surely as John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. They instituted:

  •  A "one strike and you're out" policy against predatory priests, defining "sexual abuse" as even hugging a child.
  • Equating accusation with guilt for those accused of this "abuse" with no provision for due process, in direct violation of Canon Law in the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Retroactive application of this draconian policy, even if an alleged incident occurred decades ago and there were no other known incidents.
  • A climate of fear in the Catholic priesthood in which the bishop has become a Grand Inquisitor instead of the father to priests he is meant to be.
  • Exemption of bishops and archbishops, if one of them is accused, from the penalties they impose on priests.
  • An age limit of under 16 for those considered to be "children" in the defInition of sexual abuse, so the main target of abuse, boys over 16, can continue to be seduced and sodomized.
  • A watchdog board of laymen to oversee implementation of this policy, with the worst kind of pro-abortion politicians and lawyers appointed to the board.
 There is no provision for conversion, repentance, and forgiveness, in this policy. Jesus said we must forgive "seventy times seven" times. There is no provision for healing the boys and other children abused by predatory homosexual priests and bishops. They are off the bishops' radar screen of "compassion" just as babies killed by abortionists are off their radar screen.

This schism in the Roman Catholic Church will have elements of the Great Schism of 1054 and the Protestant Reformation of 1517. In 1054 the Eastern Orthodox churches broke away from Rome, but retained all Seven Sacraments and the Apostolic Succession of their bishops, along with the hierarchical form of Church government instituted by Christ. After 1517 the Protestants retained only the Sacrament of Baptism, lost Apostolic Succession, introduced various "democratic" forms of Church government, and consigned Christ's teachings to individual interpretations of the Bible. We can expect that the American Catholic Church will start in the 1054 mold but will quickly metamorphose into the 1517 model, with the consequent splintering into thousands of sects. The spirituality of these sects will be more New Age than Christian. The schism will be driven by hatred and contempt for the Holy Father, John Paul II, even though he has never disciplined any of the rebellious bishops and archbishops, relying instead on the power of persuasion presented in his papal letters and encyclicals. These documents are ignored by the dissenters and not one Catholic in a thousand reads them. They are paper tigers blowing in the wind, of only historical interest as soon as they are written.

      Will the Holy Spirit allow the de facto schism to become de jure? He allowed the early Christian world to fall under the yoke of Islam. A Christian remnant in those lands remains in thralldom to Islam to this day. A Christian land that has decreed all future generations can be killed without limit, as King Herod decreed all the boys in Bethlehem must be killed, and that exposes its boys to homosexual seduction and rape by the very priests and bishops who are sworn to celibacy in obedience to Christ, millstones by damned, is under a very heavy judgment. We can recall the chastisements God imposed on His Chosen People for similar repudiations of His Law, and they didn't have the revelation of Jesus Christ and His Holy Eucharist. America, especially American Catholics, must repent like the citizens of Nineveh to avoid an even harsher judgment. I don't see it happening. Pride and rebellion in High Places is too great. "I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven" [Luke 10:18].

Terence J. Hughes, 4 October 2002, 334 Main Street, Orono, ME 04473,



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