(5) Is there a coming persecution of Christians?
(6) Is there really a conspiracy against the Church?

There is another form of physical threat, apart from natural events and war, that of persecution because of group membership or religious belief. In a large country such as ours, with most families having the means of a variety of communication and freedom of travel, it is not possible on a practical level, for those in office and in policy-influencing positions and who hate Christ or wished He did not exist, to enact laws and regulations to outlaw the practice of Catholicism and other Christian religions.
Not yet, anyway. For now they still pretend they believe in freedom of religion. Until ... Preview of coming attractions, piecemeal. If there is a way, the haters of Christ will find it and use it. If not mine, yours. If not yours, your children's.

For now it is enough that Christians are divided---are not all members of the Catholic Church. They cannot defend themselves as one body. As long as the majority of those who embody the spirit of the world remain in power or in secure unelected positions in the bureaucracies where policy is carried out, they combine forces to whittle away at Christians, employing petty, unjust regulations, the courts and social agencies designed to wear us down, depress our spirit and willingness to meet the challenges. The latest example is the California Supreme Court decree that home schooling parents must have a teaching degree. The case is being appealed. If the case is upheld in a federal court, this trial balloon [pun unintended] will be considered a victory and policing traditional family life from the bench will spread. The outcome is that most Christians will be forced to send their children to private schools and pay double for educating their children or to public schools, since food, gas and taxes are so exorbitant they will not be able to pay for a private education. Let us pray and hope that
Power to the People will restore some temporary relief. The intended goal of those who make public policy behind the scenes? Where is the assault on Christ most secure from challenge? The government schools. He who controls the minds of the young controls the next generation. Parents simply cannot be allowed any more influence over their children than what the powers that be will permit. The public school teacher has been trained to indoctrinate for the new world order, so expertly that he does not know this has happened to him, to make sure what little traditional culture is left is despised and rejected. Today's teachers are re-educators who instill attitudes, not freedom of thought. It is working; the young adults of today are the most liberal of any generation in recent memory, favoring internationalism and "gay lifestyles". The Obamarama consists of a large portion of this younger generation called millennials.

Tradition is only respected within Catholicism with any sustainable longevity at all. I suspect this is part of the underlying incentive that attracts like-minded people who can articulate the problems at hand to be attracted to the Catholic Church in increasing numbers. Up front the impetus is contact with a devout Catholic or some other similar intervening event. They then embrace Christ with true faith. God works in mysterious ways. Interestingly, younger Catholics of the Novus Ordo milieu are becoming more conservative and open to Tradition than their parents and grandparents. Home schooled children are the least likely to be accepting of statism, socialism, internationalism and the assault on Christ. Home schoolers are slated for outright persecution. They are despised by those who personify the spirit of the world.

At present the most critical threat to social harmony and justice for Christians is in the schools themselves, where the name of Jesus Christ is outlawed, Christmas cannot be celebrated, but Muslim students are given full accommodation in some, partial in others, and these test runs, pun intended, which are succeeding will expand. So we know the combined forces of the elites are against Christ, not religion
per se. By definition! Anyone spot an ACLU type stalking the Muslim students? Please, just one, anybody?

The homosexualization of American culture is far advanced. Behind the scene wealthy homosexualists are engaged in directing policy in such a way it makes it difficult for the average Christian to respond effectively and in time. The sodomites and their boys know how to suppress their more demonstrative social displays in order to fly beneath the radar screen. They influence legal thinking, have positions as staff in Congress, and some of them serve as elected members. They sit on benches and proliferate in city hall. They are an entrenched elite of the Republican Party. The hate crimes bill failed, thanks to Power to the People, but how long before they succeed as we grow exhausted from so many skirmishes on so many fronts? The degenerates have nothing to lose. I saw the malaise set in Maine over a ten year period. Let us pray it is not as Maine goes, so goes the nation anymore. I fully expect that we will be subjected to fines if we persist in calling unnatural acts unnatural and shameful, sinful.

The beginning was as with abortion, the US Supreme Court, dominated by Catholics, which extended sodomy the glorification of a positive right
de facto, if not de jure. I also suspect that we will be betrayed or abandoned by some of the American bishops who are no longer true believing Catholics. If this sounds harsh, so be it. It is the truth and someone has to say it. In her book, THE RITE OF SODOMY, Randy Engel documents the extent to which the American hierarchy consists of homosexual bishops and those friendly to the "rite". Now. Not just then. By the time the sodomite ascendancy is national policy we may be embroiled in nuclear war or facing starvation or natural disasters so comprehensively that there will be little opposition to it, survival being on most people's minds. Human nature again, the not so better part, but understandable. The spirit may be willing, the flesh weak, and fear adds a third dimension.

Concerns in the near offing, this generation:

If the nation still holds as a nation which I do not expect actually, and the trajectory is not interrupted in our lifetime, that the border to the south will completely collapse and that America will undergo total invasion, mass plunder, usurpation of private property and raids and atrocities I dare not think about. However, the invaders will have their own reckoning---the Red Chinese will call in the IOU chips they hold like a sword over our heads and just take over. They are taking no chances and developing nuclear weapons.

I do not make any prediction concerning the Islamic Jihadists as there are too many plausible scenarios and so many other factors impinging that I just can't "go there" at this time. The growth of Muslims in America is continuing. How many of these Americans will join the militants, I can't predict. We do know of the problems in England and the press for Sharia law in place of England's law. Closer to home right now is the assault on innocence and purity from the culture itself, as we have already looked at and know too well, and the occult. Satanism and witchcraft, sorcery, pagan practices are on the rise. According to retailers, Halloween is the largest growing
holiday for purchases. Stories in literature and in entertainment proliferate about "the good witch". Our little town has a bookstore dedicated to shamanism and sorcery. The odor that embalms you as you enter the door is abominable. No one I know who is trying to save his soul goes there. Five years ago a national poll revealed that 82 percent of the people believed in God---positively. A poll taken last month [April of 2008] has the number reduced to 51 %. I am not kidding. Sure, a higher number believe that there is a possibility of God, they are not just sure. They need proof as in DNA or something. Faith without faith.

Speaking of DNA, the more immediate threat is DNA data and microscopic chips the size of  a small filament implanted in the products we buy, from clothing to electronics. The US Congress just had to pass a bill preventing employers from using the DNA profiles of applicants in hiring. That is for now. What is not possible today becomes mandatory tomorrow so often. Recall when social security numbers were not to be used as an ID in other transactions? So we bought into SSN compliance. Soon banks, universities, all kinds of companies were demanding our SSN before we could conduct our business with them. Most people no longer think of it at all. The installment plan of the loss of our identity leading to identity theft. How soon before DNA profiles will be required as the SSN is, all with plausible rationales? How soon before DNA chip implants, not as locators but as instant analysis, people scans at the supermarket, what foods you are allowed and not allowed. Let's say you have high blood pressure. You are having a Christmas party and can't purchase what you need because you are restricted by your medical chip profile?

Those tiny chips? Walmart and other large chain retailers already have them embedded in thousands of products. Before this, retailers have been in the habit of insisting we tell them our zip code before we pay for a purchase. They track everything we buy, where we are from. 10 toasters in Winthrop in May, 24 in Augusta. Some retailers ask for the phone number, too. 10 toasters in Winthrop to so and so. Soon the toasters will have chips. Then the government will know not only where and what we purchase, each item for how much, they will know when we dispose of it and how.  Who knows if they will be able to tell what we toast in the toaster. Whole wheat or white. Will an alarm go off if it is white. Will we be sent to re-education camp? That is if white bread is still permitted.

Far-fetched? Ask John Vennari of CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS [
905-871-6292] to send you a copy of the issue on these tracking chips. The CFN article did not cover television chips already in newer models. Because of the high definition digital change and the mandate for older sets being replaced or transformed by a converter box, all sets will have the chips as of 2009. Many years ago most people knew about the volunteer families who permitted the networks to monitor their viewing habits so as to estimate the popularity of programs. Weekly statements were issued to the media in which television shows were rated and the number of viewers assigned. Now we hear of this rarely. Oh we hear about the number of viewers down to the percentile in what hour, etc., we just don't hear Nielson Ratings or TV Guide ratings weekly. Once in a while someone mentions Nielson or Arbitron, but almost by habit, when they really mean ratings in general. In fact one reporter mentioned the Nielson, then realized what he said and stuttered for a second, recovered and went on as if he was not cognizant how much his slip revealed. It is rarer and rarer. These pronouncements just stopped one week, but the ratings are cited ad infinitum in minutiae. How could this be? Computer chips dozens of years ago inside your set where you can't see them and remove them. This was the beginning. As technology advances possibilities are as endless as the probabilities. How about in the cars we buy? I do not mean the systems we can use for an electronic map, although I don't trust those at all, I mean tracking devices, little microbes, like germs, so that someone who wants to know can access data on Mr. and Mrs. so and so in Winthrop, who drive such and such, where they purchase their gas, go to church, or if they do, the bank, the local dump. How soon before the mark of the beast in order to acquire food? This is not science fiction, it is here, now, in your home. What about filaments in the newspaper or fliers that not only transmit signals to satellites, but transmit signals to you, inducing you to behaviors you might have been resistant to?

Will downloader viruses and trojan pests that infect computers be programmed not only to track our internet activity but direct us toward and away from sites?

What about gene manipulation for designer people? For a slave class? In England, a hybrid human being [part animal] has been approved by scientists! We are past the point of no return. Of course, the incentives will be for medical reasons, security from "criminals", and the like. Yes to one, yes to everything eventually. Actually, our permission will not be required at some point so this aspect is not relevant. Because we won't know if and how or when, therefore, how can we object? How does one get off a runaway train?

There are so many variables, who has the acumen to predict with any accuracy? And if this would be possible, any solutions? No, our every effort must be to save our souls, the only thing that matters whatever time and circumstance we find ourselves.

You asked if there will be a coming persecution of Christians? Yes, but not coming, it is here and now. The coliseums are gone, but the age of Martyrs has not passed, it awaits its second coming unlike anything else before it. A Martyrdom of attrition as much as anything.

Like the person who sees a tree but does not recognize that it is only part of a vast forest because he is focusing only on that single tree, so many do not see the thicket surrounding us even now. It will be too late when they do, too late. Now is the time, the acceptable time to prepare, to sanctify ourselves. We need not worry about "the end of the world" because when we die, however we die, that is the end of the world for us. Let us do our best to be as sure as we can hope to be, that our death is blessed, dying with the holy names of Jesus and Mary on our lips. And prepare ourselves for Martyrdom, by blood perhaps, certainly in the spirit. Our time has begun.

I love and know, as you do, Our Lady through the teachings of the Church, the writings of the Saints and by listening to her while meditating on her Holy Rosary. I believe everything she told the seers at Fatima. She said that the Consecration of Russia would happen, but that it would be late when the Holy Father accomplishes God's will. Then a period of peace [not defined in duration] will come. I just don't know when and if I will live to witness this miracle, but I believe Our Lady with all my heart and with all my strength. I believe in the promises of Christ, I believe God when He tells us that when we see certain signs, to look up for the end is near---for the children consecrated to Mary a time to rejoice for our time through her, too, is at hand; children of Mary have almost a certainty of attaining salvation. Saints say it is a sign of election.

I welcome being a Martyr, although I cannot directly ask for it. The Holy Catholic Faith sustains me, I am not fearful, only realistic. I am not morose and down-hearted, just using my God-given reason. If my children were still young this is what I would teach them, a little at a time until they were old enough to comprehend in the full. We ought to rejoice, I say it again with St. Paul, rejoice that we have been chosen by Christ to defend His Reign and His Kingdom at this time in this nation. We ought to sing with the memory of the Martyrs at Tyburn and in Rome accompanying us like a hymn. We have been given an incomparable grace, the gift of true faith and the mercy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. True devotion to her and consecration, clothed with her scapular, ought to be our arms of choice. Everything else is the precious cross; oh what blessedness! what peace of mind and soul! oh what happiness!

Is there really a conspiracy against the Church? Yes. It began in the lower heavens when the Angel Lucifer and his followers, shown the Incarnation of their God and asked to adore Him, refused in pride. His jealousy did not end with the Man-God but with His holy Mother, the Immaculate Conception, the purest of creatures, above all the Angels in the order of grace. His fear of her powers is impossible to describe in human terms. Now, Satan [Lucifer] has the intellect of an Angel who is pure intellect. An Angel can foresee perfectly the result of his will unlike man, who is a lesser creature. Lucifer knew when he rebelled his fate for all eternity, still his resentment was so strong, his own will so paramount, he willed to be in Hell rather than adore Christ, Jesus, in His Human Nature, corporally and in the Host. From the beginning, he, too, despised the Immemorial Traditional Mass where the adored and adorable Sacred Host is not touched by unordained hands. He lowered himself by not adoring, man the lower creature, "raises himself" up by adoring.

The devil also has preternatural powers that far surpass our natural powers or the preternatural powers Adam had before the fall; one of these is knowledge of the future in general; this is still limited because he is a creature, but certainly greater than man's ability to foresee. Satan also knew the plan for Christ's Church and the role of His Mother, her grant of custody over the distribution of grace under Divine Providence, the power of her Rosary and her intercession for men. If he cannot defeat Christ in His Divine Nature, if he cannot be rid of Christ in His Human Nature, he would assail Him in His Mystical Body, the Church---and His Mother, the Mother of that Mystical Body. He would prepare men to join him in the act of anti-worship. Man is made for worship. If not God, then himself. This would take cunning and subtlety---a master plan of two master strokes within two.

He practiced his craft with the First Man and Woman in Paradise. Original Sin, the first sin of man. Then would come in time the Unoriginal Sin, the second sin, so to speak, the attack on the Church by secondary men and women. He would make this sin his own specialty. Just as The Blessed Virgin Mary was born when God deemed the fullness of time in human history, so Satan has a time chart. God chose the Jewish people for His Own. Out of them would come the Messiah, the Second Person of the Trinity in His human nature from the womb of the Queen of the Jews, Heaven and earth. God has no time for He is eternal---eternal now. When we speak of time, we mean the measurement of human history here on earth as we perceive it. Satan knows his time is not endless. He hatched his scheme from the beginning since his swift descent from the antechamber of Heaven. He, too would make the Jews his own, only not all of them, just those among them who would transmit his "spirit" from generation to generation, to oppose the Virgin of the Magnificat---"all generations shall call me blessed." The culmination of her blessedness proclaimed on earth will be as Our Lady of Fatima---the Immaculate Heart: the errors of Russia are embodied in the devil's initiative, though it has ever gone by other names. She, the Woman of all Grace, he the infernal one of all anti-grace. His plan to subvert God's bears the overall name of THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH. It is also called Universal Freemasonry, Jewish Naturalism, the Illuminati, among other names, depending on the historic times, the needs of the devil, and the condition of the world.

In the age of the great apostasy, in the beginning of the end, this plot would be invigorated by those who betray the Catholic Church from within, so successful would be the machinations of Lucifer upon men who share in his pride. The plan by necessity is directed less against the Church per se, but against Her, who is her Mother. This diabolical design is to persuade men who may acknowledge Christ in some manner, to disavow His Mother, to refuse her mediation of mercy. Mary has her Militia of Holy Angels and those members of the Church who are consecrated to her, especially priests. Lucifer has his militia, his "priests", his disciples and "apostles" those who seduce men with the notion that not only is it not necessary to ask the intercession of the Mother of God, but to render the very idea itself repugnant, absolutely abhorrent. Attack the sanctity of her perpetual virginity, the sacredness of her womb where she adored Jesus, then the dismantling of the other Sacred Womb, the Tabernacle where Jesus Christ is adored. By this refusal to be devoted to Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, men will remain unrepentant [the unforgiven sin against the Holy Ghost] and thereby the infernal one can drag them down to Hell with him and his devils for all eternity. Men must be immunized, not from the disease of every sinful age, but from the cure as willed by Christ. Before the Antichrist and the final battle there is Mary, always Mary. It is she that is the devil's focus; he dreads her Seed, her strike at his heel, this Child Whom he cannot defeat, so it is to her---all men willed to her at the Foot of the Cross---he presses all the force of his attack, the full fury of his hatred. To Jesus through Mary---supernatural life. Away from Mary, to man---naturalism. To accomplish this he must first effect a grand deception by misdirection---and disorientation. First the Grand Orient or disorientation of Freemasonry, then the grandest disorientation of all, the rebellion against Sacred Tradition. St. Thomas Aquinas warns men of the danger of not holding fast to those traditions handed down by the Apostles as St. Paul did before him.

The spirit of the world, the spirit of Freemasonry is first and foremost revulsion against the power and purity of the most perfect human creature, the Blessed Virgin Mary, while all the while outwardly directed against her Son, Jesus Christ and His Social Reign. Where Freemasonry has freedom and prestige Our Lady's images are despised, her works denigrated and her consecrated children scorned. The revolt against the purity and innocence of children is the first but continual assault. It culminates in the ravaging of the womb in abortion. Then followed by the attack against the innocence and purity of families as free nations. The errors of  Russia [Communism]. Harken well the words of Our Lady of Fatima since 1917.

In their book [online] THE PLOT AGAINST THE CHURCH, published in 1962, the most comprehensive compendium on the conspiracy against the Church, a group of priests with the joint pen name of Maurice Pinay write [emphasis added]: NOTE: the Second Vatican Council was a break with Tradition in that it was not called as a dogmatic council, but a pastoral or advisory one only. Its "tenets" are not binding upon the faithful. Period.

"The most infamous conspiracy is in progress against the Church. Her enemies are working to destroy the most holy traditions and thus to introduce dangerous and evil-intended reforms, such as those of Calvin, Zwingli and other false teachers once attempted. They manifest a hypocritical zeal to modernise the Church and to adapt it to the present day situation; but in reality they conceal the secret intention of opening the gates to Communism, to hasten the collapse of the free world and to prepare the further destruction of Christianity. All this it is intended to put into effect at the coming  Vatican Council. We have proofs of how everything is being planned in secret agreement with the leading forces of Communism, of world Freemasonry and of the secret power directing these. It is intended to first carry out a probe and to begin with the reforms which encounter less resistance from the defenders of Holy Church, in order to then gradually extend the range, as weakening resistance allows this. In addition, we have confirmation of what will still be unbelievable for those who are not initiated, namely that the anti-Christian forces have at their disposal in the ranks of the Church dignitaries, a veritable "Fifth Column" of agents who are the unconditional tools of Communism and of the secret power directing it. For it has been revealed that those cardinals, archbishops and bishops, who form a kind of 'progressive' wing within the Council, will attempt to bring about a break through shameful reforms, whereby the good faith and the eagerness for progress of many devout Council Fathers will be deceived.

"The assurance has been given that the Progressive block forming at the beginning of the Synod will be able to count upon the support of the Vatican, in which, so it is said, those anti-Christian forces possess influence. This appears unbelievable to us and sounds more like boastful arrogance by the enemies of the Church than sober reality. However, we mention this, so that one sees, how far the enemies of Catholicism and of the Free World risk revealing themselves. Apart from the dangerous reforms in the doctrine of the Church and her traditional policy which stand in open contradiction to what was approved by the preceding Popes and Ecumenical Councils, it is desired that the Excommunication Bulls uttered by his Holiness Pope Pius XII against the Communists and their lackeys be declared nullified.

" ... Since in addition attention is drawn to that the Holy Chair and the Second Vatican Council might abandon certain traditions of the Church, in order to grant aid to the triumph of Communism and of Freemasonry, we lay at basis of the two first parts of this work a minute study, whereby we cite the two most serious sources concerning what one can call the quintessence of Freemasonry and of atheistic Communism, and investigate the nature of the secret power directing it. Even if the fourth part of this book is the most important, then nevertheless the first three and above all the third made comprehensible the plot threatening Holy Church in its entire circumference. This plot is not restricted to its activity during the coming universal Synod but extends far more to the entire feature of the Church. For the enemy has already calculated, that if for some reasons at the Holy Synod strong defensive forces awaken against its planned reforms and these should bring about the failure of its intentions at the Second Vatican Council, it will use at a later point any kind of opportunity to realm to its plan, in which respect it would know how to utilise the strong influence which it pretends to have with the Holy Chair."

2013 ADDENDUM: In France the authorities are "monitoring" Traditional Catholic groups for what they will determine are politically incorrect ideas and or actions, whatever and however they decide, since PC is increasingly more repressive as the decade proceeds, the natural trajectory of all PC by definition because it is the creation of those who no longer recognize objective truth. Here at home a petition is circulating to provide the White House with enough signatures, a mere 25,000 out of 350 million people, to have the Catholic Church determined to be a "hate group." The ostensible cause [actually almost anything at all will do in these fickle, arbitrary, intolerant times] is that the Church demeans homosexuals, a libelous charge. Those circulating the petition claim that Pope Benedict's teachings on marriage and homosexuality violate the dignity of those afflicted with same-sex attraction. But it is the dignity of marriage itself that he is upholding and concurrently the authentic dignity of the afflicted themselves, for it calls them to conversion from perverted acts, something every sinner is called to, whatever vice or particular sin one is attached to. The only difference is that the homosexual lobby is one while liars and thieves [apart from Congress] and other assorted sinner have no such lobby in of themselves as a cause. The Petition's claims are based on faulty understanding and perhaps downright distortion at this. One of the functions of PC is deliberate distortion because the advocates of PC are by definition the ultimate nihilists and distortion is a must because the claims of the PC police cannot be established except by the bold lie by which to rationalize and deceive.