Filed by Pauly Fongemie,
October 29, 2013
Feast of St. Narcissus, Ever Faithful to Tradition, Persecuted Bishop

Megyn Kelly, the intrepid news anchor of FOX NEWS' prime time lineup [The Kelly File] has been nothing less than stellar with her ability to get behind the headlines with fast late-breaking news of interest to Americans who care and are deeply concerned about America in the waning twilight of doctrinaire socialism being imposed on the nation by trick and treat tactics that are shameful to say the least! Most of the coverage has been on the scam of Obamascare perfectly timed for an old-fashioned Halloween hoax. We now know as some of us in the very beginning apprehended instinctively from Obama's character and "vision" that as early as 2010, while Obama was in the height of his passion for promises to the American people that "you can keep your doctor and health plan", the White House knew this would be true for but a minority of Americans, perhaps as few as a third only. The fine print, which was hard to discover and which was certainly not pointed out at all by the regime was that the misnamed "Affordable Care Act" consisted in mandating more coverage in individual plans, whether the insured person wanted it, needed it or not, and that this necessarily entailed much higher premiums and deductibles, unaffordable for most families. The powers that be must think that we are so stupid that even the more perceptive among us will accept the bold lie as truth to try to pull this fast and furious bait and switch and with such sanctimony!

So I was taken a bit by surprise - nothing completely surprises me anymore where the media is involved -  when Miss Kelly included a segment on the Texas abortion law that attempted to restrict late term abortions and to require abortionists to hold hospital privileges from a facility within a 30-mile range when an emergency arose. A judge overturned these aspects as "unconstitutional". Instead of having the Texas Attorney General, who is appealing the case and a spokeswoman from Planned Parenthood as panelists, she had only the representative from Murder Inc. instead, which served as a bully pulpit for the largest abortion provider in the nation, which hardly needs any more platforms to promote abortion. The only give-and-take was on the part of Megyn Kelly who informed us all that "she was not taking sides". To her credit she managed to present the baby's reality, however attenuated because she used "viability" as the litmus test - the PP person prevailed since she had the last word. Perhaps as a news anchor Kelly may think she has to have this perspective. Normally this is the right approach to maintain equity. However, abortion versus the sanctity of human life is not a normal case such as to zone or not zone, to tax or not tax this service, but is in a class all by itself for it engenders the natural law which must remain inviolate for society to enjoy the blessings of God and to maintain the dignity of each human person. The abortionist and his clients have no such claim to equity under the law for they are in violation of its most basic foundation, without which all of human law is imperiled finally, because the natural law is of one piece, remove a portion of it, and the entire law is undermined. Our country has descended into savagery as the media outrages pile up from dreary hour to hour, not merely day to day - vicious bullying, mob attacks on innocent elderly veterans, the wholesale murder of school children, obscene bodily mutilation and so forth. All directly related to the fraud that the baby in the womb is not deserving of the right to life.

Who in his right mind tells the child molester that he is entitled to a forum and then provides the platform with little if any opposition? No one I know and I bet no one you know either. In abortion the child is slaughtered, not simply molested, which is horrific enough in of itself. Yet we have been influenced by the PP agitprop and its cohorts in the media, to the extent we think abortion is different. Almost no one bothers to mention the natural law anymore. PP has been successful beyond any charlatan's wildest dreams. PP does not stand for Planned Parenthood, but Propaganda and Profit from killing the most helpless of children in the womb and sometimes outside of the womb. PP pushed the lie of viability and apparently Megyn Kelly has adopted the same demarcation line, if even unconsciously. PP insisted that the child at 20 weeks cannot be viable as if this served to end the discussion. It is not intrinsic personhood that matters, but an arbitrary measure called viability. Well, without my diabetic medicine I am not very viable either and neither are most of us at some time in our lives, without human assistance, usually medical and for long periods of time.

Both women missed the point so the whole exercise was pointless except to further obfuscate the truth and the real story behind the ostensible one. The viability of the abortion argument depends on viability for the providers of death of the innocent and their supporters. A kind of "situational ethics" if you will.

Viability is an artificial construct that is not inherent to the nature of who and what is a human being. And Who created him. The only pertinent question
is, is the baby in the womb - Kelly infuriatingly kept saying baby then switched to fetus - purely a medical term and not a philosophical one - a person or not? If he is, then viability is irrelevant for his personhood is sacrosanct as is his right to life because he is innocent. If he isn't, then viability is also irrelevant because who cares if a non-baby is being killed. When I kill a mosquito I don't debate how long it might live under such and such a condition. I kill him because I need to and I have a moral right to do so, no matter what government entity would say otherwise. I am compliant with the natural law. I am not picking the mosquito apart by slow degrees in order to torture it, I am slapping him dead in an instant because he is a direct threat to my well-being and my family's.

Moreover, many a baby who was born dies shortly after birth and many a baby of short gestation survives a botched abortion. Babies much younger than 20 weeks have lived when born prematurely, and those babies are strong healthy children today. Eventually the limits of viability will be so far advanced in the other direction that PP will have to devise another scheme to fool the people and the insidious courts whose justices sit to serve Mammon, not the natural law and the glory of God. But by then will we be so insensitive in our debased stupor of barbarity that it will not matter any more?

The baby in the womb has to be a person by definition, simply because he is a human being. He is not an insect, a carrot or a meteor. He is human. Human. This means He is a person because all human beings are persons. The American Heritage Dictionary of long standing says so, as do my other dictionaries. Not all persons are human beings - God, for instance - but all human beings are persons. End of discussion for any sane person who values Truth.

When an innocent baby can be sacrificed on the altar of modern debauchery and arrogance, unmindful of our Creator, then is it any wonder that the children we choose to permit to live see nothing wrong in brutalizing others they deem lesser than themselves, to the point that the bullied victims who are taunted to kill themselves repeatedly because they are judged to be worthless, turn to the only escape they can imagine, suicide? Death begetting death. When the bond of the closest, most tender of human relationships, mother and child, can be severed with the support of the public which continues to elect the same scoundrels who continue to nominate and support the same court jesters of invidious, hideous proportions, is it any surprise at all that children rebel so wantonly against their parents and teachers and in such numbers?

After all, if a tiny helpless baby sucking his thumb - the Kelly File - has no right to live, who else actually does? Evil has its own built-in logic and children are not as dumb as some adults like to think.







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