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In her eminent work, THE STAR-SPANGLED HERESY: AMERICANISM, Catholic author and historian, Solange Hertz, writes [text in green]:

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"The Immaculate Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to . . . Juan Diego in the Spanish west in 1531 and promised to destroy the cult of the serpent there, the ancient dragon had nowhere to go but east, where he found more hospitable quarters among usurpers and heretics. Settling incognito in spots like his famous Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, he was free to get on with his Revolution with the help of Ben Franklin . . . He was incognito . . . only to the ignorant . . . he was quickly recognized by those in the know . . . From the beginning this old serpent was rightly named Lucifer, the 'Light-Bearer,' for he is the source of the 'false light' which the Blessed Virgin told us at La Salette would soon 'illumine the world,' causing 'extraordinary wonders every place because the true faith will be extinguished.'

. . . The light the serpent offers can only be the light of his own tremendous natural knowledge, for he is forever cutoff from the supernatural . . . Satanic natural knowledge is the primordial Gnosis the serpent offered Eve . . . This makes Satan not only father of lies, but father of all so-called Illuminati or 'enlightened ones' peddling freedom and salvation through science rather the Redeemer . . ."

Solange Hertz then provides an account of the unification of Freemasonry with Alchemy, the "Great Work", which was the attempt to make gold, and that one of the adepts of this occult "science" was none other than Benjamin Franklin, who rejected the Fatherhood of our Infinite God and the worship due Him in favor of "the rights of man." In fact Franklin conjectured that there may be gods, not just a higher "SOMETHING". Franklin was a pure naturalist, dismissing the supernatural, the Resurrection of the body, etc. [p. 11]

At one point this impious Founding Father said that he no longer believed in miracles as such and that he could perform the same wonders as Jesus Christ!, [Ibid.] adding blasphemy to his list of achievements.

To cite a few revealing passages from pages 12-13:

"Disbelief in the miraculous explains Franklin's presence at the opening of the first Unitarian Chapel in England by Theophilus Lindsay, which became the meeting place for liberal reformers hoping to replace 'outworn' Christianity by scientific truth . . . Another companion of Franklin's at this event was his close friend Francis Dashwood, Lord De Spencer, who had asked his help in revising the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer. Franklin himself tells us of the happy days he spent at the estate of this notorious libertine and student of the cult, who . . . was said to celebrate black Masses amid the ruins of an old abbey . . He and Franklin 'decided that the prayer-book was entirely too long,' writes Sydney George Fisher in The True Benjamin Franklin.  '. . . the young and sinful might attend more willingly if the service wet shorter. . . All references to the sacraments and the divinity of the Saviour were . . . stricken and short work made of Athanasian and the Apostles' Creed.' "

Hertz then details pertinent facts, such as that the Commandments had lines drawn through them, along with the deletion of the Te Deum and Venite.

"Strange, too, that the only phrase Franklin asked Le De Spencer to omit from his first Preface was the description of the Old Testament as 'a Jewish book very curious, perhaps more fit for the perusal of the learned than suited to the capacities of the general illiterate part of mankind.' His reasons for this, who knows? Although eventually he wrote only the final Preface, in America the work----purged of all references to king and parliament----became known far and wide as "Franklin's Prayer Book," doing much to strengthen his public image as a believer.  . . .

The popular scientific writer Roger Burlingame coined the phrase, 'America was discovered; the United States was invented.' He meant only to make a distinction between a principle and its application, but the eyes of faith see deeper than that: America is the creation of Almighty God, but the United States, being merely a political contrivance, can qualify only as a human invention. Mistaking one for the other has disastrous consequences, for contrivances may fall apart without warning as the United States nearly did during its so-called Civil War and may now do by internal collapse. [Emphasis added.]

Catholics who mistake the United States for God's America may further fall more easily into the heresy formally defined by Pope Leo XIII as Americanism. Basically, it is naturalism in American dress, and it accommodates itself to all the ideals of the Enlightenment.  French radicals of the last century expected it then to produce a major schism in the Church under the able leadership of Catholic bishops in the United States . . .

Like Franklin, most of its Founding Fathers were not Christians. Although they often made references to the Deity, the God they invoked was their God, . . . the God of nature in Christian dress. In fact the most influential among the were not so much deists as thoroughgoing pantheists, for, being avowed rationalists, they looked for divinity only in nature.  . . .

In Alchemy, a Green Dragon signifies the Great Work in its beginnings, and it cannot have been coincidence that the Revolution was planned and carried out by men who met regularly in a Boston tavern of the same name. So diligently did they promote the serpent's cause that America today finds herself immersed in a sea of neo-Gnosticism so pervading and controlling her moral, intellectual
political life that, by comparison, the Albigensian heresy which once ravaged the whole of Christendom now looks like a harmless childhood disease.  . . .

Any citizen doubting that the Old Religion of the alchemists is the state religion of the U.S. need only make a pilgrimage to the nation' s capital, beginning with the Prayer Room established  . . . by joint resolution of Congress in 1954. He will find there for his devotion a small central altar flanked by two seven-branch candelabra, above which rises a stained glass window showing George Washington kneeling. Below the Father of his country is the Great Seal of the United States. Above him is the truncated pyramid surmounted by the eyes of Horus, which constitutes the seal of Masonry and the Illuminati."

It is historical record that the architect of the White House, James Hobran, was the first Master of Federal No. 1, Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. A few years later, when the construction of the House and Senate wings was commenced, another cornerstone contained a composition written by Daniel Webster, in which he wrote that "the cornerstone was laid by the President of the United States and the Grand Master of Masons." [p. 15]

Catholics took part in these ceremonies: the Archbishop of Baltimore's Masonic brother Daniel Carroll served as an official of the events and his cousin, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, took part in the Masonic ceremony inaugurating the nation's first railroad, the Baltimore and Ohio, July 4, 1828, "by turning over the first bit of earth with a silver spade." [Ibid.]

Another Masonic tract says, "Masonry was everywhere active, indirectly as an Order, but directly through its members, in behalf of a nation, conceived in liberty
and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal",
[Ibid.] one of the basic doctrines of Freemasonry. The Holy Catholic Church has always taught that men are not created equal but that God gives sufficient grace to each man to save his soul, although God loves some more than others and provides more grace to some. Note that the Declaration of Independence [from God-given monarchy and hierarchy] says "created equal", not equal before the law when charged with a crime, for instance, which would not violate God's truth.

" 'The Masons, agnostics and atheists who are responsible for the rise of democracy must, of course, perpetuate the myth that monarchy means autocratism. Autocratism presupposes centralization of powers; the hierarchical structure of a Christian monarchy is just the opposite, each having certain powers according to his rank in the hierarchy, and each region, province, city, town and village enjoying a measure of genuine democracy----[the smaller the social unit, the greater that measure is]----as taught by St. Thomas Aquinas and, again, by Pius XII.'

"The essence of politics is not votes, but the transmission of authority, which according to natural law can only proceed downward from God throughout society. So the Church always taught before the Second Vatican Council. Voting as practiced in modern times is the indispensable adjunct to the democratic heresy because it is the device whereby authority is allegedly transmitted upward from the people instead of downward from God.

" 'It is also Church teaching,' writes Dupont, 'that authority, that is, God's authority, cannot rise from the people for the simple reason that God's authority is not vested in the people.' He notes further that this 'was confirmed by Leo XIII in Graves communi and again by St. Pius X in Notre Charge Apostolique. The common source is, of course, the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas. We all know that this teaching is currently disregarded in the Conciliarist Church (which is the Church of Man and Democracy).' Because all authority flows downward from one source, which is God, the very order of reality binds authority indissolubly to monarchy.  [Emphasis added.]

"Even in a democracy, to exercise authority at all, sooner or later some one person, or persons acting as one, must command the others. This poses a perpetual dilemma for democracy, whose apparent rule from below is never more than magical illusion. . . .  Democracy would have us believe that it has eliminated the monarch whereas in fact it has only displaced him. It should be obvious that monarchy has in no way been abolished by driving kings and emperors from their thrones. Anyone who says kings have been exterminated simply doesn't know what has been going on for the last 200 years. The truth is they have proliferated all over the earth . . . Voting has become indispensable where every man is a king . . .

"Because it is impossible to do away with monarchy without doing away with authority altogether, monarchy was perforce usurped by the people. The substitution was clearly seen at the time by Tories like the dour colonial who remarked regarding George III that he'd rather have one tyrant across the sea than thousands of them here at home. Where one man sat in majesty as personal embodiment of the nation, every person in the nation now squabbles for a seat.  . . .

"Our Lord told the politician Pilate, "Rex sum Ego, I am a king" (John 18:37). Or, as a more literal translation of the Vulgate would support, "I am King." Ultimately, to wish to rid oneself of monarchy is to wish to rid oneself of God, to usurp the monarchy of God.
[Ibid.] If we read history correctly, this is precisely what modern democracy set itself to do." [UTOPIA, Solange Hertz, pp. 79-80.]

Pope St. Pius X, in his encyclical on the Sillon Movement taught: "Those who preside over the government of public affairs may indeed, in certain cases, be chosen by the will and judgment of the multitude without repugnance or opposition to Catholic doctrine. But while this choice marks out the ruler, it does not confer upon him the authority to govern; it does not delegate the power, it designates the person who will be invested with it. Moreover, if the people retain the power, what becomes of authority? A shadow, a myth; there is no more law properly so-called, no more obedience." Certainly not by the the tenets of Freemasonry and its Declaration of Independence.
St. Pius continues: . . . [With regard to democracy] Such error and danger are all the greater." He calls this democracy "one which goes to such lengths in its wickedness as to give sovereignty to the people, and which presses for the suppression of classes and for their leveling down." He names things as they truly are, writing that "liberty, equality and fraternity a theory opposed to Catholic truth, warping the essential and fundamental notions which regulate social relations in every human society . . . By separating fraternity from Christian charity thus understood, democracy, far from being progress, means a disastrous set-back for civilization."

"No, civilization does not have to be invented, nor the New City built in the clouds. It has been already; it is here. It is Christian civilization, the Catholic City. The only problem is to keep setting it up and restoring it on its natural and divine foundations against the ever-recurring attacks of the unhealthy utopia of revolt and impiety. Let not the Priesthood be misled by the miracles of a false democracy into the maze of ideas; let them not borrow from the rhetoric of the worst enemies of the Church the high-flown phrases full of promises which are as high-sounding as they are unrealizable!"

Pope Pius XI said the same in Divini Redemptoris: "It is utterly untrue and mere empty talk, to say that all citizens have equal rights!" What we know as modern democracy never entered the minds of men and the world by way of the Church, but by means of men who had apostatized from the true Faith.

The land of the Americas was first explored and settled by Catholics, before the Puritan-Freemason hegemony and the rewriting of history textbooks for school children. Its triumph was in the conversion of the Indian population, and especially in the conversion of the Aztecs through Our Lady of Guadalupe. The American nation began as the work of God, albeit using men tainted with Original Sin. The creation of the United States, the citadel or "new city" alluded to by Pius was the work of men, taking the place of God, not only tainted by Original Sin, but working covertly for their Father, Satan:
Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons: Washington was a thirty-two degree Mason and insisted that all of his senior officers practiced the Craft. When he was inaugurated he was reported to have worn his Masonic apron. For another picture with description you are referred to this Masonic web site.

As Hertz writes:

"Such facts are symbols of deeper facts, showing the place and power of Masonry in the making of the nation. Along the Atlantic coast, among the Great Lakes, in the wilderness of the Middle West, in the far South and the far West, everywhere, in centers of population and in little Upper Rooms on the frontier, the Lodge stood alongside the Home, the School and the Church." [p. 16]

Masonry has declared from old that "natural religion in which all men agree." According to the 1723 Anderson Constitutions, "31 Masons of 55 Deputies had the fundamental teachings of the Fraternity in mind when they labored to produce a fundamental law . . . between people and States . . ."

We are always told that Freemasonry is not a religion per se. Yet it meets all the requirements of an established religion. In the United States and France it even had its own trinity in its 3 virtues: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, and in the first, with its 3 main personages: Washington, Franklin and Jefferson. It is not accidental that Washington, "the Father of his country" took the place of God the Father, something that has been an insider's joke for generations; because he wrote the Masonic word and proclaimed it in his Gazette, Franklin is said to be the "Son" among the Sons of Liberty and the Spirit is that of Jefferson, the famed "Deist" with a profound hatred of Jesus Christ who insidiously provided the rationale for a subset of naturalism embedded within the ACLU, for the eclipse of true religion in his letter referring to the separation of Church and State, while all the while ostensibly championing the opposite.

The Frenchman, Lafayette said, "After I was made a Mason, General Washington seemed to have received a new light." Some historians doubt that Thomas Jefferson was a Mason but most do not. The disparity stems from the fact that there is no known record of his actual initiation. However he was considered by adepts to be "a super-Mason", so much so that he arranged to have the Masonic seal engraved secretly on the other side of the Great Seal of the United States. By 1933, Masonry was firmly rooted in the Americanist spirit that the spiritual descendant of Jefferson, President Roosevelt, was to have it placed openly on our dollar bill. And a scarce twenty years later it adorned the Capitol Chapel. [Hertz, p. 17]

The reader is referred to this web site for further reading on the matter, HERE.

Franklin's Gazette was a Masonic undertaking, and it was virulently anti-Catholic [the phrase at the time was "anti-Papist"]. The historian A. J. Langguth, in his work on the American Revolution, Patriots, documents how the leaders of the Revolution used the "Pope's Day" when they burned in effigy the Pontiff's likeness, as a point of insurgency in order to stir up the local folk to join in the marches and other propaganda efforts. Apparently the regular folk were agrarian, and while not happy with the tax policy of the Crown, were also largely content at home and in the field and were at first reluctant to join the violent outbreaks and the final armed insurrection. One such incident was the Pope's Day of November 5, 1767. He describes Samuel Adams as a master tactician of them. [p. 94, emphasis added]

Masonic histories, much of which is available on the internet in the labyrinth of Masonry sites, lay hold of the claim, indeed, the very boast, that the United States and the Revolution that sired her could not have happened without Freemasonry and its Masters, of which a brief synopsis is presented here: [All emphasis added].

The Revolution holds a special interest for Freemasons. Not only were the main protagonists [with a few exceptions] members of the Masonic brotherhood, from Roxbury to New York, in the retreat through New Jersey and the campaign of Trenton and Princeton, at Morristown and Valley Forge, during the siege of Yorktown and the last years of inaction in the Hudson Valley, those who want to see can trace well the mutual confidence between Washington and his Masonic generals toward the development, within this inner sanctum, of that demand for national unity which led inexorably to the adoption of the Constitution of the United States.

In the first line of the preamble is set the Masonic ideal: "We, the people in order to form a more perfect union."  . . . Not only a union of states but a unity of the whole people is the basis upon which all American institutions are founded. "All Freemasons should know that the idea of union originated in Colonial Freemasonry, was developed and advocated by Freemasons, and was realized under their leadership." Freemasonry was held by all the principles, from George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, Patrick Henry to Alexander Hamilton to be the only institution in colonial times in which the leaders of all the different colonies could meet upon common ground.

The Revolution was for the very purpose to form the union of the colonies . . . the spirit of national unity in the thirteen original colonies lay deep in their common heritage . . . The faith of nearly all was grounded in the English Bible
[King James version]. But the Puritans of New England, with their Congregational form of church government, did not look favorably upon the Established Church of the other colonies, holding its clergymen with only a little less abhorrence than they held for the Papacy. Although the principles of British constitutional and common law were shared by all, local governments differed widely in form and spirit. The town meeting system of New England and the parish and vestry system of the southern colonies were differed vastly.

"Only the Masonic lodge was the same institution in every part of the Colonies." With the lodge colonial leaders were taught the same principles and practice of civil arrangement. In their lodge communications and other fraternal meetings, American Masons established a common meeting ground where "men of every race, and of the most diverse religious and political views, whether rich or poor, could come together in the spirit of harmony." The Masonic historians all claim that there was ample evidence that the Masonic lodge, derived from the ancient Anglo-Saxon gild, was indeed the "primordial cell" of the American state with the New England Town Meeting derived from the Anglo-Saxon spirit.

These historians acknowledge that the Anglo-Saxons who were immigrants when they came to the colonies had their their stock enriched through the blood of other races. According to them, "American Freemasonry is still the only common meeting ground" for men of every faith, and race, and shade of political and economic opinion because the Masonic lodge is ever the same in every part of the United States. "In Freemasonry is being maintained an ideal republic of citizens, worthy and well-qualified, wherein true spiritual unity" is attained.

The Masonic network, in short, is the most thorough and permeating force in American life, and that "all Freemasons should study their priceless heritage from the Fathers in order that their influence may be consistently exerted in accordance with the highest Masonic ideals."

"Of the leaders of the Americanist cause, and only in the next century, would there be found dissent in the person of John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States, in 1833, who wrote: 'I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the Order of Freemasonry, if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils under which this Union is now laboring.'

 "But still Masonry continued to grow. Preuss said:

". . . For a while it had been supposed that the revelations of 1826-1832 had destroyed the influence of Freemasonry and secret societies generally in this country. But during the Civil War, lodge agents . . . initiated a multitude of young men.  . . .When the smoke of battle had cleared away, many true patriots asked: What shall be done in view of the secretism that has come upon the land like a flood?

"In 1868 representatives of seventeen denominations formed, in Pittsburgh, the National Association of Christians Opposed to Secret Societies. Magazines such as The Christian Cynosure were started, and books were written to counter the activities of secret societies. In 1874 the National Christian Association was organized 'o coordinate Protestant opposition to secret societies.'

"That these secret influences survived and continued to make use of some elements of Masonry throughout the Nineteenth Century is apparent. How else can we explain the support given by certain elements to the revolutionary activities of European socialists, continental Masons, and adepts of various secret societies?" [Conspiracy Against God and Man, Fr. Clarence Kelly, pp. 57-58.]

Father Kelly further on engages the reader with an account of the intricate network of Masonic organizations and those inflamed with the same goals and spirit, in fact a vast array of diverse institutions. This dynamic, rather than dilute the potency of the Conspiracy of Secret Societies engaged in destroying the Kingdom of Christ, strengthens and emboldens it, providing a convenient cover from which to claim there is no conspiracy since they are large and diverse. Most Americans fall for the subterfuge and what seems like common sense, all the while unable to grasp the cleverness with which they have been deflected from safeguarding true justice and first and foremost, the cause of Christ the King.

 Misapprehending that there is no Conspiracy, they feel secure, grow lax, lose their sense of vigilance and end by doing nothing when at last they perceive that something has gone terribly wrong; unable to admit they are partly to blame through human error and weakness, that is, through smaller sins, they tend toward rationalization, displacing their discomfort onto those who had always acted as sentinels for Christ, by calling them "extremists" in order to ostracize them in some way from their midst, committing graver sins to excuse the lesser. Human nature 101.

William J. Whalen, in his book, Christianity and American Freemasonry, gives us John Q. Adams' assessment:

"I am prepared to complete the demonstration before God and man, that the Masonic oath, obligations and penalties cannot possibly be reconciled to the laws of morality, of Christianity, or of the land." [p. 14]

Millard Fillmore warned: "The Masonic fraternity tramples upon our rights, defeats the administration of justice, and bids defiance to every government which it cannot control." [Ibid.]

At the time of the second publication of Mr. Whalen's work in 1978, there were fourteen known U.S. Presidents who had been Master Masons: Washington, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Buchanan, Johnson, Garfield, McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman, and Ford. Truman, once the Grand Master of Masons of Missouri, was the last Master Mason elected to the presidency; Lyndon Johnson received the Entered Apprentice degree in 1937 but never went on to the third or Master Mason degree, and Ford, of course, was not actually elected. Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Carter, and Reagan reached the White House without Masonic membership. At least twenty U.S. senators belong to the lodge [as of 1987] among them Senators Robert Byrd, Robert Dole, John J. Glenn, Jesse Helms, Barry Goldwater, and Strom Thurmond. [Ibid.]

Skull and Bones, is one of the secret societies based at Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut. Our current President, George W. Bush was initiated into it during his matriculation there. It has connections to Freemasonry. You are referred HERE.

Skull and Bones is known by many names, including The Order of Death, The Order, Cooperation Star, The Eulogian Club, and Lodge 322.

On an initiate's first day in Bones he is assigned a name, by which he will be known for the rest of his life. Names that are regularly used are: Magog, which is assigned to the initiate with the most experience with the opposite sex; Gog, which is assigned to the least sexually experienced; Long Devil, for the tallest; Boaz, for varsity American football captains; and Little Devil for the shortest. Bonesmen have often assumed names of mythological and legendary figures. George W. Bush's Skull and Bones name is thought to be "Temporary". This is because he could not decide upon a name and was therefore given the temporary name. He never took the time to change it. His membership and the powerful connections it brings help us understand his meteoric rise to the US Presidency, sweeping all the polls while still a little known governor in Texas, save his being the son of another President named Bush. It also explains his entrenched position in favor of [Masonically maniacal] Mexico over the interests of the vast majority of ordinary, law-abiding American citizens, regardless of any poll. Bush is prepared to speak much, and do as little as he must if pushed. He is beholden to a higher power, and I do not refer to God Almighty. This higher power of global elitists, with the spirit of naturalism and Freemasonry as its engine is called various names but it serves as the Hidden Hand, once referred to by Benjamin Disraeli, former Prime Minister of England: "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." [As cited in Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, Nesta Webster, p. 383.] Bonesmen are closely associated with the Council of Foreign Relations [CFR] and other one-world organizations who espouse a global ethic under international law, not the laws of America that comport with justice and its common sense customs that not even Masonry has yet to obliterate, until recently. Many, many of the network and cable news anchors and or key reporters are members of the CFR: when we hear the news through these people, we are hearing it filtered through the CFR viewpoint; members of the fourth estate who belong to the CFR are regulars on the Brit Hume evening news hour on FOX, such as Charles Krauthammer for one. The owner of FOX news Channel, Rupert Murdoch is of course a member. Former Congressman Newt Gingrich, is a regular contributor on the O'Reilly Report. Marc Ginsberg, a regular contributor on foreign policy for FOX News is another. The CFR was founded in New York in 1919 to influence public policy toward a new order of states that negates traditional sovereignty, although its spokesmen deftly cover the truth with sloganeering and other skillful use of language to say the opposite of what one intends, a slow undermining of sovereignty until the public is primed enough to accept the aims openly. Moreover, both Bush Secretaries of State, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are members; three Supreme Court justices: Ginsburg, Breyer and former justice Sandra Day O'Connor; and Elaine Chao, present Secretary of Labor. Interestingly, William F. Buckley and Linda Chavez, at one time conservatives have both become liberals, with Chavez favoring illegal aliens when once she did not. Buckley who is all over the lot as the expression goes is anything but reliable. I simply could not understand, but then I saw the membership list and it becomes clearer now: CFR. And of course, Dick Cheney, "the man behind the man".

Some of the current members of Congress who belong: Jane Harman, Charles Schumer, Joseph Lieberman, James Kolbe, Olympia Snowe, Bob Graham, Hamilton Lee, John McCain. There are a number of high-ranking military officers, some with advisory positions, a few of whom are FOX News contributors, If you would like to read the 2005 roster for yourself:


"The CFR has cut a sordid path through American history. But its dreadful record has not stopped it from gaining unprecedented power and influence. Author/journalist Richard Rovere [CFR] has aptly described the Council as "a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation." It controls both major parties and has had a virtual lock-hold on the executive branch of the federal government since World War II." [New American, 03-12-2001.]

One of the main CFR fellow-networks in the corridors of power is the Bilderberger group. They are the ideologues with key points for policy, and for some reason tend to fly below the radar detection of the mass media. Between June 8-11, they held their annual meeting in Ottawa, a gathering of central bankers, financiers, corporate executives, government leaders and political movers and shakers. No press conferences are held for these meetings, but if my source, THE NEW AMERICAN, can learn of it, then there is no excuse for the rest of the media which have more resources, not to. Canadian media received a five-page fax announcing the meeting. Immigration was one of the issues on the table. In all 130 participated, with 2/3 from Europe and the rest from North America, meaning Canada and Mexico along with the United States. Wouldn't you have just loved to have been a fly on those walls, especially with immigration the topic! Former Pres. Clinton is a member, as is Gov. George Pataki of New York, along with the banking Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Bilderbergers are proud "One-World Internationalists", yet when one calls attention to this fact, the person merely accepting them at their own word is labeled, you guessed it, "an extremist"! The global structure envisioned by these power elites means nothing less than a complete transformation of law and governmental, and social arrangements as we know them, no Bill of Rights as traditionally practiced, albeit to the disadvantage of Christians in regard to the First Amendment and to the advantage of everyone else, no US Constitution, etc. Certainly no national sovereignty and with a world tax piled atop the oppressive taxation we now have. If you think the PC police are overbearing now, well, if the Bilderbergers & Co. have their way, these will be the "good old days", as bad as they are. If you think this unthinkable and nigh impossible in America, just consider how the US Supreme Court has redefined "eminent domain" so that business interests in cahoots with  tax-greedy local politicos, can seize private property to promote business. Just three years ago no one would have dared to believe it possible, but the wholesale theft gratis the Court is growing unimpeded by protests. This, too, is part of the natural trajectory of the unnatural naturalism cabal that tends inexorably to internationalism, or should I say internaturalism?

Please note that we must resist oversimplification. Not everyone joins an organization with precisely the same aims, level of knowledge and experience, and degree of attachment. However, it can generally be said no one joins one in which he finds no fellowship or commonality at all. Since Masonry is so repugnant to the soul in the state of grace, we can confidentally surmise that Masonry and the step children it spawns draw unto themselves those who have an affiliation and sympathy with their aims and spirit, who tend to be wise in the ways of the world, rather than in the ways of Heaven, and if they are not totally given to the Prince of this world, risk becoming so.

Now back to the Revolutionary period.

Numerous web sites on the Sons of Liberty record that the Sons of Liberty, rooted in Freemasonry were those who first organized against the Stamp Act. Their motto was Join or Die. In the work cited supra, Langguth writes of the many acts of violence, often against the innocent that were instigated and carried out by them. The motto reminds me of the Masonic threat given to those who join, "Reveal our secrets and die."

On August 14, 1765 violence broke out in colonial Boston. Over the course of several days, rioters attacked several buildings in the city, including the homes of colonial officials. The protest resulted from the Stamp Act, passed by the British Parliament on March 22, which would require the colonists to pay taxes on most circulating paper items, such as pamphlets, newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, and legal and insurance documents. Actually this was the pretext as all revolutions are planned far in advance, from far above by those who have given themselves over to the One Below; in the human realm of action, plausible pretexts are required and manipulated when found, if not as perfect as desired. If a reasonably suitable one does not present itself in a timely manner, then one is concocted.

Another egregious incidence of violence chronicled by Eric Burns in his book, INFAMOUS SCRIBBLERS, concerns the Andrew Oliver case in 1765. The Boston Gazette, edited by Samuel Adams was a particular venal, unscrupulous newspaper. Samuel Adams was known to want revolution against the Crown at any cost. Masonic historians freely admit this otherwise little known fact. Adams permitted a reporter to libel Oliver who was a British officer, and to do so with such vehemence that the unsubstantiated story incited a violent rampage through Oliver's office that included the smashing of windows, something much worse then since windows were hard to come by, the destroying of personal property and making threats against his life to induce him to resign, which he did; prior to the riot he had been hung in effigy and then the head of his likeness cut off for vengeance. Such were the tactics of Son of "Liberty" Samuel Adams. [Burns, C-Span 2, 3-20-06.]

To bring an important Court case nearer our own time as a good example:

Fellow-traveler in crimes against the natural rights of social order and the rights of God, by fabricating an incendiary issue, the ACLU did exactly that in the infamous Tennessee Scopes trial of 1925 [emphasis added]:

"A few other state legislatures around the country had prohibited the teaching of evolution, but other state laws were merely proscriptive, with no punishment attached. Even in Tennessee, teaching evolution was only a misdemeanor offense, punishable by a nominal fine . . .The Scopes trial is, as Larson says, 'the most widely publicized misdemeanor case in U.S. history.'

"The day the Tennessee governor signed the ban into law, he said it would never be enforced. And it never would have been----but for the bright idea of a native New Yorker who had recently moved to Dayton. Upon reading in a newspaper that the ACLU was offering to defend any Tennessee teacher who violated the law, George Rappleyea decided a trial on evolution would be a terrific way to get publicity for Dayton as a nice place to live and work (especially for busybody former New Yorkers with axes to grind).
Rappleyea took his idea to the town elders assembled in the local drugstore, telling them that a trial on evolution would put Dayton on the map and boasting of his connections with the New York ACLU. Civic leaders warmed to the idea as a splendid way to promote the town----raising the possibility that they were serving more than milkshakes at the drugstore. Even the school superintendent----who had supported the law----liked the idea of a cooked-up trial as a way to get Dayton national recognition. The ACLU signed on, agreeing to pay the costs of both the defense attorneys and the prosecutors.

All they needed was a teacher to teach evolution----or at least to cop to teaching evolution----and a prosecutor to take the case. One of the town prosecutors was friends with John Scopes, a twenty-four-year-old teacher who sometimes taught biology when the regular biology teacher was out. 

"There was the small problem of Scopes not recalling whether he had ever taught evolution----and indeed, not even being the school's biology teacher. The pharmacist pulled a popular biology book off his shelf, Hunter's Civic Biology, and asked Scopes if he had ever used it to prepare for class when he substituted for the regular biology teacher." [Godless: The Church of Liberalism, Ann Coulter, p. 258.]

And as they say the rest is history, albeit very much mistaught today, deliberately so.

The pretext for our Freemasons in search of an instigating event to further their cause of revolt against Christ was the Stamp Act which was passed, over the strong objections of American colonists, in order to help pay off the massive debt incurred by the British government during the French and Indian War. The act was important in that it united many of the colonies in their opposition to British rule and it sparked the creation of secret societies such as the Sons of Liberty. The August riot, which caused the destruction of property and direct threat to human life, contributed to the repeal of the Stamp Act. Langguth makes it clear that not all of the property destroyed was owned by the Crown and its representatives. He describes one family with innocent children who were almost burned to death. But even if the case had been otherwise, Catholic teaching does not permit of this type of action where human life is not directly under attack, and even then the perimeters are limited. The Sons of Liberty claimed as members many of the later leaders of the Revolution, including Paul Revere, John Adams, and Samuel Adams.

John Adams, one of the participants, reflected in his diary that such patriotic events "tinge the Minds of the People, they impregnate them with the sentiments of Liberty." That liberty is the "Liberty" of the French Revolution that unleashed the Reign of Terror and the near destruction of the Catholic Church in that country. Note he used the word, "tinge", which bears a connotation that is less than noble.

Because of the organization's secrecy, a complete list of the Sons of Liberty is hard to locate.