The Homosexual Colonization of the Catholic Church and Its Effects
on Faith and Practice

by Pauly Fongemie
July 1, 2015
Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord

For this presentation, I am indebted to Randy Engel, author of the five volume compendium, THE RITE OF SODOMY, Homosexuality and the Catholic Church, New Engel Publishing.

Most faithful, ordinary Catholics are unaware of the utter devastation inflicted from within by the deliberate, planned, colonization of not only the homosexual "ethos", but by active perverts themselves, all the way to the top. They may have heard of the abuse scandals and were grieved and saddened, but have no idea that this was but a small, if heinous aspect of diabolical depravity and the breakdown of the moral strength of the Church, that as the author cited above calls it, there has been and continues to be a "paradigm shift on homosexuality." This is why so many of the faithful were shocked to hear Francis, Bishop of Rome [per his request], say, in regard to blatant perversion in the clerical ranks, "Who am I to judge?", which was echoed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, whose betrayal culminated in his willingness to march in the New York St. Patrick's Day parade, now entangled with sodomites, who gained permission to become "legitimized" as meritorious of participating in a celebration that honors the great Saint Patrick, whose adopted country, Ireland, has now apostatized officially by adopting the "gay agenda". St. Patrick is known for having driven the snakes from Ireland - what a bitter irony that his name is besmirched through association with such grim evil as the unfettered approval for sodomy, a virtual serpentine infestation. Because the very notion of scandal itself is on life support, there was scarcely a howl of protest, except in Traditional Catholic conclaves.

The Church has always had its problem clerics, as we know from Scripture and Tradition. But these instances were swiftly and severely dealt with, a far cry from the actual colonization of active homosexuals who have taken charge over much of the Church, a planned coup d'etat.

The report I am about to provide will be shocking and in all likelihood, unbelievable to the average decent Catholic who takes no interest in prurient affairs as well they ought not, generally speaking. But unless one knows the full story of what has happened to the Church and how it was possible that someone like Pope Paul VI and his predecessors could possibly rise to the Petrine office, especially our current Pontiff, Francis, who is so perplexing and confounding, it is enough to cause one to question almost everything he was ever taught. Only by the grace of God and a life of prayer can we hope to ever endure such infamy.

I am one of those Catholics who was disgusted enough, tired of being told what I suspected were lies in a deceitful maneuver to not let the status quo be revealed, or rank denial by those who did not really want to know the truth, that I went in search of the real answers. There had to be more to all this creeping  demoralization, day by day, than mere chance or a simple chastisement permitted by God using those outside the Church. It was time for the truth - all of it - at least that which could be known with any certainty.

What I learned over the past several years is there exists and has existed a complex web of intrigue, the most extreme vice and its victims, conjoined with the cult of man introduced by Masonic influence penetrating all the way to the top, no coincidence, and a rejection of Tradition that served to de-Catholicize the faithful; and its roots go back to the Revolutionary days and the emergence of the American republic, which was the impetus for setting America adrift, independent from the Holy See in practical matters, if not de jure. The Declaration of Independence had more than one meaning. It was America and Europe that would be the cradle of revolution in the Church. Since I am an American and am more familiar with matters American, most of the following pages will cover this ongoing saga of betrayal, deceit and degeneracy, although the rest of the Church elsewhere is playing catch up, more or less depending on the continent and the cultural traditions that may lend themselves to an adherence to Tradition yet.

The day I tuned in to a broadcast of public relations that reeked with the odor of a cover-up, conducted by Cardinal Ted McCarrick, Bishop Wilton Gregory and Bishop Stafford, in 2002, in Rome after a meeting held by Pope John Paul II with American Cardinals, to discuss clerical sexual crimes, was the day I was sure that I was on to something, that all the world was a stage for these miscreants in high office. Some of their replies to questions from the Press were just a shade shy of flippant - the tip off - and then the sly, coy non answers from McCarrick, who is the American version of the arch craftsman of PR, or as he put it, a wordsmith. But I did not know where to begin, other than what I had already read in the reliable Catholic press.

Enter, Randy Engel, who put it all together in her masterful treatise.

I have chosen to begin from the beginning, as briefly as possible, to the days of the early American nation, because it is necessary to understand just how liberal American prelates have always been, that is those who seemed to effect the most by way of power and maintaining the confidence and protection of the Holy See, much more than merited. 

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Prologue: Citations on the Vice of Sodomy as Regards Clerics from St. Peter Damian

1. Bishop Carroll, the Independent American Spirit, Freemasonry and the Nascent Roots of the American Church [AMCHURCH]

2. Cardinal O'Connell of Boston

3. Cardinal Spellman of New York

4. The New American Ecclesiology, the Liberal Roots of the US Bishops' Catholic Conference, and the Homosexual Foothold

5. The Curious Case of Pope Pius XII

6. Rome Turns a Blind Eye, the Relaxation of Seminary Standards Begun under Pius XII

7. The American Church Infected, Colonized and Undermined from Within, the Homosexual "Ethos" Dominates

8. Known Prelates of the Homosexual Hive

8b. Cardinal Bernardin, the Most Influentual Sodomite in Modern Times: a Tribute to Depravity

9. All Roads Lead to Rome: Pope Paul VI

10. From the Priests' Directory:
The Chastisement of the Sinful Priest by St. Alpohnsus Liguori
The Chastity of the Priest
by St. Alphonsus Liguori

11. From Christ's Directory:

From the Priests' Directory:

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