Will the Catholic Church Suffer Death by Ecumenism Poisoning?

Oregon was targeted by homosexuals to defeat an initiative that said marriage is between one man and one woman.  Lots of money and other resources came into the state.  They thought that Oregon was probably the most liberal of all the others who were voting on this issue, and they could best affect the outcome here.  Evangelicals organized in their churches, joined hands and helped get the initiative on the ballot.  They then worked hard to get it passed.  This cooperation was unprecedented, as far as I know.  Where were the Catholics?  Keeping quiet, because it might offend their usual allies in the religious sphere if they took sides.
Catholic powers-that-be made up their minds a long time ago that they were going to "ecumenize" with others, and that is what they are doing.  Interestingly, there is NO ecumenizing with evangelicals, who believe much of what the traditional Catholic Church has always believed.  Instead, we are holding meetings with those who disagree most with us doctrinally.  When the pedophile scandals broke, where were these partners?  Although the situation became so grave as to push this archdiocese into bankruptcy, the first in the country, I did not read of any support from these quarters.  There was silence.  While I did not expect them to condone the activity, a statement that they knew a lot of fine Catholics and we shouldn't alll be judged by a relatively few, would have been welcome.  Allmost any other group would have received their fulsome support.  Their true colors were further shown when the movie, "The Passion of the Christ", came out.  These same ecumenical partners, who had been shown the most deference, yelled the loudest that Mel Gibson was a bigot and that we were all going to come after Jews.  These were people who should have known the Catholic heart because they were meeting with Catholics on a regular basis.  Even when the dire results predicted didn't happen, there was no apology for the scurrilous accusations made against Catholics.  However, a good sign is that communication is occurring between Orthodox Jews and evangelicals, with Catholics beginning to join in.
Meanwhile, the bishops continue to embrace ecumenism, even to the point of allowing Buddhists, Hindus and other worshippers of false gods to use our altars for their forms of "worship".  This occurred at the Fatima Shrine, of all places, while the head clergy looked on approvingly.  I wonder how God views this activity, which the bishops allow.  It is scandalous at best and idolotry at worst.  After all, God gave us the Commandment:  "You shall not have other gods besides me".
Because of this lax attitude, the general outlook is that you can pretty much sanction anything anybody says is religious.  At a funeral Mass I attended, American Indian rites were performed, with chanting and feathers.  At a Sunday Mass the choir sang the Litany of the Saints, which included:
"pray for us . . . Saint Martin Luther King, Saint Chief Joseph, Saint Mahatma Gandhi . . ."  I guess I should have been relieved that Bill Clinton wasn't included!  When I wrote to my bishop with the account, I asked if I had missed some canonizations.  I received no reply. 
Ecumenism has harmed the Church in that it has put it on the same level as all others,  ignoring what has been taught for so many years, that the Catholic Church is the one, true Church.  Furthermore, it hampers evangelization.  If all religions are the same, why join the Catholic Church, when another might have better music, more social affairs, or a nicer pastor?  I hope enough Catholics are awakened before too many souls are lost, as we continue with fruitless ecumenism.

Barbara Anderson
In the Year of Our Lord,
July 25, 2005