Reparation to the Sacred Heart
Fr. Raoul Plus, S. J.


Section II: The Doctrine of Reparation

1. The Theology of Reparation

TO make reparation, according to the common meaning of the word, is to compensate for a wrong, an injustice, or suffering caused to someone, whether by one's own fault or through the fault of another, or even through the fault of no one at all.

From the brief historical study which we have made in the preceding chapters, Reparation, in the sense in which it is used in the Christian vocabulary, reduces itself to this: to offer to God (to our Lord) compensation for the sins of others. Not that reparation for one's own sins is excluded; but greater stress is laid upon the thought of the sins of others. To make reparation is to offer oneself in the place of all that should be offered to God, but through man's malice is withheld from Him.

The idea is a simple one; but it is full of meaning, so much so that to understand it properly it is necessary to have an exact appreciation of what is meant by redemption, satisfaction, expiation, merit and the Communion of Saints.