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The Immaculate Heart


Prayer of Trust in the Immaculate Heart

TO the refuge of thine Immaculate Heart, O Heavenly Mother Mary,
I come to be enclosed as in a most choice garden of sweetness and
delight. I am the [son/daughter] of thine Immaculate Heart, O Mother
of God. Thou, O Spouse of the Holy Ghost, Daughter of God the Father,
Mother of the Son, in thy loving relationship to the Most Blessed Trinity,
serve as Mediatrix of all grace that comes to me from the Heavenly
throne, flowing forth from the Sacred Heart of thy Son, passing
through the Immaculate Heart of thy Heavenly intercession.

The love of thine Immaculate Heart showing forth in tender care gives
me confidence in thee, O Heavenly Mother Mary. In thee I trust.
Thine intercession, united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is powerful to tend
to every need of body and soul upon earth and to lead me lovingly home
to thine eternal embrace, where thou wilt introduce me to thy Divine Son,
with the Holy Ghost dwelling always in my soul, and the Heavenly Father
forever providing for my every temporal and spiritual need as
all three Persons in the one Godhead see in thee, O Mary ,
the Mother of this thy [son/daughter] upon earth. Amen.

Mother of Sweetness

Mother of Sweetness, the faith and love with which thou giveth thy
Divine Son urges me to open my heart to the love of thy heart so
that the sweetness of thy Mother's love may touch me deeply.
May the sweetness of thy heart cause me to share with
others thy love for Jesus.

When I meditate on the mysteries of Jesus Christ in the most
Holy Rosary, ever-Virgin Mother Mary, reveal to me the
sweetness of thine own Immaculate Heart. Amen.


Fr. Robert Fox
With Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat
Christendom Publications


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