The Devotion to the Sacred Heart
Fr. John Croiset, S. J.

Originally published in1691;
Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, 1959
TAN Books and Publishers

Prayers by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Prayers Composed in Honor of the Sacred Heart by St. Margaret Mary
(From Monsignor Gauthey's Edition, Paris, 1951).
Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart 1
Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart 2
Thirty-Five Salutations to the Sacred Heart
Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart
Pact With the Sacred Heart

Most adorable and amiable Jesus, always filled with love for us, always touched by our miseries, always urged by the desire to make us share in Thy treasures and to give Thyself entirely to us; Jesus, my Savior and my God, who by an excess of the most ardent and the most prodigious of all loves, hast placed Thyself in the state of Victim in the adorable Sacrament of the Eucharist, in which Thou dost offer Thyself in sacrifice each day from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof, what must be Thy sentiments in this state, when in return for all that Thou hast done, Thou dost find in the hearts of the greater part of men only unkindness, neglect, ingratitude and contempt! Was it not enough, O my Savior, to have chosen the most painful way to save us, although Thou couldst have shown us excessive love at the expense of much less suffering? Was it not enough to abandon Thyself once to the cruel agony and the mortal languor, which the horrible vision of our sins with which Thou wert laden was to cause Thee? Why dost Thou wish to expose Thyself again daily to all the indignities of which the most fiendish and malicious of men and demons are capable? Ah! my God and my most loving Redeemer, what have been the sentiments of Thy Sacred Heart at the sight of all these acts of ingratitude and all those sins? How great has been the bitterness into which so many sacrileges and outrages have plunged Thy Sacred Heart!
Filled with the deepest regret for all these indignities, behold me prostrate and annihilated before Thee in the presence of Heaven and earth, to make an act of reparation for all the indignities and outrages which Thou hast received on our altars since the institution of this adorable Sacrament. With a heart humbled and broken with sorrow, I ask Thy pardon a thousand times for all these indignities. Would that I could, O my God, water with my tears and wash with my blood all the places where Thy Sacred Heart has been so horribly outraged and where the marks of Thy love have been received with such strange contempt! Would that I could, Sovereign Lord, my Savior and my Judge, whom I believe to be really present in the adorable Sacrament of the Eucharist. I resolve for the future, by the respect which I shall show in His Presence and by my zeal in doing Him honor, to prove that I believe firmly in the Real Presence. And as I make profession to honoring His Sacred Heart in a special manner, I wish to pass the rest of my life in this Divine Heart. Grant me, O my Jesus, the grace which I ask of Thee to breathe forth my last sigh at the hour of my death in Thy Sacred Heart. Amen.


O Divine Heart of Jesus, inexhaustible Source of love and goodness, ah! how I regret that I have forgotten Thee so much and loved Thee so little! O Sacred Heart, Thou dost merit the reverence and love of all hearts which Thou hast cherished so much and laid under infinite obligations. And yet Thou dost receive from the greater number nothing but ingratitude and coldness, and especially from my own heart which merits Thy just indignation. But Thy Heart is all full of goodness and mercy, and of this I wish to avail myself to obtain reconciliation and pardon. O Divine Heart, I grieve intensely when I see myself guilty of such cowardice and when I consider the ungrateful conduct of my wicked heart, which has so unjustly stolen the love that it owes to Thee and bestowed it on myself or on vain amusements.

O Heart most meek, if the sorrow and shame of a heart that recognizes its error can satisfy Thee, pardon this heart of mine for it is sorry for its infidelity and ashamed of the little care which it has taken to please Thee by its love. O Sacred Heart of my Savior, what could I expect from all this but Thy displeasure and condign punishment if I did not hope in Thy mercy. O, Heart of my God, Heart most holy, Heart to which alone belongs to pardon sinners, do Thou in Thy mercy pardon this poor miserable heart of mine. All its powers unite in a supreme effort to make reparation to Thee for its wanderings from Thee and the disordered application of its love.

Ah! how have I been able hitherto to refuse Thee my heart, I who have so many obligations to make Thee its sole possessor, nevertheless I have done so. But now how I regret that I have wandered away from Thee, from the love of Thee who art the Source of all goodness, in a word, from the Heart of my Jesus, who although needing me not, hast sought me out and lavished Thy favors on me. O adorable Heart of Jesus, is it possible that my heart can have treated Thee thus, my heart which depends entirely on Thy love and Thy benefits and which, if Thou shouldst take them from it, would fall into the utmost extremes of misery or be reduced to nothingness? Ah! how I am beholden to Thy goodness, O indulgent Heart of my Savior, for having borne with me so long in my ingratitude! Oh! how timely Thy mercies come to pardon my poor, inconstant heart!

O Heart of my Jesus, I now consecrate to Thee and give Thee all my love and the source of my love, which is my heart; I give Thee both irrevocably, although with great confusion for having so long refused Thee Thine own possessions. O Divine Heart, my very capability of bestowing my poor heart on Thee is a proof of Thy great love for me, but alas! I have availed myself badly of such a favorable opportunity to merit Thy love and grace. Oh! how great is my confusion at the thought of this! O Heart of my Jesus, reform my faithless heart, grant that henceforth it may bind itself to Thy love by its own, and that it may approach Thee as much in the future as it has wandered away from Thee in the past, and as Thou art the Creator of my heart, may Thou, I beseech Thee, one day give it the crown of immortality.


Hail, Heart of Jesus! Save me.
Hail, Heart of my Creator! Perfect me.
Hail, Heart of my Savior! Deliver me.
Hail, Heart of my Judge! Pardon me.
Hail, Heart of my Father! Govern me.
Hail, Heart of my Spouse! Love me.
Hail, Heart of my Master! Teach me.
Hail, Heart of my King! Crown me.
Hail, Heart of my Benefactor! Enrich me.
Hail, Heart of my Pastor! Guard me.
Hail, Heart of my Friend! Caress me.
Hail, Heart of my Infant Jesus! Draw me to Thee.
Hail, Heart of Jesus, dying on the Cross! Ransom me.
Hail, Heart of Jesus! in all Thy states! Give Thyself to me.
Hail, Heart of my Brother! Dwell with me.
Hail, Heart of incomparable goodness! Pardon me.
Hail, Magnificent Heart! Shine forth in me.
Hail, Most amiable Heart! Embrace me.
Hail, Charitable Heart! Operate in me.
Hail, Merciful Heart! Answer for me.
Hail, Most Humble Heart! Repose in me.
Hail, Most Patient Heart! Bear with me.
Hail, Most Faithful Heart! Atone for me.
Hail, Most Admirable and Most Worthy Heart! Bless me.
Hail, Peaceful Heart! Calm me.
Hail, Most Desirable and Excellent Heart! Enrapture me.
Hail, Illustrious and Perfect Heart! Ennoble me.
Hail, Sacred Heart, Precious Balm! Preserve me.
Hail, Most Holy and Profitable Heart! Make me better.
Hail, Blessed Heart, Medicine and Remedy of our evils! Cure me.
Hail, Heart of Jesus, Solace of the afflicted! Console me.
Hail, Most loving Heart, burning Furnace! Consume me.
Hail, Heart of Jesus, Model of perfection! Enlighten me.
Hail, Heart of Jesus, Origin of all happiness! Fortify me.
Hail, Heart of eternal blessings! Call me to Thee.


O Lord Jesus, holy and sweet love of our souls who hast promised that wherever two or three are gathered together in Thy name Thou wilt be there in their midst, behold, O Divine and most amiable Jesus, our hearts united in one common accord to adore, praise, love, bless and please Thy most Holy and Sacred Heart, to which we dedicate ourselves and consecrate our hearts for time and eternity. We renounce forever all love and affection which are not in the love and affection of Thy adorable Heart; we desire that all the desires, longings and aspirations of our hearts may be always according to the good pleasure of Thy Heart, which we wish to please as much as we are able. But as we can do nothing good of ourselves, we beseech Thee, O most adorable Jesus, by the infinite goodness and meekness of Thy most Sacred Heart, to sustain our hearts and confirm them in the resolution of loving and serving Thee, with which Thou dost inspire them in order that nothing may ever separate us or disunite us from Thee, but that we may be always faithful and constant in this resolution. We sacrifice to the love of Thy Sacred Heart all that can give vain pleasure to our hearts and all that can engross them uselessly with the things of this world where we confess that everything besides loving and serving Thee alone is vanity and affliction of spirit. O Divine and most amiable Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, may Thou be blessed, loved and glorified eternally. Amen.


O most Divine, most adorable and amiable Heart of Jesus, behold me humbly prostrate before Thee to adore, praise, bless and glorify Thee, and to recognize the rights of Thy sovereignty over me, by confessing and acknowledging my subjection and by my protestation of love and fidelity towards Thee. O Heart most holy, receive me, since I am and wish to be completely Thine, in spite of all the opposition which my enemies may stir up. Do not reject me, but acknowledge what belongs to Thee, receive it and defend it. I have a most ardent desire to love and please Thee, but to accomplish this is above my strength; do Thou help my weakness, and in Thy love and mercy, grant me the graces necessary to do it perfectly and the graces to pray and act and suffer in the purity of Thy love.

O Sacred Heart, I give and consecrate myself entirely to Thee; my heart, my understanding, my memory and my will, in order that everything which I do and suffer may be for Thy love and Thy glory, that everything which I see and hear may induce me to love Thee, that all my words may be so many acts of adoration, love and praise of Thy sovereignty, and that the movements of my lips may be so many acts of contrition for all the sins that I have committed and for all the good that I have omitted. I beseech Thee, O Heart of love, that I may be able to draw Thee to myself as many times as I draw in the air I breathe and that in exhaling it, I may offer Thee as many times to Thy eternal Father, to render to Him all that I owe Him. Grant, O Sacred Heart, that all the pulsations and beatings of my heart and the respirations of my lungs may be so many acts of gratitude and thanksgiving for all the favors which Thou hast conferred upon me and which Thou dost intend to confer upon me. Take away, I beseech Thee, all impediments thereto, for I renounce and disavow all movements of pride and self-love and all that might hinder me from loving Thee perfectly and serving Thee faithfully.

O Heart full of goodness, listen to me and grant my petition! O Sacred Heart, to which I belong, on which I depend and by which I live, inflame me, take possession of me and transform me entirely into Thee! Grant that all my endeavors may be to arrive at Thee, that all my movements and actions be to unite myself to Thee! I protest that I would prefer to suffer a thousand deaths rather to be separated from Thee or commit any act of infidelity towards Thee.

Accept this pact which I make with Thee, O Divine and adorable Heart, and which I desire to renew with every protestation of fidelity, every time that I open my eyes or put my hand on my heart, for I wish henceforth to live and breathe only to love Thee. Give Thyself then entirely to me and make me entirely Thine. Grant me to know and avoid all that can displease Thee, for I protest a thousand times that if I knew of any other way of joining, giving and uniting myself to Thee, I would embrace it at the peril of my life. Strengthen and sustain all the good resolutions and desires to love and please Thee, with which, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thou dost inspire me. Grant that they may all have the good effects which Thou dost intend. Amen.