In an article published in the February 2005 issue of CATHOLIC FAMILY NEWS Sister Elena Aiello [1895-1961], who was a holy nun in southern Italy
and a stigmatist, and who was given revelations approved by the Church, we read that on Good Friday, April 8, 1955, Our Lady told her:

". . . Tremendous will be the upheaval of the whole world, because men-----as at the time of the Deluge-----have lost
God's ways and are ruled by the spirit of Satan.

"Priests must unite by prayers and penance. They must hasten to spread devotion to the Two Hearts. The hour of My triumph is close at hand.
The victory will be accomplished through the love and mercy of the Heart of My Son, and of My Immaculate Heart-----the Mediatrix
between men and God. By accepting this invitation, and by uniting their tears to those of My Sorrowful Heart,
priests and religious will obtain great graces for the salvation of poor sinners."
[Divine Love, Second-Third Qrtrs, 1981]

We found the following chaplet, and present it here as a reparational devotion.

The Chaplet of the Two Hearts

There are 20 beads in 5 sets [One can use the regular Rosary, just going around twice on the decades, saying three Hail Marys on each bead], each consisting of 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Marys.

These are the meditations for the five sets:

1. In honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
2. In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
3. The Passion of Our Lord.
4. The Sorrows of Mary.
5. In atonement to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

At the end on the medal say the prayer to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary:

O United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Thou art all grace, all mercy, all love. Let my heart be joined to Thine, so that my every need is present in Thine United Hearts. Most especially, shed Thy grace upon this particular need [mention it]. Help me to recognize and accept Thy loving will in my life. Amen.