Our Holy Father is laboring under difficult circumstances. From many hostile fortresses he is battered as he struggles to restore Tradition. He is infallible when he pronounces on faith or morals for the universal Church on that which must be believed and or when he teaches in union with all the Pontiffs who maintained their apostolic oath to uphold Tradition and resist novelty. As Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger he was part of the novelty movement. So successful were modern Churchmen in their endeavors to "update" what must not be updated by definition, that we are all influenced by modern errors and the sentiments that accompany them, even those of us who think we are immune. The apostasy is worldwide and so invasive with its subtleties that we scarcely dare to take our eyes from Heaven for a moment lest we, too, will be swallowed up in its billowing waves. Our Pontiff is not indefectible, and he, too can fail out of human frailty in his ordinary duties.

In under three years he has done much to restore Tradition to its rightful place, but because he sometimes falters as he tries to right the Barque of Peter, there are those who deny his rightful authority and even his papal throne. Then there are those, who upholding his office, deny his infallibility or want to limit it even more than it is---a foolish endeavor because the limits of papal infallibility was defined by the Holy Spirit at the dogmatic Vatican Council I, and cannot be changed.

We sometimes grow impatient with his efforts, yet how could things be otherwise, after 40 years in the desert of anti-tradition and ceaseless change. How to undo everything is two years? Impossible. Like it or not we are being chastised by God, without pointing fingers at any single person, but chastised we are.

I am sure that we all say the prayers for the Pontiff after the Rosary and pray for him at Mass.

In the year of Our Lord, 2008, we ought to redouble our efforts on his behalf. For those of you are unfamiliar with our reparational directory, we have a page with prayers for the Roman Pontiff. The link at the bottom of the page will take you there. In addition I am encouraging us all to say the 31 Day Novena to St. Joseph, Patron of the Church, for his intentions. Then send him a birthday card in time for April 16, thanking him for all he is doing and tell him that you are praying for him:

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI PP.
Apostolic Palace
Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano
Vatican City State, 00120

Thank you for caring enough to read this page.