Mrs. James Wallach
London, England

My Dear Madam: Sorry am I to learn that your husband "has become anti-Semitic, due largely to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which he is continually quoting." My knowledge of Catholic teachings, and of the "Protocols", convinced me years ago, that no Catholic can be, or rather will be an anti-Semite; and that the document to which you attribute your husband's bitterness is a gross forgery.
The "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is made up of 24 addresses which are said to be a part of the minutes of a secret gathering of Jews in Basle, Switzerland, that assembled during the first Zionist Congress (1897). They contain an outline of an organized conspiracy on the part of the Jews to rule the world, through devious, wily and Machiavellian methods. They could be dismissed with the declaration that there is no evidence to prove that there existed a group of Jews designated "Learned Elders of Zion" in Basle, or elsewhere, that adopted such an irreligious, vicious, criminal document. Jews are clever, but they are not cussed fools, which they would be were they to pen such a satanic document, in which there is enumerated, in detail, the vicious things that the Jews intend to do to further an illegitimate end.

Strange is it for a resident of Boston to be asked regarding the "Protocols," when the information desired may be obtained in your city of London. The documents were analyzed and exposed years ago in "Month", the English Jesuit magazine published in your city; which you will find quoted in the four pages of my "Jewish Panorama", that are being mailed to your address. They are rightly branded in "Month" as "puerile forgery"; they are proved therein to be a clumsy, fraudulent plagiarism of the writings of Maurice Joly. The editor of "Month" upheld the finding of Pere Charles, the Belgium priest who made an extensive investigation of the origin and character of the document. This learned Louvain scholar, said, to quote in part, "1-If taken as a program, the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' are merely an erratic sequel of incredible absurdity, which, at every turn, betray the authors' incoherence and entire ignorance of most elementary notions. Nothing constructive are in the various proposals or plans. It is impossible for anyone to carry them out, considering the flagrant contradictions and obvious insanities they present".
"2-Proof has been given that the 'Protocols' are a fraud-clumsy plagiarism of Maurice Joly's satirical work---composed with the transparent intention of rendering the Jews odious and of inciting against them the inconsiderate and blind passions of the mass."

"3-The Zionist Congress of Basle had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the composing of the 'Protocols'."

The London Times declared them to be "an impudent forgery, the work of a former member of the Ochrans, Russian secret police, amended to apply to the Jews". Herman Bernstein, former Minister to Albania, wrote a well documented book, called "The Truth About The Protocols of Zion", which was ably reviewed in "America" (March 23, 1935). While the reviewer held that the Jews play an influential part in anti-Catholic movements; that they exert a power in finance, the press, theater, cinema, education, and the Bar, out of all proportion to their numbers, he declared that the "Protocols" were "mainly plagiarized from the Dialogues in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, first published in 1864 and authorized by Maurice Joly, an imperialist lawyer. The original Dialogues had no trace of anti-Semitism, but were a violent onslaught upon the character and policies of Louis Napoleon Bonapart". A study of Bernstein's book, which is documented to a great degree, may possibly wean your husband from his Protocolinistic anti-Semitism.

A Committee of prominent American historians, including Professor Carlton J. H. Hayes, the able writer and diplomat, said, after subjecting the "Protocols" to a thorough and critical analysis, that they are a forgery. Professor Jacques Maritan, one of the world's leading Thomistic philosophers, said in a speech delivered before the Metropolitan Club of New York City (1939), that "the Protocols are the most impudent of forgeries. If there remain orators and publicists who still dare to call upon this forgery to spread anti-Semitic legends, one must believe they have lost respect for their intelligence and that of those who listen to them".

The "Protocols" are in the same category as the collection of letters, the False Decretals, circulated by bigots, which contain spurious decrees said to have been issued by Popes and Councils, to augment Papal authority, which were fabricated in Western Gaul: The "Protocols" are like the "Maria Monk" pamphlet, in which a story is told of an "escaped Nun", who was never a Nun, and never "escaped": The "Protocols" are like "The Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Oath", that is still circulated by enemies of the Catholic Church, despite the fact that it is absolutely false. "If the "Fourth Degree Oath" is not true" say the enemies, "then it would not have been published in the Congressional Record", giving date and page. They deliberately disregard the fact that the "Oath" was inserted in the Congressional Record as an exhibit, to show the dishonest method resorted to in order to defeat a candidate for Congress. The tricky argument made by circulators of the "Protocols" is that they must be legitimate, as there are such and such things enumerated therein that have, or are taking place; which incidental things in no way establishes the authenticity of that spurious anti-Semitic document.

You know, as do I, that our Church does not condone bearing false witness against our neighbor, even if he be a bigoted anti-Catholic. Hence the circulation of the "Protocols" is no doubt a sin against charity. Your letter causes me to think that lack of knowledge on the part of your husband prompts him to pester you with that vicious document. He should be brought to the realization that a Catholic cannot consistently be an anti-Semite, as are circulators of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", Pope Pius XI condemned anti-Semitism in these words:---"Abraham is called our Patriarch, our ancestor, Anti-Semitism is incompatible with the thought and sublime reality expressed in this text (of his Encyclical). It is a movement in which Christians can have no part whatsoever. Spiritually we are Semites".
Prayerfully hoping the information set forth in this lengthy letter will aid you in your laudable endeavor, I remain,
Sincerely in Christ
David Goldstein