St. Martha
July 29

First Century

Sister of Mary and Lazarus, with whom she lived in Bethany, she was evidently the eldest and in charge of the household. They were all friends of Jesus, Who often stayed at their home, and she was most solicitous of His welfare. In the famous incident in Luke 10:38-42, she asked Christ to tell her sister Mary, who was listening to the Lord, to help her in the household preparations; whereupon He chided her for bustling about so, concluding, "it is Mary who has chosen the better part." She has thus become the prototype of the activist Christian and Mary the symbol of the contemplative life. It was Martha who went out to meet Jesus after the death of Lazarus, while Mary remained at home (John 11 :20). According to Tradition, she, Mary, and Lazarus went to France after the death of Jesus and evangelized Provence. She is the patron of cooks.

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