St. Zita
Patron of Servants and Those Who Lose Their Keys

April 27


The Saint was born into a poor family at Monte Sagrati. When she was twelve she went to work as a domestic servant for the wealthy Fatinelli family in Lucca, Italy, remaining there all the rest of her life. The Fatinellis placed much trust in her, giving her charge over the household, which contributed to her being disliked by the other servants. Instead of treating them like they did her, she always returned good for their not so good. She was canonized in 1969.  She was known for her charity and mystical experiences. When she gave her master's fur coat to a beggar, an Angel returned it to her the next day. She is almost always depicted wearing an apron, usually with roses like St. Elizabeth of Hungary, for her charity, or lilies and sometimes a key because she was put in charge of overseeing the daily management of the household affairs.


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