St. Miguel Cordero

February 9

  Francesco Febres Cordero Munoz was born in 1854 to a prominent family in Ecuador. He was not able to stand till age five. Then he saw a vision of the Blessed Mother and was cured.

He attended a school run by the Christian Brothers, and when he was of age, decided to join their Congregation. He was accepted and became known as Brother Miguel.

Miguel's first assignment was in Quito where he remained for thirty-two years. He was an outstanding teacher and wrote many books on education. The government of Ecuador adopted his texts for schools throughout the country.

 In 1892, Brother Miguel was elected to the national Academy of Letters.

Despite his fame in the field of education, Brother Miguel delighted in preparing the very young for their First Holy Communion. He also wrote manuals of piety, gave religious instruction, and conducted retreats.

Miguel died in 1910 in Spain and his body was returned to Ecuador with great public ceremony.


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