Saint Cuthbert


March 20

d. 687 

Thought to be Irish by some, and by others a Scot, Bede, the noted historian, says he was a Briton. Orphaned when a young lad, he was a shepherd for a time, possibly fought against the Mercians, an Anglo-Saxon tribe, and became a monk at Melrose Abbey. In 661, he accompanied St. Eata to Ripon Abbey, which the Abbot of Melrose had built, but returned the following year when King Alcfrid gave the abbey to St. Wilfred, and then became prior of Melrose. Cuthbert worked as a missionary and when St. Colman refused to accept the decision of the Council of Whitby in favor of the Roman liturgical practices and left for ireland with most of the Monks of Lindisfarne, St. Eata was appointed Bishop in his place and named Cuthbert prior of Lindisfarne. Cuthbert resumed his missionary life, attracting huge crowds until he received his abbot' s permission to live as a hermit, at first on a nearby island and then in 676 on one of the Farnes islands near Bamsborough. Against his will he was elected Bishop of Hexham in 685, arranged with St. Eata to swap sees, and became Bishop of Lindisfarne but without the monastery. He spent the last two years of his life administering his see, caring for the sick of the plague that decimated his diocese, working numerous miracles of healing and was gifted with the ability to prophesy. He died at Lindisfarne, March 20, 687.


Lord Jesus Christ, bridegroom of my soul, the beloved of my heart, nay, my very heart and soul, I throw myself upon my knees in Thy sight and in the company of Saint Cuthbert, whom I implore to help me beseech Thee to give me the grace to keep the faith I solemnly gave unto Thee in my private vow of chastity [or in the reception of the Subdeaconship]. Wherefore, O sweetest jesus, let me deny all ungodliness; let me ever be a stranger to carnal desires and earthly lusts which war against the soul, and with Thy help, let me preserve my chastity unspotted.

O Mary most holy and Immaculate, Virgin of virgins, and our loving Mother, make clean my heart and my soul ever more and more; obtain for me the fear of the Lord and a great distrust of myself.

Saint Joseph, guardian of Mary's virginity, keep my soul free from every sin.

All ye holy Virgins who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, be ever watchful over me, a sinner, lest at any time I go astray from the most pure Heart of Jesus and transgress by thought, word or deed; O Saint Cuthbert, pray for me that I may persevere, preserve me from all mortal sin, yea, the smallest venial sin. Amen.

We originally had his Novus Feast Day in November as the given Feast, when we decided to keep March 20, we left the page order [by the month] in place for logistic purposes.



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