Saint Colman of KilmacDuagh

October 29

d. c. 632

Son of a chieftain, he was born in ireland and was reportedly made a bishop against his wish, and lived as a solitary at Burren, County Clare. He built a monastery at KilmacDuagh on land donated by a relative of King Guaire of Connacht and is considered the first bishop of that see.

Prayer to St. Colman Mac Duagh [KilmacDuagh]

O Most Mortified St. Colman, the mere mentioning of thy holy name brings blessings a hundredfold.
We humbly ask thy Powerful intercession for the restoration and multiplication of holy Monasteries and Convents
and a return to Traditional Catholicism throughout all of Ireland and Christendom. Amen.

Then say: 1 Pater (Our Father), 1 Ave (Hail Mary) 1 Gloria (Glory Be)

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