Number 10

Special Feasts
Our Lady of Fatima
May 13

The Promise of the Universal Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Secret of Fatima, communicated to the three seers July 13, 1917, is terminated by a conclusion which creates a definite hope for us. In it the Immaculate Virgin announces the terrible combat of the "last times", assuredly entered into since 1960, will end by Her total victory. The Infernal serpent will be finally overwhelmed, his head crushed-----A promise which is irrevocable and unconditional. Yes, this hour will come, and we can hasten it by responding fully, on our part, to the small requests of Our Lady: recitation of the daily Rosary and of the prayers taught by the Angel and by the Blessed Virgin Mary, the
practice of the reparatory Communion on the first five Saturdays of the month, wearing of the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as a sign of our consecration to Her Immaculate Heart.

In this year, while the night of the "diabolical confusion" thickens, the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, concluding the Secret revealed to the world with its first two parts in 19423, shine in our sky as a unique star:

"In the end, My Immaculate Heart win triumph. The Holy Father win consecrate Russia to Me, and she win be converted, and some time of peace win be granted to the world."

Thus Our Lady has not given us some vague and uncertain promise of final victory, but She has indicated with precision the marvelous events which will provoke and establish the universal reign of Her Immaculate Heart.


In 1689, at Paray-le-Monial, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in addressing St. Margaret-Mary, said of Louis XIV: "He will obtain his birth of grace and eternal glory through the consecration which he will make of himself to My adorable Heart Who wants his triumph and, through his intervention, the triumph over the great ones of the earth." As in the 17th century God wanted the Sacred Heart of His Divine Son to triumph over the heart of the King of France, so in the 20th century, He wants the Immaculate Heart of His Most Holy Mother to triumph over the heart of the Holy Father. Our Lord waits for His "Minister" to embrace the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which he accepts and promotes, through his apostolic authority, the admirable Divine Plan of Mercy which could not be achieved without his co-operation. The Church is hierarchical, and even the sum of all the individual wills of its members, could not replace the act of obedience of its head to God. The accomplishment of the promises of Our Lady of Fatima, the salvation and peace of the world, depend then on the good will of the Pope, and to triumph over the heart of the Holy Father will be the first great victory of the tender and gentle Heart of
Mary Who will mark the dawn of Her universal reign. The time idiom "por fim" in Portuguese, which signifies "in the end", or also "finally," "at last," lets us guess after which strenuous struggle, perhaps even that apparent defeat of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Her victory will come unexpectedly. In order that the Pope may make the decision to answer the requests of Our Lady, a "victorious, triumphal" decision, but also "difficult and heroic", will it be necessary for new chastisements to fall on Christianity infested by satan and strike the Pope himself?  It is probable. Inasmuch as Our Lady has specified in the  second part of the Secret that "the Holy Father will have much to suffer". And during the revelation of Rianjo, Our Lord Who was displeased, announced that "given that His ministers follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of His command, they will follow him into misfortune . . . Like the King of France, they will repent . . ." Let us recall also that reply of Our Lord to Lucy, in the spring of 1936, so laconic, but so striking: "The Holy Father! Pray much for the Holy Father. He will do it [the consecration of Russia], but it will be late."

It is in that context which we must place the two prophetic visions of Jacinta concerning the Holy Father.

In the first, she saw him persecuted and overwhelmed with sufferings:

Lucy relates, "one day we went to spend the siesta time near the well of my parents. Jacinta then sat down on the stone of the well, and Francisco came with me to look for some wild honey in a bramble bush located on a rock which was near there. A while afterwards, Jacinta called me:
"Did you see the Holy Father?"
"I do not know how it happened, I saw the Holy Father in a very large house, kneeling before a table, his head in his hands and weeping. Outside, there were many people and some were throwing stones, others were cursing him and saying many bad words to him. Poor Holy Father! We must pray much for him."

A mysterious vision which some interpreters have wanted, mistakenly it seems to us, to apply to Pius XII. Following Father Alonso, a very sure guide, we think "that it refers to the future."

That vision must have some connection with some specific event announced in the Secret, for Lucy writes in continuation of her account: "I have already told how one day, two priests recommended us to pray for the Holy Father and explained to us who the Pope was. Jacinta then asked me: "Is that the same one I saw weeping and of whom Our Lady spoke to us in the Secret?"
"He is the one", I replied.

Lucy reports, "on another occasion we were going to our "Loca" (grotto) de Cabe
ço. Once there, we prostrated ourselves on the ground to recite the prayers of the Angel. After some time, Jacinta straightened up again and called me: "Don't you see so many paths, so many roads, so many fields full of people who weep for hunger and have nothing to eat? And the Holy Father in a church, praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary? And so many who pray with him?" Some days later, Jacinta asked me: "May I say that I saw the Holy Father and everyone?"
"No! Don't you see that is part of the Secret? And that in this way everything would be exposed?"
"That's fine, then I won't say a word."

That second prophetic vision, as the preceding one, must concern future events, a horrible war to come. "So many paths, so many roads and fields filled with dead people, losing their blood", indicates Lucy in a copy destined for Father Gon
çalves. The Holy Father "praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary" could indeed be the Pope mentioned in the conclusion of the Secret: "In the end . . . the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me." The Blessed Virgin would have had Her little confidante see in what tragic situation the Sovereign Pontiff would accomplish Her request.


That  Pope, totally consecrated to the Immaculate Heart, will do what the Virgin has requested, exactly as She has requested it, and for the sole reason She wants it thus. He will begin by revealing to the world the third Part of the Secret, while proclaiming its certain authenticity and its absolute truth. That disclosure has become since 1960 the first request of Our Lady. The text of the Secret will be the miraculous instrument which will permit the Church to come out from its apostasy without which its faith in its flawlessness would be shaken. Indeed the Secret will show that at the very moment when the Church had been delivered up by her leaders to apostasy, her final victory over the Powers of error and evil had been promised by the Immaculate Mother of God. A temporary apostasy of the hierarchy, Divinely prophesied forty-five years in advance, is not a scandalous failure marking the abandonment of God; it is only the chastisement of bad shepherds who have not wanted to believe in the prophetic warning of their Heavenly Mother.

The simple and strong words of Our Lady of the Rosary will certainly be decisive for the renaissance and renewal of the Church. They will deliver a message sufficiently explicit so that the Reform extolled by the Second Vatican Council in one single blow will be discredited in the eyes of the faithful and rejected by the best Bishops. In an identical outburst, the Pope, through his own wishes, will call for the meeting of a new Council, a dogmatic Vatican III, with a view to liberating the Church from the armies of satan camped in its ramparts and to bring about a great work of renovation. The divisions, the controversies and disputes from which the Mystical Body of Christ has been suffering so cruelly, will not disappear from one day to the next. But henceforth they will be Divinely enlightened, and the Pope and Bishops will dare to deliver an infallible teaching to condemn by name the heresies taught today in the Church. The Sovereign Pontiff, sustained by  by the words of Our Lady, will thus accomplish this work of counter-reform whose urgent necessity our Father Superior, the Abbe de Nantes, has not ceased for the last twenty-five years to demonstrate! The dogmas of the faith will be professed again with love, vigor and enthusiasm; the Divine prerogatives of the Virgin Mary recognized; Her Co-Redemption and universal Mediation defined infallibly.

The apostasy once unmasked, the Pope will be able to promote the reparatory devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


In bringing to mind one of his conversations with Lucy, Canon Barthas relates: "In 1946 I was still totally un aware of the vision of June 1929. Sister Lucy told me that Russia would convert when the Holy Father, united to the Bishops of the world, would have consecrated that country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I said to her that this union appeared to me quite impossible. She answered me: "Yes, yes! For me, I see it."

That act of reparation and collegial consecration of Russia will be accomplished openly and officially, without vain oratorical caution, nor false prudence, for the Pope will have understood finally how much the Ostpolitik of the Vatican was contrary to the Divine wishes. When the announced chastisements will be tragically realized, when he himself will have been severely tried, the Holy Father will no longer consider with scepticism the Secret of Our Lady. But convinced of its authenticity, he will see "Soviet Communism project itself in the Fatima sky as God's scourge, as the terrible instrument which God will use in order to chastise sinful humanity." Indeed, Father Alonso adds, "we are as in biblical times in which, when the people of God stray from the precepts of Jehovah, their God, they were chastised through the violent invasion of the great neighboring nations who sacked everything, inflicting severe chastisements on them, and led them into captivity in distant lands.

Today those neighboring people, according to the revelations of Fatima, are just a single nation dominated by the atheism most opposed to the Kingdom of God . . . Whence the eschatological importance of the message of Fatima which is not simply a new, very urgent appeal to prayer and penance, but which is inserted into the most contemporary history in order to give us its theological sense. It has given us the veritable theology of today's history."
In the message of Fatima, Father Alonso notes further, "Russia signifies the place where in a certain period of history, the "Mystery of Iniquity" was established."
The denunciation and solemn condemnation of impiety at work in that unfortunate country will be the spontaneous reaction of a Church of counter-reform, placing worship of God above all. That act of reparation to the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, so outraged by so many blasphemies, profanations, and crimes, will make known to the whole world, the gravity of the injury and the offense directed to God by the Bolshevist power which improperly exercises a satanic power over millions of souls who by right belong to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

The act of reparation and consecration of Russia will be what Our Lord wants it to be: A public act of obedience and filial love towards the Immaculate Heart of His Mother. As soon as the Pope will have decided to execute it in order to manifest his obedience to Our Lady of the Rosary and his certitude of the very near realization of the promised miracle, the conversion of Russia, it will no longer be a question for him to discuss under what conditions this act should be accomplished. God's Will is that "the Holy Father deign to make and order the Bishops of the Catholic world to make likewise, a public and solemn act of reparation and consecration of Russia to the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary."
The Blessed Virgin did not ask the Russian people to consecrate themselves, but She asked the Pope and the Bishops to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. In daring to consecrate Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart, the ministers of Jesus Christ will profess the right of that gentle Heart to universal Royalty as well as His sovereign domain over all nations even though they have revolted against His patronage.

The consecration of Russia will be an hierarchical act. The Pope will engage his authority, "ordering all the Bishops of the Catholic world . . ." Father Alonso remarked that those words of Our Lady exclude Orthodox Bishops. God will not grant the graces of a miraculous salvation to the Russian people through the mediation of schismatic pastors.

Let us note that this act of authority of the Sovereign Pontiff will permit a restoration of the true and authentic communion of Catholic Bishops around Peter. Each prelate having at last to choose publicly for the Church or for the Revolution, the "rapacious wolves," disguised as sheep, will be constrained to unmask themselves, and the Pope will be able to and will have to then put sanctions on them and depose them. When the Sovereign Pontiff acts thus, in accordance with his duty as Vicar of Christ, he will be spurned by his own depraved children, engaged for a long time in the service of the Adversary. We foresee clearly the difficulty of the combats which he will have then to lead, the violence of the persecutions which will fall on him; but the deceitful dialogue between the Church of Christ and the Synagogue of satan will finally be broken.

To the request of the consecration of Russia is linked the request of "promising, on condition of the end of the persecution in Russia, to approve and recommend the practice of reparatory devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." Likewise in 1689 the Sacred Heart of Jesus expressed to Saint Margaret-Mary His Wish to be honored solemnly at first in the kingdom of France, in the court of King Louis XIV, so as to be honored afterwards in all the courts of Europe. He wants in our century the Immaculate Heart of His Most Holy Mother to receive first a public cult and solemn homage on the part of the hierarchy, that is, the Pope and all the Bishops of the world, so that the reparatory devotion to that gentle Heart of Mary be spread then in the whole Church. Let us recall that in 1936, when Lucy asked Our Lord: "Why He would not convert Russia without His Holiness making that consecration", she received this reply:

"Because I want the whole Church to recognize that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order to then extend Her public veneration, and to place alongside devotion to My Divine Heart, devotion to Her Immaculate Heart."
The Pope and the Bishops will be able to accomplish the act of reparation and consecration of Russia, united in a same place or each one in his own diocese. That last solution would have the advantage of permitting the clergy and faithful to unite more easily in the act of devotion of their Pastors. Sister Lucy has often repeated that this consecration will have to be executed "at the same time" by the Pope and the Bishops. It will be "a special day . . . of prayer and world reparation", in order to "promote a solemn crusade of prayer and reparation, like the consecration of the world to the Heart of Jesus", the seer specified to Father da Fonseca. In order to prepare worthily the latter, on May 25, 1899, Pope Leo XIII had sent to all the Bishops of the world the Encyclical Letter Annum Sacrum, which concluded with this formal command:

"As a result, We command that on the 9, 10, and 11 of the month of June, that some determined prayers be said in the Church of each locality, in the principal Church of each city. During these three days will be added to the other invocations, litanies of the Sacred Heart approved by Our authority. On the last day, the form of the consecration which We send will be recited, Venerable Brethren, at the same time as these letters."

 One day, in the whole Church, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will receive the same solemn honors, and the promised miracles will be accomplished through the all-powerful Mediation of the Queen of Heaven and earth, at last victorious over the kingdom of darkness.

When in 1946 John Haffert asked Lucy if the conversion of Russia would follow certainly the consecration of that nation, the seer declared: "Yes, it is what Our Lady promised. That will happen."
Likewise, when Father McGlynn wanted to know whether the promise of the conversion of Russia was absolute or conditional, Lucy replied: "In the end", in the text of the Secret, signifies that it is absolute."
And when Father Alonso questioned her on the word of Our Lord: "The Pope will consecrate Russia, but it will be late," she indicated to him that "the consecration of Russia and also the final triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will follow it, are absolutely certain and will be accomplished despite all the obstacles."
After official approval of the reparatory devotion of the First Saturdays of the month and the collegial consecration of Russia, the Virgin of Fatima, Who in 1917 had induced the fall of the sun, will achieve another unheard of miracle: the conversion of Russia. We know it with absolute certainty. What a prodigious promise, allowing us to already imagine with precision the marvels of the coming triumph of Her Immaculate Heart! Russia, that nation at present possessed by satan, will convert. What a consolation, what a relief, to be sure that the Russians, for such a long time persecutors of the Church, will soon sing the praises of the gentle Heart of Mary and render Her fervent thanksgiving!

The darkness and loss of faith, which impedes today the accomplishment of the consecration of Russia in the conditions demanded by the Blessed Virgin, similarly prevent the preservation of hope which is found linked to it. The conciliar theologians dream only of a Russia where religious liberty, the rights of man would be respected in a democratic Republic! The idea of a religious liberty granted by a Leninist power, today by Mikhail Gorbachev, is absolutely foreign and even contrary to the message of Fatima. Although there are texts which seem to announce "the end of the persecution", that expression is far from being exclusive. It is enveloped by others much more explicit in which the Virgin assures us that She will convert Russia, that She will save it.

When in the great Secret, Our Lady of the Rosary promises solemnly that Russia will be converted, She announces that this nation will become Catholic, that is, that it will be delivered completely at the same time from Communism and from its secular schism. Several experts of Fatima, influenced by the ecumenical doctrines of the Second Vatican Council, did not wish to agree to it and they came to mangle the promise of Our Lady. For example, Father Richard who wrote: "Many times, Russians living in Europe were moved and even felt hurt by this claim to convert Russia, as if she were a pagan people, as if Russian Christianity needed to be authenticated as Christian, as if even its Christian label had to require the Roman trademark."
By what perfidious inversion have they changed the all merciful will of Our Lady to "convert Russia" into a "claim" injurious and hurtful? Our Lady having asked for the consecration of Russia by the Pope and Catholic Bishops, it is obvious to them that She has promised to convert Russia: it can therefore only concern the conversion to the one, true Church, to the one, holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.
Father Alonso observed moreover, "Lucy has always thought that the conversion of Russia does not extend only to a return of the Russian people to the Christian-Orthodox Religion, while rejecting the Marxist Atheism of the Soviets, but that it refers simply and fully to the total and integral conversion by a return to the unique and true Roman Catholic Church."

 That nation will be saved from its schism through the all-powerful mediation of Our Lady, at the request of all the Catholic Bishops obedient to their head, that Pope of Rome to whom the Russians refuse, in their hardened rebellion, to recognize the primacy of universal jurisdiction proper to the successor of Peter. When the Immaculate Mother of God exorcises Russia, when She delivers it from the devils who possess it, She will spread over this poor nation superabundant graces of conversion, and in the spiritual combat of the last times between the Blessed Virgin and satan, now taking place, it is obvious that the demonic forces will only abandon this unfortunate country when they are vanquished and expelled. Russia then will become a great Catholic nation in its leaders and institutions. Indeed a Government is never neutral, it always works either in harmony with the Church, or, as the Beast of the Apocalypse, against it and in the service of the Prince of this world. The political power in Russia will therefore only cease being antichrist when it becomes openly Catholic.

The great miracle promised is not without historical precedent, which allows us, in an analogical manner, to foresee its otherwise precise realization, at least the Divine possibility. Several times, in the history of the Church, through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, God has intervened in a similar manner, "by strong hand and extended arm", realizing astonishing prodigies. The graces obtained after the consecration of France to Our Lady by King Louis XIII in 1638, or after the consecration of the parish of Ars to "Mary conceived without sin" by its holy Cur
é on May 1, 1836, give some idea of what will be the supernatural fruits of the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We have also an eloquent historical example, which should certainly have a prophetic scope, in the consecration to the "Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary" of the parish of Our Lady of Victories in 1836. A shower of extraordinary graces, provoking its almost sudden conversion, manifested publicly the marvelous efficacy of that consecration. What the Blessed Virgin Mary has accomplished for souls in a parish, She has promised to realize it for Russia in response to the humble docility of the Pope. Finally, it must not be forgotten the triple miracle effected by Our Lady in Portugal in response to the act of consecration accomplished by the Bishops of Portugal in 1931. Brilliant miracle which we have already presented [in another of the 3 volumes from which this extract is taken].

To convert Russia, will God act as He did during the first centuries of the history of the Church, with Europe's conversion to Christ, by a continuation of great political miracles? Indeed it was through the work of the missionaries coupled with newly converted princes, such as Constantine, Clovis, and the grand-prince Vladimir that Europe became Catholic. Those founding events of Catholicism keep an exemplary value and their calling to mind can serve to better anchor our soul in unlimited confidence in the Divine mercy. Nevertheless, we are not mistaken, the miracle of the conversion of Russia, the realization of that unheard of promise, without comparison in all the history of the Church, will surpass certainly everything that we can today imagine. Is it necessary therefore to think that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will save Russia "through new signs dazzling in the sun, in the sky? I believe it", replies our Father Superior, supporting his views with the prophecies of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pronounced in the 30's: "I think that people will see the statue of the Immaculate as placed over the Kremlin and will begin from there to radiate; and in a word, She will be truly the Queen of every heart, and will introduce into each heart the Divine Love, the Heart of Jesus. Then will the goal of the Militia lmmaculatae be attained."
Maria Winowska reports a still more precise prophecy which surely corresponds to a vision from which the apostle of the Immaculate must have benefitted. "Towards the end of his life, shortly before the war, he said: "One day you will see the statue of the Immaculate in the center of Moscow, in the highest point of the Kremlin."

And our Father Superior's comment: "Will it be a statue? Will it not be straightway an apparition of the Immaculate in glory, above the steeples of the golden domes of the Kremlin, in the eyes of a multitude of oppressed souls in closed procession making their forced pilgrimage to the mausoleum of satan?"
During the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, Our Lady of the Rosary will work an unquestionable miracle, so that in the entire world it will be visible to the eyes of everyone, and particularly to the eyes of the heretics, of the schismatics, of the Jews and pagans, that the conversion of Russia has been obtained through Her intercession, and which is more, in response to "a solemn and public act" of the Pastors of the unique and true Church of Jesus Christ. In February 1946, during a conversation with Sister Lucy, Father Jongen recalled "the three theses" of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort: The Reign of Christ will come, through the Reign of Mary, after the diffusion of true devotion in the world. But Lucy added immediately: ". . . and after the conversion of Russia."

It is in fact the astonishing miracle of the conversion of that nation, of its return to the true Roman Catholic faith after so many centuries of separation, which will manifest the power of the mediation of the Queen of Heaven and earth. In all the universe, men will be moved, seized, astonished, amazed to the point of embracing the reparatory devotion and of singing with a conquering fervor, a lively ardor and immense joy the glories and merits of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


If the conclusion of the Secret only announces in an explicit way that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will be of a universal order, the whole context implies it without doubt. The Secret has in fact, from one end to another, a world-wide scope. It reveals a plan of mercy and salvation for the whole world. In this text, the word, "world", comes back four times. It is, "in the world" that God wishes to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If we do not obey the demands of Our Lady, it is "the world" which will be punished by God for its crimes. And it is "throughout the world" that Russia will spread its errors. It is finally "to the world" that some time of peace will be given. Also, it is clear that, when Our Lady announces solemnly: "My Immaculate Heart will triumph", it is a question of universal triumph. In the luminous conversion of Russia, devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will extend therefore to the whole Church which will honor Her in a liturgical devotion, patronized and spread by the hierarchy.
The cult of this gentle and tender Immaculate Heart will prepare the installation of the glorious reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout the whole earth.

Saint Louis de Montfort, the prophet of Mary's victory in the great combat of the "last times" whose imminence he foresaw, taught it forcefully:

"We have not yet praised, exalted, honored, loved and served Mary enough. She deserves still more praise, still more respect, still more love and still more service. God wants His Mother at present to be more known, more loved, more honored than She has ever been . . . Such is the will of the Most High, Who exalts the humble, is that Heaven, earth, and Hell bend, with good will or bad will, to the commands of the humble Mary, Whom He has made Sovereign of Heaven and earth, General of His armies, Treasurer of His treasures, Dispenser of His graces, worker of His great marvels, Restorer of the human race, Mediatrix of men, the exterminator of the enemies of God, and the faithful companion of His grandeurs and triumphs . ..  Yes, as it is certain, knowledge and the reign of Jesus Christ come into the world, it will be only a necessary result of the knowledge and reign of the Most Holy Virgin Mary who sent Him into the world the first time and who will cause Him to be manifest the second time."

Our prophet announced that in the "last times", only the devotion to the Immaculate would be able to cure and save men from egoism, pride, rebellion, hardening of the heart. The message of Fatima teaches us likewise in the time of the great apostasy, it is devotion to Mary, and more precisely the practice of reparatory devotion to Her Immaculate Heart, which will purify them all at the same time from the poison of error and the seductions of satan, and which will lead them to God.

Father Kolbe, it would seem, without knowing anything about the revelations of Fatima, knew the mission which God had entrusted to the Immaculate Virgin in the apocalyptic combat of our century:
"Our age is the age of the Immaculate, he wrote, as others say it is the age of the Holy Ghost. The serpent raises his head over the whole earth, but the Immaculate is going to crush him through decisive victories, although he does not cease to lie in wait for Her heel. Under the standard of the Immaculate a great battle will be waged, and we shall have Her banners float over the fortresses of the prince of darkness.
"Then heresies and schisms will be extinguished, and hardened sinners, thanks to the Immaculate, will return to God, towards His Heart full of love, and all pagans will be Baptised. Thus will be accomplished what the blessed Saint Catherine Laboure-----to whom the Immaculate revealed the Miraculous Medal
-----had foretold: that is that the Immaculate will become "the Queen of the whole world" and "of each one in particular."

In the light of the revelations of Fatima which agree perfectly with the prophecies of the great apostles of Mary Mediatrix, Saint Louis de Montfort and Saint Maximilian Kolbe, it is clear that the miraculous conversion of Russia, far from being an ordinary episode in the history of the Church, will mark the term of the "last times" and open the exalting and long period of the spiritual, social and political reign of the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, a period during which the whole universe will know the peace and splendors of a new Christianity.


That last word of the Secret necessarily implies the extension of the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the whole world. For war is a chastisement of sin and of the wickedness of men, whereas peace is a gracious gift from God which is granted to them when they convert and submit to the wishes of Heaven. Now, the revelations of Fatima teach us that this gift of peace God wishes to grant in our century will come only through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On July 13, 1917, shortly before the revelation of the great Secret, did not Our Lady say to the three seers: "I want you to continue reciting the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary in order to obtain peace for the world and the end of the war, because only She can help you."

From then on, is it not obvious that the beginning of this "time of peace," announced for the whole world, is connected to a condition sine qua non: the conversion of all nations to the Catholic Faith and the universal propagation of the liturgical cult of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

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The Church approves Fatima

The Catholic Church has endorsed the Fatima message since 1930. Five successive Popes have publicly indicated their approval of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima and Her message. Two Popes went to Fatima on Pilgrimage. Pope John Paul II went there twice, once on May 13th, 1982 and again on May 13, 1991.

God Himself endorses Fatima

As a great sign of this whole message truly coming from God, a marvelous miracle was worked in the sky above Fatima before 70,000 witnesses on October 13,1917, at the time, date and place that Lucy and the other two children had prophesied in the name of Our Lady of Fatima.



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