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Parents' Prayer

O LORD GOD, Who hast called us to holy matrimony and hast been pleased
to render our union fruitful, thus making glad the sublime state of of life wherein
Thou hast placed us, by a certain likeness to Thine Own infinite fruitfulness;
we heartily recommend to Thee our dear children; we entrust them to Thy fatherly care
and all powerful protection, that they may grow daily in Thy holy fear, may lead a perfect
Catholic life and a source of consolation, not only to us, who have given them life,
but chiefly to Thee, Who art their Creator.

Behold, O Lord, in what a world they must pass their lives;
consider the cunning flatteries whereby the sons of men everywhere
endeavor to deprave their minds and hearts with false doctrine and wicked example.
Be watchful, O Lord, to help and defend them; grant us the grace to be able
to guide them aright in the paths of virtue and in the way of Thy Commandments,
by the righteous pattern of our own life and practice,
and our perfect observance of Thy holy law and that of our Holy Mother the Church;
 and in order that we may do so faithfully, make us certain of the grave danger
that awaits us at the hands of Thy Divine justice.
Nevertheless all our efforts will be unavailing, unless Thou,
O almighty and merciful God, shalt make them fruitful by Thy heavenly blessing.

This Thy blessing, therefore, we humbly ask of Thee, from the bottom of our hearts,
trusting in Thy great goodness and mercy hitherto shown unto us; we ask it for ourselves
and for the children whom Thou hast been graciously pleased to give unto us.
We dedicate them to Thee, O Lord, do Thou keep them as the apple of Thine eye,
and protect them under the shadow of Thy wings; do Thou make us worthy
to come at last to Heaven, together with them, giving thanks unto Thee,
our Father, for the loving care Thou hast had of our entire family
and praising Thee through endless ages. Amen.