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Prayer for Holiness in Priests

Grant, O Lord, that every hand laid upon Thee at the altar may be a friendly hand, whose touch is tender and consoling as Joseph's was; that the lips which form so many sacred words may never be profaned by frivolous or unworthy speech; that priests may guard, even in the noisy streets of the city, the impress of their noble functions, the bright token that they have but lately come down from Thy holy mountain; and in their garments the fragrance of the altar, that everyone may find them living memorials of Thee, accessible to all, yet more than other men.

      Grant that they may contract from the Mass of today a hunger and thirst for the Mass of the morrow, that the sacred anticipation be their last thought at night and Thy tender summons their first awareness in the morning; that Thy priests, filled with Thee and Thy good gifts may give largely to the rest of men who look to Thee. Amen.

In Our Dear Savior's dialogue with St. Cathertne of Siena, He tells us that nearly all of the evils that are done by souls subject to the priests are the fault of bad pastors, because had they corrected them, these evils would not have been. God demands of us, says St. Catherine, that, instead of cursing such faithless priests and prelates, we earnestly pray for them, begging God's mercy and forgiveness, lest they be damned forever in Hell. If all of us did this, God promises, "I will have mercy on My Spouse [the Church], reforming her with good and holy pastors; then the good pastors will reform her, correcting by force, those under them."

  For the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls, please say these prayers daily and distribute them to your fellow Catholics. Below you will find where you can order prayer cards [in black and white, with the same image used in color here] and with these two last prayers.
  Prayers for Holy Priests

      My Dear Jesus, Thou desirest that we pray the Lord of the harvest that He send zealous laborers into His harvest. Deign to raise up in Thy Church, and especially in this diocese, numerous and holy priests who, taking Thy Divine Heart as their Model, will, in the exercise of their holy priesthood, promote the glory of Thy Heavenly Father and the salvation of those souls whom thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood. Give us truly holy priests who, inflamed with the fire of Thy Divine love, seek nothing but Thy greater glory and the salvation of souls.

     O Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us a number of holy priests.

Prayer to be Said at the Priest's Communion

     O Lord, may Thou find shelter and rest gently within the heart of Thy priest . . .  [say his name] Make him, O Lord, a priest according to Thy Heart: meek, humble, zealous, so that all he does will be for Thine honor and glory. Mold him into a man of prayer and labor, insensible to earthly things, and sensible only to Thy love and to the graces of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

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