The priest pictured above is Fr. Michael McGivney, whose cause is up for canonization.

Spiritual Maxims for Priests
by St. Alphonsus Liguori

     1. To lose all rather than to lose God.
     2. To displease everyone rather than to displease God.
     3. It is only sin that we have to fear, and that should grieve us.
     4. To die rather than knowingly to commit a sin, even if it were only a venial sin.
     5. All things come to an end; the world is a scene that passes very quickly.
     6. Every moment is a treasure for eternity.
     7. Everything that pleases God is good.
     8. Do what you would wish to have done at the hour of death.
     9. Live as if there were no other beings in the world except God and yourself.
               10. God al one makes man contented.
                   11. There is no other good than God; there is no other evil than sin. 
     12. Never do anything for your own gratification. 
13. The more one mortifies one's self in this life, the more joy one shall have in the next.
     14. To the friends of God the bitter is sweet, and the sweet bitter. 
15. He that wishes what God wishes has all that he wishes.
16. The will of God renders sweet all that which is bitter.
     17. In sickness one may see who has real virtue. 
18. Whoever desires nothing of this world has no need of anything.
19. Do not defer carrying out your good resolutions if you do not wish to retrograde. 
20. To trouble one's self about faults committed is not humility, but pride. 
21. We are only that which we are before God. 
22. He that loves God desires to love rather than to know.
  23. He that wishes to sanctify himself should banish from his heart all that which is not God. 
  24. One is not entirely for God when one seeks something that is not God. 
25. Pain, poverty, and humiliation were the companions of Jesus Christ; may they also be ours. 
26. Mental agitation, whatever may have been the cause, does not come from God.
   27. The humble man believes himself unworthy of all honor, and worthy of contempt. 
  28. When one thinks of Hell, which one has deserved, one suffers with resignation every pain.
  29. Forget yourself, and God will think of you.
  30. Love contempt, and you will find God.
  31. He that contents himself with that which is less good is not far from evil.
  32. God esteems but little him who seeks to be esteemed.
  33. The Saints always speak of God; they always speak ill of themselves, and always well of others. 
34. The curious are always distracted.
   35. Woe to him that loves health more than sanctity.
  36. The devil is always in pursuit of the idle.
   37. A vain priest is but the sport in the hand of the devil.
  38. He that wishes to live in peace ought to mortify all his passions without excepting anyone of them.
  39. St. Joseph Calasanctius used to say: "The servant of God speaks little, works much, bears all."
40. The Saints try to be Saints, and not merely to appear to be Saints.
  41. We shall never reach any high degree of perfection as long as we are not fond of prayer.
  42. One must first be a reservoir to collect, and then only can we be a canal to pour out.
  43. Every attachment hinders us from belonging entirely to God.
  44. The priest should not perceive anything but Jesus Christ and the good pleasure of Jesus Christ.
  45. In our actions that become conspicuous pride is often hidden.
  46. To offer one's self entirely to God is an excellent preparation for Communion.
  47. When you walk in places that are inhabited keep your eyes cast down; think that you are a priest, and not a painter.