Passionist Saints Cotinued




Blessed Pius Campidelli was born in Trebbio, near Rimini, Italy on April 29, 1868. He was a very happy, energetic young man when he joined the Passionists and pronounced his religious vows. In the monastery he was known for his piety and devotion and duty to study. He was already considered a Saint as he glowed with love for God. Before he could be ordained, he came down with tuberculosis and died on Nov. 2, 1889, offering his life for the Church, the Pope, the Passionist Congregation, and the people of Trebbio. Pope John Paul II declared Pius as Blessed on Nov. 17, 1985.


O God, in the lessons of the Passion of Thy Son, Thou didst teach Blessed Pius to live the Gospel with joy and to grow in goodness. Through his intercession grant us, and especially all young people, new graces of holiness and hope. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Blessed Isidore De Loor, known in the Passionist Congregation as Isidore of Saint Joseph, was born 13th April 1881, in the small town of Vrasene, located in the diocese of Gent-Gand, in Eastern Flanders. He was from a family of farmers, and he grew up loving his work in the fields. 

At the age of twenty-six he felt the call to the religious life, and entered the novitiate of the Passionist Congregation in Ere, where he was received as a lay-brother. He professed his religious vows on 13th September 1908. Thereafter he humbly served several communities of the Congregation; to his community service was joined an especially intense life of prayer and penance, in keeping with the spirit of the Congregation. 

His right eye had to be removed in 1911, because of a tumor. Among the religious of the congregation, and among the laity, he was admired for his charity and simplicity, his dedication to work and his spirit of recollection. Having suffered through several months of intense pain, he succumbed to cancer and pleurisy on 6th October 1916. 

Blessed Isidore was only thirty-five years of age, and had lived as a religious for only nine years. Many referred to him as "the good Brother" and "the Brother of the Will of God."  Pope John Paul II, declared him Blessed the 30th September 1984.


Grimoaldo of the Purification (Fernando Santamaria) was born May 4, 1883 in Pontecorvo, Frosinone, the eldest of five children. He became a professed Passionist at the age of 17 on March 6, 1900, ater which he began studying for the priesthood at the Ceccano retreat. Two years later he caught acute meningitis and died on November 18, 1902.  At so young an age he was known for his holiness to which is attributed to his devotion to Mary Immaculate, to whom he had been consecrated as a child. Pope John Paul II declared him Blessed on January 29, 1995.

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