This year Lent is observed from March 5 [Ash Wednesday] through April 19 [Holy Saturday], with Easter celebrated, Sunday, April 20.

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Laws of Fast and Abstinence and Ember Days
A Guide for Making Lent Spiritually Profitable
Lenten Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel
Chaplet of the Precious Blood 1
Chaplet of the Precious Blood 2
Jesus' Dying and Our Dying: For Ash Wednesday Meditation
Christ Forsaken by God: For Good Friday Meditation
Suffering with Christ: Quotations from Dom Marmion, OSB

Did You Know That?
The Secret Scripture of the Poor by Fr. John Henaghan, Martyr
St. Simon of Cyrene
The Prodigies at the Death of Jesus Christ

  Jesus Led from the Court of Herod Back to the Court of Pilate, Anne Catherine Emmerich
The Origin of the Way of the Cross,
Anne Catherine Emmerich
The Eclipse of the Sun: The 2nd and 3rd Word of Jesus, Anne Catherine Emmerich

An Explanation of Penance [and Holy Days]
The Preliminaries of the Passion and The Supper at Simon's House
Jesus' Farewell Discourse
The Clock of the Passion
The Steps of the Passion
The Thrust of the Spear
Little Chaplet of the Five Holy Wounds
Prayers to Jesus by the Merit of Each Particular Pain He Suffered
The Interior Life
Making a Good Confession
  A Short Account of the Rosary of the Holy Wounds

Bonus Images to Download
The Passion of Christ:
Presentation with Articles and Devotions
Gallery of the Passion
St. Mary Magdalen Gallery
St. John the Baptist Gallery

The Stations of the Cross 1: From the Children's Directory, Liguori Method
The Stations of the Cross 1: This Directory, Liguori Method
The Stations of the Cross 2: Shorter Version with Sepia Prints
The Stations of the Cross 3: Meditative Form
Lent, 2011 Image

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There were 72 thorns in the Crown of the Passion; this number has liturgical significance - it symbolizes the 72 disciples of Jesus and the 72 books of the Bible; moreover, Our Lady was 72 when she entered eternity. The Crown of Thorns is celebrated on the First Friday of Lent.

The Cross of Jesus was fifteen feet high and eight feet wide; the length of the way to Calvary was one-half mile.

St. Veronica, who wiped Jesus' face with her veil was the same woman in Matthew 9:20 who was healed from twelve years of hemorrhaging.

March 25, the date of the Crucifixion is the same date as the Annunciation. And this is the date on which Abraham was asked to sacrifice Isaac. March 25 is also the date of the Passover of the Jews through the Red Sea.

God arranged it so that instead of the Cross, when raised, faced east, it faced west, thus Jesus turned His back to Jerusalem and instead faced the Gentiles and Rome when He die, where love of Him would not die.

The hill on which Jesus was crucified is the same hill under which Adam is buried. Noah brought the body of Adam with him, at the time of the flood and it was later laid to rest under the hill of Calvary. Jesus died at 3 in the afternoon, the same hour in which Adam sinned by partaking of the forbidden fruit.

The Seven last words of Christ from the Cross are in truth joyful, not only sorrowful, if we meditate upon them, for they brought us salvation. There are Seven Angels before the throne of God, Seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, Seven Sacraments;

Every instrument and item connected with the Passion of Our Lord are lovingly preserved to this day by Holy Mother Church:

The Crown of Thorns in Notre Dame, Paris; the sponge used to wipe Jesus' mouth is in St. John Lateran, Rome; Longinus' spear is maintained in the Vatican itself; The holy Robe of Christ is preserved at Treves, France. Relics of the Cross, which were found under the Hill of Golgotha or Calvary by Saint Helena in 326 are mostly preserved in the Church of the Holy Cross and in St. Peter's, Rome. Small fragments, carefully maintained in sealed reliquaries are in various churches and shrines throughout the world. The inscription which humg over Our Lord's Head is in the Church of the Holy Cross, Rome.

Jesus rose from the dead on March 27 and ascended into Heaven on May 5, the month of Our Lady. In the liturgical year, the Church has set the date of Easter Sunday thus:

The earliest Easter can occur is March 22, the Feast of St. Catherine of Sweden and the latest is April 25, the Feast of St. Mark. There are exactly 33 days in the cycle of Easter, a mystical number. The last time Easter occurred on March 22 was in 1818 and it will not reoccur on this date until 2085.

The next time it will be a day earlier, March 22, will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now). The last time it was on March 22 was 1818.



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