Saints of the Passion

Our Lady's Creed
Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin

I believe, O Mary, that you are the mother of all men.

I believe that you are our life and, after God, the sole refuge of sinners.

I believe that you are the strength of Christians, and their help, especially at the hour of death, that following thee, I shall not stray, that praying to thee, I shall not be abandoned, that standing with thee, I shall not fall.

I believe that you are ready to aid those who call upon thee, that you are the salvation of those who invoke thee, and that you are willing to do more good for us than we can desire; that even when not asked, you hasten to our assistance.

I believe that in your name is to be found a sweetness like to that experienced by Saint Bernard in the name of Jesus-----that it is joy to the heart, honey to the mouth and music to the ears and that, after the name of Jesus, there is no name through which the faithful receive so much grace, so much hope and so much consolation.

I believe that you are co-redemptrix with Christ for our salvation, that all the graces which God dispenses pass through your hands, and that no one will enter Heaven except through thee who are rightly called the "Gate of Heaven."

 I believe that true devotion to thee is a most certain sign of eternal salvation.

I believe that you are superior to all the Saints and Angels, and that God alone surpasses thee.

I believe that God has given to thee in the highest possible degree, all the graces, special and general, with which He can favor His creatures.

I believe that your beauty and excellence surpass that of all Angels and men.

I believe that you alone did fulfill perfectly the precept: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God" and that the very seraphim of Heaven can learn from your heart how to love God.

I believe that if all the love which all mothers have for their children, all that all husbands and wives have for each other, all that all the Angels and Saints have for those who are devoted to them, were united in one, it would not equal the love that you have for even one soul.


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