Thank You

Holy Father

"A picture is worth a thousand words." is a saying we take for granted, probably not bothering to think of it as anything more than a cliché. We were once more reminded that the phrase is anything but. His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI has decreed that Papal Masses will no longer be visions of the reception of Holy Communion in the hand and standing; in keeping with the doctrine of the Council of Trent, Our Lord will be received on the tongue and in accord with western Catholic culture and Tradition, kneeling.

Bravo, Holy Father and Thank You a thousand times for the picture of a thousand words! No document could be as effective a teacher as such heavenly bliss! No matter the objections of those who dissent herein, no one will be able to offer a counterpoint worth its name before such an image ...

May God grant you many many graces and all that you ask of the Blessed Trinity for this one act alone!

May our Bishops follow suit.

Most sincerely in the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Mrs. Pauly Fongemie
Winthrop, Maine USA

Peter Yzaguirre,
Omaha, Nebraska USA