Based on the Writings of Father Luigi Villa, Th.D
and Dr.  Franco Adessa
Compiled and Integrated by Pauly Fongemie

The Beatification of John Paul II

The "Marian Doctrine" of John Paul II

After changing the social doctrine of the Holy Mass, the Catechism, Canon Law, Ecclesiology, Exegesis, Liturgy, Pope John Paul II also changed the doctrine on the Virgin Mary, for in his last years he departed from Catholic Tradition here.

THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION BY TIEPOLOFor instance, in the General audience of January 25, 1996, he said:

The commentators are now unanimous in recognizing that the text of Genesis, according to the original Hebrew, attributed the action toward the snake, not directly to the "Woman", but to her descendants."

Rank heresy.

He always seemed to be against the doctrine of the Church, for Blessed Pope Pius IX [4/23/1845] wrote infallibly: "The Most Holy Virgin, with her Immaculate foot, crushes his head."

And Pope St. Pius X [9/8/1903] wrote: "Mary, who crushes the serpent's head."

Also Pope Pius XII [26/07/1954] in Pont. 652, wrote: "The Immaculate crushes with Her foot the infernal serpent."

But in the General audience of May 30, 1996, John Paul said:

"The 12th Chapter of Revelation, which speaks of "the woman clothed with the sun" [12:1], is often too as biblical testimony on behalf of the Immaculate Conception. Current exegesis agrees in seeing in this woman the Community of God's people, giving birth in pain to the risen Messiah."

What is all this with so-called experts being in agreement? The Pope has plenary power, and no matter how many experts are in agreement, if it is heretical, it remains so. They are only agreeing to disagree with dogma, period!

Then in the General audience of April 24, 1997, John Paul said:

Jesus on the Cross has not formally proclaimed the Universal Motherhood of Mary, but established a maternal relationship, anointed between her and the favorite disciple."

Which directly contradicts Pope Leo XIII, stating once again the immemorial Marian doctrine, in Octobre Canteen, [9/22/1891]:

"Jesus proclaimed Her from the Cross when He entrusted to Her care and love the whole of the race of man in the person of His disciple."

Before all of this, John Paul II he had this to say about Marian titles, June 4, 1977:

"A definition of 'Marian' titles of 'Advocate', 'Co-Redemptrix', 'Mediatrix', is not in line with the guidance of the great Marian texts of Vatican II."

Of course they aren't, because Vatican II is not in line with Roman Catholicism! And this includes Marian doctrine throughout the ages!

On February 19, 1805, Pope Pius VII wrote: " ... She approaches her Divine Son's throne, as Advocate She begs, as Handmaid She prays, but as Mother She commands."

Pope Pius XI [08/05/1928] in the speech he gave to the pilgrims at Vicenza said: " ... The Redeemer, inevitably, involved His Mother in His Own work. That's why we call upon Her with the Title of Co-Redemptrix. She gave us the Savior, She led Him to His work of Redemption on the Cross."

Pope Pius XII wrote: " ... He wanted to make His Mother Advocate for sinners and the dispenser and Mediatrix of grace."

This concludes our expose of Popes Paul VI and John Paul II, as notorious heretics in the plain, material sense - we are are not qualified to make a canonical of formal declaration, which ought to go without saying. It is a scandal to the little Catholics in the pew who know the teaching of the Church throughout Tradition, and because it is so, the canonization of these two Popes will never be a source of grace for the Church, for Christ warned those who would be the source of scandal, and in these case, mockery as well!

We are indebted for all the research and documentation provided by Father Villa and Fr. Franco Adessa - they are gifts of grace to Holy Mother Church and all of us who are suffering through this apostasy thrust upon us as it were and self-inflicted by the Modern Popes.

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