Based on the Writings of Father Luigi Villa, Th.D
and Dr.  Franco Adessa
Compiled and Integrated by Pauly Fongemie


The Beatification of John Paul II

The Illusive Anti-Communism of Karol Wojtyla, the Future John Paul II

In May, 1967 Pope Paul VI announced the Consistory and Karol Wojtyla's name was among the chosen. This shook Poland for it was the first time that the country had two Cardinals.

In eastern Europe, there were only two Cardinals who opposed Communism with any determination, Mindszenty [Hungary] and Sljpij [Ukraine], both of whom were punished by Pope Paul VI for being against opening the door to Communism. The Polish Primate, Cardinal Wyszynski, was also a staunch anti-Communist, but it was favorable not to treat him in the same manner because he was so beloved by the vast majority of the Poles. The idea for Paul VI was to merely ignore him and create a new Cardinal more in line with his sympathy for a soft line on Communism, or what is known as his Ostpolitik. Cardinal Casaroli, the Secretary of State presented the Pope with a good report on Wojtyla, the new Cardinal. Paul VI received him in private audience 11 times, a first for a foreign Cardinal. Why?

Well we know that contrary to popular legend, Wojtyla was actually in the good graces of the Communists:

He advanced in the hierarchy with no known history of anti-Communism." Some examples:

When  Archbishop Basiak was arrested along with his Auxiliary, Bishop Stanislaw in 1952, Krakow was aboil, but Father Wojtyla was no where to be heard from in protest. He was deathly silent. Just two days after these shocking arrests the young priest went on a skiing vacation. Two weeks later
Wyszynski was made Cardinal; he denounced the arrests from the pulpit and then the government took away his exit visa so he could not travel outside of Poland. None of this seemed to interest or incite Wojtyla.  All through the 50s with all the repression, the struggle to survive in the fight for fundamental freedoms, Wojtyla remained unheard from, even when a long time friend, Fr. Kurowski, was arrested. In his sermons and writings of the time, there is not known of any attack on Communism. At the young age of 38 he was nominated for Auxiliary Bishop, which was met with protest from within the Polish hierarchy as reported by the Secret Police, which had spies among the priests, some of whom were being blackmailed to be spies. Cardinal Wyszynski was opposed to him, but it was not up to him although he was the Primate because in that time the Communists had a say; in this case it was the number two Communist, Zenon Kliszko, head of the Parliament. At first he, too, was opposed to Wojtyla, but after a favorable report from his priest spies, he would not have any other appointed Bishop, but Wojtyla. So he became the Auxiliary, the man Kliszko knew could be counted on to compromise. Behind the facade lurked Zbigniew Brezezinski - see below. In fact, the Communists liked him for the following reasons [next par.], none of which the general public ever knew about - the myth of Wojtyla as fervent anti-Communist had been circulated so well no one but the insiders knew it was a concoction for public consumption:

1. He had advanced in the hierarchy with no known anti-Communist history;
2. He had thus far at least, never engaged in open opposition to the Communist state;
3. A heroic sense, which would have given him the tendency to be in opposition, was not a characteristic he had;
4. He had highly praised the Ostpolitk of Paul VI, which meant keeping good relations with the Communist bloc;

So, while the Primate could not gain permission by the Communists to leave Poland, Wojtyla was free to travel anywhere!

What about his reported central role in bringing an end to Communism? A fabrication for the naive and those hungry for heroes, thinking that things are as they appear to be. When dealing with Communists who are the willing servants of the Freemasons, things are never as they appear to be.

Here is the actual historical record:
In the book NON SERVIAM, by Dr. Roman Gladkowski, Toronto, 1987,  is the documentation on the Yalta Conference after World War II, attended by President Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. The Conference was a Freemasonry enterprise behind the scenes. Roosevelt and Stalin had already concluded an agreement that the American people were never informed about. This secret agreement was assisted along by the Czech President, Benesz, the future father-in-law of one-worlder, Zbigniew Brezezinski. Both Roosevelt and Benesz were high degree Masons and friends. The latter had served the Soviets his entire career and was invaluable in bringing along Roosevelt more to their line of thinking. Thus, with the aid of Brezezinski's father-in-law, Roosevelt helped to create the massive Soviet empire of cruelty and human rights' violations - he deliberately sold out Poland and other nations.

As to the myths surrounding the fall of Communism and the supposed end of the "cold war":

Here is what
Brezezinski himself said, in two different periods or stages and I quote precisely AND THEY ARE STARTLING as he rose to power so easily in American administrations:

"The time of the American, deeply rooted and attached to his country, has passed. The proletarian forces are the wave of the future."

"We must seek cooperation with Communist countries towards a political agreement first, but later on a philosophical one."

Later on he would write: " ... Communism no longer poses any historical mission ... I predict that within a period of time, historically predictable, Communism, which our century has experienced, will cease to exist."

Why? Because the world was already permeated with the "errors of Russia" as Our Lady of Fatima warned us of - therefore the mission had served its purpose. In fact, a survey was conducted of American high school students about the ten planks of the Communist Party, which were not identified as Communism by them, but as part of the US Constitution, remarkably on the one hand, but not so at all, on the other. The very essence of Communism and Freemasonry - the first being the dominant political arm of the latter, is that there is no obedience to "the Christian God. there is only blind obedience to the superior as if he was God." Americans have long imbibed through educational and political indoctrination that God is not central to society, that there is not allowed the role of Christ the King, that religion, the true religion, that is, is merely private and must have no bearing on public policy; that all "religions" are more or less equal, and that the majority has the right to over-rule the Divine and natural law. That abortion, contraception, divorce and remarriage are necessary rights, and so forth. Of course, all this beguiling devilment was accomplished through one of the other planks of the Communist ideals itself, the necessity of universal public education administered by the State. Since it is, its precepts come from the State, and God is not allowed in the schools except in a vague historic way for the purpose of some analysis, only. The wall fell because it was deemed time by the insiders - all other explanations are the worst kind of myths, the Grand Illusion. Freemasonry, along with its Father of Lies, the devil, is the grand master of the illusion. - P. Fongemie

Now let us look at the "Meeting" of Wojtyla and Gorbachev and the supposed "conversion of Russia":

It was held, November 18, 1990 in Vatican City, with Mrs. Gorbachev in attendance. Before that historic meeting, the Russian leader was a member of the Trilateral Commission [since 1989] which was the conception of
Brezezinski. More importantly, Gorbachev belonged to the Masonic, Satanic Lucis Trust [formerly the Lucifer Trust (The Court of Lucifer), too much of a dead giveaway, so the name was abbreviated]; it is the United Nations that actually controls the Lucis Trust, one of the most powerful satanic cults in the world. We do not know if John Paul knew of this association.

The Modernists in the Holy See exalted Gorbachev, saying He is Man's [sic] realist. ... He asks the support of the Pope and implicitly recognizes him as the sole moral authority in the world that is capable of giving him [Gorbachev] credibility and authority ..." The deadly delusion descended on those who were too trusting, knowing far less then they imagined, for some were proclaiming the "conversion of Russia". But as the writer Zinoviev exposes: "Communism is like a snake, every so often he sheds its skin."

In any case, the die had already been cast in Vatican II's document of betrayal, Gaudium et Spes, 12, 1:

"Believers and unbelievers agree on this: everything on earth should be ordained to man as its center and its top."

John Paul II had already ratified this when he said:

"We affirm man for himself, and not for any other reason, only for himself." [Speech at UNESCO, 06/02,1980.]

We ought to pause here to recall that the founder of the Lucifer Trust [Lucis Trust] was none other than the New Age "priestess", Alice Bailey, who outlined the plan for the creation of the New Universal Religion:

1. The Resurrected Christ and not the Crucified Christ is the distinctive mark of the New Religion;

2. A new Church of God, drawn from all religions and spiritual groups will end the heresy of separateness;

3. Dissolve all religions, rejecting resolutely, as fomenters of discord and war, the dogmas, namely the statements by which alleged truth are claimed to be formulated;

4. ... And at this point, there will be no separation among the One Universal Church, the Sacred Interior Lodge of all true Masons, and the smaller circles of the esoteric societies.

In 1983, John Paul gave permission to administer the Sacraments to Masons, without first abjuring their membership. One example: the former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France, Richard Dupuy, received funeral rites in the Church, in the parish of St. Francis de Sales in Paris. In Soweto, South Africa, in 1996, he gave permission for Bill Clinton, a member of the order of Oxford, where the Illuminati train members to reach the highest political positions, to receive Holy Communion.

As Father Villa asks, "What is the point of condemning abortion, euthanasia, and contraception, if one "dialogues" with the same Freemasonry that is forcing these practices into society around the world? This is a "dialogue" which alludes to a false human dignity and which is based on the breakdown of principles!"

Two questions concerning John Paul II:

1. How does one explain his intellectual formation and his persistent adherence to Masonic ideas?
2. In what manner was the occultist and Masonic thinking drilled into the young Wojtyla at the Rhapsodic Theater in Krakow, where it was known he had a close friendship with a young woman who leaned toward the occult.

Certainly he gave too much credit to the goodness of the secular state in many of his writings.

While Pope St. Pius X, in Vehementor Nos, on February 11, 1906, wrote: "To separate the state from the Church is an absolutely false thesis and a pernicious error," Pope John Paul II, exactly 99 years later would proclaim, "The principle of secularism, if properly understood, belongs to the social doctrine of the Church. It highlights the necessity of a proper separation of powers."

Years before, on April 18, 1963 he gave an audience to the Trilateral Commission, which was openly working for the One World Government in order to secure the Kingdom of the Antichrist!

The Masons of Italy loved him! especially in Palermo, where he was hailed by the Masonic Commission of "Piazza del Gesu", among which was the Sovereign Grand Master, Joseph Manfalarinella.

Forward for The "Theology" of John Paul II.

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