Based on the Writings of Father Luigi Villa, Th.D
and Dr.  Franco Adessa
Compiled and Integrated by Pauly Fongemie

The Beatification of John Paul II


In November of 2009, just days after returning to Rome from Brescia and the Satanic Temple there, Pope Benedict XVI announced the continuation of the cause of beatification of John Paul II.

So Father villa decided to combine twenty articles on John Paul II which had already appeared in "Chiesa", into a single file and send it to thousands by e-mail to Cardinals, Episcopal Conferences, Religious Institutes, etc., plus Bishops, universities, booksellers, the laity and others. The Italian press began reporting on some problems that had arisen concerning the beatification, but suddenly the media was silent.

But Father Villa was prepared to produce a Special Edition of Chiesa viva on John Paul II.


This edition would be complete and accessible to the general public revealing the dark side of this enigmatic, "traveling" Pope, who spent much of his time in the elusive chase after a mirage, that of the unity of all religions into a One World Religion, instead of the conversion of non-Catholics to the Catholic faith, as is the duty of the Vicar of Christ.

The goal of Freemasonry is world domination and for this the true religion must be defeated and vanquished - Christ must be eliminated as the savior of mankind; to accomplish this Freemasonry has been re-inventing the Papacy and the Primacy of Peter through its influence in the Vatican. This paves the way for the coming of Antichrist, with diminished true Catholic moral authority. What better way for Lucifer than to effect as much denial of the Divinity of Christ as possible and His work of Redemption on the Cross and its continuation through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In other words, a "New Church" or the "Whore of Babylon".

Commentary by P. Fongemie in red text:

The locus of attack is the Holy Mass because with the advent of the Sacrifice of the Cross and its continuation in an unbloody manner in the Mass, Lucifer loses much of his former power over men. But before he can accomplish this "Deicide" if you will, he must first bring about a diminution of the Divinity of Christ, and thus any possible redemption through the Sacrifice of the Mass is removed or at least diminished. More and more, gradually over time, by being exposed to the Masonic "Mass" in Protestant form, the laity are led to prefer other aspects of the Faith to that of sin and sacrifice and the need of a Savior for actual sin, or a gnostic redemption through man and a so-called "universal peace" as the world envisions, essentially the underlying beliefs of John Paul II: Assisi, his relations with Masons and Communists, despite his being honored as bringing down the Berlin Wall along with Reagan, an illusion, for in truth, until the Consecration of Russia is done precisely as requested by Our Lady of Fatima, the errors of Russia dominate the world stage and certainly the modern papacy. What else explains the utter deterioration of the Catholic Church in all its Tradition and majesty? What  else explains the selection of the enigmatic, perplexing, confusing Francis? The Truth is one, it is clear; error and depravity are legion and send men in different directions by Luciferian design - divide and conquer, so to speak, The brief "respite" under Benedict was but that, for that Pontiff, very much a part of the revolution that "conquered the Church" in the wake of Vatican II, was also enigmatic. Down deep he knew the full truth and had a conscience, but being fearful and weak in his constitution, he could not bring himself to open disclosure and the full embrace of Tradition as only a Catholic must to be truly Catholic. What explains such a situation? A former Pope and a reigning Pope at the same time, with the first retaining the white Papal robes? A Pope Emeritus! When one prays the Rosary, is one to pretend Benedict is not to be mentioned as once being Pope? So the careful Catholic includes both in the intentions with the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be at the close of the Rosary! Strange to say the least.

So many perplexing realities at one and the same time. It is the loss of the Immemorial Mass that is most responsible. But those imbued with Masonic ideals, whether they put it like this or not, perhaps in ignorance while adhering to Masonic ideals, are decidedly anti-Tradition, for the Mass of the Ages is the heart of Tradition and the heart of the Church's devotion. Without it the center cannot hold and chaos prevails. This is what we are witnessing today.

While John Paul II did not institute the destruction of the Immemorial Mass, that is, in the minds of the revolutionaries, he presided over the "New Mass" and its zenith, and the great decline of the Faith, all the while deploring that decline, but effecting nothing to re-invigorate the Church. He was about traveling and many photo-ops in pagan headgear and so forth, writing copious missives that rarely - there were those blessed exceptions, now forgotten and bypassed by our current revolutionaries - accomplished anything but profit for paper companies and those who like the multiplication of words signifying nothing of the eternal verities, but centered on man - his own version of the Tower of Babble. One of the more notable and regrettable examples is his "theology of the body" which defies theology itself. And the misdirected laity in the pew? I have heard some of them express hope in this incomprehensible "theology", in that it might solve the problem of teenage impurity. Of course, it did nothing of the kind, just as all those Youth World Days accomplished more man-centeredness and a focus on feeling and the here and now. Oh those poor dear innocents! God will have to be light in their judgment, for surely they are more sinned against than sinning, with a distorted view of true obedience in the Catholic sense. Because they have been catechized for the New Age religion and its worship of saving the planet - a virtual indoctrination process - they are largely ignorant of Tradition itself and Church history, thus easy targets for re-training. The modern Church is now socio-political as we see in the new stress on pastors to preach on global issues centered on the environment. When the laity attend Mass they are gong to be barraged with this bogus science and for what?

St. Francis parish in Winthrop, Maine, is scheduled for a summer series on Francis' encyclical - essentially the UN policy on the environment. In this same parish, for years, the laity have been bombarded with lies about the Church's past - with statements that actually deny dogma, indicating that doctrine can change and has - the central tenet of the modernist preachers is that salvation is now possible in almost any religion provided one is well-intentioned or lives a "moral" life.

And like all the modern Pontiffs who reigned more than thirty days,
Popes John Paul II presented a two-faced image to the world. As we mentioned above, his anti-Communism was a facade. How do we know this? Let us examine historical facts, not popular myth in the media.

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