One of the Prayers He Composed

On July 25, 1921, the feast of Saint James, the Pope's patron Saint, Benedict published a prayer which he himself had composed and indulgenced richly. The first part is built on the evangelic precept of the forgiveness of enemies, the second places the cause in Mary's hands:
  O God of goodness and forgiveness, with lacerated heart we surround Thy altars and implore pity. After the horror of war, the most terrible scourge is this fierce hatred which makes men of the same family persecute and kill each other in party strife. The land most famed for Christian piety, cradle of civil kindness, is becoming once again a bloodstained field of civil war.
Have pity, O Lord! Thou who hast revealed the noble law of pardon of offences and love of enemies, cause those who are not even enemies but are indeed brothers to embrace again, cause arms by which blood is shed to be laid down, and all may repeat in the beloved mother tongue the prayer that Thou dost teach: Our Father who art in Heaven; and that all who have seen Thy Son open His heart and His arms to those who crucified Him may feel their souls flooded with burning love and may say with humility and trust: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us.

Virgin Immaculate, Queen of Hearts, come down among thy children, and make them hear thy Mother's voice. Thou alone by thy intercession canst reconcile them with Almighty God and reconcile them among themselves; thou alone canst give them taste of the sweetness of the peace that is prelude of eternal life. Amen.